Vivacious street art at Nairobi



Thufu Bebeto Nairobi art

‘Xhosa Brother’ —acrylic on canvas – Thufu Bebeto


The proliferation of many new art distribution spaces in Nairobi, especially the flourishing art-centres and collectives, allowed a liberation from purely commercial motives and extended the aesthetic freedom offered to artists and their practice. Also in the city’s informal settlements, or ‘slums’, the establishment of art centres played a vital roles in creating an understanding among the local populace of the value of art. Internet exposure also enhanced this awareness and numerous possibilities emerged to participate on a global scale.

The BSQ crew is a street art group hailing from the city streets of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, consisting of members with a passion and love for art, specifically mural work and graffiti. They possess an inspired, energetic and creative drive to beautify the empty walls, and this has motivated them to push their edgy, poignant street murals further around Kenya and beyond to other international exhibitions. Bebeto ‘Thufu’ Ochieng, Kenneth ‘Kay’ Otieno and Brian Msale are the nucleus of this dynamic outfit who also actively seek out collaborative opportunities with other local crews and artists. They have made a very positive contribution to the expanding range of contemporary visual art and art practices found in Nairobi today.



Turtle VI--Msale_Acrylics on canvas-Chini ya Maji series

‘Turtle VI’ –Msale_Acrylics on canvas – Chini ya Maji series



Turkana girl character by @Thufu_B - Nairobi

Turkana girl character by @Thufu_B – Nairobi


Thufu_B is participating in the 2019 SAANA Festvial in Adelaide, Feb 4 to March 15

He is also part of the growing collective of East African street artists using graffiti artwork to foster peace, tolerance, and social cohesion. Historically, a symbol of rebellion or resistance, street art hasn’t always been welcome or appreciated. This sentiment however is changing across East Africa, and along with other artists who have previously been involved in the Sanaa project such as  Bankslave, Swift9, Kaymist, Wise Two and Smokillah; Thufu B and his counterparts are leading this charge.


Still Pushing on East Afrika’s graffiti wall of fame, longest graffiti wall in East and Central Afrika

Still Pushing on Nairobi’s graffiti wall of fame, longest graffiti wall in East and Central Afrika



Thufu-Bebeto--Protoge acrylic on canvas

Thufu B — Protoge



Script adapted from the poem 'African Woman' by @dadatru

Script adapted from the poem ‘African Woman’ by @dadatru – BSQcrew




Part of a commissioned mural for Kenya (BAT)

BSQ Crew



Nairobi wallart - Outdeh-#grafikali-#streeartnairobi

Nairobi wall mural – Outdeh – Msale #grafikali #streeartnairobi


Wall art-collaborations-ever.-By @swift9graffiti @nyeks08 @bsq_crew @msale_ @kaymist4 @thufu_b

Wall art collaboration By @swift9graffiti @nyeks08 @bsq_crew @msale_ @kaymist4 @thufu_b



Kitengela Glass Factory -- Nairobi

Kitengela Glass Factory — Nairobi



Nairobi Wall art mural

Nairobi Wall art mural

BSQ crew



WiseTwo, Spiritual Ego, Paris solo show.

Kenyan artist WiseTwo, ‘Spiritual Ego’, Paris solo show



Nairobi, Kenya -Wall art

Nairobi, Kenya – Wall art



Nairobi street skaters

Nairobi street skaters


Wall art - Two Hyenas-Kenya

Wall art – ‘Two Hyenas’, Kenya



Ronnie Ogwang painting

Ronnie Ogwang canvas, Kenya


Kenyan photography -- Queen Majik

photo – Queen Majik



Afro Future Madigaga---Acrylics on Canvas -- Kaymist4

‘Afro Future Madigaga’—Acrylics on Canvas — Kaymist4


Kenneth Otieno, popularly known as Kaymist4, attributes his passion for the arts as having had a positive impact in his life. Hailing from Siaya County in Kenya, he is a founding member of the  Graffiti Crew BSQ.



Nairobi, Kenya 2013---Kabila Langu Ni Mkenya-(My Tribe is Kenya)

Nairobi, Kenya 2013—‘Kabila Langu Ni Mkenya’ (My Tribe is Kenya)



Grycelle wearing Kenyan head piece

Miss Owira @shyolympia, background Msale



The Pyramid of Four Kings - Msale

‘The Pyramid of Four Kings’ – Msale, BSQ Crew

Msale specializes in graffiti  with a specific style called ‘grafikali’, which combines acrylics, oil, charcoal, graphite & ink media. His fellow crew members refer to him as being ‘highly experimental’ as he constantly challenges himself to push art boundaries. In this constant quest of seeking new ways of artistic expression, Msale fused his love for the calligraphic style of writing and graffiti painting.


M Sale outdoor calligraphic pyramid

M Sale outdoor calligraphic pyramid



M Sale Kenyan graffiti art

M Sale canvas




Bottletop figure sculpture by Cyrus Kabiru

Bottletop figure sculpture by Cyrus Kabiru



Monke k6a in Nairobi,-Kenya, 2018

Monke k6a in Nairobi, Kenya, 2018


Thufu Bebeto


“Female poses are more fluid, more loving. They inspire the best out of my creativity” – Thufu B


Bebeto Ochieng, better known as Thufu-B is a master of lines. Graffiti circles have fondly dubbed him the “Lines man”. Thufu-B is one of the founding members of BSQ crew, a street art group based in Kenya’s Capital, Nairobi. He is a mentee of renown artists; Patrick Mukabi & Uhuru Brown and has closely worked with the two. His work focuses mainly on African females. Notably, portraits with African patterns and flora in the background finishing with lines to highlight their faces.


Impala lilies----acrylic and spray on paper----Thufu B

‘Impala lilies ‘—-acrylic and spray on paper—-Thufu B



Mural of Nairobi activity on street

Mural of Nairobi street activity




Iris synergy   #grafikali



Nairobi street mural Thufi B

Nairobi street mural Thufi B


WiseTwo ,- Memorize the Sun,-Paris solo show

WiseTwo , ‘Memorize the Sun’, Paris solo show



Peace Train/studio BSQ crew, Railway Museum



BSQ crew

Gray scale bonge la



Graffiti mural-@-Uhuru Gardens,Nairobi by @bsq_crew

Graffiti mural @Uhuru Gardens,Nairobi by @bsq_crew




Thufu Bebeto painting



Gate graffiti by @thufu_b

Gate graffiti by @thufu_b



Thufu B graffiti mural

Thufu B graffiti mural




Thufu Bebeto



Galactic Meditation-Thufu Bebeto

‘Galactic Meditation’ – Thufu Bebeto




BSQ crew wall art, Nairobi



Msale_--Healing the hood one mural at a time with @swift9graffiti @nyeks08 @thufu_b #grafikali

Msale_– Healing the hood one mural at a time with @swift9graffiti @nyeks08 @thufu_b #grafikali



Msale calligraphic wall art on canvas

Msale calligraphic wall art on canvas, Kenya



Thufu B graffiti wall art

Thufu B wall art



did this uncle Moogy an Aboriginal elder at the joinery Adelaide with @elizabethclosearts during the Sanaa festival 2018, still one of my favorite pieces. #bsqcrew

Mural of  Uncle Moogy, an Aboriginal elder at the joinery Adelaide with @elizabethclosearts during the Sanaa festival 2018 by #bsqcrew




Thufu Beneto canvas painting


Msale #Sankara mural. Part of seshen with @bsq_crew ..Paying homage to AfriKan Kings.



Chini ya Maji’ whale mural

Chini ya Maji’ whale mural, Nairobi





Brian Musasia, also known as Msale prides himself in his signature abstract Afro patterns that are now easily distinct in wall murals done by BSQ Crew. The crew (BSQ) is a street art group based in Kenya’s Capital, Nairobi and physically based at the Dust Depo Art Studio (Railways Museum). A graduate of Fine Art and Design from Kenyatta University, Msale’s love for art did not start in campus. He began drawing and painting at a very young age and credits his mother, a pre-school teacher, for fostering his creative interests.



Thufu B wall art

Thufu B wall art




A #grafikali collabo with @thufu_b and @kaymist4 inna @bsq_crew studios as captured by @nd3ritu



AFRICArt-body-paint-project--photo-Caleb Okumu

AFRICArt body paint project — photo Caleb Okumu




Nairobi BSQ crew wall art


AFRICArt body paint project--photo Caleb Okumu

AFRICArt body paint project– Msale body painting

photo Caleb Okumu




Bro Mindfree  —  BSQ Art




Black Twilight 2 Papa Shot




bsq_crewAfro future purple empress, by @kaymist4 piece on recycled metallic piece,

‘Afro future purple empress’, by @kaymist4 piece on recycled metallic piece, bsq_crew





Nairobi Street Art




@clint_malik and @Moh Mckenzie



Nairobi fashion show


Brian Musasia aka ‘Msale’  – BSQ Art



@dennis muraguri---Lamborghini

@dennis muraguri—Lamborghini




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    It is so good to see that street art is alive in so many countries. “la rue est à nous” “the street is our” is an old French motto and it has always been a way to say, you want me locked in my house, under survey, afraid to go out, glued to my tv or now my computer, not even knowing who my neighbors are ? I am in the street because the street is mine and I have somethings to say and to share and so has street art and this is why I love it. I hope people are not to fed up with our strikes and our manifestations and even riots in the streets when they come to visit our country because even manifestations come from the same idea. We do not grow indoors we grow outdoors like the grass, the trees, street art and … cats ! Of course ! the masters of the art of living !

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