Modernist pottery- Portuguese and Spanish




Aleluia Planter – 1950’s  © HPS

Looking at the spectacle of the Madi  Gras Carnival, it’s easy to see the Spanish influence and the comparisons that can be drawn with Spanish art and pottery, with its rich warm colours, vibrancy and motion. Spanish pottery evolved from a culturally diverse heritage, having been influenced by many nations and peoples throughout its history. Spanish culture has its origins in the Iberian, Celtiberian, Latin, Visigothic, Roman Catholic, and Islamic cultures.

The traditional Spanish pottery styles centred around hand painted wall dishes and large pitchers and jugs. Despite the eclectic gestation from Majolica, Islamic, Hispano Moresque, Mozarabic and other European influences, such as the Baroque and  Neoclassical, Spanish /Portuguese pottery became highly distinctive and appealing. This was further evident in the modernist phase in the 50‘s and 60‘s where the abstract styles that filtered through from France, Italy and Germany were adapted and blended into the local styles. Shape and movement were pushed even further without sacrificing any aesthetic balance. Picasso and Dali’s Modernist, Cubist, Surrealist  works from Paris and beyond were also influential.  The pottery featured here is predominately modernist because I feel this reflects the pure abandon of their creativity the most.



Hermanos Perez





Vase with three wings – Aleluia,  Aveiro

( modernaumaoutranemtanto.blogspot )



50’s AleluiaVase

( MdS Auctions )




50’s-Raul da Bernarda vase

Alcobaca, Portugal © CMP




50's Raul da Bernarda vase

50’s  Raul da Bernarda vase

( )





Ceramic candlestick – Pedros Ltd  © CMP





Coimbra-S.P – vase




Cruet—Raul da Bernarda © JMPF




Hallelujah-factory-in-Aveiro - contemporary modern Portugese vase

Modernist vase from the Hallelujah-factory in Aveiro, Portugal




Dish -- Raul-da-Bernarda

Dish — Raul da Bernarda © CMP






 Raul da Bernarda © CMP





Hand decorated Spanish Ceramic dish

( )





50’s Raul da Bernarda small dish © CMP





 50’s Raul da Bernarda vase © CMP




Pitcher – Aleluia, Aveiro – 1955

( modernaumaoutranemtanto.blogspot )





 Pitcher 50s – Aleluia, Aveiro

( modernaumaoutranemtanto.blogspot )




16th century plate

Museo de Cerámica de Barcelona




Caixa Escalonada-Villeroy & Boch-Wallerfangen

Art Deco lidded vessel   – Caixa Escalonada-Villeroy & Boch-Wallerfangen

( modernaumaoutranemtanto.blogspot )




Maria deLourdes-Castro – 1950’s  © HPS



Miro inspired set of Vases

Miro inspired set of Vases – Hermanos Perez

( )



Picasso Fernande 1909

Picasso – Fernande  1909





Pedros Ltd Vase – © CMP




Picasso bull pitcher

Picasso bull pitcher




Pablo Picasso posing with his painting

Pablo Picasso



Spanish artist Merello


“I plead for humility in painting. Painting does not need so much fanfare or intellectual pretension. It must come from a person’s clean soul, from the clear and pure eye of the painter, even if only a simple apple is being painted. It is for this reason that I admire Morandi so much.” © José Manuel Merello





Spanish ceramic wall plaque


Wall-clock Miró-inspired mosaic of glazed, marbled, and crackled shapes and icons in relief on a rustic vase.

Hermanos Perez

Art Deco Vase with Flowers

Art Deco Vase with Flowers – Lusitania – Coimbra


( modernaumaoutranemtanto.blogspot )


Three Mid-Century vases – Aleluia Cerâmicas


Raimundo Folch


The Crockery Vendor _  Francisco de Goya

Museo del Prado  Madrid


Wall tile mural – Aleluia Cerâmicas

Viúva Lamego‘s production is characterized by a vast range of traditional glazed tiles, always hand-painted, which reproduce designs from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.




SPAL-Paradox cubist ceramic cup and saucer

SPAL- ‘Paradox’ cubist cup and saucer




Tino Valduvieco - Raku fired head sculpture

Tino Valduvieco



Saatchi-Art-Artist--Raimundo-Folch---The-awakening-nude female sculpture

Raimundo Folch — ‘The awakening’



Sources cited –   ( © CMP )






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