Contemporary ceramic – September 2019 exhibitions


Hunterdon Art Museum – HAM

Four Fabulous New Exhibitions Open This Sunday. Sept 22

All shows will run until January 5, 2020.


Dana Lane -- Hunterdon Art Museum at Sunset

  ‘Hunterdon Art Museum at Sunset’

Photo — Dana Lane


Founded in 1952 in Clinton, New Jersey, on the banks of the South Branch of the Raritan River, the Hunterdon Art Museum is housed in an 1836 mill that is on the National Historic Register. The Museum, a center for art, craft and design, focuses on new and innovative work with the goal of creating dialogue, generating ideas, and sparking creativity. The Museum presents more than a dozen exhibitions by internationally, nationally and regionally recognized artists and offers approximately 300 studio courses and workshops for adults and children and nine weeks of summer art camp annually. The Museum connects people to art in ways that educate, challenge, and inspire.



Cliff Lee: Porcelain Master

That persistence and insatiable curiosity helped fuel his 17-year successful effort to re-create the formula for the imperial yellow glaze of the 15th-century Ming dynasty.


Jade green porcelain dragon--Cliff Lee

Green porcelain dragon  —  Cliff Lee


Cliff Lee


Holly Lee: A Jeweler’s Journey


Holly Lee, ‘Sunrise Over the Lake’, 2010,

18k, Picture Jasper, Sunstone, Hessonite Beads

The majority of jewelry pieces in the show come from Lee’s personal collection. They include items she has held onto since she started making jewelry up to her most recent body of work, The Primitive Series.



Mia Brownell & Martin Kruck: Skeptical Realism

A painter and photographer who manipulate artistic traditions to explore reality through a skeptical lens. The show’s title is derived from philosophical texts debating the truth and falsehood of things.


Mia Brownell and Martin Kruck--Skeptical Realism

Mia Brownell


Martin Kruck -- Skeptical Realism

Martin Kruck



2019 Members Exhibition




Autumn River painting by Kazaan Viverios

Autumn River painting by Kazaan Viverios



Wings---Original-Art-from-Shellie Jacobson--Contemporary-undefined----

‘Wings’—-Shellie Jacobson


Florence Moonan-•-Eastsound Impression-19-Orcas Island-•-venetian-plaster-universal-tints-

Florence Moonan-•-Eastsound Impression 19 ‘Orcas Island’

venetian plaster universal tints



Laura Trisiano-•-Perfect Landing Bringing Gifts-•-Wood-Bamboo-Jade-Pearl-Brass

Laura Trisiano-•-‘Perfect Landing Bringing Gifts’

Wood, Bambo. Jade, Pearl, Brass



Ladies-Not-Waiting: Laz Meninas and Cen Tauress – Suzy Birstein

Sept. 19 – Oct. 26



Suzy-Birstein-exibition-September 2019


Fourth Floor North, Douglas College
700 Royal Avenue
New Westminster, BC
One block from the New Westminster Skytrain Station.

For more information, please contact the Arts Events Officer, [email protected] or 604-527-5723.




The Agean Studio — Suzy Birstein



Harlequin-Zsa-Zsa ceramic sculpture

Harlequin Zsa Zsa



Suzy Birstein



20th Century British Ceramics

Erskine, Hall and Coe, London

28 August – 14 September 2019

5 Royal Arcade,
28 Old Bond Street


The show features an interesting and eclectic arrangement of over twenty works, including ceramics by Val Barry and Emmanuel Cooper, artists that the gallery is exhibiting for the first time.

Highlights include a colourful vessel by Ewen Henderson from the 1980s, a sculpture by Elizabeth Fritsch which featured in the original Nine Potters exhibition at Fischer Fine Art in 1986, and two beautiful bowls by Lucie Rie.



Ewen Henderson-ceramic-sculpture

Ewen Henderson



Catherine Yarrow-Thrown ceramic Bowl with Fish & Symbol

Catherine Yarrow – Thrown Bowl with Fish & Symbol



Catherine Yarrow-Thrown Footed Bowl

Catherine Yarrow  – Thrown Footed Bowl



Elizabeth Fritsch-Smoky Pot,-1978

Elizabeth Fritsch  –  Smoky Pot




Elizabeth Fritsch-Stoneware pot-Height-21

Elizabeth Fritsch – Stoneware pot

Height 21 cm



Emmanuel Cooper lava glaze bowl

Emmanuel Cooper lava glaze bowl



Emmanuel Cooper Bowl

Emmanuel Cooper Bowl




Ewen Henderson-Slender Sack Form

Ewen Henderson – Slender Sack Form vase




Emmanuel Cooper Jug

Emmanuel Cooper Ceramic Jug




Ewen Henderson-ceramic sculpture-44-x-37-x-28-cm

Ewen Henderson ceramic sculpture

44 x 37-x 28 cm



Ewen Henderson-Mixed laminated clay Vessel

Ewen Henderson – Mixed laminated clay Vessel



Gordon Baldwin ceramic sculpture

Gordon Baldwin ceramic sculpture



Gordon-Baldwin-White Vessel with Signs,-1990

Gordon-Baldwin – ‘White Vessel with Signs’, 1990



James Tower - Glazed earthenware,-56 x 36-cm--1978

James Tower – Glazed earthenware platter, 56 x 36-cm




James Tower-Oval Dish,-1979--50cm

James Tower – Oval Dish

1979 — Length 50cm



Joanna Constantinidis-Porcelain Vase, - c. 1980--17.5cm

Joanna Constantinidis – Porcelain ovoid Vase

c. 1980–17.5cm




Joanna Constantinidis – Porcelain ovoid Vase

c. 1980–17.5cm



John-ward-Blue, Green and Brown Squared Oval Pot with Brown Water-Painted Design, 1987

John Ward – Blue, Green and Brown Squared Oval Pot with Brown WaterPainted Design




Lucie Rie Bowl with Spiral Clays, 1960s

Lucie Rie Bowl with Spiral Clays,



Lucie Rie cerramic Bowl with Spiral Clays

Lucie Rie Bowl with Spiral Clays



Val Barry-Sentry-vessel 1980,s

Val Barry – Sentry vessel




Ewen Henderson--Laminated stoneware,-30 x 33 x 22-cm--1990's

Ewen Henderson — Laminated stoneware sculpture

30 x 33 x 22-cm–1990’s



Lucie Rie Bowl with Spiral Clays, 1960s

Lucie Rie Bowl with Spiral Clays, 1960s




La céramique autrement!

Galerie de lo, Belgium


Date event : 5th – 30th September

Vernissage: 05.09.19 18H >21H

Tel: +32495287174

address: rue de l’Eau, 56A



Antonino-Spoto blue green ceramic vessels

Antonino Spoto



Antonino-Spoto pink bowl

Antonino Spoto bowl



Antonino Spoto



Fabienne Withofs abstraact bowl

Fabienne Withofs


Fabienne Withofs absract vase on abstract stand




Fabienne Withofs ceramic sculpture

Fabienne Withofs ceramic sculpture



Jester red_Fabienne Withofs-2016--Valcke Gallery

Jester red  — Fabienne Withofs

2016–Valcke Gallery


Fabienne Withofs porcelain cup

Fabienne Withofs porcelain cup



Karien Evers​--The ways of desire--ceramic sculpture

Karien Evers ​–‘The ways of desire’— ceramic sculpture



Karien Evers - Whereas Mystery ca also be

Karien Evers – ‘Whereas Mystery ca also be’



Karien Evers--Porcepolis----Beau Uhart Photography

Karien Evers — Porcepolis

Beau Uhart Photography



Laurence Moyens pink porcelain sculpture

Laurence Moyens pink porcelain sculpture


Laurence Moyens--sculpture

Laurence Moyens sculpture



Nathalie Doyen ceramic on stone sculpture

Nathalie Doyen ceramic on stone sculpture



Nathalie Doyen sculpture

Nathalie Doyen



Nathalie Doyen



Nathalie-Doyen--Plots sculpture

Nathalie Doyen–‘Plots’


Tranquilite-ceramique sculpture -- Nathalie Doyen

‘Tranquilite’ ceramique sculpture — Nathalie Doyen



Patrick Jadot--functional porcelain vessels

Patrick Jadot–functional white porcelain vessels



Patrick Jadot — functional white porcelain bowls



Patrick Jadot--functional white porcelain vessels

Patrick Jadot



Raku Fire Items by Patrick Jadot

Raku Fire Items by Patrick Jadot



Vera Stoefs. cups

Vera Stoefs cups



Vera-Stoefs dot and lines porcelains

Vera Stoefs ‘Lines and dots’




Vera Stoefs cups



Vera Stoefs trinket boxes

Vera Stoefs ceramic trinket boxes



Aprils Wonders---Vera Stoefs

April’s Wonders—Vera Stoefs



Limelight---Vera Stoefs

    Limelight series Cups — Vera Stoefs





Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Award 2019 – Finalists’ Exhibition


Wednesday 14 August to Saturday 14 September

Manningham Art Gallery, 687 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, Melbourne

Tuesday to Saturday 11.00am to 5.00pm




Matt Butterworth  —  Hung, Drawn and Quartered’  

Winner of the 2019 Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Award


Manningham’s biennial acquisitive award surveying the diversity of practices in contemporary ceramics across the state.  The Finalist’s Exhibition will present the very best selections from a broad field of entries, with the overall winner and general acquisitions being announced at the exhibition opening.




Past entries

Fiona Hiscock_habitat

Fiona Hiscock



Facetted Vase with Triangular Top-Terunobu Hirata

Facetted Vase with Triangular Top – Terunobu Hirata



Bridget Foley----Autumn vase

Bridget Foley —- ‘Autumn’



Bridget Foley - Shifting sands

Bridget Foley – ‘Shifting sands’



Christopher Headley-Forgotten Worlds

Christopher Headley – ‘Forgotten Worlds’



David Ray - Wild-2017

David Ray – ‘Wild’



David Ray – ‘Wild’



Dean Smith,-Pine Forest,-black vase 2015

Dean Smith ‘Pine Forest’




Phil Elson-Pathmaker-2Phil Elson, Pathmaker, there is no path; the path is made by walking, 2015

Phil Elson – Pathmaker, there is no path; the path is made by walking




‘Pods’ – Sally Kent




Sally Kent-ceramic-pod

Sally Kent – ceramic pod



Sally Lee -- Morning Blush

Sally Lee — ‘Morning Blush’



Steven McClure-ceramic-svculpture

Steven McClure



Still-Life Magdalena-Dmowska--2017

‘Still Life’ –  Magdalena Dmowska



Susan Robey-Campanile ceramic sculpture

Susan Robey – ‘Campanile’



Three Egg Nations -- Tracy Muirhead

‘Three Egg Nations’ — Tracy Muirhead



Vanessa Lucas-Stone jugs

Vanessa Lucas – ‘Stone jugs’



Victor Greenaway Spiral lipped bowl mustard glaze

Victor Greenaway ‘Spiral lipped bowl’





Vipoo Srivilasa-Childs Play

Vipoo Srivilasa – ‘Childs Play’



Gum Leaf-vase--Peter Austin

‘Gum Leaf vase’ — Peter Austin



Irianna Kanellopoulou,-Wild Things Roam

Irianna Kanellopoulou  —  ‘Wild Things Roam’



Janetta Kerr Grant -- Urban Light Winter

Janetta Kerr Grant — ‘Urban Light Winter’



Pair - Jane Annois

‘Pair’ – Jane Annois



John Dermer Salt glazed porcelain vase

John Dermer —  Salt glazed porcelain vase



Magdalena Dmowska-ceramic-vessel

Magdalena Dmowska



Last Touch---Fiona Murphy

‘Last Touch’ — Fiona Murphy



Chijian Ye-Cockatoo

Chijian Ye – ‘Cockatoo’



Mary Lou Pittard Breakfast Tray-feature--2009

Mary Lou Pittard Breakfast Tray




Wendy Jagger--Carnivale

Wendy Jagger — ‘Carnivale’





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