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Expressive decorative rhythms in ceramic art




John Newdigate

Chain Reaction-2023


Aire Goutt --Spring Forest ceramic bowl

Aire Goutt –‘Spring Forest’





‘Broken Circle’  — M E Taylor Ceramic



A jug, compressed ovoid glazed earthenware jug with hand-modelled and underglaze painted decoration of a windswept tree landscape, incised Merric Boyd 1937

Compressed ovoid glazed earthenware jug with hand-modelled and underglaze painted decoration of a windswept tree landscape, incised.

Merric Boyd, 1937




Orchids dancing in my neighbours herb garden


Nature inspired decorative rhythms


Nature is blessed with both predictable and chaotic rhythms, which is highly fortunate because our very survival depends upon it. We are presented with daily vistas that show perpetual motion through the movement of light, shadows, currents, waves, breezes and a myriad of natural kinesis. Shape, colour and perspective are continually stimulated to reveal a sublimity of designs and it’s easy to see why many artists have expressed how they are deeply influenced by the innate beauty and rhythms of nature.

The symbiosis between the artist and the natural world is obvious and the constant flux of the elements is forever feeding this lively dynamic. From sunrise to dawn, throughout the changing seasons, a vast array of colours and moods all contribute to this inspiration and it’s remarkable how we are gifted with such a rich display of natural art. Its easy to grasp why the forces of nature are often referenced as a source of inspiration to artists.. Patterns, textures, form, colours, light and shade are all used to reflect movement and its associated rhythms.




Handpainted Polish MCM porcelain plate



 Jung claimed that nature is a symbol of spirit while the philosopher Thomas Aquinas observed that the divine reveals itself in nature. Pythagoras of Samos (570-495BC) stated that there is geometry in the humming of strings, there is music in the spacing of spheres.”

The elemental Chineses Animals are on a 60 year rotation so the last time we had the very feminine Water Rabbit leading into the creatively potent Wood Dragon was 1963/64. That era was an extraordinary time of emboldened artistic flow and innovation, introducing new rythyms, both musically and visually.

  This post will be an exploration of art that might be again alluding to that exceptional direction of lively rythyms in design and structure with soul enriching art, similtaneously considering the influence of the rhythms of the natural world in decorative choices.


Anna V Freeman

Anna V Freeman — monumental vase



dancing with a free spiritLiselotte-Watkins

‘Dancing with a free spirit’ — Liselotte Watkins


Vincent Schoepfer ceramics-09977

Vincent Schoepfer ceramics




Vase by Lindstrand for Orrefors



A1 enhanced fashion image, a recent paradigm shift in art expression.  A1erama adaption of composite photoshopping.




Peaceful cloud textures




Barbara Chadwick


Julie Woods-'My Grandmothers Country

Julie Woods – ‘My Grandmothers Country’

Australia’s indigenous inhabitants sometimes deliberatly walk lightly on the ground, their gentle steps being a display of their recognigition of the perfection of our earth and its elements and the contribution it makes to maintaining the balance between strength and vulnerability, while sustaining the natural order.

They revered their ‘Country’ as a living entity, which sustains all life and exists as a product of their Creator Ancestors.



For me, one of the creative highlights of this year  was when a Matchstick Plant I was gifted with, unexpectingly bloomed into a triumpant, vibrantly pink and purple Bromeliad, which I had bever seen before.





Another was the arrival of a Huntswoman with her silk sack of spiders on the canvas blind outside my window. She stayed there for 21 days with dedicated devotion and didn’t even leave them for feeding herself. This was followed by witnessing the arrival of 34  babies out of the silk. All up about a 7 week gestation.



Joshua-Tobey King Of Jacks

Joshua Tobey — King Of Jacks bunny creations




Cat lover sweater pullover




Steve Smith vase




Boho  flair and flamboyamt floral flirtations raged in the 60’s The floral aesthetic featured strongly with the Flower Power designs attempting to introduce more gentleness as a counter balance to the harshness of war. I’m wondering whether we will see a new type of kombucha kindness manifesting against the current turmoil.




Melting floral tie-dye inspired  Fall/Winter Collina Strada 2024 collection




Large cloisonné enamel jar and cover  The slightly faceted sides of the globular body decorated with battling phoenix and dragon

Meiji period




Spring liberation of the Almond Blossom — Vincent van Gogh




The launching of a hot air balloon in Brazil




Ben Gufford

Ben Gufford



Bruno Brunetti---La Cava

Vintage Bruno Brunetti — La Cava




Ceramic ‘Dogfish’ 

Revisited 60s style funk music was used for this video

Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery!



Bulbous french art deco porcelain red & orange stork vase

Bulbous French art deco, porcelain red & orange Stork vase




Ewer in the form of a dragon ca. 1600 Italian, probably Urbino



Carolyn Genders

Carolyn Genders




Hand painted MCM Polish porcelain tri legged fruit bowl



 Porelain vase from Chenlu, China---Silktravels

Porcelain vase from Chenlu, China—Silktravels




Mata Ortiz Nicolas Quezada † Magnificent Olla Redish Brown-or-Orange-Terracota

Nicolas Quezada — Olla Redish Brown

Mata Ortiz



Celadon Bakji Tea Bowl -- Ben Gufford

Celadon Bakji Tea Bowl — Ben Gufford



bulbous vase by Charles Catteau for Boch Freres Keramis

Bulbous art deco vase by Charles Catteau for Boch Freres Keramis




Anigozanthos ‘Kangaroo Paw’  displaying natures decorative rythym in a vivid orange



Clarrice Cliff Solitude 360 vase

Clarice Cliff  ‘Solitude’ 360 vase




Cobalt Aynsley English Bone China Hand Painted Butterfly Tea Cup and Saucer Set

Cobalt Aynsley English Bone China Hand Painted Butterfly Tea Cup and Saucer Set



Cody Hoyt asymmetrical vessel

Cody Hoyt asymmetrical vessel




Tufted coquette hummingbird—diversity of design from Mother Nature



Craig Medson

Craig Medson sculpture




Hungarian Mid Century black and white dual vase

Hungarian Mid Century black and white vase




Shino glaze Vase by Hayashi Shotaro




Catherine White




Ceramic collection of George Lin




Recently acquired Red Cloud dragon vase. Typically, the majority of dragon illustrations display dramatic movement to invite the flow of luck.

Yuan dynasty (1279–1368)

2024 is a Wood Dragon Year  — height 17.3 inches




Melanie Ferguson



Adam and Eve Vase


Adornos Para Casa Abstract Minimalist Ceramic Bud Vase

Adornos Para Casa — Abstract Minimalist Ceramic Bottle Vase



man trekking near Jeti Ögüz rocks, Issyk Kul Region of Kyrgyzstan

Jeti Ögüz rocks, Issyk Kul Region of Kyrgyzstan



fabienne-fauvel-vase with floral decor

Fabienne Fauvel vase



 Pueblo Pottery Native American Art including Hopi, Maria Martinez black pots

Hopi, Maria Martinez black pot


Jean Mayodon vessel with decoration of sailboats


 Merlin Cohen Neo Rhapsody from Canadian Chlorite

Merlin Cohen —  ‘Neo Rhapsody’ sculptured from Canadian Chlorite




Portuguese vintage vase

Portuguese vintage vase



Nightingale vase Carlton Ware

Nightingale vase — Carlton Ware




Maureen Williams — ‘Altered Landscape’




Natasha Dikireva — Ganesha for Ukraine




Elizabeth Raeburn-Strata-Bridge,-2013-14

Elizabeth Raeburn vessel – ‘Strata Bridge’



Art Nouveau style vase, 1905 1910, earthenware, height 30 cm, Egisto Fantechi manufacture, Sesto Fiorentino, Tuscany, Italy, 20th century

Art Nouveau style vase, 1905/1910, earthenware, height 30 cm,

Egisto Fantechi manufacture by Sesto Fiorentino,

Tuscany, Italy, 20th century




Ros Auld  –‘Escarpment’

Her sculptural and functional work is informed by the dynamic forces, surface textures and subtle colours of the Australian landscape.




Mid century ceramic jug, vintage gold lava vase



Mid Century Italian Pottery Vase Orange by Bitossi

Orange Mid Century Italian Vase by Bitossi



Tsukamoto-Haruhiko sake set

Tsukamoto Haruhiko sake set




Cat visiting Koi pond



Flying to the Inside Green Blue

Judith Ernst – ‘Flying to the Inside’ Green/Blue



Gambone Guido – ceramic rooster



Goro Suzuki ceramic vessel

Goro Suzuki ceramic vessel




Ros Auld – ‘Incandescense’

‘I aim to express both the power and fragility of nature using materials from the earth, with an interplay between the monumental forms and delicate, complex surface textures.

Landscape is my source; more the accumulation of recollected impressions than particular sites: the weathered surfaces, textures and subtle colours of the Australian bush and patterns in the cultivated landscape.




Zsa Zsa - Suzy Birstein

Zsa Zsa – the creative freedom of Suzy Birstein



Aire Goutt sculptural vessel




Hakeme Henko Pottery Vase by Yagi Kazuo

Vase by Yagi Kazuo



Handmade pottery vase Pottery Pappas

Pottery Pappas



Helen-Fuller cubist styled decoration

Helen Fuller cubist styled decoration



Hori Ichirō japanese pottery

Hori Ichirō


Balanced rock photo Carol Highsmith

Balanced rock — photo Carol Highsmith



Ingrid Saag

Ingrid Saag nude figure vessel



James Whiting

James Whiting




Hee Kyoung

Hee Kyoung




Japanese Sumida Ware Vase With Two Men on Rocky Ledge by Inoue Ryosai II



Jar with white slip and connected ridge design

Jar with white slip and connected ridge design



Jena Bedson ceramics

Jena Bedson ceramics



BOMATY Gogyo Shino Ware Tea Bowl,

BOMATY Gogyo Shino Ware Tea Bowl,



Jill Rosenwald Vase--

Jill Rosenwald Vase

circa 1980’s.


Jitka Palmer jug

Jitka Palmer jug



Judi Tavill Ceramics..

Judi Tavill Ceramics



Kakurazaki Ryuichi lidded vessel

Kakurazaki Ryuichi — bizen ware lidded vessel



Kei Mindscape by Ken Mihara

‘Kei Mindscape’ by Ken Mihara




Vintage vase by Bertil Vallien



Jun Kaneko

Jun Kaneko



Kyle Scott Lee

Kyle Scott Lee




NAKADA Masaru — “SEN”



ES Keramik Vase West German Pottery Mid Century Modernist Fat Lava 20cm

ES Keramik Vase West German Pottery Mid Century Modernist Fat Lava

height 20cm



Lemaire Gregoire

Lemaire Gregoire


Lesley Baker -- Fly On Wall

Lesley Baker — ‘Fly On Wall’



Ken abd Tina Riesterer-2021Hold-On-To-Peace-Vase


Ken abd Tina Riesterer – ‘Hold On To Peace Vase’




Wollumbin National Park summit, also known as Mount Warning

Wollumbin National Park summit, also known as Mount Warning

The summit is famous for being the first location on the Australian East Coast to see the sunrise each day.




Sacred Mount Warning




Palm Blossom vase



Paul Evans — ‘Onion’

ca. 1960s,


Paul Soldner-Wood Fired Ceramic Vessel

Paul Soldner – Wood Fired Ceramic Vessel



Vintage Vallauris sailing yacht set

Vintage Vallauris sailing yacht set — Tess Ceramique




Peter Voulkos Coffee Pot




Jose Reyes Martinez

San Juan de Oriente in Nicaragua



Marlize Myburgh--plate---

Marlize Myburgh




Geoffroy Pascal





Charles Catteau —  ceramic vessel with stylized floral motifs



Rebecca Hillman

Rebecca Hillman vase juxtaposed against idyllic background




Rupert Andrews




‘Forms Within’ — Eiko Kishi




Vincent Schoepfer




Wada Morihiro



Marcello Fantoni




Yoko Imada, ‘Sei’ (Purity)


JOHN MALTBY large stoneware spade vase, stylised landscape decoration with bird flying

John Maltby — large stoneware spade vase, stylised landscape decoration with bird flying




Zsolnay Vase with Bird and Flower Decor

Zsolnay Eosin glaze vase with Bird and Flower Decor




Lithuanian ceramicist Ula Sukyte