Transcendent Sacred Ground


The Breadknife, Warrumbungle National Park-----Alan Wigginton

‘The Breadknife’, Warrumbungle National Park, Australia



Our extraordinary planet is truly blessed with many fascinating locations of natural power and visual intrigue filled with earthly empowerment and uplifting terrains.

Sacred sites are typically parts of the natural landscape such as rocky outcrops, hills, springs, caves, trees, ridges, gorges and mountains. They are frequently in remote and secluded locations with distinctive features and appearance, sometimes highlighted by monoliths, pinnacles, geometry, light, water and other unique aspects. They serve as a focal point for ceremonies, celebration, worship, pilgrimage, contemplation and seeking blessings. Sacred landscapes tend to have an otherworldly visage and create a sense of timelessness and detachment which can assist in raising a visitors consciousness.


Granite monolith at Mt Kinabalu

Ecstatic granite monolith at Mt Kinabalu, Borneo



‘Antara’(Infinity) – a pair of prominent rock holes aligned in parallel that mark the passage of creator beings.  With a  rock formation that depicts outstretched fingers on the edge.

APY (Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara) Ranges

South Australia



Blue Canyon---Arizona

Blue Canyon—Arizona



Granite Dome

 Granite Dome – Erika Sharpe

Girraween National Park, Queensland


Natural rock formation at Hanging Rock

Natural rock formation at Hanging Rock, Victoria

Mildly Extreme



Rock pool Karijini-National-Park,

Rock pool,  Karijini National Park




Mt. Alkhanai, a sacred mountain to the Buryats people, Siberia

Natural stone archway on Mt. Alkhanai, a sacred mountain to the Buryats people



Cinque Torri — Luca Campigotto

These inspiring modernist peaks are what I would expect to be towering over the north of Italy in the Dolomites





Lodge Rifugio (bottom left)

Tofane Mountains  2137-metres



Sleeping Lady, Mount Sustina, Anchorage



Geometric Rock Art, Atlas Mountains



The ‘Mushroom’ rock in Wadi Rum desert, Jordan




Dalwallinu–Buntine Rocks. Profile of a woman with cascading hair.




 Atlas Mountains Petroglyph – Eliptical spirals carved into the rock face.




Caesarea Pilgrimage stone arches

Caesarea Pilgrimage stone arches



Pulka Karrinya Sacred shard, Mount Wedge, Australia

Site where the Tjapaltjarri and Napaltjarri Rainbow Serpent spirits dwell.


Red fox in front of the Vilyuchik Volcano,

Resting red fox in front of the Vilyuchik Volcano, Russia



NASA's-Curiosity rover on the summit-of Mount Sharp

NASA’s Curiosity rover on the summit of Mount Sharp, Mars



Pilbara Petroglyph -- Photo by Doug Fost

Pilbara Petroglyph — Photo by Doug Fost



Nyungar Owl Stone at Red Hill

Photo Ken Macintyre


pointed desert dock

Howling wolf pointed desert dock

New Mexico




Prehistoric Temple site

Isle of Arran, Firth of Clyde, Scotland



Sacred Mount Alkhanai,, Siberia

Sacred Mount Alkhanai, Siberia

The Mongols, Shamans, Buddhists and indiginous Buryats circumambulate this mountain



Cape LeGrande-National Park

Cape Le Grande National Park




Large carved stone, nestling on the slopes of Wangsan, 0n one of the peaks in the Jirisan region (Korea)

 A giant turtle-shaped rock weighing 127 tonnes and is carved with ornate designs. It rests flat against the mountainside, and is said to be a strong Chi source.



Pilliga Forest sculpture




Carved Magdala stone

Sea of Galilee, Israel, 70AD



De Na Zin-Wilderness Area

De Na Zin Wilderness Area

New Mexico


Natural Moai profile

Hanging Rock, Victoria


Dragon Rock, Lake Baikal



Hiro Nishikawa–Weirs Creek

The Crag



Group of carved mantra stones and objects left by pilgrims.

The custom of placing a pilgrim stone or memorial at a holy place or along its  path is an ancient practice in both the East and West.



stone monument Japan

Ancient stone monument, Japan



submerged Kadadora Viharaya lies under the waters of the Kotmale reservoir

Kadadora Viharaya lies under the waters of the Kotmale reservoir

Sri Lanka



Kangaroo Island ancient rock

Black mica, bluish quartz, and pinkish feldspar comprise most of the granite of the ‘Remarkable Rocks’

Kangaroo Island



Kelly Thorpe climbing K9 Stroll-Cambuslang

Kelly Thorpe climbing K9 Stroll, Cambuslang



King Neptune, Pinnacles Desert



Landscapes Electric by Joshua Cripps (US) Stirling Falls, New Zealand

‘Landscapes Electric’ by Joshua Cripps (US)

Stirling Falls, New Zealand



large hoodoo at Little Egypt

Large hoodoo (used to refer to an eroded pinnacle of rock) at Little Egypt




ceramic books Lotte Glob

Ceramic books created by artist Lotte Glob


Markawasi (Marcahuasi) Plateau is located high in the Andes Mountains

Markawasi Stone Forest Plateau is located high in the Andes Mountains



‘Fist Of God’ – Mark Goff

Paria Rimrocks – Utah



Three Goanna’s Pool





Zen And The Art Of Climbing



‘Garden Of The Gods’

Colorado Springs. USA



Uluru, Australia


Rock puppy at pool

Desert Queen Baths Gorge


rock face wadjina cave at the Grampians

Wadjina cave at The Grampians




Ochre Pits in the West MacDonnell Ranges

Ochre Pits at the Inarlanga Pass

West MacDonnell Ranges, South Australia



Hierve el Agua petrified waterfall

Oxaca, Mexico



Wilsons Promontory skull rock

‘Skull Rock’

Wilsons Promontory, Victoria



Christian Fletcher Gallery - The Remarkables--Kangaroo Island

‘The Remarkables’ –Kangaroo Island, SA

Christian Fletcher Gallery



The Sarma Gorge Buryatia-Lake Baikal Olkhon Island

Lake Baikal Olkhon Island

The Sarma Gorge, Buryatia, Siberia



Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park




Sacred Anvil – Uran Dushe Mountain



Visiting the highest caves at Chimphu---said to bestow blessings

Padmasambhava Samye Chinpu caves



Warrumbungle National Park---Grand High Tops

Warrumbungle National Park—Grand High Tops



Ricketts Sanctuary

Dandenong Ranges



Yakushima Japan-view-from-mountain

Yakushina Megalith at summit





Portal Doorway Stargate-of Daramu Muru

The spiritual doorway of the Incas on Lake Titicaca




Stefani Peak on Mount Olympus by Dretakis Manolis

Stefani Peak on Mount Olympus

Photo by Dretakis Manolis



The ancient city of Hattusha



Turret arch-in-Arches National Park-in-spring-with-snow,-Moab, Utah,-USA

Arches National Park

Moab, Utah,



Mt Barney National Park

‘Secrets of the Scenic Rim’ – Robert Rankin

S.E Queensland, AUS



Dragon stones near the monastery lake (in the Geghama mountains, Armenia), the largest of which is about 3.5 m. They are placed near the sources of natural-artificial pools and springs, symbolizing the unbridled power of the element, the awakening of nature, fertility, abundance.



Murphy's Haystacks - Megaliths on Eyre Peninsula South Australia

Murphy’s Haystacks – Windswept megaliths on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia



Giant rock boulder at Daga Kataba Ethiopia

Giant rock boulder at Daga Kataba



Tutu Fela, Ethiopia

TARA Trust



The Summit of Precipitous Bluff,-Tasmania

The summit vayu mudra at Precipitous Bluff, Tasmania

I Am Footloose And Free


Rocky Precipitous Bluff,Tasmania

Precipitous Bluff,Tasmania



Brahmagiri-Village children

Brahmagiri village children

I did this capture with an Olympus Om1


While on a month long Yatra (pilgrimage) through Maharashtra, we decided to visit the Trimbakeshwar temple, which was in proximity to the Lord Rama caves of Nashik. As we drew closer to our destination, the terrain began to reveal a more distinctive and unusual appearance and I was feeling a growing feeling of anticipation. Upon arrival it was immediately obvious when I saw the commanding crescent ridge of Brahmagiri Mountain which was a spectacular backdrop to the temple.

My travelling companion and myself were instantly transfixed by its vibrational power and beauty and we were instantly drawn towards it and immediately embarked on our unplanned journey to its summit.


Cascading water down the Brahmagiri steps in the rain

For the remainder of the day we climbed the 750 steps carved into the stone ridge that ascended to the peak without any feeling of fatigue while imbibing the enlivened spirit of the mountain. The chance discovery of the meditation cave of Saint Gahaninath and seeing the source of the Holy Godavari River was the highlight. The most rewarding discoveries are usually the unexpected ones.




A natural trident aligned with the meditation cave of Gahaninath at Brahmagiri, India



Stone carved path at Brahmagiri



Waiting for a train in Maharashtra. Urmila, my Yatra companion, on the far left.




Balancing rock in Chillagoe

Balancing rock in Chillagoe



mushroom-rock at Ennendi Plateau Chad aeolian

Aeolian geomorphology on the Ennendi Plateau, Chad


Ennedi-Desert-in-Chad -- Laurent Lepecheur

Chad Jumbo – photo by Laurent Lepecheur

Ennedi Desert in Chad


Coral gilia---Lower Mule Mountain Utah

Coral gilia—Lower Mule Mountain,




burrunju sacred location

Newly opened site, photo Antony Lynch

Burrunju, south east Arnhem Land




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