Australian Sabbia Gallery for ceramic and glass artists.

Sabbia has been established for over 7 years and is  one of the premier galleries in Australia for exhibiting Glass and Ceramic works by prominent artists from both Australia and New Zealand. Centrally located in Sydney in the Paddington region , it is recognized as one of Australias finest contemporary studios renown for its quality displays.  Below is a selection  of ceramic and glass artists who have exhibited at the Sabbia Gallery :

Ernabella Artists


Carol Williams - Ngayuku Walka cylindrical vase in rust red, green and white

Ernabella Artists –  Carol Williams – Ngayuku Walka 2011

Terracotta form with terra sigillata, slips + sgraffito.


Carol Williams - Kapi Tjukula palte with aboriginal decorative motifs

 Ernabella Artists –  Carol Williams – Kapi Tjukula

 Debra Boyd-Goggin

 Debra Boyd-Goggin - green ceramic round platter

‘Link Series # 11’ – 2010 Stoneware, handbuilt, carved, multi-glazed



 Debra Boyd-Goggin contemporary Australian pottery bowl

 ‘Link Series # 3’ – 2010 Stoneware, handbuilt, 1carved, multi-glazed


Pippin Drysdale

Pippin Drysdale bowl in reds and pinks

  ‘Billabong’ – Ceramic vessel

Tanami Mapping Series 2011

 ‘Kakadu Burnt’ tea bowl

Tanami Mapping Series 2011

Gail Nichols 

”  I am intrigued by the sculptural contrast between closed and open forms, and firing effects on exposed and shadowed clay surfaces. I enjoy playing with impressions of volume and movement. Some forms are seemingly stretched from the inside out and blown up like a balloon; others appear to dance in slow graceful curves or lively waves. For the past several years I have lived and worked at the foot of Mt. Budawang.NSW,The gently curved yet complex and rugged terrain of the Budawang range is reflected in my fascination with form and its interaction with surface. “

Gail Nichols contemporary Australian pottery

‘Descending cloud’



Gail Nichols delicate ceramic bowl

‘Wombat’ – 2009


Gail Nichols contemporary vase

‘Cloud Nine’ – 2009



Janet DeBoos 

Three colourful vases by Janet-DeBoos

‘Blue + Yellow Qing Vase + Peeling #1 + #2 Vase – 2011

Thrown porcellaneous stoneware, black underglaze, Ernabella terra gigillata, sgraffito, clear glaze + decals



Janet-DeBoos Australian pottery vase

 ‘Banksia Peony Qing Vase’ – 2012


Janet-DeBoos two cylindrical vases with aboriginal style decorations in yellow and rust brown

‘Ernabella Qing # 2 +#1′

Thrown porcellaneous stoneware, Ernabella terra sigillata, sgraffito + decals


Janet-DeBoos two ceramic bottle vases

‘Imperial Grevillia Vase’ /’Big Pheasant Qing Vase’




Eleni A. Holloway


The works in ‘Chaos and the Cosmos’ are an amalgam of my interest in ceramic and storytelling traditions, the place of mythology in Western contemporary society combined with autobiography and personal reflection. The interconnectedness of these themes was and continues to be a source of inspiration, a fascinating arena in which to grapple with those questions that are a most fundamental aspect of the human condition; how do we place ourselves?  ( from her ‘Chaos and the Cosmos’ exhibition )

Eleni A. Holloway figurative sculpture

‘The Retreating Waters’ 2011



Eleni A. Holloway green ceramic sculpture

‘The Midnight Meeting ‘2011

Earthenware, glaze


Eleni A. Holloway Australian ceramic sculpture

 ‘The Little Storyteller’ 2011

Earthenware, glazed


Greg Daly

Greg Daly is considered one of Australia’s finest ceramic artists. He has been an  influential contemporary artist working with glazed ceramics for over thirty years. He is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics Geneva, a ceramicist of national and international standing, with works in national and over 70 international galleries and museums.

Greg Daly ovoid Raku Vessel

‘Setting Light’ – Greg Daly




Mooonlight spherical blue vessel by Gerg Daly

‘Moonlight’ – 2010



Les Blakebrough

British-born Blakebrough migrated to Australia in 1948 at the age of 18 and, after serving an apprenticeship at Sturt Pottery at Mittagong, studied with Kawai in Japan before returning to Australia to become Director of the Sturt Workshops.


Contemporary vessel in lavender and white with gumleaf motif by Les Blakebrough

‘Forest Floor’ – 2009



Les Blakebrough pale blues ceramic vessel

‘Kelp Forest’ – Large Oval Form



Simone Fraser

 ”  I want my work to have a beauty that speaks for itself. I want the viewer to experience the mystery within the surface, the balance and proportion of the form and the harmony that each piece engenders. “

Simone Fraser landscape series highly textured cup in orange, blue and green

‘Landscrapes Series #1’ – 2012



Simone-Fraser ceramic vessel with strong textural surface

‘Ceramic From #1’ – 2011


Jeff Mincham 

” The idea that there exists in everything a unique characteristic that can be referred to as “its nature,” and that it is possible to express that “nature” through form and surface in a way that engages the sensibilities, continues to be a source of constant challenge and inspiration. “

Jeff Mincham flared vase form with reed decorative theme

‘Reed Talk II’ – 2012



jeff mincham bowl in turquoise, black and beige geometric patterns

‘Labyrinth of Lines’ – 2012




‘Hope’ – Jeff Mincham



Clare Belfrage


Clare Belfrage sculptural glass vessel

‘Fluence #10910’ – 2010

Blown glass with cane drawing, sand blasted and hand polished



Clare Belfrage - two contemporary glass vessel

‘Leaf Circuitry #8 + #9’ – 2010 ( Glass )

Gerry Wedd

Gerry Wedd blue and white dish

 ‘Send Me to Sleep Dish’  – 2011

Porcelain, sgraffito slip


Gerry-Wedd vase

‘Fly Awat Vase’ – 2011

Porcelain, sgraffito slip

Bronwyn Kemp

Southern Ice Porcelain sculptural bowl with inlayed black slip by Bronwyn Kemp

‘slowly softly’ – 2009

Southern Ice Porcelain with inlayed black slip

 Ben Sewell

Ben-Sewell oval glass vessel in black and white

Millstream Pilbara ( Glass )

 Sandra Black

Sandra Black - cream coloured flared cup

 ‘Hardenbergia 1’ 2011

Cast, carved, pierced + polished Seeleys Lady White paper porcelain


Mitsuo Shoji

ovoid ceramic vessel with blue on white botanical decoration by Mitsuo Shoji

 ‘Barak Khan’ – 2011

Porcelain, colour inlay, reduction fire



Galia Amsel

Galia Amsel Abstract green Glass Sculpture

Galia Amsel-  ‘Floe 7 ‘-  2012

Cast gaffer lagoon & clear glass, sandblasted & acid etched texture, hand smoothed & polished



Galia Amsel Glass Sculpture

Galia Amsel – ‘Inner Spirit’ – 2010

Cast bullseye olive & clear glass, sandblasted, acid etched texture & polished

For more info on these artists at Sabbia Gallery go here.






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