21st Les Journées de la Céramique à Paris


Paris ceramique days 2018



21st Les Journées de la Céramique 

110 ceramic artists from France and internationally at the annual Parisian ceramic festival


Thursday 28th June – Sunday 1st July 2018

Paris-Potier Association Days of Ceramics , Place Saint Sulpice, Paris 6 th  — Thursday from 1 pm to 10 pm (with opening at night on the stands)
the following days from 11 am to 8 pm (with aperitif)



Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6e
 28 juin au 1er juillet 2018




Paris pottery market

Les journees de la Ceramique, Paris

Beatriz Trepat_ceramic sculpture

Beatriz Trepat



Beatriz-Trepat-ceramique sculpture

Beatriz Trepat



French bolbois-Christina Guwang

Bowl – Christina Guwang



Bowl (flipside from above) – Christina Guwang



Godets poissons-Christina Guwang

Godets poissons   – Christina Guwang



Godets poissons (flipside from above) – Christina Guwang




Coupelle Perles – Christina Guwang



Coupelle Perles - Christina Guwang

Coupelle Perles – Christina Guwang




Brigitte Long sculpture



Brigitte Long - Raku Rocker

Brigitte Long – ‘Raku Rocker’



Brigitte Long - Smokey Sandstone ceramic sculpture

Brigitte Long – Smokey Sandstone



French artist Camille Trehout---ceramique sculpture

Camille Trehout— ceramique sculpture



Stéphanie Gamby -- ceramic wall panel

Stéphanie Gamby wall art



Cécile-Poisson-ceramic-cup with strong texture

Cécile Poisson – ceramic cup


Chantal Cesure blue and white ceramic tumblers

Chantal Cesure


Charlotte Coquen French ceramique

Charlotte Coquen



Charlotte Coquen glazed white sandstone enamelled, latex tinted.-48x45xh45cm

Charlotte Coquen



Claire Roger ceramics

Claire Roger



Claire Roger ceramic with much detail

Claire Roger




Corinna Fridrich ceramic vase

Corinna Fridrich



Corinne-Betton Rench ceramicist

Corinne Betton


Corinne Betton pottery teapots

Corinne Betton



Corinne-Betton pottery studio, France

Corinne Betton studio



Dalloun bowl



Demoiselle avignon vase--Thierry Basile Potier

‘Demoiselle avignon’ vase — Thierry Basile Potier



Thierry Basile Potier

Thierry Basile 


Elise Lefbrve-ceramic-cats with storage

Elise Lefbrve


Elise Lefbrve dishes

Elise Lefbrve



Fabienne Withofs-folded globular vase

Fabienne Withofs



François Cholé-white céramique vaisselle

François Cholé – white céramique vaisselle



Françoise-Cholé- square céramique-vaisselle

Françoise Cholé



Françoise-Cholé-céramique-vaisselle with succulents

Françoise Cholé – céramique planter with succulents


Gisele Buthod-Garcon-raku sculpture

Gisele Buthod-Garcon  –  raku sculpture




Gwenaël Hémery-French-sculpture ceramic

Gwenaël Hémery



Gwenaël Hémery contemporary ceramique

Gwenaël Hémery



Jane Norbury-Train Paths folded ceramic form

Jane Norbury ‘Train Paths’



Kaori Kurihara contemporary ceramics

Kaori Kurihara — contemporary ceramics



Bridgette Lab_-'Dreaming-perhaps' ceramic figurine

Bridgette Lab –  ‘Dreaming perhaps’



Laure Sulger--Moulin ceramic art

Laure Sulger — ‘Moulin’



Marc Uzan ceramique art

Marc Uzan


Marc Uzan-Rouges et noirs squat globular vessel

Marc Uzan – ‘Rouges et noirs’ squat globular ceramic vessel



Martine-Coulloud=gobelet red white and black stripes

Martine Coulloud – gobelet



Michel Cohen-ceramique-bowl

Michel Cohen


Monika Debus_biomorphic form 2016

Monika Debus – 2016


Monika Debus_Blue Shape 2016

Monika Debus _ ‘Blue Shape’




Myriam Belhaj-yellow seahorse-platter

Myriam Belhaj – yellow wavy ovoid seahorse platter



Myriam Belhaj sea life plate

Myriam Belhaj


Nadège Richard-contemporary jug-and-cups

Richard Nadège -contemporary elegant jug and cups

Richard Nadège gobelet

Richard Nadège gobelet



Nani Champy-sculpture ceramic-605

Nani Champy – ‘Ceramic 605′


Nani ChampySchott-forme-05

Nani Champy Schott – ‘Forme 05′


Petit Vase-Elise Lefebvre

‘Petit Vase’ – Elise Lefebvre


Philippe Dubuc - lidded-vessel

Philippe Dubuc – lidded vessel



Philippe Dubuc - lidded contemporary vessels

Philippe Dubuc – lidded contemporary vessels



Raphaël Meyer Ceramic anagama kiln

Raphaël Meyer Ceramics



Raphaël Meyer Ceramics wood fired charger

Raphaël Meyer Ceramics wood fired charger



Raphaël Meyer Ceramics -- wood fired ceramic vases

Raphaël Meyer Ceramics



Regula Brotbek-lidded-raku-spherical vessel

Regula Brotbek- lidded raku sphere



Zelie Rhouby ceramic vessels with matt glaze surface

Zelie Rhouby ceramic vessels



Zelie Rouby-yellow-ceramic vessel

Zelie Rouby



Stéphanie Bertholon - low box in gold

Stéphanie Bertholon – ‘Low box in gold’




Stéphanie Gamby ceramic vessel



Sylvie Enjalbert in studio silhouette

Sylvie Enjalbert in studio silhouette



Sylvie Enjalbert elegant vessels

Sylvie Enjalbert



Takashi-Tanimoto contemporary ceramic

Takashi Tanimoto



Violaine Ulmer white ceramic rings

Violaine Ulmer white ceramic rings



Yuko Kuramatsu-japan ceramic bowls

Yuko Kuramatsu







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  1. Judith Kuppersmith
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    such a wide range of ceramic art! it is very exciting to see the world view here and find
    that contemporary artists are doing many of the same kinds of things across the globe!
    I always love receiving your emails! so many thanks once again.

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