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Small works great artists Exhibition 3



Shozo Michikawa-Erskine, Hall and Coe

Shozo Michikawa – Kohiki Sculptural Form,—Mizusashi, 2016


Small works great artists exhibition 3


The Third annual Small Works, Great Artists exhibition is running till 6 April 2021.

The exhibition encompasses over 60 works by 23 artists.

Gordon Baldwin, Karen Bennicke, Claudi Casanovas, Joanna Constantinidis, Sara Flynn, Elizabeth Fritsch, Ian Godfrey, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, Ewen Henderson, Eriko Inazaki, Shoji Kamoda,,,, Jacques Kaufmann, Yasuhisa Kohyama, Ryoji Koie, Beate Kuhn, Jennifer Lee, Shozo Michikawa, Machiko Ogawa,Lucie Rie,Tatsuzo Shimaoka, Shiro Tsujimura, John Ward and Masamichi Yoshikawa.

Highlights include an emerald green bowl with manganese-glazed rim by Lucie Rie, alongside works by Jennifer Lee that were thrown in Japan and London.  An exceptional collection of tea bowls by Machiko Ogawa and Ryoji Koie are complimented by Tokkuri and Guinomi sets by Yasuhisa Kohyama.




Yasuhisa Kohyama-Tokkuri-and-Guinomi,-2019

Yasuhisa Kohyama – Sake Tokkuri and Guinomi

Anagama fired stoneware – 2019



This piece was cast in a mould, and the form was then elaborated and altered by handkaren-bennicke-0003-03

Karen Bennicke –

This piece was cast in a mould, and the form was then elaborated and altered by hand



Ryoji Koie – teabowl

A wooden tomobako (wooden container) accompanies this piece




Claudi Casanovas

Claudi Casanovas stoneware bowl



Ryoji Koie-Shell- Glaze- Tea Bowl,stoneware2

Ryoji Koie – Shell Glaze Tea Bowl



Jacques Kaufmann



Guinomi,Shiro Tsujimura

Shiro Tsujimura — Guinomi



Jennifer Lee-Shigaraki - Thrown coloured stoneware

Jennifer Lee – Shigaraki – Thrown coloured stoneware



Claudi Casanovas bowl

Claudi Casanovas bowl



Shozo Michikawa – Sculptural stoneware lidded vessels



Sara Flynn Bowl, 2020

Sara Flynn  –  porcelain drip glaze Bowl




Machiko Ogawa-2020

Machiko Ogawa



Sara Flynn and Lucie Rie ceramics

Sara Flynn {left} and Lucie Rie {right} ceramic vessels



Machiko Ogawa tea bowl



Ewen Henderson-Tea Bowl,-c.-1990

Ewen Henderson – Tea Bowl

c. 1990



Glazed low fired stoneware,-20-x-28-cm Karen Bennicke-Multi-X,-2019

 Karen Bennicke  – ‘Multi-X’

Glazed low fired stoneware, 20 x 28cm



Gordon Baldwin - Klein Vessel, 1994

Gordon Baldwin – Klein Vessel



Handbuilt porcelain Masamachi-Yoshikawa ShoKayoh, 2013

Handbuilt porcelain Masamachi – Yoshikawa ShoKayoh




Ian Godfrey-Peep Bowl,1970

Ian Godfrey – Peep Bowl

Animal figures on the rim



Jacques Kaufmann

Jacques Kaufmann



Lucie Rie-lr Beaker,1960s

Lucie Rie lr Beaker



Machiko Ogawa-Incense Box for-Tea Ceremony, 2019

Machiko Ogawa  –  Lidded Incense Box for Tea Ceremony



Machiko- Oawa-Tea Bowl, 2020

Machiko Oawa Tea Bowl




Ryoji Koie teabowl

Ryoji Koie teabowl



Shoji Kamoda-Small Bowl,-1980

Shoji Kamoda – Small Bowl




Sho Kayoh,-2013 Masamachi Yoshikawa

Sho Kayoh — Masamachi Yoshikawa



Shozo Michikawa-Natural Ash Sculptural stoneware Form Mizusashi,-2013

Shozo Michikawa – Natural Ash Sculptural stoneware —  Form Mizusashi



Shozo Michikawa - Tanka Topology-Form, Mizusashi, 2013

Shozo Michikawa – Tanka Topology Form, Mizusashi



Tatsuzo Shimaoka - Square Plate, 1991

Tatsuzo Shimaoka – Square Plate



Yasuhisa-Kohyama Sake cups

Yasuhisa Kohyama — Tokkuri and Guinomi



Sara Fynn porcelain cup

Sara Fynn porcelain cup



Jacques Kaufmann sculpture form

Jacques Kaufmann ceramic sculpture form


See pieces currently available from exhibition



Yunnan Holy Gemu Mountain Goddess


Gemu Mountain Goddess in the distance — Yugu Lake, Yunnan

Elevation – 37o metres


The lush Yunnan province, in the far eastern foothills of the Himalayas, is said to have as much flowering plant diversity as the rest of the Northern Hemisphere put together. The camellia is the floral emblem of the province, holding the same place in the hearts of its people as the kumquat and peach fruits do in other parts of China. The sacred Gemu Mountain graces the edge of the pristine, deep azure blue Lugu Lake (also known as the Mother Lake} and serenely stretching along its sierra in the form of a woman in a sublime respose, resides a mountain Deity on her lofty throne. This was recognized by the ancient Tibetan tribes of the Mosuos as a good omen for the region and especially because of their matrilineal traditon, they were encouraged to adopt this secluded location for settlement.

To this day in this remote utopian encleve, they still hold annual celebrations for the remarkable Gemu Mountain Goddess on the seventh moon of the lunar calender, with music, dancing and circumnabulations of the mountain, to honour her as their protectress and venerate her as a feminine fertility symbol and for a healthy harvests of their crops. Their deep reverence being transported from a diistant past that reaches into times where the forces of nature ruled their instinctive perception and behaviour.



Mosuo women celebrate the Mountain Worship Festival-(also-known-as-zhuanshanjie)-near-Lugu-Lake

Mosuo women celebrate the Mountain Worship Festival (known as Zhuanshanjie)

Lugu Lake




Mosuo women celebration of the Mountain Goddess



Gemu Mountain — Lugu Lake



Mosuoa girls in a field of flowers

Valley of flowers at Yunnan


Yunnan bird



Chen Yongle---Yunnan Art School painting

Chen Yongle—reduction block print

Yunnan Art School painting



Chen Yongle---reduction block print

Chen Yongle—reduction block print



More goddess icons and feminine archetypes




Jean Alexandre Joseph—Falguièreexpan—-‘Bust Of Diana’

19th Century


Kim Mccombs-clay sculpture

Kim Mccombs



Glass pillar deity sculpture — Cottesloe Beach, WA


Dancing Marie Louise Fuller---Amphora

Dancing Marie Louise Fuller—Amphora


Europa, Pan and Dionysis1995 - Barocca

Europa, Pan and Dionysis — Barocca

France, 1995



Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Ginbari Adachi Kinjiro Vase



 ‘The Musik’ by Gustaf Klimt



Shift of Consciousness-Sculpture by Egor Zigura

‘Shift of Consciousness’  – Sculpture by Egor Zigura



Reflection-female nude sculpture

Feminine Reflection – French female nude sculpture



Frank W. Benson---Summer (1890)

Frank W. Benson— ‘Summer’




Indinginous girls at Opera House

Indinginous girls at Sydney Opera House



Alexande Archipenko,-Woman in Fur,1936

Alexande Archipenko,- ‘Woman in Fur’



Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse-Hebe and the Eagle of Zeus--

Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse – ‘Hebe and the Eagle of Zeus’

As the Goddess of Youth, she was the cupbearer who filled the nectar bowls and served ambrosia to the gods.




Exquisite Satsuma Geisha vase by the Kinkozan studio

Meiji period (late 19th century)


Pythia dreaming Joan Relke

Prophetess of Gaia – ‘Pythia Dreaming’ cast marble — Joan Relke



‘Horizon’ inversion glass orb by Lucy Humphrey



Japanese Geisha vase

Japanese Geisha vase



Pinnicle desert at night

Pinnicle Desert


king neptne-pinnacle desert

King Neptune, (Pinnicle desert)



Michelle Gregor-At the dance II

‘At the dance II’  —  Michelle Gregor



Windy-Tree-Ceramic-cone 5 oxidation multifired with stains and glazes

‘Windy Tree’ – Michelle Gregor

Ceramic cone 5 oxidation multifired with stains and glazes



Woman with the blue coat and Chapeu

Grecian Tanagra statue – Woman with the blue coat and Chapeu

320 BC



Tamlaine by Robert Macnair

Tamlaine by Robert Macnair



‘Egyptian Rocket Goddess’ — Audrey Flack

Beauty, transcendance, and strength were some of the attributes the sculptor considered.




‘Endangered’  – Tamara Dean


Grecian woman and antelope profile – Suzy Birnstein


Stonewall Spiral sculpture

Stonewall Spiral sculpture



Keep River National Park, NT

Natural Moai aerial landscape figure

Keep River National Park, NT, Australia



Notturno Piu

Wastelands – Notturno Piu



Rebecca Fontaine Wolf


Rebecca Fontaine Wolf painting

Rebecca Fontaine Wolf

To me images have the ability to turn ordinary people into icons, to encapsulate all their beauty whilst erasing any trace of a banal existence



Diana the Huuntress French Art Deco

‘Diana the Huntress’ French Art Deco sculpture by Uriano



Sevres vase decorated by Susanne Kaehrling



Valentina Sampaio, Vogue Portugal

Photo — Luis Monteiro



Lady of Guadalupe -- Vincent Canlas of Nuevo Siglo

Lady of Guadalupe — Vincent Canlas of Nuevo Siglo



Vincent Van Gogh -- Mulberry Tree

Vincent Van Gogh — ‘Mulberry Tree’




Edouard Cazaux—-Firebirds charger


Vickie Quandelacy Cultural-Affiliation---Zuni corn maiden

Vickie Quandelacy –Zuni corn maiden


Chongqing sculpture


Shibanpo Yangtze River Bridge – two of the four Seasons sculptures at the location – these were the first nude public sculptures in China. Cast in aluminium, they stirred up controversy and had to be thinly veiled.




Terracotta relief — Char Bangla Temple

Biswarup Sarkar Flickr




Goddess Durga on the wall of Char Bangla Temple complex, Murshidabad,

As a goddess, Durga’s feminine power contains the combined energies of all the gods.




Christ of the Abyss underwater statue - Miami

Christ of the Abyss underwater statue – Miami



vase by Japanese Potter Yoko Komae

vase by Japanese Potter Yoko Komae


Natasha Dikareva teapot




White Dove Figurine – Rosenthal – Signed F. Heidenreich

Germany – 1590


Australian Lyrebird-Alex Maisey

Australian Lyrebird – Alex Maisey



Ancient Female Goddess relief Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Ancient Female Goddess relief Angkor Wat, Cambodia



Statue of Sofia with owl of wisdom sitting on her arm – Georgi Chapkanov

Belgrade, Bulgaria



Annette-Jalilova-sculpture abstracted

Annette Jalilova




‘Awakening’ Sculpture by Mircea Puscas



c, an art print by Julie Dillon-----Space Sirens

‘Beyond the Stars: At Galaxy’s Edge’, art print by Julie Dillon—–Space Sirens



Ceramic Vase -- Lehigh Senior High School Center for the Arts

Ceramic Vase — Lehigh Senior High School Center for the Arts



Dancing Shiva



Land of Venus III-Photograph by Steven Irwin

‘Land of Venus III’ – Photograph by Steven Irwin



Mayan Rattle depicting a goddess.-600–800AD

Mayan Rattle depicting a goddess





Egyptian theme Metal Sculpture head by Pierre Matter



‘Chronos 8’ – Nicolas Schoffer



Monument of gratitude_to_france

Monument of gratitude – Belgrade



Moon Goddess by Becca Douglas

‘Moon Goddess’ by Becca Douglas



Niankhwadjet inhales the scent of a lilyFirst half of Dynasty 4-(2575-2520-B.C

Egyptian relief – Niankhwadjet inhales the scent of a lily

    Dynasty 4-(2575-2520-B.C}



Nike--the winged goddess of Victory, her figure at Ephesus,Ionia,Asia-Minor.

Carved figure of Nike–the winged Goddess of Victory

Ephesus,Ionia, Asia-Minor


Duetto female Art Deco figure sculpture by-Erte

‘Duetto’   –  Erte


Bronze sculpture of the Dian Kingdom, 3rd century BCE

Bronze sculpture of the Dian Kingdom, 3rd century BCE, China



Pat Swyler--ceramic sculpture kwan-yin

Pat Swyler — ceramic meditation figures kwan yin



reefline-sculpture-underwater park-Miami-Beach

Reefline sculpture underwater park – Miami Beach



Diving at Reefline sculpture underwater park - Miami Beach

Diving at Reefline sculpture underwater park – Miami Beach



Jessie Makinson – ‘Miss ghost’

Fabian Lang Gallery, Zurich


Jessie-Mooy raku art

Raku sculpture – ‘Lady with wolf’ – Jessie Mooy




Goddess relief – Banteay Srei Temple, Ankor Wat



Ada-Loumani glass vessel

French artist Ada Loumani glass vessel




Photo by Amanda Charchian



Ohoto — Emile Ristevski

Katherine  Gorge, Northern Territory


Rōka no geigi-(Entertainer standing on a veranda)---Eizan Kikukawa (1787-1867)

Rōka no geigi (Entertainer standing on a veranda)—Eizan Kikukawa



Chris Hawthorne glass vessel

Chris Hawthorne



Four Moonface cups - Rebecca Hillman

Moonface cups – Rebecca Hillman



Walnut by Franka Slothouber (Netherlands)

Walnut by Franka Slothouber (Netherlands)


Green Tara,-14th-15th-centuryTibet

Tibetan Green Tara bronze turquoise statue



Jari Cornelis -- Storm Dragon

Jari Cornelis — Storm Dragon


Old Chinese Cizhou Kiln Porcelain Dynasty Palace Phoenix Bottle Vase

 Chinese Cizhou Kiln Porcelain Dynasty Palace Phoenix Bottle Vase



A female Dryad dances gracefully

Tree carving — female Dryad dancing gracefully


Mulas textile craft of the Kuna people, a self-governing indigenous from the e San Blas islands.



Terracotta Aphrodite riding a dolphin over the sea