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Ochre ocean elevation – blue rabbit emerge



Vision of a rabbit lake surrounded by a rich ochre terrain from an elevation of 3km

NT,  Australia



Rabbit blue lake in middle of OZ


Despite being the Year of the Rabbit, bunnies weren’t really on my radar, having already done a feature post on the refined rabbit. Recently, while indulging in an arial landscape foray for gong shi exploration, I had a chance sighting of an intruiging rabbit lake in the centre of Australia. It was in an auspicious location due to its proximity to Mount Wedge and Pupanya (origin of Indiginous Aussie Art from bark to canvas). This acted as a visual catalyst that motivated me to take a closer look into the Rabbit Year 

As this year is associated with the Water Rabbit, which only comes every 60 years, the last time this happened was in 1963, right on the cusp of an era of  cultural and artistic revolution.The Water Rabbit arouses artistic fluidity, creative virility, feminine flexibility, moderation, balance and moving with the flow. 

At this time the Beach Boys were launching their  breezy Surf Music mania and wave motion imagery was becoming very popular. Even ocean symbolic, shark fin designs were appearing as a frequent feature on most cars cruising around in the sixties. The bold sea sail architectural statement of the Sydney Opera House was also opened in 1963.

Miro, Jackson Pollock, Guido Gambone, Robert Crumb and numerous artists had introduced a freewheeling flow and spirit in their works, emboldened by a carefree abandon. So many shackles were suddenly shed, releasing an irrestistable spirit of freedom which kept expanding along with the far reaching musical innovation and genre fusion unleashed from Coltrane, Hendrix, The Beatles, Miles Davis and countless others in this artistically fertile decade.




Vivid light festival projected onto sails of Sydney Opera House


The currently unique combination of the Water Rabbit, the emergence of Neptune and the beginning of a new Jupiter Grand Transit (2020) is a potent mix for spiritual illumination. I’m now anticipating a new phase of cultural expansion and creativity becoming imminent. I don’t beleive we can assimilate another ride as wild as the last time but I feel there will be a more nurturing component of rejuvination, creative healing, sustanence and preservation. 

Enjoy this collection inspired by rabbits, feminifience, calming beauty, ochre orange, trippy blue palletes, ethereal spontaneous flow and good fortune.




Wavy hair, flowing dresses, Boho Chic, all in the essemce of the peace loving Water Bunny



Ceramic-Vintage drip glaze vallauris

Vintage drip glaze vessel from Vallauris



large stoneware bowl with bright polychrome floral decoration to the interior exterior glazed in black painted signature diameter 35cm

Tchalenko floral bowl



Daniels Kelly ceramic cups

 Kelly Daniels ceramic cups



Jose de Rivera-vintage sculpture

Jose de Rivera vintage sculpture




Alfajar Ceramica Pequeno Formato Alcuza — Small Flask




Flamboyant vintage orange and white striped vase




Rabbit and Chrysanthemum Flower Suiseki/GongShi stone



Art Nouveau fluttering butterfly vase Stephanie Young

Art Nouveau fluttering butterfly vase — Stephanie Young



Annie-Thomas-Burke mosaic design

Annie Thomas Burke — mosaic panel



 Alfajar imaginary of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures together with the pure abstraction of lines and colors

SpanishAlfajar  — expressive female face vessels



Agnes Weinrich-1920Woman With Flowers

Agnes Weinrich  —  ‘Woman With Flowers’




Anelise Bredow vintage inspired vases

Anelise Bredow vintage inspired vases



Afrofuturism Collages of Kaylan

Afrofuturism Collages of Kaylan




Danseuse de flamenco — Isabelle Tuchband




St Albans Pottery

St Albans Pottery, UK



Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri -- Honey Ant Dreaming

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri — ‘Honey Art Dreaming’


Clifford Possum was an artist of early dot painting activity at Pupunya. His Honey Art Dreaming was featured on the Australian Five Dollar Silver coin.



Vase Sirene 1960 Jean Derval

Vase Sirene — Jean Derval





An interpretation of indigenous dot painting by French artist Melissa Gougeon




Bob Illes —  female sculpture




Sue Tirrell Black Rabbit Star Plate_2019

Sue Tirrell Black Rabbit Star Plate — ‘A bunny Ba Qua’



Portal to another time and place Deborah Halpern

‘Portal to another time and place’ —  Deborah Halpern




5 hand painted nesting doll birds created by Aboriginal artist Leah Brown.River Nesting

5 hand painted nesting doll birds created by Aussie Indigenous artist Leah Brown





Isabelle Tuchband



Banksia-coccinea-flowering-in Stirling Range National Park Terry Dunham

Banksia Coccinea flowering in Stirling Range National Park

photo Terry Dunham



Flowers of Edo Young Womans Narrative Chanting to the Shamisen

Flowers of Edo Young Womans Narrative Chanting to the Shamisen



Monty Dons Gardens of Venice

Monty Don’s ‘Gardens of Venice’



M.Montedoro Art Deco postcard




Irina Charmy Pony

Irina Charmy – ‘Pony’



Lake Titicaca Puma and Rabbit

Lake Titicaca, Puma chasing a Rabbit — The Sacred Lake of the Incas



Natasha Dikareva— Third Eye Poodle



Compressed Spiny Oyster and Mojave TurquoiseCompressed Turquoise Medicine Bear Zuni Fetish

Compressed Spiny Oyster and Mojave Turquoise— Medicine Bear Zuni Fetish



Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Eastern Grey Kangaroo in habitat




Carolyn Genders





Georges Braque — ‘Little Harbor in Normandy’





Alexander Archipenko — ‘Arabian’




Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon



Serpent Rising Alexander Calamei

‘Serpent Rising’ —  Alexander Calamei


— “This dot art piece was inspired during the time of 12/12 /2020 as it was a pinnacle time due to  many stars aligning in our solar system and the dormant energy of the serpent under Uluru rising again. Mother earth is changing and she is waking up in many areas on the planet and Uluru. The centre is the Emotional Chakra of the Earth, waking the dormant serpent to assist with clearing trauma within the consciousness for healing humanity.” — Alexander Calamei




Rising serpent ariel landscape capture

Northern NT




IaRex lAtelier International Artists Residency Exchange




Waylande Gregory Europa and the Bull ca. 1934. Earthenware

Waylande Gregory — ‘Europa and the Bull’

ca. 1934. Earthenware



Christine Brallier -- mosaic blue cat

Christine Brallier — mosaic blue cat

2023 is also Year Of Cat


Bowers Lynn Smier

 Lynn Smier Bowers



Kangpigeon earthenware with glazes and enamels Delinquent children_ Jenny Orchard

‘Kangpigeon’ earthenware with glazes and enamels – Jenny Orchard

Delinquent Children exhibition




‘Dragon and Waves’ 1827

The Yang Dragon is also a polarisation of the Yin Rabbit and their luck. The Water Rabbit is the luckiest sign in the Chinese zodiac calender.




Wings of Victory 1978

Erte — ‘Wings of Victory’




Women Knowledge GatherersAlexander Calamei

‘Women Knowledge Gatherers’  — Alexander Calamei



Gwion-Motif kimberley rock art

 Yowna Gwion – Kimberley rock art



Hellenistic terracotta vase from Centuripe Sicily

Hellenistic terracotta vase — Centuripe, Sicily




My visiting Huntsman spider promoting the amber vibe



Kumakura Junkischi

Kumakura Junkischi



Laura Bird running green woman vessel

Laura Bird  — running naked green woman vessel



mystical iconic Australian grass tree

Magical iconic Australian grass tree attracts fairies according to folklore.




Painted Plate Dudley Vaccianna

Painted Plate Dudley Vaccianna



Buste Feminin en papier mache

Buste Feminin en papier mache – dédé



Centrotevola in terraccotta Jean Cocteau

Centrotevola in terraccotta Jean Cocteau




Italian Pottery- Bowl  —  Fratelli Fanciullacci



Mata Ortiz Pottery by Lazaro Ozuna Silveira Sgraffito Olla


Mata Ortiz Pottery Sgraffito Olla — Lazaro Ozuna Silveira



Chinese Handmade Ceramic Red Blue White Dimensional Dragon Vase

Chinese Handmade Ceramic Red Blue White Dimensional Dragon Vase




Corinna Maguire – lucky octopus cake

Eight legged creatures like the octopus and the spider (and their web) are worthy of contemplation  because they can guide you beyond entrapement from your deep past. The intricate webs and tentacles being symbolic of the entanglement that can bind us. That’s why traditionally they are known to free emotional and creative blocks. As a new era of inner freedom is now emerging, its a great time for some serious release.



Dresden ZwingerChina Qing Zeit 1644–1911

Porcelain Koi  relief teapot — China Qing Zeit 1644–1911

Dresden Zwinger museum



Edward C. Curtis photo





Alfajar –nude figure flask



Barocco -- Richard Tarone And Jacques Massard V Europa Pan And Dionysis19951995

Barocco — Richard Tarone And Jacques Massard — ‘Europa, Pan And Dionysis’



French Art Deco Colonial Vase

French Art Deco Colonial Vase




Imiso ceramics Africasso vessel



Jean Arp sculpture

Jean Arp sculpture



Joely Clinkard Small Red Spring STROLL Vessel

Joely Clinkard —  Small Red Spring Stroll Vessel



BUTHAUD-Rene -- Plate

Rene Buthaud large plate



Michael Kay circus performers

Michael Kay circus riders




James Webb Telescope Detects An Asteroid Roughly The Size Of Romes Colosseum

Reaching Out  — recent image from the James Webb Telescope




Rabbit Island, Valsanzibio garden, Italy

During the Venice plague of the 1630’s, Giovani  Barbarigo made a vow to the Divine that if his family survived, he would create a grand garden at Valsanzibio.

Monty Don




Large Cobalt Ground Satsuma Vase

Large cobalt ground Satsuma vase





MaPo Kinnord  — ‘Cosmic key’



Ren Buthaud French Art Deco Ceramic Vase Nude Figures

Ren Buthaud French Art Deco ceramic vase with nude figures




Richard Erdman



Sophie MacCarthy Open Houses 2013 Wandsworth Artists

Sophie MacCarthy




Cruising whale rider



Maureen Minchin jug

Maureen Minchin jug


Longwy Figural Ceramic Vase, Longwy France Circa 1930

Longwy Figural Ceramic Vase, Longwy France

Circa 1930



Les Namingha pottery

Les Namingha pottery



Moon gazing hare



Palais Bulles France

Palais Bulles, France





Rudy Autio



Lively, large blue dragon teapot




French Art Nouveau vase with floral relief



Ryuichi Kakurezakis sake bottle stoneware

Ryuichi Kakurezakis sake bottle

6 in. 15 cm in height – stoneware. 2015

photo George Bouret



Mykonos pottery display wall

Mykonos inventive pottery display wall



Young-Stephanie ceramic vessels set

Stephanie Young – ceramic vessels set



photo George Boure Lucien Koonces tokkuri 5½ in. 14 cm in height stoneware 2015

 Lucien Koonces — Tokkuri — 5½ in. 14 cm in height, stoneware 2015

photo George Boure



Rebecca Zweibel-Boat

Rebecca Zweibel  ceramic ‘Boat’



Steve Bicknell

Steve Bicknell abstract dancers sculpture



Satsuma Plate Japan 20th century round with three dragons in low relief

Satsuma Plate with three dragons in low relief





Everest base camp




Herbie Hancock and his Shelby Cobra

( built in Venice California. USA)


The bunny luck was working for Herbie in 1963 (Rabbit Year) when he acquired this Cobra car on a whim in NY for $6000, with money from his paycheck from his huge hit ‘Watermelon Man’. He had also just recorded a song called King Cobra, which he described as an attempt to “expand the flow [of jazz tunes and chords] so that it would go in directions beyond the usual” This was the beginning of  his expanding journey into fusion music that also included building the Funk genre in the 70’s. He still owns the Cobra, currently worth 2 $million.



The Beach Boys with Ray Charles ‘Sail On, Sailor’

Masters of Harmony meeting the Master of Soul, 25th Beach Boys Anniversary Tour, 1987




‘Free’ – Prince, Larry Graham, Chaka Khan, Graham Central Station



Boom Crash Opera — ‘The Best Thing’