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Contemporary Clay In Santa Fe


Santa Fe Indian Market

SWAIA – Santa Fe Indian Market

Every August since 1922, the largest Native American Indian arts market, in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, features over 1000 artists


Rich art tradition of Santa Fe


The New Mexico city of Santa Fe is a high desert (2100 metres) cultural mecca that is a fascinating blend of Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo cultures. Combined with historic adobe architecture surrounded by wide expanses filled with a radiant natural light and sacred elements, recognized by the native Indians, it has been a magnet for artists, scientists, mystics, rebels, cowboys and tourists for decades. Since the 20’s the “city incongruous” was promoted as a place where you should feel free to be different. The diverse cultural influences are evident in most of the works by the local artists, and works are also displayed below by outside artists that regularly  have exhibitions in the Santa Fe markets and galleries. “At Santa Fe Indian Market, we are not just promoting and selling art, we are unfolding the history and legacy of Native traditions and cultures, while recognizing contemporary growth and evolution,” said Dallin Maybee, SWAIA’s Chief Operating Officer. “Santa Fe Indian Market allows you to immerse yourself in a rich, sacred cultural experience. It is a place to embrace diversity, creativity, living traditions and a warm sense of family.” The Santa Fe Indian Market is the largest juried Native art show in the world and the largest cultural event in the Southwest.




Bill Worrell- shaman sculpture

Bill Worrell (b.1936),  ‘Masked Cape Shaman’

Height –  21 1/4  inches




Diego-Romero- traditional-contemporary-bowl

Diego Romero



Anita Fields black and white bowl

 Anita Fields clay bowl




Anita Fileds terracotta sculpture

 Anita Fields

Anita Fields website



Anita Fields ceramic sculpture

 Ceramic sculpture – Anita Fileds




ceramic-sculpture Anita Fields

 Anita Fields – black / white ceramic sculpture





Terracotta sculpture – Anita Fields

Height 39 1/2 inches



Native Artist Anita Fields (Osage)

 Santa Fe Indian Market award – Native artist Anita Fields (Osage)





Estella Loretto (b.1954), ‘Flute Player’

After being accepted into the Institute of American Indian Arts at the age of sixteen, Estella Loretto went on to study in Belgium, Oaxaca, India and Nepal.

Annual Santa Fe Art Auction – liveauctioneers




Gretchen-Wachs---CERAMICS Sculptural vessel

 Gretchen Wachs, Santa Fe

‘There is movement in all of my work, sometimes kinetic and full of emotion, sometimes bold and masterful, sometime languid and tentative.’

Gretchen Wachs website





Trapezoid Column ( 3 views ) –  Gretchen Wachs



 ‘Torso Short’ –  Gretchen Wachs




 Gretchen Wachs ceramics

 Gretchen Wachs




Native artist Lorraine Gala Lewis

 Ceramic-bowl – native artist Lorraine Gala Lewis

Growing up in Nambe Pueblo in northern New Mexico, Lorraine always appreciated the beauty and serenity of being outdoors.This has allowed her to express her creativity by working with the clay. “With clay, you’re actually giving life to it by creating your own piece of pottery, this becomes a part of you.”




Greyshoe Ethelbah sculpture - female corn dancer

‘ The Blessing ‘  – Greyshoe Ethelbah (Santa Clara Pueblo/White Mountain Apache)

 Bronze sculpture cast from a mold of a hand carved stone sculpture. It represents a female corn dancer at Santa Clara Pueblo, dancing during the feast day on Aug. 12. She is shown giving her blessings with corn in each hand – blessing to all people, Indian and non-Indian alike.




Helen-Stanley-(b.1949 ) Kiva

 ‘Kiva’ – Helen Stanley – footed bowl






‘Flowing Koi Fish’ – Christopher Youngblood-Cutler – (Santa Clara Pueblo)

Chris was inspired to make this piece by watching his koi fish swimming in his backyard pond. He worked on this piece between 200-250 hours and the piece was built, carved, sanded and stone polished by hand followed with traditional firing.





Gerry Quotskuvya,-Hopi - native Indian art

 Gerry Quotskuvya,-Hopi



Ganesha street statue

 Santa Fe Ganesh sculpture




Jody Folwell ceramic pot

 Jody Folwell




Jesse Monongya – Navajo/Hopi




Kathleen Wall clay figurine

 Kathleen Wall  (Jemez Pueblo)




Lisa Holt and Harlan Reano ceramic figure

 Lisa Holt and Harlan Reano – Cochiti / kewa pottery




Lisa Holt- Harlan Reano--Cochiti--Santo-Domingo--Kewa-Pottery-Pottery-----ollas

‘Rosie Skull’  olla – Lisa Holt & Harlan Reano



Lisa-Holt-and-Harlan-Reano-- figurine

Contemporary native art – Lisa Holt &  Harlan Reano




Lisa-Holt-and-Harlan-Reano---dragonfly olla

Black / White Olla –  Lisa Holt – Harlan Reano


Lone Ranger Love-Sue Folwell at Kinght Galleries-sold

 ‘Lone Ranger Love’ – Sue Folwell

Sue Folwell website

Santa Clara Pueblo artist Susan Folwell is a Native American potter combining traditional materials and methods with modern themes, whose works speaks to the contemporary confluence of Indian identity.
” It is the use of native clays and interpreting native designs which creates the foundation for her art. Inspired by personal and world events, Susan’s pottery blends catharsis of the spirit with a love of the clay.”

The designs are a beautiful and cautious blend of innovation and tradition, ideal and metaphor, spiritual and social. When each piece is finished, Susan knows as an artist that she has presented a moment of herself into the clay and her personal expression continues to find voice in her art.





Pueblo Girl - Susan Folwell

‘Pueblo Girl’  – Sue Folwell

Charles King (King Galleries) : When you start working on a piece of pottery.  Do you have a vision of what you want it to be in terms of shapes or design?

Sue Folwell :  I used to just make pottery and let it come out in whatever form it wants to.  It’s going to do that anyway, no matter what you want it to do.  It definitely has a mind, a soul of its own. 




Pottery - Kick Ass by Susan Folwell

 ‘Kick Ass’ – Sue Folwell


Santa Clara potter - Cycle of Life - Sue Folwell

‘Cycle of Life’  –  Sue Folwell




Lovegun-1 Sue Folwell pottery

 ‘Lovegun 1′  – Sue Folwell




It'a all over Sue Folwell

 ‘It’s all over’ – Sue Folwell


native artist Susan Folwell Corn Maiden Jar

‘Corn Maiden Jar’ – Sue Folwell





Nicolai Fechin-(1881---1955),-Large Pilgrim, Bronze Cast-1997

 ‘Large Pilgrim’  – Nicolai Fechin-(1881—1955), Bronze Cast-1997




Preston Singletary Bear Man Blue Rain Gallery

‘Bear Man’ – Preston Singletary

Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe




Native American Art - Preston Singletary --- Hawk Beak

‘Hawk Beak’– Preston Singletary

 Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe





‘Trixter’ – Sheldon Harvey, Navajo

Using a blending of traditional and contemporary while drawing on traditional stories, he incorporates elements of cubism and expressionism into his metal sculptures, carvings and oil paintings and experiments with representational and abstract subjects.  His vision has always been to paint and sculpt ancient Navajo stories he’s known since childhood.



SWAIA---Santa Fe Indian Market Les Namingha’s Zuni work-is-as-complex-as-his-personal-experience-being-a-Native-artist-inhabiting-a-contemporary-world

 Les Namingha’s Zuni work is as complex as his personal experience being a Native artist inhabiting a contemporary world

 SWAIA—Santa Fe Indian Market



Native Indian sculpture Kokopelli-Tammy Garcia

 ‘ Kokopelli ‘ – Tammy Garcia



Tammy-Garcia carved ceramic pot

 Tammy Garcia




 ‘Quail’ – Tammy Garcia



Gene and Rebecca Tobey Buffalo sculpture

Buffalo – Gene and Rebecca Tobey



Oh give Me Home- Gene and Rebecca Tobey

‘Oh Give Me A Home’ – Gene and Rebecca Tobey





Bryant Honyouti ( hopi )



Outdoor sculpture – ‘Abstract Orange’ – Alan Houser



Large Apache woman with shawl-front---stone-Alan-Houser

‘Apache woman with shawl’ – Alan Houser





 Tansey Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe

small scale BIG IDEAS – November 21, 2014 – January 6, 2015 

Bob Cardinale ~ Sculpture .Judith Content ~ Jewelry .Susan Taylor Glasgow ~ Glass. Teri Greeves ~ Beadwork. Aaron Karp ~ Painting .Lewis Knauss ~ Weaving. Frances Priest ~ Ceramic Sculpture. Joe Spear ~ Bronze Sculpture . Jeff Uffelman & Hannah Finn ~ Painting. Sheryl Zacharia ~ Ceramic Sculpture . Irina Zaytceva ~ Handbuilt porcelain. Euncuh Choi ~glass





 Roberto Cardinale






 Eunsuh Choi





Eunuch Resting --- Irina Zaytceva

 ‘Eunuch Resting’ — Irina Zaytceva

Handbuilt porcelain, overglaze painting, 24k gold lustre




Kiss Vase_front---Irina Zaytceva

‘Kiss Vase’ (front)—Irina Zaytceva

Irina begins creating a sculpture without knowing how the story ends. She rarely does a sketch for a piece beforehand. Her initial goal is to create an intriguing shape. When the object is completed, Irina determines what the shape suggests in terms of colors, spaces, painting, and gold luster. Her creative process is always an improvisation.



Lotus Shoes At Leisure_front- Irina Zaytceva

‘Lotus Shoes At Leisure’ (front)  by Irina Zaytceva




Lotus Shoes At Leisure (back) by Irina Zaytceva

‘Lotus Shoes At Leisure’ (back)  by Irina Zaytceva



 ‘Satyress’ –— Irina Zaytceva




Small Butterfly Cup --- Irina Zaytceva

 ‘Small Butterfly Cup’ — Irina Zaytceva





Venetian Date---Irina Zaytceva

‘Venetian Date’—Irina Zaytceva



Sante Fe art- Going slowly soon more shall come - Joe Spear

‘Going slowly soon more shall come’ – Joe Spear



Patience Joe Spear

 ‘Patience’ –   Joe Spear






 ‘Girl with Checkered Past’ (front)- Sheryl Zacharia




Jazz_back Sheryl Zacharia-sold

‘ Jazz’ – Sheryl Zacharia



Half WomanHalf Man - Sheryl-Zacharia

‘ Half Woman Half Man’ – Sheryl Zacharia




Untitled-Sheryl Zacharia

 Sculptural ceramic vessel –Sheryl Zacharia




claysrtist Frances Priest---Adolfo

‘Adolfo’ –  Frances Priest




ceramic bowl large stripe- Francis Priest

‘Large Stripe’ bowl – Francis Priest




NEXT POST  —  ‘Ceramic Wine Pots’


Flea market meandering


Saint Ouen  Marché-aux-Puces, Paris

Schmoozing, mingling and cruising through the stalls while bartering, scheming and hustling to try and  strike a deal, while avoiding the pick pockets. All in the name of acquiring a new object of adulation. The allure of street activity and the outdoors, the eternal search for a bargain amongst the memorabilia, bric a brac, antiques, collectibles and artifacts, has ensured the flea markets are still thriving. In France it is a widespread pastime,where the ‘salons of antiquaires’ display their ‘vides greniers’ ( empty attic ) on a regular basis.

Here are 7 French street markets that are worthy of a visit :

1.Marché aux Puces de Clignancourt, Saint-Ouen, Paris:
Around 3000 stalls, for antique aficionados a must visit.

2. Porte de Vanves, Paris:
The weekend flea market near the Porte de Vanves metro stop in Paris is one of the very best in France, in terms of size and the diversity of its wares.

3. Cours Saleya, Nice: A fairly high quality market open on Mondays, from morning to mid-afternoon. Sunny Nice’s colourful, cours Saleya (just behind the Promenade des Anglais) is filled with around 200 flea market vendors selling their wares. A good selection of ceramics (with some emphasis on regional items from Monaco and Vallauris).

4. Villeurbanne, Lyon: Featuring over 400 vendors and held on Sunday mornings in Villeurbanne, on the outskirts of Lyon, this is one of the biggest flea markets in France.

5. Belfort – Vieux Quartier: this sprawling, large flea market is held on the first Sunday morning of each month, except January and February. Located in the Franche-Comté region, not far from Alsace, this is a great place to discover collectibles of all kinds from the northeast of France.

6. Orléans – Boulevard Alexandre Martin:  wide-ranging, flea market open on Saturday mornings. The several vendors who display their wares in boxes or heaped on blankets will appeal to bargain hunters, it is a day trip from Paris.

7. Toulouse – Allées Jules Guesde:  a large variety of quality collectibles are on offer , with an emphasis more on the decorative then the rustic.

Numerous other French locations such as Anency, Lille , Colmar , Avignon, Metz , Nancy , Reims , Strasbourg , Thionville and Epernay have excellent markets. The annual Fair of Lille on the first week of September attracts around 2 million people from all over Europe.

I have included more flea markets from around the globe below.



Le puces de Saint Ouen –  Art Deco figurine

Photo © Alain.Chantelat.

The advent of the Internet has helped collectors become more savvy when it comes to ascertaining trends and pricing in the antique market. Interest in collecting classic pieces has also been stimulated, so the increased demand has driven prices upward. The popularity of online auctions has also supported the growth in demand, with some sites employing buyers to scout the trash and treasure haunts for antique and vintage wares to sell. The amount of bargains to be found at the street markets has been diminished by the new online markets, but keen buyers can still  find a good purchase. Conversely more people are using the Internet to sell their art objects so there are plenty of bargains to be found.




Les Puces de Paris Saint Ouen sculpture

Bronze sculpture – Les Puces de Paris Saint Quen

photo © Alain Chantelat



Paris street market figurine

 Ceramic figurine from a Paris street market





La grande braderie de lille-France

La grande braderie de Lille, France




Paris porcelain clock with a Turkish Sultana – 1840’s






Flea market st-ouen, Paris

St Ouen flea market




Provencal rustic doll figure

 Antique French doll




French street market gold table

Antique gold leaf table




Betty Boo meets the  Buddhas

Marche aux puces de Saint Ouen




Antiques Market at Toji Temple--Kyoto-City

Antique Japanese ceramic wares

Toji Temple , Kyoto

Some of the Temples and Shrines in Japan are known to hold antiques and flea markets on their grounds once or twice every month, usually on Sundays.

 img_0037 Shitennoji Temple Flea Market, Japan


Shitennoji Temple grounds

 Shitennoji Temple Flea Market

21st ans 22nd every month






French porcelain menu with an angel

 Porcelain menu board




Baderie de Lille, France


 ceramic-bustFrench ceramic bust – French Antique Fair

bloomds-flickr ceramic bust

Porcelain figurine bust  – bloomds-flickr


Fair of Lille stall


Orleans marché aux puces

Bruno-ParmentierJazz Age Cubist sculpture figurines by Prrimavera

Art Deco Jazz figurines

Brussels - street entertainment

Street entertainers

street market painting

Marche aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves, Paris

Carpentras flea market art deco clock

Art Deco Clock – Carpentras street market


Street theatre –  Rue de la république, Avignon

Company-of-Jesus,-Marché aux Puces St Ouen de Clignancourt in Paris

Marché aux Puces St Ouen de Clignancourt in Paris


Ells Encants Vells flea market – Barcelona

Open sided complex near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes


Encants Nou flea market – Barcelona

One of the oldest flea markets in Europe, since the 14th century


Sevres figurine – Puces de Vanves, Paris


Terracotta Griffon sculpture – Nexu

Brooklyn Flea market lamp stall

Stall of lamp bases – Brooklyn Flea, USA


Copenhagen flea market

Flea Market - Marche aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves

Porte de Vanves , Paris

California - Alameda-Antiques-by-the-Bay-Faire


Alameda Antiques by the Bay Faire, Northern California


African masks at Gauteng Craft & Flea Market

37 Reid Avenue, Linbro Park, Johannesburg


Martine Barthélémy
99 rue des rosiers, Marché Vernaiso

St. Ouen


St. Ouen  marche aux puces

Alameda Point Antiques Faire Panther sculptures

Alameda Antiques by the Bay – Panther Statues

Alameda Point Antiques Faire--ceramic statue

White ceramic statue – Alameda Point Antiques Faire, California

A great waterfront market near Oakland

Alameda-Point-Antiques-Faire--- Quan Yin woodcarving

Quan Yin statue – Alameda Point Antiques Faire,California


Art Deco jug and dish and cabinet -Vanves Flea Market

Le Marché Serpette St Ouen

Serpette Market, Saint Ouen, Paris


Saint Ouen busts

Marcel Guillard Art Deco Nude & Satyr Ceramic Sculpture

Nude & Satyr Art Deco Sculpture – Marcel Guillard


Saint Ouen flea market, Paris

Marche-aux-Puces-Vanves Drunken Sailors

 Drunken Sailors Figurine – Marche aux Puces Vanves


Milan Brera flea market


Petites ‘baigneuses’en porcelaine – Marche aux Puces Vanves


2 large majolica cachepots – marche aux Puces


Colour co-ordination – Paris Vanves market

Portobello-road-antique ceramics

Portobello Road Antiques  UK

Puces St Ouen de Clignancourt Paris

Saint Ouen Antiques

Rose Bowl-flea-market-= California

Lamp with a large shade and a small spotted base – Roes Bowl flea market.USA


Guadalajara’s antique market, Mexico

“If you’re expecting a flea market that requires you to sort through a ton of junk to find a few gems, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this place. Much of the merchandise appears to be in museum piece condition, and it’s clear that the vendors know their artifacts intimately and take great pride in their displays.” –


Lyon Tupiniers street market, 2012

140 potiers


Bronze cat, Paris

Vetrine-Stefano-La-Rosa-flickr majolica figures

Majolica  figurines – Vetrine, Italy

Stefano La Rosa – flickr


Hotel Royal Monceau  wall decoration  – Vanves Market



NEXT POST  —  Contemporary Clay In Santa Fe


Kazakhstan Clayhouse Gallery arts



Clayhouse artists in Kazakhstan



I was contacted by email and asked to  look at the ceramics of the Clayhouse Gallery artists and was pleasantly surprised. To be honest, I know very little about Kazakhstan other then it’s the largest landlocked country in the world. Anyway art is a universal language and its always great to see fine creativity manifesting in a distant culture. Clay House Gallery is situated in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan and features contemporary art with a specific focus on ceramics alongside paintings and jewellery. The gallery supports local artists in developing their work and its mission is to promote Kazakh contemporary art. The gallery features a fully equipped studio, where daily master classes are offered with instruction from a professional artist for both adults and children.




contemporary-ceramic-Elena Grigoryan - Angel Wing

‘Angel Wing’   –  Elena Grigoryan




Aleksandar-Candlestick Balance

‘Candlestick Balance’ –  Aleksandar




Aleksandar- 'Navi Settings'

‘Navi Settings’  – Aleksandar

Ceramic mural  38″ x 44 “




Anna Margatskaya-Broochn Woman

 Anna Margatskaya- ‘Brooch Woman’




Figurine - Askar Esdaulet - Victory

 Askar Esdaulet – ‘Victory’




Eduard Ghazaryan--'Bird'-dish-2013

‘Bird’– platter — Eduard Ghazaryan





Kazakhstan artist - Eduard Ghazaryan - Lovers

  Eduard Ghazaryan – ‘Lovers’



Eduard Ghazaryan-'On-The-Walk'

 Eduard Ghazaryan-‘On-The-Walk’




Elena Grigoryan- 'Chalice' -2013

Ceramic dish by Elena Grigoryan – ‘Chalice’ 





Gabo - Fried Dish

 Fried Dish – Gabo – ( Galya and Botha Kusainova )




Gabo - Mermaid-2014

 ‘Mermaid’ dish – Gabo  ( Galya and Botha Kusainova )





Gabo- Orange vase

 Striped ‘Orange’ vase – Gabo




Irina Kozhakhmetova -I would be a Butterfly

‘I would be a Butterfly’  – Irina Kozhakhmetova



Clayhouse artist - Isabelle Vershuren ceramic vessels

 Isabelle Vershuren




Kuralaj - ceramic bell

Ceramic Bell – Kuralaj





Clayhouse artist - Isabelle Vershuren Pebbles

‘Pebbles’  – Isabelle Vershuren


Isabelle-Vershuren-'Roshanara' - Copy

Isabelle Vershuren – ‘Roshanara’

Kuralaj -'Argali'-2014

‘Argali’ – Kuralaj





Kuralaj -'Bell'

Kuralaj – Bell with face





 ‘Wineglass’ – Kralaj



Natalia Lepikhin - Penarina

 Natalia Lepikhin  – ‘Penarina’  ceramic doll




Natalia Tsvyrova-Dove-4x12x11

 Natalia Tsvyrova – ‘Dove’

4′ x 12′ x 11′




kazakhstan artist - Natalia Tsvyrova - Horse

 Natalia Tsvyrova  – ‘Horse’





 Natalia Tsvyrova  – ‘Peacock’



Relax with a cup of tea' - Irina Kozhakhmetova-faience-glaze-2013

 ‘Relax with a cup of tea’ –  Irina Kozhakhmetova




Reşat Kozhahmetov -'Azure'-vessel

Azure’ vessel  – Reşat Kozhahmetov




 Candlestick Balance Reşat Kozhahmetov

‘Candlestick Balance’  — Reşat Kozhahmetov




Reşat Kozhahmetov - Decorative Vessel drip glaze contemporary

 Reşat Kozhahmetov – Decorative Vessel




Reşat Kozhahmet - 'Flight' 2009

‘Flight’ – Reşat Kozhahmetov



Contemporary-ceramics - Reşat Kozhahmetov--The Seabed Vessel 2012

 Reşat Kozhahmetov–  The Seabed Vessel’




Reşat Kozhahmetov The Vessel 'Self Awareness'

 Reşat Kozhahmetov –  The Vessel ‘Self Awareness’ 




Reşat Kozhahmetov - Torso-2009

 Reşat Kozhahmetov – ‘Torso’





Reşat Kozhahmetov - Underwater-2012 Landscape vessel

 Reşat Kozhahmetov  – ‘Underwater’

2012 Landscape vessel series




Reşat Kozhahmetov-Vase-From A Series Of Landscapes

 Reşat Kozhahmetov Vase – landscape series



Reşat Kozhahmetov-Vase Form A Series Of Patches-2013

 Reşat Kozhahmetov- ‘Vase Form A Series Of Patches’




Malhaz Shvelidze - Pharaoh-2013

 Malhaz Shvelidze – ‘Pharaoh’ 




Sergei Ledyaev - Sve-2014

 Sergei Ledyaev – ‘Sve’





Serik Rysbekov - silver, carnelian, turquoise pendant

 Serik Rysbekov





Vladimir Grigoryan




Vladimir Grigoryan -'Flamenco Dancer'

Kazakhstan artist  Vladimir Grigoryan – ‘Flamenco Dancer’



Kazakhstan-ceramics - Vladimir Grigoryan - Rhino

 Vladimir Grigoryan  – ‘Rhino’




 Some of the Clayhouse Gallery artists :


Anna Margatskaya--Kazakhstan artist

 Anna Margatskaya



Clayhouse Gallery artist Askar Esdaulet

 Askar Esdaulet



Ceramic artist Eduard Ghazaryan

 Eduard Ghazaryan



Gabo Kusainova

 Gabo  ( Twin sisters Galya and Botha Kusainova )



Sergei Ledyaev--clayartist

 Sergei Ledyaev



Clayhouse Gallery - Svetla on Plotnikov

 Svetla on Plotnikov



Kazakhstan artist Vladimir-Grigoryan

 Vladimir Grigoryan



Gigisha Pachkoria

 Gigisha Pachkoria



pottery artist Elena Grigoryan

Elena Grigoryan

More information on the artists and their works can be viewed  HERE



NEXT POST  —  ‘Flea market meandering’


Dragons in the arts



Qing Dynasty porcelain vase bluse glaze

Chinese Antique Blue Glazed Porcelain Vase with a dragon encircling around the neck – Qing Dynasty


The Dragon  – symbol of life, growth and bringer of harmony, virtue, riches, fulfillment and longevity.


In Eastern art, as far as mythical creatures go, the dragon still attracts the most attention. Most likely because it is revered for its courage, inspiration, creativity and luck. Every 12 years when the Year Of The Dragon comes around there is a spike in childbirths in Asia. Images of the dragon that are highly animated attract more luck, while the expressions of character are good for creativity. The reputation of the dragon in the West is more conflicted. Alternating between a menacing beast in storytelling to featuring in heraldry symbols on coat of arms for bravery, valour and protection. The father of legendary King Arthur, had the symbol of the dragon on his crest. Wealthy families used the dragon symbol for its connection to power, treasures and fearlessness. The Welsh Dragon was used by all the Tudor sovereigns – the three kings colouring it red, while Mary and Elizabeth made it gold.
The early Chinese believed in four magical, spiritual and benevolent animals; the Dragon, the Phoenix, the Tortoise and the Unicorn. The Dragon was the most adored of all. In it’s claws it holds an enormous magical pearl, which has the power to multiply whatever it touches. The ancients believed the “pearl” symbolized the most precious treasure; Wisdom. In ancient China, only the Emperor of China was allowed to wear clothing that was embodied with Dragon designs. The phoenix was often paired with the dragon as a symbol of yin feminity to balance the yang dragon, and together they depicted imperial power.
There is a commonality of dragon myths in cultures all over the world. Almost every culture has some sort of serpentine or dragon-like creature in it; Chinese, Japanese, Native American, Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian and Greek. In China and especially in Indochina, the Indian serpent Nāga was equated with the lóng or Chinese dragon. The Aztec and Toltec serpent God Quetzalcoatl also has dragon like wings, like its equivalent in K’iche’ Maya mythology Q’uq’umatz (“feathered serpent”).



 Japanese cloisonné enamel bowl with silver rims and dragon motif

Flying Cranes Antiques, NYC




 Dragon teapot – Japanese satsuma

19th century



Dragon painting by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai




Mejji Japanese dragon vase

Tall, stately cloisonné enamel vase. Meiji Period.




Dragon haute couture - Xu Ming

  Xu Ming Haute Couture Collection from the China Fashion Week, 2013




Old Hall Pottery jug with dragon handle

Old Hall Pottery jug, in the style of Dr Christopher Dresser, the handle modelled as a dragon, the vase painted with chrysanthemums in colours on an ivory ground.

Woolley & Wallis




Tamatori being pursued by a dragon

Princess Tamatori steals Ryūjin’s tide jewels, by Utagawa Kuniyoshi.





Nikko Tosho gu Yomeimon

Dragons at the Nikko Tosho gu Yomeimon, Japan




Flying dragon at the Saint-Leopold-fountain

Monastery of Hohenfurth. Flying dragon at the Saint Leopold fountain




Head of a dragon Nnuremberg

 Dragon head of a racing sled, Germany





Chinese vase with circulating dragon decor

Duesseldorfer Auktionshaus




Buddha with a dragon

Dragon with Buddha statue



Abraham of Kutahya ewer_BM_OA_1983

Dragon handled ewer – Abraham of Kutahya




Chinese-dragon-statue - Museum Viharnra Sien Thailand

Chinese dragon statue – Museum Viharnra Sien, Thailand





Chinese Lapis Lazuli Dragon Carving




Aquamanile (water-vessel-used-for-washing-hands)-in-the-form-of-a-dragon.-North German,-ca.-1200

Aquamanile (water vessel used for washing hands) in the form of a dragon

Germany, 1200




Las-Vegas winged sandstone dragon

Sandstone Dragon statue – art deco style, Las Vegas





Dragon at the Schaezlerpalais baroque palace in Augsburg




Celtic Dragon Utensil Holder,-Terracotta

 Terracotta Utensil Holder with Celtic Dragon  motif

Pilliga Pottery



Qing dynasty cloisonné vase

Dradon handled cloisonne vase – Qing Dynasty





Japanese cloisonne vase with dragon





Temple Dragon  – Ormr2014


“Ormr” is the Old Norse word for “Dragon”. Throughout much of the ancient world, dragons were venerated as creatures of wisdom, cunning and power. Wisdom represents the highest manifestation of spirituality, for only those at one with the cosmos can possess it. Cunning is the manifestation of mental clarity and signifies higher intelligence. Power is the force of self control and physical strength.





 Palazzo della Vittoria – Turin art nouveau dragon





Jewel Eyed Moriage Dragon Vase---Japan-Nippon

 Japan Nippon Jewel Eyed Moriage Dragon Vase






Dragon facade in Copenhagen





This dragon is the mascot of Drexel University located at 34th and Market streets in Philadelphia, USA






Japanese foil work cloisonne vase –  1860




Martin Brothers Victorian Aesthetic Movement Stoneware Pottery

Dragon Stoneware Jug – Martin Brothers





Pha That Luang_-_Vientiane_(Laos)_IIPhillip-Maiwald

Laos temple dragons – Pha That Luang

Photo – Phillip Maiwald




Royal Haeger Dragon Lamp---Flickr---Photo-Sharing-

Aztec style Dragon lamp – Royal Haeger

Hagernerd – flickr





Palazzo Della Rovere – Hall of the Demigods


photo by Sailko





Japanese antique_Satsuma twin handled vase_1890

Twin dragon handled Japanese Satsuma vase






Dragon statue – Hall of Benevolence and Longevity

Summer Palace – Beijing, China






Dragon sculpture at the town hall in the northern part of Marienplatz in Munich, Bavaria, Germany




Vase-with-dragon-·-The Walters Art Museum

Delicately carved dragon vase – The Walters Art Museum




Versailles Grand Trianon Bassin Plat fond Dragon

Dragon sculpture – Grand Trianon Versailles, France





 Dragon design pillar carpet – Qing Dynasty

V & A Museum





Old Handwork Jingdezhen Porcelain Painting Dragon & Phoenix

Traditional  Jingdezhen Porcelain with a painting of a Dragon & Phoenix




Cloisonne vase with Dragon design , 19th century

 Japanese cloisonne dragon vase




Dragon on a buliding in Murnau, Germany

 Dragon in Murnau, Germany





Chinese lacquer brush pot




Large pair of Rosenthal Art Deco Vases –with dragons surrounded by honeycomb pattern gilding and the large flared rim with gilded edge and gilded ornately patterned border within.

Pair of Rosenthal Art Deco Vases – Dragon decorated and gilded




Metal dragon Cheryl W2009 on Flickr

Dragon outdoor sculpture, Ontario

Cheryl W2009 on Flickr





Avignon-place-du-Palais,dragon wall relief

Dragon wall art – Avignon- Place du Palais




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Ceramic vessels and lids



Put a lid on it !  –  ceramic boxes,  jubako,  jars and pots 

Lidded ceramic vessels come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Most are functional in nature and a selection of trinket/jewelry boxes, jars, censers, cigarette boxes, jubako boxes, covered pots and bowls are represented below.

The Japanese jubako boxes displayed are a practical means to stack the bento trays making them more compact and keeping the food warm. The correct term for the porcelain boxes is actually Danjo, while Jubako refers to the lacquered trays. Traditionally the 4 tiered boxes are filled with small entree sized dishes for New Years Eve and are then called osechi ryori (New Year’s cuisine). The are just as popular now for the storage of small objects.



Art Deco porcelain lidded box

 Art Deco porcelain lidded powder box





Hand carved geometric patterned jar – Mark Williams – NY




Jim-Connell lidded jar

Red Sandblasted Carved Jar  – Jim Connell




Porcelain tiered Danjo box

Seto porcelain Jubako/Danjo boxes

Bright cobalt and densely pigmented karakusa (scrolling arabesque pattern) are typical of Seto porcelain.



Jacques-ADNET-&-Lusca--Candy-Box-1950 French

Ceramic candy box – Jacques & Lusca Adnet

1950, France




Kitsch ceramic Laurel & Hardy trinket box

TWI Japan



Adam-Whatley ceramic vessel with lid

 Lidded Vessel – Claywork Etsy

This lidded vessel was constructed with layers of clay mixed with perlite that burns out in the firing process leaving a rough interior / exterior. Raw glass and various glazes combine on the exterior surface in a variety of colors from deep blue and emerald green to a rusty orange and white.




Antique Japanese 19thC-Meiji Jubako Stacking Porcelain Serving Bowls - Seto-Ware

Meiji Jubako Stacking Porcelain Serving Bowls

19th Century



Aria series Deco box for Gustavsberg - By Wilhelm Kage

Art Deco lidded vessel designed by Wilhelm Kage for Gustavsberg




Art Deco Ceramic Box by Ilse Claussen for Rorstrand of Sweden

Lidded Art Deco box designed by Ilse Claussen for Rostrand





Borts Medlock,-Autumn---Jar with Pueblo Dragonflies-&-Lid---King-Galleries-of-Scottsdale

‘Autumn’ – Lidded jar by Borts Medlock with Peublo dragonflies

King Galleries of Scottsdale



Box-with-Lid-by-Dagobert Peche - Gmundner Keramik,-1919

 Hexagonal box with lid – Dagobert Peche – Gmundner Keramik





Covered Jar. Adelaide Alsop Robineau,-ca-1922.-Porcelain

 Porcelain covered Jar – Adelaide Alsop Robineau





jane-McDonald lidded ceramic vessel

Belly Urn – Jane McDonald





Porcelain box with lid and patto – Berthold Loffler




Brother Thomas, Large vase with 2 lids,-copper-red-on-white

Vase with two lids – Brother Thomas

copper red on white, height 17.25 inches

Carved-Ceramic-Box-by-Rachelle Chinnery

Carved ceramic lidded vessel – Rachelle Chinnery

Ceramic Box by Japanese Pottery Master Kawai Kanjiro

Kawai Kanjiro


‘The Blue Heron of Blanco River’ – Debra Steidel

A large vessel with a cobalt and zinc oxide crystalline glaze detailed with patches of manganese metallic bleed – Height 30″ width 12″

( fabulous depth ) – 2013 UK

Charles-Gluskoter lidded pottery vessel

Charles Gluskoter – Oregon Potters – flickr


Melanie Ferguson Ceramics – Lidded vessel from her Naked Raku series.

“Coastal stones rolling ashore, crashing waves, eroding hillsides, the swirling ripple on water’s surface, and the vibrant colors and rhythmic patterns of the ocean’s flora and fauna provides me with endless intrigue and inspiration. My hand-build earthen and stoneware vessels are influenced by this symbolic gesture of how energy moves in and around organic objects to reshape their form, bounce light and crush the old to cast anew.”

Davis Vachon-etsy square raku box

Lidded Box square- Davis Vachon, Etsy

French Art Deco Lidded Primavera jarReneissanceMan

Primavera Art Deco Lidded  jar

Reneissance Man


Funk Mariella- ‘A place for both of us’ ,-earthenware, oxidation, low fire

Giant Ceramic Surrealist Craft- box-MANTIQUES-MODERN

Large Mid Century contemporary box with lid

Mantiques Modern

Green Box by Hannie Goldgewicht

Lidded Jar – Hannie Goldgewicht

Hiroyki-Wakimoto veseel with lid

Hiroyki Wakimoto


Mid Century ceramic box with lid, Italy

Japanese Arita Imari-18th-century-porcelain-reticulated-incense-burner

18th century porcelain reticulated incense burner

Japanese Arita Imari

Japanese Porcelain Bento Jubako Box-Vivid-Blue-and-White-Mid-Century-Showa-Era-Buy-Gone-Days---etsy

 Mid Century Showa Era – porcelain Jubako box

Buy Gone Days — etsy


Japan Satsuma lidded vessel

Kutani Porcelain Japanese incense burner-Kinsaiougimen-soka

Censer incense burner – Hiroaki Yamazaki

Kutani, Japan – The Kutani kilns have been active since around 1655. – ebay

Michael Duvall-1989 Post-Modern-Teapot-USA

Contemporary post modern teapot – MIchael Duvall

USA 1989

Nesting covered boxes-,-1994,-by-Yagi-Akira,

Yagi Akira – ceramic nesting covered boxes

Noritake Art Deco A.H.-Wilkens dresser-tray-Spanish-lady in an orange shawl and blue lustre skirt

Art Deco ceramic Spanish lady dresser box – Noritake

 A.H. Wilkens – Auctions


Round Mid centruy lidded box – Pollia Pillin

Goro Suzuki Set-of-4-Boxes,-1999

Ceramic Jubako stacking boxes – Goro Suzuki


Salt glaze lidded dish with fish  – Moorcroft

Figural dresser box Noritake Art Deco- A.H.-Wilkens-Noritake-figural-dresser-jar-Pierrette-in-a-caramel-lustre-dress-with-flowers-and-butterfly

Noritake Art Deco figural dresser jar.  Pierrette in a caramel lustre dress

A.H. Wilkens

Steve-Irvine large jar

Steve Irvine

A large jar, it was made by altering a thrown body, and adding a hand built upper section. It has a combination of copper, and manganese crystal glazes. This piece stands about 38 cm tall.

Sarah Perkins metalsmith lidded container

Migration Container 2011 fine silver, enamel – Sarah Perkins


Suzuki Osamu

Viktor-Schreckengos Jiffy Ware pitchers

Jiffy Ware pitchers – Viktor Schreckengos

W&R Carlton Ware-Chinaland-Octagonal-Trinket-Cigarette-Box

Ceramic Chinaland Octagonal Trinket Cigarette Box – W&R Carlton Ware

SchallerGallery-com Warren-MacKenzie-

Lidded vessel – Warren MacKenzie


Chinese Cloisonne Teapot

Cloisonne Teapot, China


Jennifer Allen

Alistair Danhieux-lidded-jar

Alistair Danhieux, France


Waylande Gregory MidCentury Lidded Cigarette Box


Marvin-Blackmore,-Navajo lidded vessel

Marvin Blackmoore Navajo lidded vessel


Porcelain gourd box – decorated with delicate dots and intricate grasshoppers, dragonflys, and snails

16th-19th-centuries – Morikame Museum



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