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Ceramic wall art, panels and plaques

Vintage 60’s Italian modernist wall plaque


Ceramic panels and plaques adorned the walls of many homes in the 50’s and 60’s and were a regular feature in decorating. During this era, contemporary design was strongly influenced by Italy, France, Scandinavia and the United States. The Italian input into home furnishings appeared early in the postwar period and their adoption of modernist/abstract styles helped define the ” contemporary look ” of this time. They added more flair to the modernist features which were already prevalent in Scandinavian design. Unconventional shapes and forms were combined with bold, striking colours so as to compliment the radical, innovative architecture that was also popular then. The ceramic panels and plaques were an ideal vehicle for expressing the characteristic geometric, modernist designs and shapes. Their generally larger size was needed to accommodate the flourishing creativity of this progressive era.

Carla-Daalderop-bruggeman-473x481 Dutch sculptress Carla Daalderop-Bruggeman

 I Am the True Vine, 1959, Prince Willem Alexander School, Tiel.

Woman bird hat ceramic plaque – Stig Lindberg

Gustavberg – Sweden

Mid Century gypsy dancer with tambourine wall panel

Mid-century gypsy with accordion wall panel

Mid Century Modern Italian Ceramic Wall Plaque

Stig Lindberg – Gustavberg


( retrorocketgirl )

Cubist still life ceramic bowl plaque

( end of history store )

Mid-century wall art clock

Hornsea Pottery Peace dove wall plaque



Lars Bergsten Mid Century ceramic plaque

Eleanor Smurova

Eleanor Smurova

Hugo Brouwer potter relief   – 1965

1960’s Italian Glazed Ceramic Wall Plaque with Lava Glaze surround and stylized girl with coloured enamel decoration.

( AnSeTa )

Large flat Africanist ceramic plate/plaque VALLAURIS 1950

signed Gabriel Fourmaintraux

Stig Lindberg


Italian vintage modernist ceramic wall plate – Ruffinelli Assisi

Spanish dancer wall plaque

This wall mural was created by Dutch artist Cor Dam for the Anne Frank School in Gouda, Netherlands.

Art Nouveau  wall plaque pair – Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Ceramic relief sculpture – Stan Bitters

Duncan Ceramic Products – Fresno,California

More recent examples of ceramic wall art :

African wall plaque -Chief and Queen

Girl in a Blue Headwrap

Ceramic Mosaic – -Ilona Brustad

Sleeping Woman with Bird Screen – Stephen Gardiner

Fig 3A

Stephen Gardiner

“Framed Landscape/Face Wall Tile” – David Stalbey

Low relief carved earthenware, decorated with a wax based patina.

Two Lovers Wall Tile

Ceramic artist David Stabley has been working with clay for over 30 years. His current work is inspired by dream imagery and his desire to create fantasy situations. He is fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and inspired by works of Marc Chagall, Grant Wood, and Pablo Picasso.

I am interested in telling stories about dreams and fantasy, and inviting the viewer to participate in my work.

Janine-Sopp-wall-panels-475x394“Abstract Space 4-Tile Wall Piece”  Janine Sopp wall artA7418-002l

” Propelling Forward ” – Janine Sopp

Ceramic artist Janine Sopp creates one-of-a-kind pieces and collections in her studio in Brooklyn, NY. She spent the first seven years of her career designing clothing and textiles. With this rich and varied experience, she traveled across Europe and Morocco, where she uncovered her deeper artistic desire of molding clay. The artist favors clay because it is a responsive medium that indulges her passion for texture and color.

Richard Bent, artist blacksmith, and Jan O’Highway, mosaic and ceramic artist.

” Nine Tiles “  – Liza Halvorsen

Lori Katz

Thai restaurant wall plaque depicting traditional Thai village lifestyle

Photo – Ray Evans

 Winged Horse Plaque – Pegasus -Anne Shulenberger

” Here’s my winged horse plaque after its second raku firing. It was quite drab after the first firing so I painted it some more with various underglazes and glazes before putting it back into the kiln.  As you can see, unfortunately it broke in two during the process – but otherwise it turned out much better this time. “

This stylized Art Deco tile plaque features a horse and foal. Executed in the Egyptian Revival style by Walter Bosse  – Worked at the Karlsruhe pottery and produced fanciful animal forms. 1930’s

Wall tile – Kate Reynolds

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Bemboka Gallery – Australian pottery

Judith Pearce and David Rofe are a couple who have been collecting Australian pottery since the mid-1970’s. Their contemporary styled rural gallery is nestled in the coastal mountains of Bemboka in the far south coast of NSW, Australia, in a purpose-built wing of their home. Primarily their aim is to display a diverse collection of work produced by Australian potters and ceramic artists over the last fifty years. A new exhibition is created each season that features stories from the collection which in a sense makes the gallery like a museum showcasing the history of Australian pottery. Visitors also have the opportunity to purchase works they might not have had a chance to see when they were first put onto the market.

Judith worked at the National Library of Australia and it seemed a natural extension of her interests to start building a database of Australian contemporary potters and their marks. They source their works from exhibitions, galleries, retail outlets and the artists themselves along with buying works on the secondary market from eBay, auction houses, and private sales.

Current exhibition : Mid-Century Modern: The influence of European style on post-war Australian ceramics.

Displayed below is a selection of pottery that has been shown at the gallery.


Peter Andersson



David Williams

  Large vase with a classic rounded shape and pale brown crystalline glaze


Peter Buttaglen

Celadon Plate


Janna Ferris

Round-bodied earthenware jug decorated in a raised floral design using underglaze stains and wood-fired. 2009

Janna specializes in earthenware tableware decorated with underglaze stains in a style influenced by the patterns on old china, cottage garden flowers, and the works of Clarice Cliff, Dorothy Haffner, Patsy Hely and the painter Margaret Preston.


    Jane Barrow


Barbara Swarbrick

White china plate decorated with sulphur crested cockatoos.

Oval platter with scalloped ends and delicate hand-painted picture of a female nude.


Arthur Boyd and John Perceval.

 Casserole dish

Arthur Boyd (1920-1999) learnt to make pots in the family home at Murrumbeena, Victoria.


Cheryl Watson

 Large plate made of a pale tan-coloured clay left unglazed on the chattered base and narrow rim, with a bare-chested Amazonian woman painted in slip and oxides on the shallow concave surface.


Mitsuo Shoji


Paydirt Pottery

Genie Bottle


Ellis Ceramics

Two slipcast earthenware jugs


Mad in Australia

 Large slip-cast vase in a zig-zag shape with a hand-painted black, orange, yellow and purple abstract design.

 Mad in Australia was a Melbourne design studio set up by the sculptor Dianne Coulter in 1983.


Greg Daly

Shallow bowl with a finely-crazed, oxidised copper glaze, partly-reduced on the base, and gold lustre decoration. – 2005

Vessel of compressed spherical form with ultramarine and green glaze and gold lustre decoration.



Spherical Vessel


Ted Secombe.


Sergio Sill

Shino charger


Richard Murray

Lidded Box



Bird Bowl


Jenny Orchard

 Exploding Seed


Paul Wynn

Bottle  1978 – 1980

From left : Jenny Orchard: vase 1997, Christopher Sanders: bottle c.1981,Victor Greenaway: bottle 1970, Les Blakebrough: charger, 1984




Shino Bowl


Les Blakebrough

Giant lidded stoneware jar with winged lid and pale blue, cobalt and red glazes.


Ian Clare

Deep-sided bowl tapering to a small base, with finely crazed white glaze in a raku nu style, inside and out.


Lino Alvarez

Raku Vessel


Paul Davis

Square slab-built platter made of a pale yellow earthenware with rounded corners, shino half glaze and Middle Eastern influenced graphical decoration.


Ros Auld

Ros Auld is a potter based in Borenore near Orange, NSW, specialising in slab-built, or thrown and manipulated, stoneware forms decorated with wood ash glazes and trailed and incised slips, coloured oxides and gold lustre.


Kalmar Pottery

Kalmar Pottery was set up in Sydney, NSW, by Irene and Julius Kalmar, emigrants from Hungary after World War II. The pottery was active from the early 1950s to the mid 1960s.


 Rudolf Sibrava

 High-sided white stoneware bowl with speckled violet and magenta glaze with some cobalt blue at the base, and gilded rim.


Ditmar Urbach




Stoneware vase


Robyn Stewart

Blossom Jar


Victor Greenaway


Lindsay Bedogni



Claudia Australia




Joan Campbell 

Three Sea Eggs

Chris Sanders

Lidded crock


Val Charle

Stoppered Vessel


Maiju Altpere Woodhead



Ljubov Seidl

High sided bowl


Carl McConnell

Two handled bowl


More Bemboka gallery here



Pottery whimsical clay sphere moments


Venice Clay Artists


Ludicrous, thought provoking, bland, audacious, wacky, improbable, superficially deep, outrageous, irreverent, vague yet definitive, simply sublime…. anything really that piques my attention will qualify for this post. Yes it’s the return of  “pottery whimsical ” due to unprecedented demand. Actually I had one request, but it’s still unprecedented. There’s always some quirky and intriguing events lurking in the claysphere waiting to be exposed.

Ethan Stern - Contemporary art glass sculpture in gold and white

Ethan Stern –  Contemporary art glass sculpture



Poole Pottery - Delphis Range 1960-70's

4 Spear Dishes – Poole Pottery – Delphis Range 1960-70’s

Elliott Newton- wheel thrown vase

Elliott Newton- wheel thrown vase with crystalline glaze

Art of Alexandria bust sculptures by Mondmann Flickr

Art of Alexandria by Mondmann Flickr

Sir Stamford Raffles street statue in Singapore

Sir Stamford Raffles statue in Singapore

Modernist Danish family of teak figurine birds

Modernist Danish family of teak birds

Mid Century modern sculpture - Lovers by János Török for Zslonay,Hungry

Lovers sculpture by János Török for Zsolnay

Le sculpteur Savary Robert Doisneau French Photographer

Le sculpteur Savary

Photo – Robert Doisneau

Savvas Pottery shop Cyprus

Savvas Pottery – Cyprus

Large sculpture of a walking man - Burning-Man-2009

Burning Man 2009  – Part II by Hector Santizo

Handpainted-pots-on the steps in Sicily, italy

Handpainted modernist pots lining the steps in Taormina, Sicily


Outdoor Green-Dragon-Barcelona, Spain

Green Dragon – Barcelona

Pompei fountain - Photo by Peggy Mekemson

Pompei fountain  –  Photo by Peggy Mekemson

( )

Large Martin Brothers Bird sculpture

Very large Martin Brothers Wally bird jar sold for 67,000 quid by Woolley and Wallis

Martin brothers in studio at Southall

Martin Bros in the studio at Southall creating grotesque ware and vases.

The Martin Brothers – Walter on the wheel, Robert Wallace creating a Wally Bird and Edwin decorating a vase.

Terracotta neck-amphora (storage jar) Greek, Attic, fourth quarter of the 8th century BC

Terracotta neck-amphora (storage jar)

Greek, Attic, fourth quarter of the 8th century BC

Met Museum NY

Jim Gottuso finished bowl in studio

Large bowl  – Jim Gottuso

475px-709px-Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini designed the Quattro Punti per una Torre sculpture

 Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini designed the Quattro Punti per una Torre sculpture, located in the University of Milan.


'Eardropper' - George Scheele contemporary sculpture by the sea

‘Eardropper’ – George Scheele

John Lotton blue studio glass with plant motif

John Lotton blue studio glass – 1988

Jean-Balmer mid century collection

Jean Balmer collection

( Esoteric Survey – Flickr )


Azulejos-Porto,Portugal - large wall of blue and white tiles


Arched Art Nouveau Door in Budapest, Hungry

Art Nouveau Door in Budapest


Erosion by Tamsin van Essen contemporary black and white sculpture

‘Erosion’ by Tamsin van Essen

.kohei hahn gallery display

Kohei Hahn – Germany



Maria Kutrzeba coil textured pottery vessel

Maria Kutrzeba


Cory-Lum,-Birdnest - Double walled vessel thrown as one piece then carved by Diane KW.

Birdnest – Cory Lum

Double walled vessel thrown as one piece then carved by Diane KW.



Paul Schreckengost Art Deco white pitcher

Paul Schreckengost ceramic pitcher – 30’s Art Deco


Matthew Stirling-with-large stone carved 0lmec-head

In 1938, Matthew Stirling, chief of the Smithsonian Bureau of American Ethnology, led eight National Geographic-sponsored expeditions to Tabasco and Veracruz in Mexico. He uncovered 11 colossal stone heads, evidence of the ancient Olmec civilization that had lain buried for 15 centuries

( An uncanny resemblance to Don Rickles )


Ceramic table tops for sale - Fez, Morocco

Ceramic table tops lining a wall- Fez, Morocco


Philippe Faraut

Garden sculpture-trends-bliss

Garden Buddha

teapot_dome_gas_station, USA

Teapot dome gas station – built 1922

Zillah, Washington USA

Pompeii-House of the Vetti

Pompeii – House of the Vetti garden



lenfe-rboulevard-de-clichy-paris by Robert Doisneau

L’enfer boulevard de-clichy Paris – Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau was known for his modest, playful, and ironic images of amusing juxtapositions, mingling social classes, and eccentrics in contemporary Paris streets and cafes.

see veniceclayartist’s post HERE 

aMused-Creations polymer wall clock with two birds and green leaves

Polymer Clay Clock – aMused Creations

Chilean artist Mario Irrizábal hand sculpture in the desert

Near to Antofagasta in the Atacama desert a giant hand sculpture of fiberglass is the work of Chilean artist Mario Irrizábal. It is known as La Mano del Desierto – The Hand of the Desert

( photo – Ian Brooks )

Jean Balmer ceramic and rawhide drum

Jean Balmer ceramic and rawhide drum

original-bathroom - Open stone bathroom - ArizonaOpen stone bathroom – Arizona

French pottery market street stalls - Provence

French pottery market Provence Public goldfish tank Japan

Public goldfish tank Japan

( converted phone booth )


Mosaic heart sculpture outside The Heswall Centre, Telegraph Road, Heswall, Wirral, England.


Planter with abstract botanical decoration

Outdoor ceramic planter in courtyard

Kurt Weiser black and white cylindrical vase

Abstract black and white cylindrical vase – Kurt Weiser


 ” I tried to create two levels, two blades, I imagined them as corals,  memory that re-emerge from the sea, or as the frescoes of Pompeii condensed from the plate.

Naples sculptural artist  Fermariello Sergio

snow-white-tattoos on a girls back

Mobile skin ink fairytale


Corten steel, 27 metres high, on location at Gibbs’ Farm, Kaipara, NZ by French artist Bernar Venet

Photo: Dan Chappell

Throughout his career Venet has avoided symbolism and expressionism in his works. He adopted the theory of monosemy during his early conceptual period in the 1960s, and adheres to this approach today. Initially proposed in writings by semiologist Jacques Bertin, monosemic works possess just one level of meaning – they simply exist, independent of linguistic interpretations. Venet explained in a 2010 publication, “Words have a multiplicity of meanings, dependent on context, which often produces a poetic aspect. In contrast, the signs I was using, which were deliberately drawn from the sphere of mathematics, tended to avoid a multiplicity of interpretations by imposing their monosemic nature.



Bjorn Winblad ceramic head bust

Bjorn Winblad – Denmark


Mid century meets contemporary

Midcentury Show East fair, London



Corner photo of CoCo Bongo in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Coco Bongo – A work in progress  –  Mexico

Outdoor contemporary sculpture by Antony Gormley

‘Still Running’ – Antony Gormley 1993

Art Nouveau vase designed by Hillier with face relief motif

Art Noveau Vase – Hillier design



Medalta potteries sign, Canada

 Medalta Potteries Site

Medicine Hat Alberta Canada

mary-stratton in her studio

Mary Stratton



Jarrón de barro vessel by Carlos Versluys - Roundhouse Gallery

Jarrón de barro vessel – Carlos Versluys

Roundhouse Gallery


Two Thai temple statues in blue and gold

Temple Statues Thailand – jump at the count of 3



Conch Shell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Conch Shell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico



Coil built wigwam style dome by Laurie Spencer

Coil built outdoor Ceramic Dome – Laurie Spencer

Colourful pottery at the Rainbow Man Shop

Rainbow Man shop  – Santa Fe, USA



Anne-James ceramic contemporary bottles

Three ceramic bottles  – Anne James – 2009



sculpture of three Mao Jackets by Chinese artist Sui Jianguo in the Kiev Botanical Garden

“Legacy Mantle” by Chinese artist Sui Jianguo in the Kiev Botanical Garden

( Three Maosketeers )



Volcanic Fat Lava red jug by Roth

West German Pottery Roth Vase Fat Lava – what an eruption !

( Roth Keramic Group Fickr )



large collection of ceramic hammerhead sculptures



naked potter throwing clay by Kathrin Brunnhofer

Naked Raku ?  Photo by Kathrin Brunnhofer


lake fish sculptures

Two ceramic fish sculptures in a lake



Ann Louise Gustavsson – Stockholm



Stone Forest Granite Tub Custom Made One of a Kind



 Thiebaut Chague -Fractal series – Poland



‘Eggheads’–  Robert Arneson



Unfurling Vase glazed ceramic pottery by WitchCraftsCorner on Etsy

Unfurling Vase glazed ceramic pottery by WitchCraftsCorner on Etsy



Azulejo tiled wall in Portuguese courtyard

Portuguese ceramic tiles

( David Piper Tiles )



Ceramic faceted stoneware sculpture - Mac McClain

Ceramic stoneware sculpture – Mac McClain ( 1923 – 2012 )



Philip Evans ceramic sculpture

 Philip Evans High Fired Ceramics

Roundhouse Gallery

Dirty Rotten Peaches by Rebecca Wilson

 Rebecca Wilson – Dirty Rotten Peaches



Shigaraki Ceramic Artist, Otani Shiro

Sculptured stone head on a Turkish landscape

Nemrut Diyarbakir – Turkey


Chinese jar with chrysanthemum flowers and figurine lid

” Why me ? ” Japanese ceramic jar

‘Fold II’  – Antony Gromley



Julie Andrews posing on a large white ceramic vase

She asked for a big vase of roses



James Whiting – Set of 6 stacked bowls, lavender

(fantastic innovation !)



Trabant ceramics by Schillo-Keramik - using a rotating car wheel for cre

Converting car to a chariot





Wombat sculpture, facing the Olympic Highway in the village of Wombat, New South Wales.


A real wombat

Annie Oakley riding a horse cookie jar

Annie Oakley Cookie jar



Salvador Dali warped time clock

Mantle clock ( working ) inspired by Salvador Dali’s surrealist painting The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory, 1952/54

Sleeping women head planter with coloured succulents

Sleeping women head planter with succulants

Sculptures from Romanian Constantin Brancusi

Art of Romanian Sculptor Constantin Brancusi



Aboriginal rock carving of an EchidnaAncient Australian Aboriginal rock carving of an Echidna (spiny ant eater)



"Legacy of Souls" by Chidi Okoye - African ceramic sculpture

“Legacy of Souls”  by Chidi Okoye

Spanish street art - large silhouette of a man on the side of a building

Street art silhouette – Sam3 – Spain

stairs school of art France

Sculptural Stairs at the School of Arts in Saint Herblain, France



Fuddling-Cup - three conjoined ceramic cups

Fuddling Cup



Yoshiro Ikeda - contemporary Japanese ceramic sculpture vessel

Yoshiro Ikeda


Cosmos- Firlds & Fields

‘Cosmos’  – Firlds & Fields

Yoshimi Futamura - contemporary ceramic vessel sculpture

Yoshimi  Futamura

Large red Belgium-street installation - The Sequence

 Installation artist Arne Quinze, ” The Sequence “  Brussels, Belgium

Abstract ray-bub-ceramic-teapot

Ray Bub Teapot


Temple Kanadukathan, Tiruchirappalli, India

Pottery Whimsical Continued HERE



Charles Catteau – Art Deco ceramics master

Art Deco vase by Charles Catteau


Franco-Belgian ceramist Charles Catteau could be regarded as one of the most versatile ceramic artists of his generation, especially for the style of Art Deco. Catteau advanced the forms, techniques and decoration of modern ceramics, creating an exceptionally original, new and decorative genre.

Hired as a ceramic decorator in Ecole Nationale de Sèvres from 1903 to 1904, he began producing designs that were rather traditional, based on the observation of nature, and showing the influence of Japonism, characterised by pure lines and meticulous details. From 1904 to 1906, he worked in Nymphemburg Porzellan Manufaktur near Munich, a factory specialising in new hand painting procedures under a slip, as well as Art Nouveau.

Rare polychrome design vessel with geometric patterns - Charles Catteau Art Deco

In 1907  he finally moved to Louvière in Belgium where he was promoted to head of the decoration department at Boch Freres Keramis at the age of 27.  This is where most of his exceptional talent came to the fore especially during the period between the two World Wars. Influenced by the great creative art movements of the time (Africanism, Japonism, Cubism, Abstraction) and his observation of nature gave him inspiration for his designs, with the  integration of  plants, stylized animals and geometric motifs. The international avant-garde movements were also an influence leading to his use of purely abstract, geometric designs and intense colours. Charles Catteau was incredibly resourceful and  explored various harmonies of form, techniques, designs, colours, shades, topics, variants and influences. In this way Catteau became a representative par excellence of Art Deco designs, giving it his personal touch. He was instrumental in introducing technical innovations during the 20’s and 30’s to aid mass production of ceramic products and expand availabiltity of affordable products. During difficult times in Europe, he created vivid, colourful, orignal and uplifting ceramic wares.

Charles Cotteau motto was “Art for All” and he also taught decorative painting at the School of Industrial in Louvière. In 1925 he obtained international recognition in the exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris. which helped raise the profile of Boch Freres. He remained at the company until he retired to Nice in 1946 .

The renaissance of his artistic legacy is largely due to the popularity of the many collectible aspects of his creations.

Ovoid vase - Boch Feres & Charles Catteau

 Three-colour repetitive design with flying eagles – stoneware.

( Pierre Berge & Associates )

Crackle glaze Art Deco vase by Charles Catteau

 Vase in enameled earthenware, slender shape with slightly opened neck.


Art Deco ceramic set - Charles Catteau

An octagonal and a pair of four-sided vases with geometric decorations in black, white, ocher, yellow and turquoise to designs.


Ovoid Art Deco vase by Charles Catteau

 Vase ovoid earthenware decorated with white crackle brown and black pads and triple sinuous brown.

Baluster Art Deco vase - Charles Catteau

Charles Catteau

Kunsthandel Nobra-»-Blog



Vase with crane motif - Charles Catteau

Charles Catteau White Cranes ovoid vase

Art Deco ovoid vase by Charles Catteau

 Ovoid vase using polychrome enamel on cracked beige background by Charles Catteau

Charles Catteau art deco vase

A Boch Freres Keramis baluster Art Deco vase designed by Charles Catteau, circa 1925


Charles Catteau Art Deco vases

Polychrome designs with geometric patterns – matt enamels – 1927



Charles Catteau tumbler

Vase ceramic bowl decorated with stained black gold galloping deer in a forest.



Carved surface vase - Charles Catteau

Large Art Deco & Art Nouveau styled vase – Boch Freres

Charles Catteau polychrome Art Deco vase

Charles Catteau Art Deco glazed earthenware hexagonal vase for Boch Frères Keramic, circa 1925




Charles Catteau africanist/art deco vase

 Africanist sandstone and satin enamels of ovoid form, decorated stylized plant motifs on the entire surface.

Charles Catteau

Charles Catteau art deco vase

 Scailmont vase by Charles Catteau

Polychrome Art Deco vase - Charles Catteau

Classic Art Deco vase – Jan Wind design for Charles Catteau


Art Deco pottery by Charles Catteau

 Polychrome designs with geometric patterns – stoneware.



Charles Catteau baluster vase

 Antique Belgian Majolica Boch Freres / Charles Catteau Art Deco Gourd Shaped Vase



Boch Freres Charles Catteau vases

Charles Catteau & Boch Frères Keramis – 1937


Egyptian Art Deco vase - Charles Catteau

Charales Catteau ovoid porcelain finish stoneware vase with a rimmed neck

Art Deco vase set-Charles Catteau

Charles Catteau – Boch Freres  Two enamel-decorated vases in cuerda seca.


Art Deco cup - Charle Catteau

Art Deco cup with stylized floral motifs -Charles-Catteau 1927


Charles Catteau art deco vase

French Art Deco vase by Charles Catteau


Love birds vase - Charles Catteau

Charles Catteau love birds vase



Charles Catteau africanist vase

 A large vase oblong black glazed stoneware incised geometric decoration of deer grazing.



Charles Catteau Cubist Art Deco vase

Geometric cubist style Art Deco vase -Charles Catteau 1929



Crackle glaze ovoid vase by Charles Catteau

Art Deco crackle glaze vase – Charles Catteau


large ovoid vase by Charles Catteau

Art Deco ovoid vase – Charles Catteau


Cubist Art Deco ovoid vase - Charles Catteau

Art Deco cubist stylized sailboats and seagulls ovoid vase – Charles Catteau 1930


Art Deco vase with a deer motif - Charles Catteau

Vase with moving deer motif



Art Deco six sided vase

Art Deco vase designed by Maurice Delvaux for Charles Catteau



Exotic-floral vase by Charles Catteau

Charles Catteau for Boch Freres 1936



Charles Catteau


Green and gold Art Deco vase

Updated – 16/4/2013

More innovative Art Deco by Charles Catteau :

Charles Catteau Art Deco vase geometric patterns

Catteau Art Deco vase geometric patterns – 1929

Charles Catteau Deco Vase

Unique Charles Catteau Deco Vase  polychrome design with strongly stylized floral motifs.


Charles Catteau,Vase decorative figures in bathing costumes

Charles Catteau,Vase with decorative figures in bathing costumes, strollers and anglers

by a river. 1935


Charles Catteau Ovoid Vase

Charles Catteau Ovoid Vase – 1928

Art Deco Catteau

Two-colour design with stylized pine cones and pine needles Art Deco  by Charles Catteau – 1926

Charles Catteau Deco ovoid vase

Charles Catteau Deco ovoid vase


Charles Catteau Polar Bear Motif Vase

Polar Bear Vase – Jan Wind for Charles Catteau


Large Catteau giraffe vase

Large Catteau giraffe vase – 1931

Charles Catteau art deco vase

Vase – Art Deco by Charles Catteau

Charles Catteau Art Deco

Charles Catteau Art Deco ceramic jar – 1930

Charles Catteau ceramique vases

Charles Catteau ceramique vases

Above images © Pierre Bergé & associés // © photographies Brice Vandermeeren.



Clayart elegance

Beauty in the design of the clayarts can purely be the consequence of merging form with function in the most pragmatic way. The method ( pottery wheel ) also has a strong influence on dictating the outcome through the resultant curves and the balance inherent in the symmetry. Graceful lines that flow seamlessly in defining the object can lead to a form that becomes a vision  of calm and subtly. Then there are the gifted clay artisans blessed with an innate ability to consistently infuse their forms with beauty and sophistication. This can be further enhanced by their  love of creativity and the desire to share this with others. For some artists it can be a spiritual experience, for others it’s more like sheer work, but they still create captivating pieces. The manipulation of texture, colour and form can lead to a fascinating conclusion, where all these elements combine to create ceramic works reflecting refinement and a timeless elegance. The following collection of ceramics have been chosen for their soft, pastel colours and styling that is uncomplicated, gently dynamic and soothing to the observer.



Les Blakebrough :

Ceramic bowl - Les Blakebrough



Ceramic bowl -Les Blakebrough

Ursula Morlay-Price :

Ursula Morlay-Price contemporary ceramic

Antoinette Badenhorst :

Antoinette Badenhorst French ceramicist



” If some elements from my experiences are apparent in my ceramic art and people can connect with those aspects of my life, I would consider myself successful. ‘

 I had to overcome technical challenges in all aspects of ceramic at the beginning of my career. There was little time to pay attention to artistic matters. My work changed over the years from stark and clumsy pots to elegant expressive pieces of art and I realized that I was expressing the surroundings in which I grew up.
While living in South Africa I became aware of the rhythm of nature. Rhythmic ripples in sand dunes and dry river beds in the semi-desert areas of Namibia, warped and gnarled trees, struggling for survival and varying stones, stacked on top of each other or scattered guilelessly by Mother Nature, was part of my everyday experience.
Mississippi with its singing Mockingbird and luscious trees exposed me to different rhythms and new nuances developed often in my work. Tornadoes, abundant water and extreme climate changes offer new opportunities for expression.
Now, living in Chicago where I am adjusting to the long and harsh winters, I am still in awe when the first snow of the season brings peace and quietness over the city. Summer and winter are equally beautiful and I started to incorporate the beauty of it all into my works.

Antoinette Badenhorst French ceramicist




Antoinette Badenhorst French ceramicist




Antoinette Badenhorst French ceramicist




Antoinette Badenhorst French ceramicist




Antoinette Badenhorst French ceramicist

Victor Greenaway :

contemporary ceramics - Victor Greenaway


Claire Lindner :

Ceramic arts - Claire Lindner

Tina Vlassopulos Céramiques :

“ The pots are all made with an eye to the possibility of function, although this is always balanced by the sculptural strengths of the forms. They are pots made contemplatively, for contemplation.”

Simon Olding, Ceramic Review

Tina Vlassopulos elegant ceramics

‘Sigh’ – Tina Vlassopulos

Tina Vlassopulos elegant ceramics

Ceramiques 23


Tina Vlassopulos elegant ceramics

Tina Vlassopulos


Her inspiration comes from movement and dance. The result are these understated pots that are packed with potential energy. The viewer is left with a feeling that the pots have been caught in a moment of time – with the potential to spring back to life at any moment. ( online ceramics )

Tina Vlassopulos elegant ceramics

‘Honk’ – Tina Vlassopulos

Tina Vlassopulos elegant ceramics

Tina Vlassopulos

Hein Severijns 

Hein Severijns crystalline glaze ovoid vessel

Porcelain Vase with Crystalline Glaze

Avital Sheffer

Avital Sheffer ceramic bottle

Ceramic form, with text from ancient documents printed on it’s surface.

Sven Hofverberg :

Sven Hofverberg blue ceramic bottle

Sven Hofverberg

Roberta  Polfus :

 I have always been attracted to natural objects, at least as long as my clothing has had pockets. My carved and sometimes gestural pieces are intimate forms that fit and feel good in the hand. While they are generally not representations of actual objects, they reflect the shapes, patterns, colors and surfaces that I am drawn to in nature. 

ceramic art Roberta Polfus

A pale yellow porcelain vase with burnt orange rosettes



ceramic art Roberta Polfus - porcelain pod

Porcelain pod in golden tan with black seeds


 I was introduced to porcelain about 14 years ago and we’ve been inseparable since then. I use a combination of wheel thrown and handbuilt forms that are altered, carved and sprigged. With a variety of airbrushed matte and gloss glazes that enhance the surfaces, the pieces are fired to a high temperature in a gas kiln, cone 10 reduction, around 2340 F. 


ceramic art Roberta Polfus

Pastel blue porcelain lady vase



ceramic art Roberta Polfus textured tea pot in green and brown

Textured porcelain teapot green & brown



ceramic art Roberta Polfus

Porcelain urchin vase with curlicues in peach and white and pink



ceramic art Roberta Polfus

Pale blue and yellow carved porcelain tulip vases



ceramic art Roberta Polfus

Carved porcelain pale yellow and orange squat vase



ceramic art Roberta Polfus

Pale lemon yellow & white creamer and sugar bowl set


Bente Hansen :

Denmark ceramics-Bente Hansen

Meander –  Denmark  2005

Titan yellov rich salt glazed

Joanna Howells :

ceontemporary from - Joanna Howells

Chthonic 1 – Joanna Howells



Elizabeth Strasser :

Vase by Elizabeth Strasser

Elizabeth Strasser

Limoges Rorstrand Ovoid Coffee Cup

Rorstrand Ovoid Coffe Cup

  Musee Andrien Dubouche, Limoges

Sean O’connell :

Chawan by Sean O'Connell

 Chawan – Sean O’connell

Dawn Dishaw Dawn Dishaw – ceramics – blue and salmon bowl


Polia Pillin  –  Tall vase painted with woman and fish

dual handled bowl byYuri Wiedenhofer

Yuri Wiedenhofer – Bowl

Peter Linden Collection

Peter Linden Collection

Gertrud Vasegaard contemporary ceramic vessel - mustard brown with black and white triangle panel

Gertrud Vasegaard


Judith Taylor

Judith Taylor vase

White & Brown Pirouette Vase   19″ tall

( earth dances pottery )

Judith Taylor vase with split flared top

Beige & Turqoise Split Dancing Vase

( earth dances pottery )


“There is a narrow window of time in the drying process during which the consistency of thrown clay is very flexible yet self-supporting. During this brief but intense period, I feel like I dance with the emerging vase, as together we discover new ways to move, unfold, bend, and balance.

These novel shapes, while still excellent for flower arrangements, are more sculptural than the traditional vase and provide greater surface area for glaze and other color treatments. Each dancing vase is unique in its movement and expression.”

Clayart elegance updated →

Ceramic Nuclear Jug type (back) by Rose Yard Raku Studios

Nuclear Jug type (back) by Rose Yard Raku Studios


 Geneviève Gay – Centre céramique contemporaine La Borne

X1-Jonathan-Middlemiss UK

 Jonathan Middlemiss

Natzler bowl, elegant flaring and footed shape

 Natzler bowl, elegant flaring and footed shape

Nancy Bauch contemporary ceramics

 Nancy Bauch contemporary ceramics


‘Nurbs’ – Mauro-Rubio.


 Martin McWilliam ceramic sculpture


 John Maltby

French Mont Joye Art Glass Vase - Hydrangeas

 Mont Joye Art Glass Vase – Hydrangeas

Glass Art - Etsuko-Nishi-~-Orange-Princess

‘Orange Princess’ – Etsuko Nishi

My current series was influenced by the delicacy of the “cage cup” of the Roman Empire and the softness and warmth of the Pate de Verre by the 19th century artist Albert Dammouse.

Weller Sicard lustre glaze vase

 Weller Sicard lustre glaze vase

Elizabeth Fritsch vase with geometrical motif

 Elizabeth Fritsch vase with geometrical motif

Ceramic art - 'Traveling Under Watery Skies'-Jacques Vesery-Sea Forms

‘Traveling Under Watery Skies’ – Jacques Vesery


born of the flame.E: GOLDEN FEATHER DUO Kay Lynne Sattler - Hawaii

‘Gold Feather Duo’ – Kay Lynne Sattler


Charles-Cotteau-- grazing deer art deco geometric vase

Charles Catteau deer vase



Maggie Jones

Turtle Island Pottery NC


Marion-Angelica floral decorated potteryteapot

Marion Angelica teapot



Kyoung Hwa Oh


Charles-Catteau Recherche---Pierre-Bergé-&-associés

Charles Catteau, Belgium


Glass vase by -Pierre D'Avesn with floral motif

Pierre D’Avesn Art Deco glass vase