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Suiseki gazing stones art


Han Jiang river stone


Gongshi belongs to the Chinese tradition of venerating beautiful stones, which has existed since the Neolithic era, when prized geological specimens were placed into tombs as offerings. Chinese writers composed essays praising the natural qualities of these gazing stones, especially if they were represenative of mythological creatures like dragons, spiritual concepts,  prominent mountains or had a captivating aesthetic. They are also known as Lingbi Stones and Scholar Rocks and have been a favorite with collectors since ancient times. Some were revered if they conjured imagery of immortals and sages or the remote mountain grottoes and caves where they liked to dwell. The Japanese called these stones Shuiseki, which meant Water and Stone and they were used for interior decoration and in courtyards and gardens.

The Rinzai Zen monks from Kyoto wrote in 1474 that the contemplation of evocotive stones allows you to look upon grand vistas without travelling far, feel grounded and experience cleansing and purification of the heart. It was recognized as being good for enriching the spirit and prolonging happiness. Generally, shiseki stones are formed naturally or with a minimal amount of manipulation.




contemplation stone


‘Beyond the Path’ gazing stone



Krizopras stone




Chinese Scholar's Rock---Red Taihu Stone

Chinese Scholar’s Rock—Red Taihu Stone



Ascension Gongshi Scholar Stone



Chinese Qing Dynasty Scholar's Stone

Chinese Qing Dynasty Scholar’s Stone



Hualien rose stone

Hualien rose stone



Suiseki stone from Momjave Desert

Approaching the Chasm — Suiseki stone from Momjave Desert with copper hues



Suiseki stone Cascading water--Omugawa ishi

Contemplation stone with appearance of cascading water–Omugawa Ishi



Shuiseki stone with black serpent

Orange Shuiseki with black undulating serpent



forest in moonlight Shuiseki

Forest in full moon Suiseki

photo –  Fabio Petroni


Suiseki creation chaos



landscape elliptical stone

Polished oval stone



Abstract scholar stone

Abstract scholar stone



seated ox suiseki

Resting Ox suiseki stone



ancient proverb


Year Of The Ox – 2021




Green and ochre Suiseki stone



Bowing Humble-servant

Bowing servant




sillohete-forest suiseki

Tree silhoette suiseki



elliptical-stone suiseki

Ellyptical suiseki




immortal being suiseki stone

Immortal figure suiseki




Spinach green suiseki stone

Spinach green Gongshi



Red and white suiseki stone



Mountain lake vista



Wild Typhoon storm

Typhoon Vortex



Japanese Geisha girl

Japanese Geisha suiseki




Modernist form Suiseki




orb portal journey

Orb portal stone



Dragon dynamism suiseki



Burnt trees suiseki



suiseki weeping wllow tree

Suiseki Willow




Rounded fossilized-calliagraphy-stone

Rounded fossilized calliagraphy stone



Cranial crown chakra stone




gazing-stone on wooden base

Suiseki waterfall stone



Natural landscape suiseki




Half Moon Bay portal stone

Half Moon Bay portal stone



Hualien Rose shuiseki stone

Hualien Rose shuiseki stone



Irish Hag Stone




Jade shuiseki stone

Jade Elephant suiseki stone



Ken McLeod---jade colour mountain

Ken McLeod—jade colour mountain




Red Jasper sculpture stone

Red Jasper sculpture stone



Suiseki mountains

Suiseki mountains

Riversoul Crafts Etsy



Ruby imbedded fuschite

Ruby imbedded fuschite heart rejuvination




Suiseki Waterfall Stone — Abegawa River, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan—–Kenichi Oguchi gift – 2001




Taking flight suiseki

Taking flight scholar stone




seated-sage-stone contemplation

Seated Sage stone contemplation



Malachite in its natural state evokes lush green hills in early summer.-Lukuni-Mine,-Katanga-Province,-Democratic-Republic-of-Congo---Ralph-W-Johnson

Malachite in its natural state evokes lush green hills in early summer.

Lukuni Mine – Democratic Republic of Congo—Ralph W Johnson



Awakening suiseki stone



The Universe speckled scholar stone

The Universe speckled scholar stone



Dragon descending scholar stone

!6.5 ins H — Qing Dynasty, ca. 17th to 18th century CE. 


Large Chinese 'Gongshi' Scholar Stone

Large Chinese ‘Gongshi’ Scholar Stone



Chinese Lingbi stone



Globular horses vessel  – Paolo Staccioli



Ma Chang Red Stone

Ma Chang Red Stone




Green Mountain Range stone

Eel River-California—Richard Manning



Trident maple (Acer buergerianum), has its roots growing over a rock and its foliage and stems trimmed in the shape of a dragon

National Bonsai and Penjing Museum



Sheer face mountain

Sheer face mountain suiseki



Back of a woman



Dragon moving

Dragon movement



Cliff top down to plains — suiseki stone



suiseki-stone red and white

Suiseki schematic figures



Suiseki landscape



Svend Bayer lustre glaze

Svend Bayer lustre glaze



Taihu limestone Scholar Stone--met

Taihu limestone Scholar Stone




Tall Sculptural Form, Kohiki--14ins--Shozo

Tall Sculptural Form, Kohiki — Shozo Michikawa




Teaware by Paul Fryman and Mikhail Tovstous (Ukraine) by Pottery Park Store

Teaware by Paul Fryman and Mikhail Tovstous

(Ukraine)  Pottery Park Store



‘Whirlwind’ Suisaki

Zymoglyphic Museum




Wu Jiang River stone Suiseki



Shuisaki stone


Da Su Bonsai Studios


Seated monk



Shuiseki sculpture

Suiseki sculpture – Kurokamo-ishi



Shelter Stone – Melba Tucker

Indio, California



spinach and russet jade mountain group,-19th century--carved-in relief-with scholar painting

Spinach and russet jade mountain stone, carved in relief with scholar painting

19th century China



Meditation Gong Shui



Crysanthenum Stone suiseki

Crysanthenum Stone