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--Jean Dunand geometric design




VeniceClayArtists 10th anniversary


“There is nothing abnormal about a chess player being abnormal. This is normal.” – Vladimir Nabokov


“The biggest problem I see among people who want to excel in chess – and in business and in life in general – is not trusting their instincts enough. This is the essential element that cannot be measured by any analysis or device, and I believe it’s at the heart of success in all things: the power of intuition and the ability to harness and use it like a master.”  Garry Kasparov


ceramic chess-piece-white-queen

Ceramic chess piece white queen


The genesis for the artistic collective of the Venice Clay Artists came about in 2007 during a summer session of a Venice Adult Ceramic Class in California. As Venice artist Joyce Lieberman relates — “Elaine Roarke, the class teacher, proposed we do 10 minute modelling sessions to create figurative works. Dana Eli presented me with a quick sketch in clay from my pose, which I refined and glazed in two shades of black glaze. She became known as the dark queen and when someone mentioned that ‘Raku Bob’ was at a chess night, this became the catalyst for the inspiratio to create an oversize chess set. Different clay artists that were present signed up to create individual pieces and it eventually came into fruition and was used for public chess demonstrations.” One of the original objectives of the website VeniceClayArtists was to monitor the progress of the chess set.
In 2010 I took on the mantle of resurrecting the expired website, acquiring it online purely for the name, thinking it was connected to Venice in Italy. Having lived in Santa Monica within walking distance of Venice Beach, I was equally pleased to discover the coincidence. So this is my 7th anniversary and nearly 1 billion hits later I am still entranced by the breadth and depth of the vast realm of art that is now accessible online and love the challenge of discovery, research and presentation.

Here is a random collection of eclectic images related to previous posts on VeniceClayArtists with links to them. This will be done over three installments.


Her dream by Victoria Ivanova. chess themed art. Female-shadow,-chess-piece

‘Her Dream’ – Victoria Ivanova



Bali-Jon-Anderson-polymer clay impressed on a copper bowl

Jon Anderson – polymer clay on the surface of a copper bowl

‘Geometric pottery styles’


Roger Capron public sculpture - Vallauris

Roger Capron public sculpture – Vallauris

‘Roger Capron – vivacious Vallauris ceramics’



Daniel Johnston-Pots On The Lawn - a single row of pottery

Daniel Johnston – Pots On The Lawn

‘Pottery whimsical – take the plunge’



Flask with a Lid, Italy – Workshop of Guido Durantino

1540’s Urbino majolica



Raku Ceramics-by Helen Rondell at

Raku portal vase – Ceramics-by Helen Rondell at

Pottery Raku Rapture’



Roger Capron public sculpture - Vallauris

Roger Capron castle courtyard sculpture – Vallauris

‘Roger Capron – vivacious Vallauris ceramics’



Aqua by Serax ceramic sets

‘Calming ceramic vessels – greens, white, black’



Shinobu-Hashimoto-chopstick-ceramic rests

Shinobu Hashimoto chopstick ceramic rests with speckled iron



deap-teal,-by-elephant-ceramics bowl set

‘Deap Teal’, by elephant ceramics



Belgian pottery Charles-Catteau,-Art-Deco-Vase---1928---Design-by-Leon-Lambillotte

Charles Catteau, Art Deco Vase – Design by Leon Lambillotte —1928—

‘Charles Catteau – Art Deco ceramics master’


ScottJacobsonGallery_Yves_Boucard ceramic winged bench

Yves Boucard ceramic winged bench

Scott Jacobson Gallery

‘The Ceramic Furniture of Hun-Chung Lee’



Shinobu-Hashimoto---iron-black-slender-rectangle dish

Shinobu Hashimoto—iron black slender rectangle dish

‘Functional pottery – flora and cuisine’


Shinobu-Hashimoto-rice-bowl with umeboshi plum side dish

Shinobu Hashimoto-rice bowl with umeboshi plum side dish

Functional pottery – flora and cuisine



constructivist black and white teapot

Constructivist black and white teapot



3-tears-for-kerin-ceramic vase - Jenny-Orchard

‘3 Tears for Kerin’ vase – Jenny Orchard

‘Adorable clay mutations – Jenny Orchard’



Ernst Wahliss Art Nouveau female figure relief Vase-(1836-1900)

Ernst Wahliss Art Nouveau female figure relief vase-(1836-1900)




Annie Peaker with her Hare and Tortoise sculpture


‘Bunnies of fortune’



4,200 yr old Silver cup with linear Elamite lady

Marvdasht, Pars Province

‘Intriguing artifacts of the ancients’



Muscle Beach, Venice,  California acrobatis

Muscle Beach, Venice,  California, 1950’s

‘Venice Art Edge, USA’




Chinese Qing Dynasty porcelain vase, Mei Ping form

‘Emperor Qianlong’s hidden Palace’


Joan-Miro-Personnage-More abstract ceramic bust

‘Personnage More’ – Joan Miro




Italian pottery hand painted vintage Desimone Vase/Decanter




Russell Akerman photo – Morecambe summer sunset, Lancashire

‘Russell Ackerman – Lancaster potter’



Josephine-Baker-Paris-1931 signed postcard

Josephine Baker postcard – Paris, 1931

‘Josephine Baker captivates the Jazz Age’



Peter-Hermansson-glass art modernist vessels

Peter Hermansson modernist glass art

‘Modernist glass arts – Sweden’




Dolorosa Sinaga – ‘Sufi Dancer’ foil sculpture

‘Figurative Dance sculptures and art’


Ricky-Maldonado-pottery vase

Ricky Maldonado pottery
‘Hearts of clay’


1997-Carlos-Luna-Irregular-Plate in blue and white

Carlos Luna – ‘Irregular Plate’  1997

‘Dish, Charger, Plate’



Buthaud-René-craquelure-vase with nude female motif

René Buthaud craquelure vase

‘French ceramic excellence – Rene Buthaud, Jean Mayodon’




Mid Century porcelain horse with rider – Alvino Bagni

‘Modernist marvels from the Mid-Century’




Amphora Art Nouveau Ewer with gilt dragon handle

Czechoslovakia, early 20th century,

‘Bohemian Amphora splendour’



Agget-by-egon-moller-nielsen children play sculpture

‘Agget’ by Egon Moller Nielsen

‘Fun sculptures of the playground’



Pottery Village B&B on Yeongheung Island,-South Korea

Housing Crisis? What Housing Crisis! – Pottery Village B&B on Yeongheung Island, South Korea



American-Museum-of-Ceramic-Art-terracotta bull

American Museum of Ceramic Art – terracotta bull

‘AMOCA – 10 year anniversary’


Art-Deco-'Afternoon-Tea seated lady -Clarice-Cliff-Colourway

Art Deco – ‘Afternoon Tea’ —  Clarice Cliff Colourway

‘Clarice Cliff Art Deco: The André Aerne Collection’



Andy Nasisse — Pink Cookie Jar

Sherrie Gallery

‘Collecting Cookie and Biscuit Jars’


Aboriginal artist Penny Evans #383 Estaurine Ceramic Bowl

Penny Evans #383 Estaurine Ceramic Bowl

‘Indigenous Australian arts compilation’

Curvy Capital-Gate-Building-Abu-Dhabi

Capital Gate Building, Abu Dhabi

‘Seeing Red’



Carlos-Luna,-War-Giro-(back),-2005 outdoor male figure sculpture

Carlos Luna – ‘War Giro’





Luigi Garoli for Ceramica Arcore, Italy

‘Contemporary art plates and platters’




Chinesisches Haus – Sanssouci Drottningholm, Sweden




Creekside Pottery

‘Ceramic vessels and lids



Claudette-Colbert-as-Cleopatra-1934 with egyptian revival vase

Claudette Colbert as Cleopatra, 1934

‘Art Deco in the movies’




Ela Cindor brooch — Pearls,-gold, newspaper

‘Beguiling ornamental brooches’





‘Enlightened One’ – Dhokra sculpture – Vichar Vichar

‘Dhokra tribal art’



Vogue Brazil – Julia Frauche – photographed by Zee Nunes

‘Street Cred visuals’




Arabesque French Vase-orientalist-style


French Art Nouveau iridescent arabesque vase




Frida Kahlo, Mexico, 1944




Gabriel Argy Rousseau-Patê-de-verre-Vase-with-Dancer

Gabriel Argy Rousseau Egyptian Revival vase

‘Egyptian Revival Art’



Gotham in Olive,-Motawi Tileworks ceramic wall tile

‘Gotham in Olive’, Motawi Tileworks

‘Creative Ceramic Tile’



Ascoli Piceno State Archaeological Museum

Giuseppe Maria Matricardi plate

Ascoli Piceno State Archaeological Museum





Repro Greek Minoan aquatic theme hand painted double spout pot

‘Minoan Pottery’



Helmut-Schmidt-II-by-Rainer-Fetting-on-artnet sculpture bust

‘Helmut Schmidt II’ by Rainer Fetting


‘Contemporary sculptural busts’


Henry-van-de-Velde.-Vase.-1903 pre Art Deco

Belgian Henry van de Velde Vase. 1903




Art Deco Illustration by Armand Vallee for La Vie Parisienne-1920's Flapper on back of motobike

Art Deco Illustration by Armand Vallee for La Vie Parisienne-1920’s

‘Perusing the poster arts’




‘Gradual Civilization’ Chia Heng Hsieh,- ceramic lusterware lidded vessel



Rajasthan-Indian-Female Dancing

Rajasthan Indian Female Dancing

‘Figurative dance sculptures and art’



Picasso-Madoura-large handled vase with bullfight motif

Picasso Madoura large handled vase

‘Pablo Picasso Ceramics: The Madoura Collection’



Harlem Renaissance sculptor Selma Burke sculpting

Selma Burke (1900-1995), Harlem Renaissance sculptor at work in her studio




Lenci’s Ceramics — Carnival Venizi harlequin figurines




Jeanne Mammen at work in her studio. her painting in the background, Man With Beret





Leonardi Rovereto---Rovereto-Flared-conical-vase

Leonardi Rovereto — Flared conical vase




Les céramiques fauves---Maurice de Vlaminck

‘Les céramiques fauves’ — Maurice de Vlaminck

The Art of ‘ism’s




Lina Vikto

‘Gilded cosmic gyrations of Lina Viktor’





Liza Riddle

‘The Soluble Salt Ceramics of Mark Goudy and Liza Riddle’




Lorna Bailey-Beatles-legend-of-20th-century-John Lennon-charger

Lorna Bailey – Beatles legend of 20th Century John Lennon charger

‘Sixties quest for the elusive Eden’




Mari Simmulson, designer for Upsala Ekeby

Mari Simmulson, designer for Upsala Ekeby, Sweden

‘It’s a potters world.’




Photo Vadim Stein

‘Sculptural Dance Figures’




Mayan skull hacha, or axe, carved from basalt stone. Mexico, circa 600—900 CE




Michael Thacker – ‘Inclusion’




Jin-Kim Myung, ‘Cloud Jar’



Rahel Ungwanaka 'Ankarta' 2005-Queensland-Art-Gallery

Rahel Ungwanaka ‘Ankarta’ 2005

Queensland Art Gallery

‘Australian clayarts – wildlife fauna, flora, landscapes’




Royal Dux Art-deco ceramic figurine

Royal Dux Art-deco ceramic figurine

‘Czech, Bohemia Clayarts’


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    thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!
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    Epic choices , love how you include all media

    will send you one!
    Nico, and David Morris 1950 -1999

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