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Yasuhisa Kohyama anagama



Yasuhisa Kohyama sculpture - William Wilkins painting

Yasuhisa Kohyama London Exhibition 2017

Yasuhisa Kohyama’s latest exhibition comprises 28 ceramics by Yasuhisa Kohyama and four paintings of Kohyama’s work by William Wilkins and is running till 30th November, 2017 at Erskine, Hall & Coe Gallery. Details here


Kohyama has played a very unique and significant role in reviving the use of the traditional Japanese ‘anagama’ wood firing kiln, as he was the first potter in Shigaraki to build such a kiln since the Middle Ages. He is also a contemporary master of the ancient practice of Sueki, a method that originated in southern China and which accounts for his unglazed yet glassy surface textures. His works are inspired by ancient Japanese Shigaraki, Jomon and Yayoi ceramics, and are collected internationally.

Yasuhisa Kohyama was born in 1936 in Shigaraki, a historically vital ceramics production centre in Japan. Kohyama was fifteen years old when he became employed by one of the largest ceramic factories in Shigaraki, Oumi Kagaku Touki. From 1958 until 1960, he took evening classes at a vocational training school, where he was taught basic techniques such as glazing and throwing on a potter’s wheel. A well-known ceramicist designer, Sakuzo Hineno, visited the factory in 1955 while he was working under a government scheme to improve the quality and originality of the ceramic arts in Japan. Following several workshops, Kohyama asked Hineno about being coached individually and was honoured by becoming an apprentice, specializing in tableware.



Yasuhisa Kohyama ceramic sculpting in studio

Yasuhisa Kohyama ceramic sculpture



Kohyama and wilkins-2017-exhibition Erskine, Hall and Coe

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Kaze’,(wind)

2017  Erskine, Hall & Coe



William Wilkins – ‘Still Life III, Kohyama Vessels’



Yasuhisa Kohyama with his sculpture

Yasuhisa Kohyama



Ceramic sculpture - Yasuhisa-Kohyama-&-William-Wilkins-Exhibition-2017-

Yasuhisa Kohyama -‘Danpen’ {fragment), 2017



Yasuhisa Kohyama-Anagama-fired-stoneware

Yasuhisa Kohyama – Anagama fired stoneware sculpture vessel



Yasuhisa Kohyama with flame sculpture

Yasuhisa Kohyama with ‘Homura’ flame sculpture – 2017



Yasuhisa Kohyama-Kaze,-2012

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Kaze’ (flame)




Yasuhisa Kohyama-Danpen,-2012--

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Danpen’




Yasuhisa Yohyama-Homura,-2012

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Homura’



Yasuhisa Kohyama ceramic sculptures

Yasuhisa Kohyama


Yasuhisa Kohyama walking his white dog in forest

Yasuhisa Kohyama








Yasuhisa Kohyama-Kakehana,Vase with purple flower

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Kakehana’ vase




Yasuhisa Kohyama -‘Kaze’ ceramic sculpture




yasuhisa-kohyama-Sora,-2014 vessel

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Sora’




Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Kaze’



Yasuhisa Kohyama  using the anagama kiln he built

Yasuhisa Kohyama anagama kiln

“Every time I fire, I’ve come to recognize that I am in Nature; I am a small part of Nature. Intently I watch Nature over and over again; working with clay, inspired by Nature,
I am free to allow creation to happen, approaching the experience as the ancients did.”



Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Suemono’


yasuhisa-kohyama-Homura-(flame),-2016 Japan sculpture

Yasuhisa Kohyama  — ‘Homura’ (flame),



Yasuhisa Kohyama –  ‘Suemono’



Yasuhisa Kohyama-Suemono,-2017

Yasuhisa Kohyama- ‘Suemono’



A video from the autumn of 2016, filmmaker where Cristobal Zanartu spent over two weeks at Kohyama’s studio in Japan.





Symphony of dreaming visuals



The Arabian Nights - Maxfield Parish

‘Aucassin Seeks for Nicolette’  – Maxfield Parish




Froggy Fiddler-.-Artist--Luis-Alberto-Quispe-Aparicio Green glass frog with violin

Froggy Fiddler — Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio


Dreamscapes in the arts


Every night when we sleep, we are reminded that there is more to our consciousness then what we perceive with our real time perception. During sleep a totally random menu of involuntary dreamscapes gets served up, presenting dream vistas that aren’t locked into a linear time frame and can shift rapidly. Maybe our imagination gets revitalized during sleep, being stimulated by forms and imagery not confined to the normal rules of matter and construct, and act as stimuli to discover greater possibilities. Dreams can be vague and confusing, while at other times extremely lucid. They can act as a vehicle for invention and inspiration and be doorways to spiritual experiences. Too much dreaming can be exhaustive, while in other instances dreams can act as a release and be healing.

In art, otherworldly, nebulous and the surreal are all employed to create the vague ambience of dreams and this dimension grants the license to express the quirky and odd. Impressionistic paintings usually conjure a dreamlike feeling and I’ve included art from Elena Markova for her captivating ethereal vistas. The random, disjointed images of surrealist art also alludes to the world of dreams and I’ve included a few images from the photographer Jerry Uelsmann for his imaginative works. The dreamy lighting of Maxfield Parish makes him a natural inclusion. Also added are the mystical Australian indigenous paintings, channeled from the Dreamtime, and originally serving as a conduit to the subconscious. Other dream related art pieces are also in the mix.


Battle of city, cosmic and morning light-by-Neil Zeller

‘Battle of city, cosmic and morning light’ by Neil Zeller



I-Dream-of-Fish-and-Flowers-Diana Fayt turquoise plate

‘I Dream of Fish and Flowers’ – Diana Fayt



Seven Sisters Dreaming-Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi aboriginal painting

‘Seven Sisters Dreaming’  —  Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi



Galerie-accroTerre---Christophe-Betmalle---2014-- French sculpture bust

Christophe Betmalle

Galerie Accro Terre



‘Aphroditeeros’ – Akai Takamori




Curtis Benzle Softly as in a Dream

‘Softly as in a Dream’ – Curtis Benzle



Children's-Water-Dreaming-aboriginal-art painting

Shorty Lungkarta Tjungurrayi, ‘Children’s Water Dreaming’




Jerry Uelsmann-photo

Jerry Uelsmann photo




‘Dream Awakening’ — Ima Naroditskaya




Girl and sea of dreams-Keramikas-CZ

‘Girl and sea of dreams’ – Keramikas, Czech



Julia Feld-Sweaty Dreams-sculpture

Julia Feld -‘Sweaty Dreams’



 Jaguar Dreaming the Mystery by BlueFireStudio on Etsy

‘ Jaguar Dreaming the Mystery’ by BlueFireStudio on Etsy



Labradorite-Antsohamay-Quarry,-Tulear-Prov.,-Madagascar - dreamstone

Labradorite  dreamstone

Tulear Prov., Madagascar



Lela Maharobeli _ Field of Dreams painting

Lela Maharobeli  — ‘Field of Dreams’ painting




Kurt Weiser




Jerry Uelsmann – Dream Portal



Lisa Van Noorden-Dreaming sculpture of a girls head

Lisa Van Noorden – ‘Dreaming’




‘The Alchemist’s Dream’ mosaic panel — Irina Charny

Irina Charny Mosaics



Sgraffito Ocean Dream Pot - Rachel Wolf

Rachel Wolf ‘ – ‘Sgraffito Gone Wild’




Totems – Rachel Wolf

Wolfrworkstudios – Instagram




‘Beyond The Dreamtime’ — Ainslie Roberts




'Yala Thukurrpa- - Wild Potato-Dreaming at Mikanji' Australian indigenous art

‘Yala Thukurrpa- – ‘Wild Potato Dreaming at Mikanji’ Australian indigenous art




Red Anemone Dreaming ceramic Bowl by Penny Evans

‘Red Anemone Dreaming’ ceramic Bowl by Penny Evans



'Beyond The Dreamtime' -- Ainslie Roberts - aboriginal meditation

‘Beyond The Dreamtime’ — Ainslie Roberts




Will Herrera Ocean Dream abstract sculpture

Will Herrera ‘Ocean Dream’ abstract sculpture



-Dakinin-Rodeo-Robbiv-Hood -- digital Art


Odyssey Portal – ‘Dakini Rodeo Apocalyptic Riders”

Digital art – Robbiv Hood



Noonan-Antiques Chinese-dream-stone,-17th---18th-Century

 Chinese dreamstone,  17th—18th Century

Noonan Antiques



Xiaoping Zhou-Dream Of Land-125-x-165-cm

Xiaoping Zhou – ‘Dream Of Land’

125-x-165-cm      Hotham Street Contemporary




Arina Alincai



Bébé-Bleu--France-Fauteux suureal sculpture

‘Bébé Bleu’ — France Fauteux





Sergei-Isupov-ceramic-sculptures-clay-art Surrealist sculpture

Sergei Isupov, Russia



 Don Yeoman Ravens Dream_ 48x72

Don Yeoman ‘Raven’s Dream’

48 x 72 inches


Trees and Dream theater

Jerry Uelsmann, ‘Tree Goddess’ 1994,

Dream Theater



The sleep of sorrow and the dream of joy---Raffaelle Monti

‘The sleep of sorrow and the dream of joy’ — Raffaelle Monti



The place where dreams are born---Kasia Derwinska

‘The place where dreams are born’ — Kasia Derwinska



The Earth Died Screaming While I lay Dreaming-Laura Jean McGlauglin

‘The Earth Died Screaming While I lay Dreaming’ – Laura Jean McGlauglin




‘The Dream’—-Conversation—Melvin Sokolsky




Czech František Drtikol-photo of a dreamy female acrobat

Czech František Drtikol photo


Beyond-The-Dreamtime-Ainslie-Roberts Australian art

Ainslie Roberts



Aboriginal-Rock-Art-dreamtime-Wandjina paintings

Dreamtime Wandjina cave paintings, Australia




‘Enchanted Prince’ by Maxfield Parrish




Ernabella Ceramics,-Rhoda Tjitayi---Anumara-Tjukurpa---Caterpillar Dreaming, 2015, stoneware,-H-31

Ernabella Ceramics, Rhoda Tjitayi—Anumara Tjukurpa—‘Caterpillar Dreaming’,

2015,  stoneware, H 31 inches



Elnaz---Shadows of my Dream

Elnaz — ‘Shadows of my Dream’



Elena-Markova-boat-flautist paainting

Elena Markova  – Boat flautist



Elena-Markova-forest-of-dreams painting

Elena Markova – Forest of dreams



Dream-Theater,-2004-Jerry Uelsmann photo

Dream Theater, Jerry Uelsmann photo




Katsina janus terracotta head, Nigeria.-ca.-500-B.C.E.-–-200-C.E

Katsina janus terracotta head, Nigeria. ca. 500 B.C.E.-–-200 C.E

Musee Barbier Mueller


Joey Chiarello-'Life is but a Dream'-Stoneware,

Joey Chiarello – ‘Life is but a Dream’ stoneware sculpture




Dream Plant of an Imaginary Garden,-2007-Sevres-porcelain

‘Dream Plant of an Imaginary Garden’, Sevres porcelain




‘Dream Pillow’ – Mandala Pottery


Dream On---Elizabeth Price

‘Dream On’ — Elizabeth Price



Dreaming-or-October-1928-by-Maxfield-Parrish-1a girl sitting by a lake

‘Dreaming’ by Maxfield Parrish




Dream-sculpture bust Latchezar-Boyadjiev

‘Dream’ – Latchezar Boyadjiev




‘Dreamcatcher’ – Jo Felstead Hill



All-paths-lead-to-Quargla-Robbiv-Hood digital artist

‘All paths lead to Quargla’  – Robbiv Hood



Chinese Dream Stone painted with a woodland scene on a veined green stone,-12-tall-The Cobb auctioneers

Chinese Dream Stone painted with a woodland scene on a veined green stone

12 inch tall -The Cobb auctioneers



Cookie jar--'dreaming-of-coffee'- Etsy

Cookie jar–‘Dreaming of Coffee’ – Jerilynn Babroff




CHAROworks-Pavel-Charouse kLike-a-Dream---Winterstone

Pavel Charousek ‘Like a Dream’—Winterstone sculpture



Budgerigar Dreaming-1972 Kaapa Mbitjana Tjampitjinpa

‘Budgerigar Dreaming’  —  Kaapa Mbitjana Tjampitjinpa



Antonov-Ira-female-ballerina daydreamer

Antonov Ira – Ballerina Daydreamer





Anna Lebedeva abstract painting




Ancient sacred aboriginal dreamtime rock art — Chris Rainer



Natalia-Golovkina-pot - Aussie icons

Downunder Dreaming – Natalia Golovkina

To dream of a pitcher or jug, denotes that you will be of a generous and congenial disposition. Success will attend your efforts.




Ashley Maxwell



Marc Chagall-- Clowns at night-painting

Marc Chagall — ‘Clowns at night’



Vicke Lindstrand (Swedish, 1904-1983), Kosta, Mid Summer Nights Dream Engraved Glass Vase

Vicke Lindstrand – ‘Mid Summer Nights Dream’ Engraved Glass Vase




Blue-Circus-by-Marc-Chagall painting of trapeze artist

‘Blue Circus’ by Marc Chagall



Alexey Illarionov-wall art panel

Alexey Illarionov wall  panel




Alexey Illarionov



Liz Wolf---Artists---Manitou Galleries-Dream -in flight Moment

 ‘Dream in flight Moment’ – Liz Wolf

Manitou Galleries Santa Fe



Gentleness, obscurity--occurrence in that garden

‘Gentleness, obscurity — occurrence in that garden’ – Elena Markova



'Dream' - UnusualDolls - Etsy ceramic bust

‘Dream’ – UnusualDolls – Etsy





Alexey Illarionov- surrealist ceramic art



Sue Averell_Mermaid Dream abstract painting

Sue Averell  —  ‘Mermaid Dream’



Nonquase’s-Dream.-Height-58cm ceramic bust

‘Nonquase’s Dream’  —  Jessie Mooy




Elena-Markova-dream-art painting

Elena Markova



Christophe-Betmalle-painting abstract faces

Christophe Betmalle



Alice Federico’s pottery whimsy


Alice Federico footed-vase wabi sabi

Twin handled footed vase – Alice Federico



Alice Federico adheres to forms that tend to abandon pure symmetry and are slightly askew, while maintaining the grandeur of  tall and stately classical shapes. Large and playful handles, extended lips, unpredictable folds and cascading ribbon handles add to the character of her pottery art. Her coarse surface textures and faded glazes manifest the allure of an artifact from antiquity weathered by time. Merging the appearance of functional and sculptural with the innate gracefulness of the traditional pottery forms elevates the charm of her pottery art. She indulges a sense of playfulness that was instilled in her by her first teacher, Rita Marlier, to create expressive, whimsical, animated pieces which are pulled, twisted and wrapped into curious shapes. Sculptural in emphasis, but still posing a relationship to the vessel, the pot form.
Historical pots have always had an influence on her work, including Chinese Sung ware, Greek vases, and Italian folk work. It comes as no surprise to learn that she trained as a historian at Hollins University (1967), before doing her MFA in ceramics from East Carolina University (1977), as well as a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute (1983). Sometimes she uses anagama Japanese-style wood-fired kilns in Montana for her flamboyant pottery wares.

I’ve added some pottery from Linda Hoffhines as she also creates forms that ooze character and have spontaneous, colourful shapes and bold textures that project attitude, whimsy and humor.


Alice Federico


Alice Federico,-footed-planter

Alice Federico, footed planter


Large ribbon handled vessel – Alice Federico

height 13.5 inches

George Billis Gallery



Three slender and tall ceramic vases - Alice-Federico

Three slender and tall ceramic vases – Alice Federico



Alice Federico-hand-painted-vase with flared lip

Alice Federico hand painted vase



Alice-Federico--classical-styled-vessel with crackle glaze

Alice Federico–classical styled vessel with crackle glaze and long handles

George Billis Gallery



Alice-Federico white vase with elegant handles

Alice Federico – off-white vase with elegant handles



Footed ceramic vessel with asymmetrical handles

Footed ceramic vessel with asymmetrical handles –  – Alice Federico



green vase with winged handles - Alice Federico

Alice Federico



Skewed ceramic vase with blue handles - - Alice Federico

Skewed vase –  – Alice Federico



Alice-Federico=-bulbous vase with long neck

Alice Federico – bulbous vase with long neck



Tall ceramic baluster vase with long ribbon handles - Alice Federico

Tall ceramic vase with ribbon handles – Alice Federico

Height 17.5 inches – 1st Dibs



Alice-Federico9--No-!022 turquoise green vase

Celadon green vase — Alice Federico




Alice-Federico-footed-vessel with large handles

Alice Federico footed vessel



Alice-Federico tall vase with large base---Art-Essex-Gallery

Alice Federico tall vase with large flat handles

Art Essex Gallery



Alice-Federico-clay-art-textural vase

Alice Federico  —  tall vase with abstract textural surface



Alice Federico ceramic vessel

George Billis Gallery



Lucie Rie inspired baluster matt glaze vase  - Alice Federico

Lucie Rie inspired baluster vase  – Alice Federico



Alice-Federico-red-vase with coarse texture

Alice Federico red vase with coarse texture





Alice Hohenberg Federico, vase, 2010

The Eleanor D. Wilson Museum




Footed bulbous vase with large handle – Alice Federico




Asymmetrical vase Alice Federico with ribbon handle

Asymmetrical vase – Alice Federico





Tall slender vase with sinuous handles – Alice Federico

2015  Work 20.5 inches



Vase with long flared base - Alice Federico

Classical form vase — Alice Federico

Art Essex Gallery



Alice-Federico-.ceramic vase

Alice Federico




Wide asymmetrical lipped vase - Alice Federico

 Asymmetrical wide lipped vase – Alice Federico



Alice-Frederico-ceramic-vase with large lip

Wide lipped baluster vase – Alice Federico



Alice Federice website



Linda Hoffhines


Linda Hoffhines, uses the vessel  “as a starting point,” she says, “but most of them end up intentionally unusable. I`ll start off with a regular pot, then I can`t resist putting a bunch of glazed shards in it.” “From Minoan to Italian pottery, through the eons, I’ve always liked the idea of making pottery and then decorating it a lot more than you have to.”* Hoffhines, obtained a master’s of fine arts in ceramics at Ohio State University


Linda-Hoffhines-lime green-ewer

Linda Hoffhines  —  tall lime green ewer


Linda-Hoffhines-flat-mosaic with vase shape

Linda Hoffhines flat mosaic with vase shape, encrusted with glazed shards



Linda-Hoffhines-blue-teapot with long spout

Linda Hoffhines blue teapot



Bright red ceramic teapot by Linda Hoffhine

Bright red ceramic teapot by Linda Hoffhine



zany ceramic vase by Linda Hoffhine

Linda Hoffhine



3 asymmetrical vases -- Linda Hoffhine

3 asymmetrical vases — Linda Hoffhine



Ceramic teapot -- Linda Hoffhine

Linda Hoffhine



Linda-Hoffhines-abstract-art painting

Linda Hoffhine painting



Linda Hoffhines-yellow-crowned teapot

Linda Hoffhines yellow crowned teapot



shockin pink teapot -- Linda Hoffhine

Linda Hoffhine pink teapot



Linda-Hoffhines-vase-and-teapot-yellow and orange

Linda Hoffhines vase and teapot



Linda Hoffhines abstract watercolour painting

Linda Hoffhines watercolour painting



Red triangle teapot - Linda Hoffhines with black paisley

Red triangle teapot – Linda Hoffhines


? Green spiral vase - Linda Hoffhines

Spiral vase – Linda Hoffhines



Linda Hoffhines instagram


*Chicago Tribune






Abstract motifs in ceramic design




Vase with abstract bird motif by-André-Bioley-1950's

Vase with abstract bird motif by André Bioley





Harris Cies handcrafted studio abstract vase

Height -11 inches



Dan mask detour


In 1907, Picasso’s fortuitous wrong turn at the Musée d’Ethnographie in Paris, led him to the sacred Dan masks of West Africa, which had a profound influence on his artistic vision. He later stated that ‘Painting isn’t an aesthetic operation,’ ‘It is a way of seizing the power by giving form to our terrors as well as our desires. Men had made these masks and other objects for a sacred purpose, a magic purpose, as a kind of mediation between themselves and the unknown hostile forces, in order to overcome their fear and horror by giving it an image. When I came to that realisation, I knew I had found my way.’ This was the same year he developed the revolutionary Cubist art along with George Braques and was one of the first forms of abstract art in the West. Braque declared ‘Scientific perspective is nothing but eye-fooling illusionism,’ , ‘a bad trick which makes it impossible for an artist to convey a full experience of space.’
Preceding this was Cezanne’s abandonment of the tradition of perspective drawing and concern for the reflection of reality, which had encouraged other artists to consider the  expression of the abstract. For the early abstractionists like Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Alexander Archipenko, Juan Gris and Joan Miro, their abstract art also clearly implied an expression of abstract ideas concerning the spiritual, the subconscious, and the contentious.



Alexander-Archipenko-female modernist sculpture - The Bather

Alexander Archipenko – ‘Bathing Woman’, 1915

Plaster on wire frame



Cubism originated in France but spread across Europe and integrated with the artistic consciousness of several countries. It was a poignant influence on Futurism in Italy, Vorticism in England, Suprematism and Constructivism in Russia, and Expressionism in Germany. The Cubists wanted to make pictures that reached beyond the rigid geometry of perspective, as an image drawn from a fixed position, that was limted by a frozen conclusion. The Cubists challenged conventional forms of visual representation with a more dynamic presentation of an omni perspective. The deconstruction of visual conventions paved the way for the emergence of a new artistic language. Cubism was the first abstract style of modern art. The manipulation of non naturalistic colors and bold brushwork by the Fauvists and in Orphism also added to the growth of abstraction at the turn of the Twentieth century.



Fernand-Leger-abstract-vase in red, black and white

Fernand Leger and Roland Brice abstract vase – 50’s



Yoshiro-Ikeda-ceramic-sculpture with textures

Yoshiro Ikeda ceramic sculpture


Charles Catteau was integrating abstract concepts into his ceramic decorations as early as 1905 while Joan Miro was also applying hand painted abstract motifs to his ceramic pieces. In 1922 Kazimir Malevich and his followers actively spread the ideas of Suprematism at the State Porcelain Factory in Petrograd. As early as 1900, Gallelio Chini was approaching abstracted designs with the Italian ‘Liberty’ (Art Nouveau) movement. Mid century ceramicists were attracted to the freestyle groovy designs of skewed perspective and asymmetrical patterns that contributed to defining the modernist style. The abstract complexity of the 30’s and 40’s became more simplified in the 50’s and 60’s and in the process became more marketable, which fueled a huge movement of wonderfully original designs on decorative objects, many hand drawn. The aspired freedom of this era manifested in designs of spontaneity and simplified minimalist detail. A large number of artists in the Mid Century adapted to this free expression in pottery styles. Some notable proponents were Guido Gambone, Fratelli Fanciullacci, Gilbert Valentin, F. Carlton Ball, Corrado Cagli, Marcello Fantoni, Roger Capron and Nils Thorsson. Then there was Picasso’s abstract ceramic work at Madoura in the 60’s which attracted many Parisian ceramic artists to Vallauris who added to the proliferation of  modernist ceramic pieces.




Gorcisnitsa Ikchasnik Supermatist jar




Marty-Ray---Art-Cafe---2009 abstract vessel

Marty Ray—  ‘Art Cafe’




Blue-Nude-Tumbler.-Henri-Matisse-inspired - Etsy StiffWristClay

Blue Nude Tumbler. Henri Matisse inspired

Etsy StiffWristClay



Henri Matisse vase with naked female danincg

Ovoid vase – Henri Matisse – 1907

Matisse wrote, “We move towards serenity through the simplification of ideas and form…….Details lessen the purity of lines, they harm the emotional intensity, and we choose to reject them. It is a question of learning – and perhaps relearning the ‘handwriting’ of lines. The aim of painting is not to reflect history, because this can be found in books. We have a higher conception. Through it, the artist expresses his inner vision.”



Matthew Wade



Lamp polycroma abstract  --  Ciavardoni 1950-Albisola Italy


Lamp policroma abstract  —  Ciavardoni

1950 Albisola, Italy




Galileo-Chini-italian vase in blue and white with fish edges

Galileo Chini, 1900




‘The Tamer’ – Corrado Cagli for Ceramiche Rometti, Umbria




Ikeda Ester-ceramic-teapots

Ikeda Ester


Alexander Archipenko Seated Figure-1938 abstract sculpture

Alexander Archipenko ‘Seated Figure’




Ernabella-Arts-ceramics vase Vivian Thompson, Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters)

Vivian Thompson, ‘Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters)’




Lapid-Mid-Century-Pottery vessel with abstract motif

Lapid Mid Century Pottery, Tel Aviv




Marc Bellaire California Pottery Muted Corals bowl  with black Balinese dancer



Italian Mid Century abstract motif vase

Italian Mid Century abstract motif vase



Charles Catteau ceramic jazz age vase

Charles Catteau – stylized floral decorative Jazz Age vase



Modernist motif plate-Krzysztof-in-Walbrzych, Poland

Modernist motif plate — Krzysztof in Walbrzych, Poland



abstract Charels Catteau vase

Charles Catteau, Boch Freres, 1925




Abstract Jazz Age Cubist Deco vessel - Charles Catteau

Abstract Jazz Age Cubist Deco vessel – Charles Catteau





Vase with stylized floral motifs,-jasper - Charles Catteau

Charles Catteau vase




carlton-ball sgraffito decorated vase

F.Carlton Ball


gambone-guido-1909 ceramic lamp base abstract figure

                                                                                                                                                                     Guido Gambone




Ceramic water pitcher - WEG Pottery

WEG pottery ceramic jug




black white terracotta vase - Picasso

Pablo Picasso pitcher



Marianne-Starck-for-Michael-Andersen-&-Son White dove on black ceramic jug

Marianne Starck for Michael Andersen & Son



thrown-stoneware Anne Mortier with teal green abstract motif on white

Footed conical vessel, thrown stoneware – Anne Mortier



White Vessel with Signs-1990- Gordon Bladwin

‘White Vessel with Signs’ – Gordon Baldwin




CEramic sculpture - Cloud-2’,-1996-Gordon-Baldwin

 ‘Cloud 2’ – Gordon Baldwin




Jojan Miro ceramic vase with abstract hand-drawn decoration

Joan Miro




Joan Miro in his Barcelona studio

Photo Mark Shaw LIFE, 1955



Mid Century 16 inch plate - Tony Morris abstract face motifs

Mid Century 16 inch plate – Tony Morris



Donyale Luna in a linked disc abstract dress by Paco Rabanne - Sixties

Donyale Luna in a linked disc abstract dress by Paco Rabanne. Photo: Guy Bourdin





Alison-Britton ceramic vessel with abstract decoration

Alison Britton



Alison-Britton-abstract ceramic vessel with asymmetrical form

Alison Britton



'Picasso---Woman Lying on a Chaise' Ceramic-lidded vessel by-Goebel

‘Picasso—Woman Lying on a Chaise’ — Ceramic Box by Goebel



Anelise-Bredow ceramic vessels with bullseye motifs

Anelise Bredow



Mid Century ceramic jar with lid and sgraffito motifs  - Clyde Burt

Mid Century ceramic jar  – Clyde Burt




Steve-Czerniel flared vase

Steve Czerniel



beautiful-sascha-brastoff-black-&-white-dancing-nudes-ashtray vintage

Sascha Brastoff



Mid Century vase, Deruta, Italy standing abstract female illustration

Mid Century vase, Deruta, Italy




Art Deco modernist  vase – Charles Catteau




Boyan-Moskov twin lug vesssel with abstract motif

Boyan Moskov




Camilla-Ward slab built ceramic vessel

Camilla Ward




Carolyn-Genders ceramic abstract form and decorated vaseCarolyn Genders




Large abstract vase in the garden - Carolyn-Genders

Carolyn Genders




Carstens-Vase lava glaze Mid Century

Carstens lava glaze Vase



Boyan Mosko ceramic vessel lime green, pine green and white

‘Daffodil Blossoms’ – Boyan Mosko




 Iincised Doodle Bottle - Red and Black Boyan Moskov-

‘Doodle Bottle – Red and Black’ –  Boyan Moskov




Ernabella-Arts-ceramics Tjimpuna Williams Ngayuku Walka stoneware with terrasigilatta

Tjimpuna Williams Ngayuku Walka stoneware with terrasigilatta



Gustavo Perez-abstract.vase

Gustavo Perez




Michael Lucero-surrealist-ceramic

Michael Lucero-surrealist abstract sculpture




F. Carlton Ball and Aaron Bohrod Glazed Stoneware Vessel,




john-m-donoghue lidded jar and abstract decoration

John M Donoghue



Gustavo Perez Mexican abstract ceramics

Gustavo Perez



Mid Century Guido Gambone-italy-narrow-vase

Guido Gambone, Italy



pod vessel Gregg Rasmusson

Gregg Rasmusson, St. Louis

Greg Rasmusson Ceramics




Floris Meydam Gouda Ruimte-vase

Floris Meydam  ‘Ruimte’ vase for Gouda, Netherlands




Jaap Dommisse




Natalya-Sots-plate with an abstract cat

Abstract cat – Natalya Sots





Jim Mulfinger, 2010 - Miro inspired black slip sgrafitto over porcelain with clear glaze thrown and altered vase

Miro inspired black slip sgrafitto over porcelain with clear glaze thrown and altered vase – Jim Mulfinger




Penny Evens Australian indigenous art vessel

Penny Evans




Poole Pottery ceramic dish

Poole Pottery, 50’s

Rob’s Poole Pottery



Raine-Middleton sgraffito ceramic skyline jug

Raine Middleton

Hartzog Pottery by Raine



Abstract-Vallauris-Ceramic-Vase - turquoise

Abstract motif Vallauris Ceramic Vase by Borty



Marty-Ray---The-Neighborhood ceramic vase

Marty Ray — ‘The Neighborhood’





Abstract bullseye vessel – Ryan Peters





Black & White Sculpted Portal Vase by Jean Elton

Black & White Sculpted Portal Vase by Jean Elton



Camille-Faure cubist-deco vase-MODEL-PRIMEROSE-Signed-C.Fauré Limoges


Camille Faure cubist deco vase-MODEL-PRIMEROSE-

Signed-C.Fauré Limoges



Royal-Copenhagen ceramic vesse

Royal Copenhagen




Fnils Thorsson Mid Century vase

Fnils Thorsson, Royal Copenhagen




Sam-Scott black and white abstract motif plate

Sam Scott



Seymour-Lipton-Sea-King-1955 Bronze sculpture

Seymour Lipton – ‘Sea King’





Ultra Large Gorrogarah binjdil Morning Platter—Penny Evans




Vase by Boyan Moscov

Meredith Gallery



Vivian Thompson Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters) stoneware with terrasigilatta

Vivian Thompson Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters) stoneware with terrasigilatta



West German incised sgraffito glaze lidded jar red and blue

West German incised sgraffito glaze lidded jar





Gouda Rumba Flora art pottery vase



moderniat vases Denise-&-Peter-Orlando

Denise & Peter Orlando

circa 1950-60



Joan-Miro vase

Joan Miro




Michael Wein - Picasso tribute porcelain platter - nude cubist woman

Michael Wein – Picasso tribute porcelain platter

M.Wein Raku Pottery



Pablo Picasso Madoura vase

Picasso Madoura vase, Vallauris




Italian Mid Century Ravelli Colorite vase




Pottery La Colombe pitcher




Bay Bodo Mans 1950s huge floor vase