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Rooster, Peacock, Phoenix – New Dawn rising


Wall-Mounted Large Red Glazed Ceramic Rooster Designed by Amphora, Belgium

Wall-Mounted Large Red Glazed Ceramic Rooster Designed by Amphora, Belgium



Rooster resurrection


The Year of the Rooster in 2017  has the potential to be an eventual one, with no middle of the road when it comes to moving forward. Being forthright, proactive and lucid will deliver results. Strutting your stuff in your finest threads won’t go astray either. It’s not really a year for procrastination or holding back. Concerning money, love, and business, there won’t be any need to indulge risks to get ahead, just being organised, methodical and persistent with clarity of intention will bring rewards. Shaking the tail feathers and being flamboyant will drive results in the year of the Red Fire Rooster.
It will be a good year for taking back control and bringing planned projects into fruition as well as launching new projects. Bold, striking creations will be popular in this Rooster Year. All of the Chinese animals can reap great rewards by tapping into the Rooster traits of loyalty, optimism, commitment, hard work and family.



Phoenix-Rising-metal sculpture - John Hair

‘Phoenix Rising’ – John Hair



Gaston Lachaise-peacock sculptures in the garden

Gaston Lachaise peacock sculptures, Bartow Pell Mansion Museum

1920, Pelham Bay Park, Bronx


Peacock tiles, William De Morgan. with fish border

Ceramic Peacock tiles, William De Morgan

The exotic and alluring peacock has been an inspiration for many artists, particularly because of its iridescent colors and large plume. Louis Comfort Tiffany, Aubrey Beardsley, Rene Lalique, Gaston Lachaise and Walter Crane all created stunning art at the turn of the 20th century that featured the peacock and its curves were easily adapted to the Art Nouveau aesthetic. Arcanely, the peacock also was an emblem of Resurrection—from the belief, perpetuated in medieval bestiaries, that its flesh did not decay. In Christianity it represented immortality, openness and acceptance. In Mesopotamia the peacock featured in a symbolic representation of a tree flanked by two peacocks, which indicated the dualistic mind and Absolute unity. The peacock thrives on the essence of poisonous plants, and prefers jungles to gardens with fragrant flowers and plants. It stands for beauty being born from a hostile environment, similar to the sacred lotus growing from muddy waters.



carved-Natural-Shoushan-Red Stone-Phoenix----Teapot

Hand carved Natural Shoushan Red Stone Phoenix Teapot


Depero-Fortunato rooster painting

Depero Fortunato futurist rooster




Brown ceramic Zsolnay-Figural-Rooster-Vase

Figural Rooster Vase – Zsolnay




Colorful rooster in the farmyard by AilsaR-flickr

Rooster Strut – AilsaR-flickr



Samuel-Schellink-Art Nouveau peacock porcelain jar

Art Nouveau peacock porcelain jar – Samuel Schellink, Holland




Gambone-Guido mid-century ceramic red rooster sculpture

Gambone Guido, Italy




Yang Liping (L) performs in her dance drama 'The Peacock' during the first Yang Liping International Dance Festival in Kunming, ...

Chinese dancing master Yang Liping (L) performs in her dance drama ‘The Peacock’ during the first Yang Liping International Dance Festival in Kunming



Feng-Huang public statue Naning, China

Feng-Huang/phoenix  public statue Nanning, China


Going back 8000 years to the Hongshan neolithic period, an ancient bird called the fenghuang appeared on jade and pottery motifs. Also known as the “August Rooster” it sometimes takes the place of the Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac. It also was known as the Chinese Phoenix and appeared on coins and bronze figurines and was a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation. Some believe they may have been a good-luck totem among eastern tribes of ancient China .
Scholars have observed analogues to the phoenix in a variety of cultures. These include the Hindu garuda, the Russian firebird, the Persian Simorgh, Georgian Paskunji, the Arabian Anka, the Tibetan Me byi karmo, the Chinese fenghuang and zhu que, and the Japanese hō-ō. According to some texts, the phoenix could live for over 1,400 years. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the Bennu bird (phoenix) as a deity linked with the sun, creation, and rebirth.


Egyptian gold Bennu pendant

Egyptian Bennu



Papyrus-Painting-of-a-Benu-Bird being worshiped in Egypt

Egyptian Bennu (phoenix) bird



hamburg germany rooster weathervane

Rooster weathervane, Hamburg



Interior of the Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Spain

Jordiferrer Wikipedia


There are numerous legends associated with the The Camino de Santiago, also known as the pilgrim’s “Way of Saint James”, involving the portents of rooster resurrection and crowing to prove a man’s innocence. One of the tales is of a young German pilgrim in the 14th Century, who was framed with the theft of a silver cup for shunning the advances of a Spanish girl. He met the gallows for his misfortune and only survived this ordeal with divine assistance and the timely arrival of his parents who saw he was still alive. On pleading with the magistrate while he was dining, who claimed he was no more alive than the roast bird on his table, as too much time had passed.  At this juncture. the rooster got up, fluffed its plume, which had miraculously returned, and began to dance and crow which led to the pilgrims rescue and freedom.

To this day they have kept live roosters at the Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada in honour of this legend.



Chinese peacock plate

Peacock plate, China




Rooster ceramic jug-Mitchell-Grafton

Folk Art pottery rooster jug – Mitchell Grafton




Constantin Brancusi, Cock,



Sargadelos stylized rooster jug/ewer

Sargadelos ceramic rooster jug/ewer




rene lalique cockerel tiara gold

Rene Lalique cockerel tiara




Aldo Londo Rimini Blue Bitossi Rooster



Marcello Fantoni mid century ceramic rooster

Marcello Fantoni, Italy





Areté-Collection---George-Sellers white bisque peacock

George Sellers white bisque peacock – Areté Collection



Plumed tail cockerel statue by Roger Capron

Stylized plume tail cockerel – Roger Capron



Red twin rooster head vase - AV Smith

Twin rooster head vase – A.V.Smith Pottery




 Tatiana Ryaboushinskaya as Golden Cockerel  – projected shadows as set design

Ballet Russes -1938



Colorful Ceramic Rooster cookie Jar

Rooster Cookie Jar




Two glass roostersBilly-&-Katie-Bernstein

A pair of glass rooster figurines – Billy & Katie Bernstein



Red, brown-and-black-cockerel ceramic sculpture ---Joe-Lawrence

Cockerel ceramic sculpture — Joe Lawrence




Jean Lucrat stylized rooster ceramic tile

Jean Lucrat ceramic stylized Rooster tile




Sculpture-by-the-Sea,-Bondi,-Australia-2012 Rooster sculpture

Copper Rooster

Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, Australia 2012




Fontainebleau-ceramic rooster in red and white

Ceramic Rooster Fontainebleau

Osenat Auctions



Twin peacock bronze vase, China

Chinese twin peacock bronze  vase




Majestic cockerel ceramic figural sculpture

Majestic decorative ceramic rooster




Vase with large rooster motif  – Roger Capron




‘Cockerel’ –  British artist Breon O’Casey (1928-2011). Bronze/ black patina, 62 cm high.

via Mutual Art




Delphin Massier ceramic Rooster

‘Crowing Rooster’ – Delphin Massier




two dancing-cockerels -by-Joe-lawrence

Dancing Cock by Joe Lawrence




david-galchutt His-morning-strut Rooster painting

‘His Morning Strut’ watercolor illustration by David Galchutt, California



Ceramic hen piggy bank

Ceramic hens piggy banks



Joan Miro coq disk

‘Coq Disque’ – Joan Miro



Edmond-Lachenal-ceramique cockerel

Crowing ceramic rooster — Edmond Lachenal



Georges-Jouve-Sculpture,-1952 - abstract rooster

Black abstract rooster – Georges Jouve Sculpture




garden-cockerel-bronze-resin strutting cockerel

Strutting Rooster resin/bronze sculpture – Brian Hollingworth.





Rooster vase by Nan Hamilton

Four Roosters vase – Nan Hamilton




Harriet-Barb-Keith-fine detail mosaic art rooster

Harriet Barb Keith



sascha-brastoff-green and gold rooster

Teal green and gold rooster – Sascha Brastoff

17 inches tall



Waylande Gregory Studios. USA




Meissen Cruet and Mustard Pot with male and female figures riding roosters

Meissen Cruet and Mustard Pot




Portuguese rooster statue in Porto

Porto street rooster statue—Portugal

The Rooster of Barcelos (Portuguese, “Galo de Barcelos“) is one of the most common emblems of Portugal also celebrating the story of the rooster resurrection.




Meiji-multi-metal-Okimono---Rooster,on red rock

Meiji multi metal Okimono—Rooster



Jason-Walker, rooster sculpture

Jason Walker – ‘Cage Free Capitalism’





Peacock mantle clock – Jay Strongwater



Ken Sedberry contemporary rooster sculpture

Contemporary ceramic rooster sculpture – Ken Sedberry, NC



Rooster lady by kristian-schuller

Photography by Kristian Schuller



Large-black Cockerel sculpture by-B-O'Casey

Large Cockerel, Spain

Photo –  B. O’Casey



Irving Penn photograph of Lisa Fonssagrives




Large ceramic peacock – Minton

Walker gallery, Liverpool, UK



Red phoenix figurine - mkmack- etsy

Red and gold phoenix – Mkmack, etsy




ArtDecor24 peacock vase

Art Nouveau peacock vase

ArtDecor24. Poland



Peacock statue  – Phillip Jacksons garden, Sussex



Roger Capron sculpture - abstract lady bust with rooster hat

Roger Capron sculpture bust



Phoenix sculpture at Saint Pauls

Phoenix at St Paul’s Cathedral – underneath it says ‘Resurgam’, latin for reborn



Trevor-Askin abstract phoenix

Abstract Phoenix bronze sculpture – Trevor Askin




Dan-Pogue bronze phoenix sculpture

Bronze phoenix sculpture – Dan Pogue, Texas

height 22 inches


phoenix rising Atlanta park statue

Phoenix rising, ‘Atlanta from the Ashes’

Woodruff Park

This sculpture was designed by James Siegler, of Houston, Texas, but it was both sculpted and fabricated in Italy, by Gamba Quirino, and Feruccia Vezzoni, respectively



Graham Radcliffe phoenix rising sculpture

Phoenix Sculpture Garden by Graham Radcliffe

Mount Glorious, QLD



‘Pioneer Woman With Rooster’,  – Carl Milles – 1946





Polia-Pillin--- blue Bottle-with-Three-Roosters

Rooster bottle – Polia Pillin





Qing Dynasty Green Glaze Peacock bottle





Raku Chicken – -Hippopottermiss@deviantART





Oxblood glaze rooster – Royal Haeger



Mid Century Rooster-by-Perignem

Mid Century Rooster by Perignem, Brussels, 1970

Wouter Harvey



Cristine-Boyd black and white roosters platter.

Cristine Boyd – black / white sgraffito roosters platter




Sarah-Farrelly-»-»-Ceramics-Cockerel in red, black and white

Ceramic Cockerel sculpture- Sarah Farrelly




Red Ceramic Peacock – Vintage, USA




Sally White porcelain rooster riding a horse

Sally Hook – ‘Year Of Rooster’




NEXT POST — Pottery destination Southern France – Le Don du Fel


Edgy clay art



pirate jug Michael Grafton

” ‘av’ a swig me matey” – Michael Grafton


Contemporary grotesque wares, edgy ceramics, confrontational clays, provocative porcelains all conjuring up a mud mayhem designed to command your attention. Challenging times can trigger artistic impulses where more audacious, uninhibited creativity seeks an outlet and the market readily responds. Disturbware that can be unnerving, sometimes humorous, maybe illuminating, possibly ugly or even brilliantly conceived and just so original you are taken aback by the level of creativity and innovation. Art pieces of protest that are deliberately antagonistic to make a poignant statement so the message gets through. Ground breaking art whose time has arrived to announce a new direction or an artist indulging some fantasy or expressing a personal narrative with strong convictions. Edgy arts cover many possibilities.

I enjoy seeing the works of the following ceramic artists for their edgy narratives and styles expressed with originality, spontaneity and pure abandon.


Sergei Isupov teapot



abstract alien creature sculpture - Michael Lucero

Michael Lucero, California





Micheal Lucero – ‘She Devil’ 

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Photo by Lee Fatherree




Inna-Olshansky wall art female head

Inna Olshansky, Israel



Sculpture bust -- the_message_orrery_D.L.-Marian

‘The Message Orrery’ – D.L. Marian

36″ tall free-standing life-size fiberglass prop with sculpted features. lacquer wood base. glass eyes. Planets have been added to head with copper wire, rusted metal sun crown. Alien writings adorn her body giving us that unknown message or warning.

Dark Creation


colourful ceramic-sculpture of a seated woman holding a pot by Viola Frey

Viola Frey




Viola-Frey falling man in a suit ceramic sculpture

‘Falling Man In Suit’, Viola-Frey




Carol Gentithes


To me, art is a visual language. The origins of my artistic language emanate from life’s experiences, readings of literature and mythology, and visual interpretations of art history. Often this language focuses on the absurdity, the unpredictability and the unruliness of life. Like a classical language, the vocabulary that I create has many layers of meaning. I leave it with the viewers to derive their personal interpretations.



Carol-Gentithes-sculpture of a fish headed torso in a large sgell

‘Thirst of Venus’  – Carol Gentithes




Carol-Gentithes--Sea-Creature sculpture

Sea Creatures – Carol Gentithes




Carol-Gentithes---Flickr---Piedmont-Craftsmen-Marriage sculpture

Carol Gentithes – ‘Marriage’



Poisdon sculpture by Carol-Gentithes

‘Poisdon’ sculpture by Carol Gentithes




Carol Gentithes seated in chair photo portrait

Carol Gentithes


Fred Johnston


I question how I can extend the tradition of pottery. What can I contribute? I am not interested in pots that are mindless, shallow imitations and replications of the past. I believe in the idea of cross-fertilization and playfulness. The mixing and matching of different cultures, motifs and art styles are fertile ground, a place to cultivate.


Fred-Johnston ovoid plate

‘Woman with pierced tongue’– Fred Johnston




Ceramic til;e square Woman-dancing-with-Guinea-Hen by Fred-Johnston

‘Woman dancing with Guinea Hen’ — Fred Johnston ceramic tile



Suzy Birstein


 Suzy studied dance while absorbing Hollywood musicals, film noire and the mysteries of Rembrandt. As an adult, she’s been seduced by the sensuous spontaneity of working with Clay, Colour and the essence of Romance. Suzy’s imagery is a marriage of her childhood and adult influences. The figure dominates her work. She is compelled to create archetypal icons which embrace the power of Ancient and contemporary World cultures, overlaid with the spirit of song and dance.


‘Beauty Bountiful’ – Suzy Birstein




Notorious-figure sculpture by Suzy-Birstein-

Suzy Birstein-~-‘Notorious’


Who-are-you-really..Suzy-Birstein - painting of lady holding a bird with a rabbit in her hair

‘Who are you really’ – Suzy Birstein



‘In Wonderland’–Suzy Birstein

Height 24″


Suzy-Birstein contemporary sculpture bust

‘Moon Lights up the Night’ – Suzy Birstein




Suzy Birstein




Suzy Birstein ceramic bust sculpture

‘d Ivoire Duet singin’–til there was you..’  – Suzy Birstein




Suzy-Birstein ceramic totem sculpture

‘Get The Sweet Beat’ – Suzy Birstein





Click image to expand


“I cannot speak too highly of my experience with Suzy’s ceramics course on Skopelos Island.  Working with clay in that magical setting overlooking the turquoise  Aegean Sea was one of the highlights of my artistic life. The people of Skopelos are welcoming and hospitable.
Your  MUSE AWAITS YOU on the green island. ” —   Jackie Conradi-Robertson (Painter)




 Robert Bricker




‘Aspiration’ – Robert Bricker

Robert Bricker—“The ceramic vase is 5 years young, a complete improvisation, based on the seed crystal of a female model saying that this session was her last, that she would be flying away. Thus I drew the flying female figure thema. This vase is from an exhibition called “Deep In Shallow Thoughts’.”




Pantheon Urn – Robert Bricker



Robert Bicker




Ceramic tile – Robert Bricker



Mattie Leeds


Mattie Leeds has been making pottery full time for 42 years. He studied classical Chinese painting with Y.C. Chaing, a master of Chinese arts, he studied pottery with Michael Frimkiss, a renowned potter and student of Peter Voulkos.

Mattie’s work is bold, colorful and expressive. The pieces are large- many over 5 feet tall, and the sheer volume of their surfaces gives him a freedom that the two dimensional surface of a canvas lacks. The bold figurative schemes dance around a surface that has no beginning and no end, but is a continuous statement as the viewer circles the object. Like free-standing sculpture, every side is luscious. Some of the pots speak of the 10 years he spent studying Chinese painting and calligraphy, while others are a montage of figures and design, merging colors and emotion.


Mattie-Leeds ceramic lidded jar abstract painted decoration

‘The Bomb’ – Mattie Leeds





yellow. blue and red lidded jar - Mattie Leeds

‘Woman with Yellow Face’ — Mattie Leeds




Mattie-Leeds twin handled vase with a woman showing her hands

Mattie Leeds  – ‘Hands’



Hands series Vase  – Mattie Leeds



Hands series Vase  – Mattie Leeds



Mattie-Leeds-Space-Monster ceramic sculpture

‘Space Monster’ – Mattie Leeds




ceramic sculpture abstract wave - Mattie Leeds

‘Wave’ – Mattie Leeds




Heartmonster grotesque ceramic sculpture

‘Heartmonster’ –  Mattie Leeds




ceramic gourd vase by Mattie Leeds

‘Grand’ – Mattie Leeds




Mattie Leeds-portrait photo

Mattie Leeds



Janet-Smith--Mixed-media sculpyutr

‘Chip off the old block’ – Janet Smith



Michael-Corney cat head vase

Michael Corney

Schaller Gallery



Hinrich Kroger


Hinrich Kroger


Hinrich Kroger



Hinrich Kroger



Laura Jean McLaughlin


Full-time artist in Pittsburgh, PA who loves to work with ceramics, printmaking, mosaics, paintings and cast iron. I come from a family of 11 children and was always encouraged to play, which I still do quite a bit of. Laura Jean McLaughlin received an MFA in ceramics from West Virginia University. Laura Jean’s work has been exhibited in over one hundred galleries and museums



Laura-Jean-McLaughlin---Down-to-the-River sculpture bust

Laura Jean McLaughlin — ‘Down to the River’



Ceramic plate -Laura-Jean-McLaughlin

Sgraffito dish — Laura Jean McLaughlin




Red hair girl with duck nesting on her head sculpture --Laura-Jean-McLaughlin

‘Nest’ – Laura Jean McLaughlin




Decorative sgraffito wall plate – ‘Joy Ride’ — Laura Jean McLaughlin



Laura-Jean-McLaughlin--Entangled ceramic sculpture

Laura Jean McLaughlin — ‘Entangled’



sgraffito vase Laura-Jean-McLaughlin-

Laura Jean McLaughlin




sgraffito wall plate Laura Jean McLaughlin

Laura Jean McLaughlin



Laura Jean McLaughlin with her cat Mojo



Jenny Orchard

A maker of beguiling clay mutation sculptures, Jenny Orchard is a contemporary artist, living and working in Sydney. She has travelled a unique path of making figurative hybrid ceramics called Zookiniis or Interbeings, totemic forms and vessels since the early 1980’s.

See more of Jenny’s fascinating art here



'Dandy Tiger Vase' by Jenny Orchard - 2013

‘Dandy Tiger Vase’ by Jenny Orchard – 2013




jenny-orchard-weeds-and-ghosts Sculpture in the garden

Jenny Orchard – ‘Weeds and ghosts’



Jenny Orchard ceramic ‘Zookini’s’



Kitty---ceramic-&-resin---Jenny-Orchard - mutation sculpture

‘Kitty’ – Jenny Orchard




Monumental hand painted glass vase by Lea Bartneck


Kevin Snipes


Kevin Snipes is interested in duality, vessels and containers with stories, his ceramics have multiple layers of meaning and provocative narratives.


Kevin-Snipes ceramic plate with a boxer image

Kevin Snipes ‘Boxer’ Plate




‘Kicking The Cat’  – Kevin Snipes



Keri Joy Colestock


Keri-Joy-Colestock multi media sculpture

Keri Joy Colestock – ‘Out Of This World’



Keri Joy Colestock – Multi Media sculpture



Grayson Perry


“I’m not an innovator, ceramic-wise. I use very traditional forms, techniques and it’s merely the carrier of the message. That’s how I want to keep it. But I’m always aware that it’s a pot. It’s not like I take it for granted. I’m always aware that I’m working on a vase and what that means” A master of the incongruous juxtaposition, Grayson Perry scrawls savage satirical messages alongside sentiments of nostalgia for lost innocence.




‘Ceramics Void Vase’ – Grayson Perry



‘Cries of London’  – Grayson Perry



Grayson-Perry,-The-Frivolous-baluster vase


‘The Frivolous vase’ – Grayson Perry




Grayson-Perry ceramic vase

Grayson Perry



Gerardo Monterrubio


For millennia, numerous cultures have used the ceramic medium to record their existence. From these artifacts, we can form an understanding and various interpretations of the cultural paradigms, sociopolitical practices, mythologies, and the human experience of the worlds that created them. It is this anthropological aspect that propels my work in its creative endeavor, using the forms as vehicles to compose linear and fragmented narratives. Altered by the imagination, memory, and the like, my work engages the idea of recording selected aspects of contemporary society, composing moments and spaces for mystery, speculation, and wonder, in methods as old and universal as human creativity itself.



teardrop vessel named Sadgirl -Gerardo-Monterrubio

Teardrop ceramic vessel – ‘Sadgirl’ – Gerardo Monterrubio




Gerardo-Monterrubio-urban narrative vessel`

Urban narrative ceramic sculpture – Gerardo Monterrubio



George Lafayette


George Lafayette




George Lafayette – ‘Dream Catcher’




Elvira-Bach lady with an orange serpent

Elvira Bach –  Series: The Other Eva



hathor sculpture by the Popovy sisters

Hathor and Basnet – Popovy sisters



Kurt Weiser teapot with lizard and female face

Kurt Weiser teapot




Crane Rider-sculpture by Sun-Koo-Yuh

‘Crane Rider’ by Sun Koo Yuh

Mindy Solomon Gallery



Clemens-Briels cubist female figure sculpture

Clemens Briels





jonislittledolls – etsy




Catch-of-the-Day-ceramic teapot by-Natasha-Dikareva

‘Catch of the Day’ – Natasha Dikareva

SNAart Gallery



Akio Takamori


“Often when working I feel the need and seek out ways to counterbalance Western and Eastern civilisation. Visually the contrast can be quite harmonious or is intended to jar and create unease.”



Akio-Takamori-nude Japanese female bather looking in her mirror

Akio Takamori – ‘Female Bather with Mirror’



Akio Takamori figure and head sculpture

Akio Takamori




Sculpture of three naked females

Akio Takamori



Alfajar, Malaga


Since 1994, Alfajar has been making stoneware and other clay ceramics at high temperature, with the most refined craftsmanship. The surface is most carefully treated with metallic oxides applied with a fine brush and glazed at a very high temperature.



Alfajar Botella tension




Alfajar-semi circular bottle with short spout and abstract female nude





Marni Gable



NEXT POST  —  Rooster, peacock, phoenix – new dawn rising


Israeli potter sculpture


Two established Israeli ceramicists, both natives of Tel Aviv, who have similar styles, in that their art pieces exude much warmth and are highlighted with rich colours and an intrinsic creativity.  Inna Olshansky’s sculpture figures display character and humor, while the ceramic art of Shamai Sam Gibsh favors a grounded, earthy appearance. They both operate their own studio/galleries.


Shamai Sam Gibsh

“I get inspiration from my environment and surroundings. Jaffa, a 10,000 years old port city, a part of Tel-Aviv in Israel – is very old and full of history with its colors and textures, unique architecture and multinational populace that has a big influence on me. My sculptural work has been inspired by the life in Israel, the political situation in Israel, as well as my recent travels to China and Korea.

Typically I burnish and cover with terra sigilata, at times I use copper and soluble salts (Metal chlorides like silver, gold, cobalt), and saggar fired inside clay vessels with organic materials, typically pine needles.”



[email protected]



Terra-Sigillata-Iron-Chloride-Saggar sculpture by Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

‘Looking Through #3’ – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Saggar-firing-Terra-sigillata-Mungyeong-Teabowl by Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

‘Mungyeong Teabowl’ by Shamai Sam Gibsh



Shamai San Gibsh-Saggar-firing-Terra-sigillata-Box-2013

Saggar fired Terra sigillata Box – Shamai Sam Gibsh




Shamai-Sam-Gibsh-ceramic cup

 Soda Reduction Cup –  Shamai Sam Gibsh



 Shamai San Gibsh - Soda---Reduction-Container

Footed and faceted soda reduction container – Shamai Sam Gibsh



 Shamai San Gibsh wood smoke fired urn

 Shamai Sam Gibsh – wood smoke fired urn



Tosic-naked-raku sculpture - Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

Tosic naked raku sculpture –  Shamai Sam Gibsh



 Shamai Sam Gibsh -Smoke-firing-Tea-Bowl

 Smoke fired Tea Bowl – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Footed ceramic bowl Shamai San Gibsh

Footed soda reduction bowl – Shamai Sam Gibsh




Shamai-Sam-Gibsh-Ceramic-Smoke-firing sculpture

”Slices’  – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Smoke-firing-Naked-Raku vase - Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

Naked Raku vessel – Shamai Sam Gibsh




Smoke-firing-Bird-on-a-steep-slope by Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

Smoke fired ‘Bird on a steep slope’ – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Shamai Sam Gibsh -- Smoke-fired vessel with lid

Lidded raku vessel – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Shamai Sam Gibsh ceramic urn - rust colour with gold lid

Ochre coloured urn, gold lid – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Ceramic cone sculpture Shamai Sam Gibsh

Raku cone with geometrical patterns – Shamai Sam Gibsh




Shamai-Sam-Gibsh-sculpture of Floating Disk

‘Floating Disk’ – Shamai Sam Gibsh




Turquoise and crimson vessel with a lid -- Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

Lidded raku container – -Ceramic-raku-fired-box



Ceramic-raku-fired-box by -Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

Round lidded vessel, landscape vista raku – Shamai Sam Gibsh



lidded urn with abstract decoration - Shamai Sam Gibsh

Lidded Urn — Shamai Sam Gibsh




‘Looking Through #2’ sculpture –   Shamai Sam Gibsh

Terra Sigillata Iron Chloride Saggar


Raku baking reduction with Shamai Sam Gibsh




Shamai Sam Gibsh - wood fired ceramic box

Raku lidded box – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Shamai Sam Gibsh footed raku bowl

Shamai Sam Gibsh footed raku bowl




Shamai Sam Gibsh photo portrait

Shamai Sam Gibsh


‘Bodyblaze’ – Shamai Gibsh solo exhibition at Periscope Gallery in Tel Aviv April 6th 2017

Ben Yehuda St 174, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel



Shamai-Sam-Gibsh - abstract ceramic art

Shamai Sam Gibsh – ‘Bodyblaze #10′




Shama Sam Gibsh – ‘Bodyblaze #10′



Shamai Sam Gibsh website 



Inna Olshansky


“I was born in Russia and explored many different mediums and techniques prior to deciding to specialize in clay and oil painting. After obtaining a degree at Tashkent , I developed my own way of expression , while at the same time , continuing to demonstrate a broad free style . In 1993 I moved to Israel and opened “Inna Ol’shansky Art” , a gallery-boutique in Tel Aviv .
I work very intuitively. Starting with a raw idea or concept, I usually have only a vague, nebulous collection of ideas before I begin. As I set up the structure of the sculpture, the vision becomes more real and solid in my mind… the elements I want to use, the overall look of the form… the attitude of the head, the expression and shape of the face all start to become more solid in my imagination. Once one part of the design is confirmed, this leads to the next element followed by the next. Until I get my hands on the clay, I am never sure exactly what the end result will be. My way of working is to be guided by my instincts and to let the flow of ideas take me where they will. The evolution of ideas, shapes, forms, technical challenges, and design elements constantly circulate through my mind until connections start to be made and the art comes through.”


Inna-Olshansky-modernist cat sculptures

Inna Olshansky ceramic cats




Bronze ram sculpture – Inna Olshansky



Inna-Olshansky red ceramic bull

Inna Olshansky




Inna-Olshansky; ceramic animal sculpture

‘Creature #1’ — Inna Olshansky



Inna Olshansky




Inna-Olshansky ceramic horse

Inna Olshansky



Inna Olshansky Israeli ceramicist

Inna Olshansky



Inna Olshansky



Inna Olshansky abstract head sculpture

Inna Olshansky




Inna Olshansky cat sculpture abstract style

Inna Olshansky



Inna Olshansky smiling ceramic cow sculpture with orange and white stripes

Inna Olshansky smiling cow sculpture



Inna Olshansky smiling ceramic cow sculpture female bust in rainbow colours

Female ceramic bust – Inna Olshansky




Red and white jester – Inna Olshansky



Green and white Ceramic wall mask - Inna Olshansky

Ceramic face vase –  Inna Olshansky




Ceramic wall mask - Inna Olshansky

Ceramic wall mask –  Inna Olshansky



Ceramic animnal - Inna Olshansky

  Inna Olshansky



Ceramic horse –  Inna Olshansky



 Inna Olshansky ceramic bottle with floral decoration

Quad footed ceramic bottle – floral decoration –   Inna Olshansky




co-joined ceramic horses by Inna-Olshansky

Inna Olshansky



Abstract polychrome ‘Nude Female Torso #1’ – Inna Olshansky



Inna Olshansky website→







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Mother and child sculptures




Egyptian-figure-vase New Kingdom, mid-Dynasty 18 1435–1380 B.C.


I am featuring Lindy Lawler first up in this article because her ceramic art has recently been inclined toward a mother/goddess orientation and the act of honoring the feminine principle that pervades most ancient cultures.

Lindy Lawler uses the matriarchal dynamic, ancient teachings, traditions and philosophies to explore various artistic interpretations of the mother in her clay sculptures and imbibes them with her subtle understanding of this principal. Using the language of art she honours feminine wisdom and rites of passage while maintaining a connection to the universality of mother lore and intuitive wisdom. The subtle bonds of sisterhood are reinforced in her art, which embraces the pure simplicity of the ancient forms and the power of their associated symbols. Indigenous knowledge and cultural diversity might bring differences but they rarely stray from this ubiquitous theme of the mother.


Cucuteni-Inspired-Mother-Goddess cerramic figurine - Lindy Lawler

Cucuteni Inspired Mother Goddess figurine – Lindy Lawler

The deeper essence of this feminine instinct has remained intact, but requires continual reverence and celebration to nurture, reveal and protect it. Mother Earth, the Earth Mother, Pacha Mama (Mother ‘Universe’), Gaia, Mother Nature, the Mother Goddess have a common foundation in all ancient cultures. Archetypical mother figures like Curandera the Mexican Goddess, Hina – The Polynesian Moon Goddess, Kuan Yin, Cucuteni Inspired Mother Goddess, Oshun and numerous others represented fertility, healing, abundance, folklore, spirituality, sustenance, insight and wisdom. Aa a focal point of devotion and respect, they were a formidable source of unity and reassurance.
The image of a mother with a child touches the core of this tradition and has been explored by many artists. For some, their own mothers were the source of their inspiration while others expanded it to embrace a more universal presence. Sometimes this relationship was complex, but for most their early years were blessed with a mutual mother/child worship and this is the prevailing impression of a sacred bond that permeates most of the sculptures following this theme.
The male is separate from the female in most traditional images as this reinforces the independence of the male and recognizes the inner sanctum of the female, a temple of yin divinity, solace and mystery.


Quechua Pachamama Mother and Baby statue by Lindy-Lawler

‘Quechua Pachamama Mother and Baby’ statue –  Lindy Lawler



hawaiian figurines mother and child - ,Lindy Lawler

Tahitian mother and child statues – Lindy Lawler




Lindy Lawler ceramic Zulu Mamma figure sculpture

‘Zulu Mamma’Lindy Lawler



Green Kuan Yin goddess statue by Lindy Lawler

Kuan Yin – Lindy Lawler




Market day – Lindy Lawler



Virgen-de-Guadalupe-Goddess - Lindy Lawler turquoise ceramic goddess sculpture

Virgen de Guadalupe Goddess – Lindy Lawler



Henry Moore, British sculptor -- mother child semi abstract form

Henry Moore



reclining mother child sculpture - in green parklands

Bronze mother child abstract sculpture – DZ Sculptures



Abstract bronze Emotion-sculpture-by-artist-Rosamond-Lloyd

‘Emotion’ sculpture by artist Rosamond Lloyd




Corrado-Cagli and Mazzotti Italian plate

Mazzotti Italian plate painted by Corrado Cagli




Michele-Ludwiczak African woman hoilding child sculpture

Michele Ludwiczak, France




Mother-&-Child-street sculpture by Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson sculpture – Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, Ellesmere Port, England





A painting of the statue of Our Lady of Candelaria, venerated on the island of Tenerife as patroness of the Canary Islands.

Artist –  Cristóbal Hernández de Quintana.



Woodruff Nash mother holding child bust - Women with green headscarf holding a baby

Woodruff Nash mother holding child bust



Beatrice-Hoffman bust sculpture-titled-'Mother-and-Child

 ‘Mother and Child’ (VersionTwo)’ –  Beatrice Hoffman




Artist Giulia Madonia – ‘Madonna with the child’ – Original sculpture in painted clay.

Made in 2010



Jean Louis Toutaine park sculpture, Toulouse, France



Roger Capron mother holding child sculpture

Roger Capron, France




Photography by Lillian Bassman





Giorgio Andreoli 1530 Dish – Madonna Child



abstract sculpture women holding a child

Abstract Mother with child sculpture – artist?

Carburry Antiques




Hepworth's Mother and Child (1934), made of pink ancaster stone

Barbara Hepworth’s ‘Mother and Child’ (1934), made of pink ancaster stone




Street sculpture - Mother and Child -by Maurice Lambert - Basildon

‘Mother and Child’ -by Maurice Lambert  – Basildon, Essex




Mother Child - Cris Pereby being inspired by the Egyptian sculpture and Camille Claudel.

 Cris Pereby is a Belgian sculptor inspired by the ancient Egyptian sculpture and Camille Claudel.



1905,-Gustav-Klimt painting

Gustav Klimt, 1905




Ben-Roth bronze mother child sculpture

Bronze Mother Child sculpture by Ben Roth




Wooden maternity-figure-from-the-Luluwa-people,

Woodcarved Congo maternity figure



Mother holding a child sculpture by Bonnie Friereich

Bonnie Freireich



cazaux-edouard vase with mother feeding child motif

Edourde Cazaux vase



MExican Mother Child figure 12 century

Mother /child figure – Mexico, Mesoamerica. Culture: Tlatilco

12th–9th century B.C.





Dame Barbara Hepworth, Mother and Child, 1934

Cumberland alabaster on marble base




Donatello - Madonna and child sculpture

Donatello—(Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi) — Italian–15th century



Female figure nursing an infant, terracotta clay figure sculpture

Female figure nursing an infant, Central Highlands, Mexico, c. 350-550



Greek-terracotta-statue from-Tanagra

Terracotta figurines of women with their everyday attire and adornments, 2nd century BC,

Pella archaeological museum (Macedonia, Greece)



Hana-Orlova mother child sculpture 1925

Hana Orlova sculpture





Maiolica di Castelli, ‘Lavoro dei Progenitori’

1700-50 ca

Museo della Casa Fiorentina Antica—Palazzo Davanzati




henry_moore abstract mother and child sculpture

Mother and Child sculpture _ Henry Moore




Egyptian ISis and Horus statue

Egyptian Isis nursing Horus sculpture



Jean Louis Toutain sculpture Mother and child sea5ted on a bench in Blagnac

Jean Louis Toutain sculpture, Blagnac, Toulouse



Jean-Louis-Toutain public sculpture in Toulouse

Jean Louis Toutain sculpture, Blagnac, Toulouse



Mid-Century-Modern-Ceramic bust

Mid Century mother/child ceramic sculpture bust



Jean Louis Toutain, Artigues près Bordeaux, France

Panoramio © All Rights Reserved by YMV



Jean-Pierre-Augier-french-sculptor - A hooded lady walking with two girls

Jean Pierre Augier — France





Mother & Child Sculpture on the Bullfinch Lawn, Massachusetts General Hospital





Josep-Sanchez-Carrasco black stone sculpture

Josep Sanchez Carrasco




Lorenzo-Ghiberti-Mary and Child sculpture detail

Lorenzo Ghiberti


Mother-And-Child-street sculpture,Olomouc,-Czech-Republic

Mother And Child  street sculpture

Olomouc, Czech Republic



Martha-Pettigrew mother holding child statue

“La Familia” by Martha Pettigrew




Statue of Virgin Mary by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle

Statue of Virgin Mary by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle

 Church of St Eustache, Paris




Mother-and-Child sculpture-12th--13th-century

Turquoise ceramic figure   Mother and Child 12th–13th-century, Iran




Shimon Drory mother child sculpture

Simon Dror – Mother playing with child



Sam-Shendi contemporary sculpture

Sam Shendi abstract Mother Child sculpture




Northern India sandstone statue

Carved sandstone statue, North India



Han-Meilin sculpture - mother lying on back holding up child

Han Meilin sculpture


Madonna and Child on wood

Madonna and Child on wood



Ruth and Raymond G. Perelman wall relief sculpture -- Building of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Art Deco wall relief Mother and child –  Ruth and Raymond G. Perelman

Building of the Philadelphia Museum of Art




‘The child is there’, Le Corbusier




Luca-della-Robbia sculpture of Madonna and Jesus

Luca della Robbia sculpture of Madonna and Jesus

Photo-  Tomasso Brothers Fine Art



Edouard Cazaux ovoid vase with Jesus nativity scene

The Annunciation and the Nativity – ovoid earthenware vase – Edouard Cazaux

1960 – Camard Auctioneers




-Vanessa-Pooley Mother with child sculpture

Vanessa Pooley




hexagonal glass plaque

Hexagonal plaque – The Guild of Glass Engravers, 2012





Wall decoration by Oswald Tieberghien. Mother with child



Walter-Kirtland-Hancock mother holding her child sculpture

Walter Kirtland Hancock




Witte Museum, San Antonio - mother / child sculpture

Witte Museum, San Antonio,Texas



African mother holding baby by sculptor Nnamdi-Okonkwo

Nigerian sculptor Nnamdi Okonkwo



William-Ellisworth Artis sculpture of a mother holding a child

William Ellisworth Artis



Simoriro-Chikuruwo abstract mother with baby carved stone sculpture

‘Exercising Baby’ — Shona sculpture – Simoriro Chikuruwo




Mid Century Madonna -child sculpture by Alexsander-Danel - Austin

Alexsander Danel madonna child sculpture for for Austin Productions





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