Alice Federico’s pottery whimsy


Alice Federico footed-vase wabi sabi

Twin handled footed vase – Alice Federico



Alice Federico adheres to forms that tend to abandon pure symmetry and are slightly askew, while maintaining the grandeur of  tall and stately classical shapes. Large and playful handles, extended lips, unpredictable folds and cascading ribbon handles add to the character of her pottery art. Her coarse surface textures and faded glazes manifest the allure of an artifact from antiquity weathered by time. Merging the appearance of functional and sculptural with the innate gracefulness of the traditional pottery forms elevates the charm of her pottery art. She indulges a sense of playfulness that was instilled in her by her first teacher, Rita Marlier, to create expressive, whimsical, animated pieces which are pulled, twisted and wrapped into curious shapes. Sculptural in emphasis, but still posing a relationship to the vessel, the pot form.
Historical pots have always had an influence on her work, including Chinese Sung ware, Greek vases, and Italian folk work. It comes as no surprise to learn that she trained as a historian at Hollins University (1967), before doing her MFA in ceramics from East Carolina University (1977), as well as a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute (1983). Sometimes she uses anagama Japanese-style wood-fired kilns in Montana for her flamboyant pottery wares.

I’ve added some pottery from Linda Hoffhines as she also creates forms that ooze character and have spontaneous, colourful shapes and bold textures that project attitude, whimsy and humor.


Alice Federico


Alice Federico,-footed-planter

Alice Federico, footed planter


Large ribbon handled vessel – Alice Federico

height 13.5 inches

George Billis Gallery



Three slender and tall ceramic vases - Alice-Federico

Three slender and tall ceramic vases – Alice Federico



Alice Federico-hand-painted-vase with flared lip

Alice Federico hand painted vase



Alice-Federico--classical-styled-vessel with crackle glaze

Alice Federico–classical styled vessel with crackle glaze and long handles

George Billis Gallery



Alice-Federico white vase with elegant handles

Alice Federico – off-white vase with elegant handles



Footed ceramic vessel with asymmetrical handles

Footed ceramic vessel with asymmetrical handles –  – Alice Federico



green vase with winged handles - Alice Federico

Alice Federico



Skewed ceramic vase with blue handles - - Alice Federico

Skewed vase –  – Alice Federico



Alice-Federico=-bulbous vase with long neck

Alice Federico – bulbous vase with long neck



Tall ceramic baluster vase with long ribbon handles - Alice Federico

Tall ceramic vase with ribbon handles – Alice Federico

Height 17.5 inches – 1st Dibs



Alice-Federico9--No-!022 turquoise green vase

Celadon green vase — Alice Federico




Alice-Federico-footed-vessel with large handles

Alice Federico footed vessel



Alice-Federico tall vase with large base---Art-Essex-Gallery

Alice Federico tall vase with large flat handles

Art Essex Gallery



Alice-Federico-clay-art-textural vase

Alice Federico  —  tall vase with abstract textural surface



Alice Federico ceramic vessel

George Billis Gallery



Lucie Rie inspired baluster matt glaze vase  - Alice Federico

Lucie Rie inspired baluster vase  – Alice Federico



Alice-Federico-red-vase with coarse texture

Alice Federico red vase with coarse texture





Alice Hohenberg Federico, vase, 2010

The Eleanor D. Wilson Museum




Footed bulbous vase with large handle – Alice Federico




Asymmetrical vase Alice Federico with ribbon handle

Asymmetrical vase – Alice Federico





Tall slender vase with sinuous handles – Alice Federico

2015  Work 20.5 inches



Vase with long flared base - Alice Federico

Classical form vase — Alice Federico

Art Essex Gallery



Alice-Federico-.ceramic vase

Alice Federico




Wide asymmetrical lipped vase - Alice Federico

 Asymmetrical wide lipped vase – Alice Federico



Alice-Frederico-ceramic-vase with large lip

Wide lipped baluster vase – Alice Federico



Alice Federice website



Linda Hoffhines


Linda Hoffhines, uses the vessel  “as a starting point,” she says, “but most of them end up intentionally unusable. I`ll start off with a regular pot, then I can`t resist putting a bunch of glazed shards in it.” “From Minoan to Italian pottery, through the eons, I’ve always liked the idea of making pottery and then decorating it a lot more than you have to.”* Hoffhines, obtained a master’s of fine arts in ceramics at Ohio State University


Linda-Hoffhines-lime green-ewer

Linda Hoffhines  —  tall lime green ewer


Linda-Hoffhines-flat-mosaic with vase shape

Linda Hoffhines flat mosaic with vase shape, encrusted with glazed shards



Linda-Hoffhines-blue-teapot with long spout

Linda Hoffhines blue teapot



Bright red ceramic teapot by Linda Hoffhine

Bright red ceramic teapot by Linda Hoffhine



zany ceramic vase by Linda Hoffhine

Linda Hoffhine



3 asymmetrical vases -- Linda Hoffhine

3 asymmetrical vases — Linda Hoffhine



Ceramic teapot -- Linda Hoffhine

Linda Hoffhine



Linda-Hoffhines-abstract-art painting

Linda Hoffhine painting



Linda Hoffhines-yellow-crowned teapot

Linda Hoffhines yellow crowned teapot



shockin pink teapot -- Linda Hoffhine

Linda Hoffhine pink teapot



Linda-Hoffhines-vase-and-teapot-yellow and orange

Linda Hoffhines vase and teapot



Linda Hoffhines abstract watercolour painting

Linda Hoffhines watercolour painting



Red triangle teapot - Linda Hoffhines with black paisley

Red triangle teapot – Linda Hoffhines


? Green spiral vase - Linda Hoffhines

Spiral vase – Linda Hoffhines



Linda Hoffhines instagram


*Chicago Tribune






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