Arthur Merric Boyd Pottery



Arthur Boyd (decorator)– Decanter set 1948 Earthenware

Arthur Merric Boyd Pottery, Murrumbeena, Melbourne (manufacturer)

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne



Stories in clay: Arthur Merric Boyd Pottery exbibition


Arthur Merric Boyd (AMB) pottery was established in 1944 by artists Arthur Boyd and John Perceval together with artist and philosopher Peter Herbst and was located at Murrumbeena in Melbourne. Commencing with the manufacture of functional domestic ware to meet post-war demands, the focus of the studio changed by the late 1940s with the production of more colourful, experimental and vibrant one-off earthenware pieces. Coffee and tea sets, bowls, carafes, plates, jugs, Decanter sets, vases and tiles applied to coffee tables, often decorated with angels, beasts, portraits, and Australian flora and fauna motifs emerged out of this collaborative, exuberant environment.

Works by major Australian artists Arthur Boyd, John Perceval, Neil Douglas, Yvonne Boyd and associated potters are on loan from the National Gallery of Victoria, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Shepparton Art Museum — SAM, Monash University Museum of Art and many private collections. A selection of earthenware tiles and ceramic sculptures by Arthur Boyd, John Perceval’s expressive ceramic angel sculptures conceived at AMB Pottery, bowls and other related works are included in this exhibition.


Running till 15th December 2019

Monday-Friday  10am-5pm,  Saturday-Sunday  1pm-5pm

WhereGlen Eira City Council Gallery, corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield

Admission free

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arthur-boyd-tea-service-1948Arthur Merric Boyd Pottery, Murrumbeena, Melbourne (manufacturer) - Arthur Boyd (potter and decorator) Tea service 1948

Arthur Boyd (potter and decorator) Tea Service

AMB – Arthur Merric Boyd Pottery




Arthur Merric Boyd Pottery, Murrumbeena, (manufacturer) Neil Douglas (potter and decorator) Decanter c.1950

 Neil Douglas (potter and decorator) Decanter

Arthur Merric Boyd Pottery



john-perceval-coffee-service-1956Arthur Merric Boyd Pottery, Murrumbeena, Melbourne (manufacturer) John Perceval (potter and decorator) Coffee service 1956

John Perceval (potter and decorator) Coffee service

Arthur Merric Boyd Pottery, AMB



John Perceval-cat platter

John Perceval cat platter



Mug with lyrebird and plant motifs---Neil Douglas---1952

Mug with lyrebird and plant motifs—hand painted by Neil Douglas—1952

AMB pottery


Carafe with two beakers---Decoration by Neil Douglas for AMB Pottery

Carafe with two beakers—Lyrebird decoration by Neil Douglas for AMB Pottery



large bowl AMB pottery

Large bowl – John Perceval and Neil Douglas for AMB Pottery



Woman on the phone-ceramic sculpture--Aurthur Boyd---1954

‘Woman on the phone’ – Aurthur Boyd




John Perceval potter,-Neil Douglas decoration--Bowl--1947

John Perceval potter, Neil Douglas decoration–Bowl

Arthur Merric Boyd Pottery



The Lute Player---John Perceval

‘The Lute Player’ — John Perceval

AMB Pottery


Aurthur Boyd large ceramic shard

Aurthur Boyd large ceramic shard



Authur Boyd, Mary Boyd, Doris Boyd, Yvonne Boyd, Neil Douglas, John Percevel tiled coffee table-top

Authur Boyd, Mary Boyd, Doris Boyd, Yvonne Boyd, Neil Douglas, John Percevel collaborative tiled coffee table-top



Neil Doduglas lyrebird pair plate

Neil Douglas twin lyrebird charger



Coffee table ceramic tiled inset---John Perceval---1951

Coffee table ceramic tiled inset—John Perceval




Other works by AMB and the Boyds beyond the exhibition



Arthur Boyd and John Percevil casserol pot

Arthur Boyd and John Percevil casserole pot – AMB



Merric Boyd pottery--ceramic pot

Merric Boyd (father of Arthur)–ceramic pot




Merric Boyd koala jug, hand modelled and underglaze-painted windswept tree motif and applied koala figure




Boyd Arthur_Ceramic Tile Baptism

Arthur Boyd  – Ceramic Tile ‘Baptism’



Merric Boyd bowl,-blue-and-cream-glaze,-interior-painted-with-bird's-nest,-exterior-with-birds-in-flight,-painted-by-Arthur-Boyd,

Merric Boyd bowl painted by Arthur Boyd




 Carafe thrown by Arthur Boyd and decorated by John Perceval when both were working at the AMB Pottery, Murrumbeena

circa 1946



Vase decorated by Doris Boyd-1938

Vase decorated by Doris Boyd




Merric Boyd-(1888-1950)-waisted cylindrical earthenware vase,-the-body-modelled-with-windswept-trees,-a-mottled-green-and-blue-ground-and-an-incised-signature-and-date-'1948'

Merric Boyd-(1888-1950) – waisted cylindrical earthenware vase



Merrick Boyd pottery vessel

Merrick Boyd pottery vessel



Ceramic pot with koala-Merric Boyd-1932

Ceramic pot with koala – Merric Boyd




Arthur Boyd-Boat builders, Eden

Arthur Boyd – ‘Boat builders, Eden’



Arthur Boyd Girl-asleep in a stream

Arthur Boyd — ‘Girl asleep in a stream’



Landscape near Yallourn,-(1957) by Arthur Boyd

‘Landscape near Yallourn’ – Arthur Boyd



Authur-Boyd-1945 photo by Albert Tucker

Authur Boyd in Murrumbeena studio,  photo by Albert Tucker




Related exhibitions at Glen Eira City Council Gallery,

Stories in Clay: Polly Boyd, Sally Boyd and Celia Perceval

8 NOVEMBER 2019 / 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM

Join artists Polly Boyd (daughter of Arthur Boyd and Yvonne Boyd), Sally Boyd (daughter of Guy Boyd) and and Celia Perceval (daughter of John Perceval and Mary Boyd) for a walk through the exhibition and a unique insight into the stories and history of the Arthur Merric Boyd (AMB) Pottery and the artists who worked there.

Stories in Clay: Kendrah Morgan

15 NOVEMBER 2019 / 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM

Join Heide Museum of Modern Art Senior Curator Kendrah Morgan for an engaging overview of the Arthur Merric Boyd (AMB) Pottery, Murrumbeena and the works in the collection of Heide Museum of Modern Art.


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