Pots and planters from medium to huge


Fratelli Fanciullacci grande vaso



Korean Large Porcelain Vase---Solvang Antiques----16-inches

Korean large ovoid porcelain vase

Height 16 inches

Solvang Antiques


An assortment of large ceramic vessels including some recent additions to the Atrelier Vierkant collection, large jars from Kate Johnson, monolithic sculpture vessels from the Nigerian/English artist Lawson Oyekan and bright colorful floor planters from the South African ceramic studio, Obbilgato. Also some classic Mid Century ceramic statements from Peter Voulkos, Fabio Leonardi, Gourju Naumovitch and Edwin and Mary Scheier and some pieces from antiquity.
Huge ceramic pots always evoke the ancient pottery traditions of decorating Mediterranean courtyards and doorways, or for utilitarian purposes necessitating large sizes for grain storage, wine vessels and storage of oils and liquids.  They were also a popular feature for 19th century Victorian hallways, fireplaces and gardens. Matching pottery pieces of large dimensions are always effective for creating a sense of symmetry and balance and for highlighting architectural features and entrances. Large pots provide a grounded reassurance and their curvaceous forms are usually very complimentary when used for botanical displays.




Loutrophoros Hydria with Wedding Procession

Height 27 inches — 480–460BC  —  Museum Fine Arts Houston



Large 14inch-b-Andy Smith Covered Vase-North Carolina

Andy Smith Covered Vase, North Carolina, USA

Height 14 inches



Felicity Aylieff- monumental pot-Bath, UK

Felicity Aylieff monumental pot



Felicity Aylieff posing with her monumental ceramic pots

Felicity Aylieff posing with her monumental ceramic pottery




Still Life with Jars, Fruits and Cherry Blossom,-2012--Felicity Aylieff

‘Still Life with Jars, Fruits and Cherry Blossom’ — Felicity Aylieff

Height 57.5 inches  —  2012



Two large matching pots - Casa Lecanda Boutique Hotel, Mérida, Mexico

Pair of floor pottery vessels – Casa Lecanda Boutique Hotel, Mérida, Mexico



Model color coordinated with planter

Huge Italian planter



Traditional large pots Sabu-Terracotta-Pottery-at-Denpasar,-Bali,-in-2012--

Sabu Terracotta Pottery at Denpasar, Bali



Chinese cloisonne bottle neck Vase,-Qing Dynasty,-19th century

Large Chinese landscape cloisonne bottle neck vase

Qing Dynasty, 19th century



Pat Jaffray.big-pot-throwing

Pat Jaffray carving the surface of a large pot





Alice Frederico footed vessel with curvy ribbon handle--17.5 inches height

Alice Frederico footed vessel with curvy ribbon handle

17.5 inches height



Two potters at Cretan pottery creating a large pot

Two potters at Cretan pottery, UK


Conical Rito pot – Cretan Pottery

Height 36 inches



Guido-Gambone-large-ceramic-bottle with abstract figure motif

Guido Gambone large ceramic bottle with abstract figure motif



hedge alcove- with large ceramic pot -- John Glover Photography

Hedge alcove with large ceramic pot — John Glover Photography


Leonardi, Rovereto, flared conical vase, white abstract decorations-1950

Fabio Leonardi, Rovereto, flared conical vase, white line abstract decorations



Easter Island statue inspired vases by-Keti Anastasaki

Easter Island statue inspired large vases by Keti Anastasaki



Neolithic Chinese Painted Terracotta Majiayao Jar Yangshao-Culture,-circa-3000 BC

Neolithic Chinese painted large  terracotta Majiayao Jar

Yangshao Culture, circa 3000 BC




Peter Voulkos, Carved Pot,-1951,-Stoneware, 10.75-x-14.5-in

Peter Voulkos, footed carved stoneware pot, 1951

10.75-x 14.5 in



Shio Kusaka’s-poetic,-seductive-ceramics-step-into-the-spotlight-at-the-2014-Whitney-Biennial

Shio Kusaka throwing a huge pot



‘Ancient History’  —  Orange Carrot and White Terra Sigillata with copper inscription – Michael Berkley

Height 25 inches




Black and white kabibe_seashell_floor_vase

Kabibe seashell floor vase




Otto-Heino-ovoid Vase

Otto Heino large ovoid vase




Large hydra floor vase

Height 34 inches




Recessed wall feature with Grecian style vase



19th Century Kutani ovoid pottery Vase

Large Kutani Japanese pottery vase

 19th Century



Momsaic planters – Dina Frid



matching floor vases

Matching pair of floor vases



Atelier-Vierkant-large striped-pots

Atelier Vierkant large striped pots AHE 90



Three matching large ribbed pots-Atelier-Vierkant

Three matching large ribbed saucer pots – Atelier Vierkant




Atelier Vierkant - AHS-140R-Z--and-AHS-180Z-R

Atelier Vierkant – AHS-140R-Z and AHS-180Z-R



Atelier-Vierkant AHC-mixed clay colour pots

Atelier Vierkant AHC pots



Atelier-Vierkant--flower-pots with white hydrangeas

Atelier Vierkant–flower pots with white hydrangeas



Atelier-Vierkant-AHP-planters at church window

Atelier Vierkant AHP planters



Atelier-Vierkant-AUS-incised pots

Atelier Vierkant pair of AUS incised pots



Atelier-Vierkant-OD-ceramic-pots with plants

Atelier Vierkant-OD-ceramic pots



Atelier Vierkant-OD60-ceramic-planter

Atelier Vierkant OD60 ceramic planter

Formentera, Spain




Atelier-Vierkant-SD-tall ceramic-planters

Atelier Vierkant SD tall ceramic planters




Atelier Vierkant huge UH planters – U 120 in grey taupe finish with a limited height of 60cm, planted with bonsai pine trees.






Three pastel blue pots Oostduinkerke Dune Series IV —  Atelier Vierkant



Large floor-vase -- Bay Keramik West German Pottery-Modern-Mid-Century-Vintage

Large floor vase — Bay Keramik West German Pottery




Mosaic floor vase with cacti Badec-Bros-Deco-on-Flickr

Huge Mosaic floor vase with cacti

Badec Bros Deco on Flickr



Barrel shaped-jar with one handle,-earthenware,-wheel-thrown-and-painted-in-black-and-red-on-a-buff-coloured-slip,-Cyprus,-ca.-750-600-BC.

Large barrel shaped jar with one handle, earthenware,Cyprus, ca. 750-600 BC.





Pair of footed outdoor planters



China, late Neolithic period, 2100-1800 BC-Guimet Museum - National Museum of Asian Arts

China, late Neolithic period, 2100-1800 BC

Guimet Museum – National Museum of Asian Arts



Incised Chinese ceramics-CA-300-BCE

Incised Chinese ceramic pottery

CA 300 BCE



large terracotta outdoor planter

Large ovoid terracotta outdoor planter



Black and white striped ceramic floor bottle

Black and white striped ceramic floor bottle



huge 13inch-Iznik-pottery-ceramic-vase

Huge Iznik pottery ceramic vase

Height 13 inches



Pottery Tsubo Vase by Shimizu Yasutaka

Large Pottery Tsubo Vase by Shimizu Yasutaka



Model Jean-Patchett-posing-with-large-amphora-pot

Model Jean Patchett with large amphora pot



Kate-Johnston with her large pot collection

Kate Johnston with her large pot collection




Wheel thrown ceramic jar with lid -- Kate Johnston-cone-12-in-a-large-cross-draft-wood-salt-Kiln.-Carved-patterns,-inlaid-slip,-and-paining-with-glaze

Wheel thrown ceramic jar with lid — Kate Johnston

cone 12 in a large cross draft wood salt Kiln.-Carved patterns, inlaid slip, and painting with glaze




Large & signed Japanese Sumida pottery relief magnolia pinched vase




Large 1952 Ceramic Vase by Gourju Naumovitch-La-Poterie-Grand-ChêNe-Vallauris

Large ceramic Vase by Gourju Naumovitch, 1952

La Poterie Grand ChêNe Vallauris




Large Floor-Vase on stairwell

Large orange ovoid decor pot



Large- Ocean Life' Pitcher--Sarah Moore--Sassafrass Pottery

Large ‘Ocean Life’ Pitcher — Sarah Moore — Sassafrass Pottery



Extra large pottery vase with textured surface

Huge white slip floor vase





Large pottery lamp — Edwin and Mary Scheier



Lawson-Oyekan, with his modern African ceramic sculpture

Lawson Oyekan, monumental ceramic vessel



Lawson Oyekan huge ceramic sculpture vessel

Lawson Oyekan huge monolithic ceramic sculpture vessel

 There is a presence in Oyekan’s forms that speak of his experiences and his upbringing. “My intent is to express human endurance and deliver a message of reassurance: that human suffering can be healed.”



Large-Rhoda-Hepner-Ceramic sculpture Vessel

Massive Rhoda Hepner ceramic sculpture vessel



Mid-Century floor Vase by Eschenbach


Mid-Century floor Vase by Eschenbach



Ruypers Volpini white floor vase pair

Ruypers Volpini white floor vase pair




Monumental Italian Ceramic Floor Vase on Iron Stand

Circa 1950



Nigerian, Culture Bura Ocher Terracotta Jar

Nigerian Bura Ocher Terracotta tri legged Jar




Obbligato red and white abstract pattern planters


Obbligato-mosaic pattern-pot

Obbligato mosaic planter




Obligato mosaic floor pots




Obligato blue and turquoise floor pots




Ott-&-Brewer-American-Belleek stork Vase,

Ott & Brewer American Belleek stork Vase



Red Lodge Clay Center--Robert Briscoe ceramic vessel

Red Lodge Clay Center–Robert Briscoe ceramic vessel





Jun Kaneko, Dango sculpture, 2011, glazed ceramics

Height 72 inches





Karine Denis

Tallest height 54 inches




matching saucer pots framing garden gate

Large matching saucer pots framing garden gate




Terracotta Quad handled Grecian Urn



Large Toshiko-Takaezu pot-@Denver-Art-Museum

Large Toshiko Takaezu pot @Denver Art Museum






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