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Tree Hug


Barb Gregoire tree vase

 Barb Gregoire tree vase



Trees have commanded a reoccurring presence in many artworks, both landscape and portrait, whether it be  as a central figure or in a supporting role. Their majestic grandeur is hard to ignore in a landscape and they have often been integrated into an aspect of the storyline, for example, reflecting a graceful solitude or conversely a stoic hardness.

Landscape scenes were popular with Chinese porcelain art, the willow, plum trees and bamboo were especially featured. Japanese decorative pottery arts favored flowering blossom and pine trees. As a spiritual and religious symbol, the Tree Of Life was represented almost invariably in all ancient cultures, and it had an ongoing presence in ancient arts. The Art Nouveau movement had botanical and nature themes interwoven through most of its designs, the free flowing shapes adapting easily to rounded pottery forms. The typically vertical orientation of vases and bottles were also a natural fit for decorative tree art.
I don’t have any doubts about the sacred reputation of some trees. I find the spiritual resonance of an oak tree to be quite palpable, refreshing, invigorating and refined.  Hermann Hesse summed it up aptly in Bäume. Betrachtungen und Gedichte.

“ For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. I revere them when they live in tribes and families, in forests and groves. And even more I revere them when they stand alone. They are like lonely persons. Not like hermits who have stolen away out of some weakness, but like great, solitary men, like Beethoven and Nietzsche. In their highest boughs the world rustles, their roots rest in infinity; but they do not lose themselves there, they struggle with all the force of their lives for one thing only: to fulfil themselves according to their own laws, to build up their own form, to represent themselves. Nothing is holier, nothing is more exemplary than a beautiful, strong tree. “

The cedar tree was sacred to many ancient cultures like the Egyptians and for them it was associated with Osiris. The Bodhi tree was sacred in Buddhism as the Buddha received key insights when he sat underneath the tree and attained his final state of  Nirvana (Self Enlightenment) there.



Moriyoshi Saekia ceramic vessel with landscape vista of tress and a mountain

Moriyoshi Saekia



Debbie Barber

 Debbie Barber Ceramics



Teresa Wooden - Stone Forest Pottery

 Teresa Wooden – Stone Forest Pottery



Terance Painter - Piedmont Craftsmen

Terance Painter jar – Piedmont Craftsmen



Claire Basler Barbotine 29

Claire Basler –  Barbotine 29




Chinese carved Lapis lazuli panel

 Chinese  Lapis lazuli carved panel



French Art Nouveau ceramic vase by Emile Galle

 A French Art Nouveau ceramic vase by Emile Gallé, featuring a Japoniste styled sculpting of a bamboo stalk handle.




Amphora Austria Scenic Motif Vase

 Amphora Austria Scenic Motif Vase




Amphora Ceramic Monumental Blow Out Portrait Vase

 Amphora ceramic monumental blow out portrait vase





Anna Lambert Swallow Bowl

Anna Lambert Swallows in Flight Bowl





Ann RobinsonTree forest vessel

Ann Robinson Tree forest vessel





Antiqu Japanese Banko ware carved vase

Antique Japanese Banko ware carved 3D scenic vase






20th Century American art pottery Rockwood vase by Frederick Hurten Rhead

( fetched $516k at David Rago Auctions  in 2006 )




Beth Tarkington colourful vase

Beth Tarkington – Alive in the Dark of the Night




Moriyoshi Saekia Japanese ceramics

Moriyoshi Saekia


Calco bookends

Calco bookends

( Treadway Toomey Galleries )



Daum Nancy vase

Daum vase, Nancy France




Carol Alleman Trinity

Carol Alleman  ‘Trinity’



Eddie Dominguez Grasslands

Eddie Dominguez – ‘Grasslands’



Moriyoshi Saekia etched tree vessel

Moriyoshi Saekia



'Fountain of the Water Nymph Rookwood Pottery Company, Cincinnati Art Museum

‘Fountain of the Water Nymph’ Rookwood Pottery Company

Cincinnati Art Museum




Cedric & Christy Brown tree vase

Cedric & Christy Brown tree vase





Chickadee jar Ray Makie and Debra Kuzyk

Chickadee jar  – Ray Makie and Debra Kuzyk





‘Deer Vase’ – Lucky Rabbit Pottery





Fairyland Lustre Ship and Tree Vase

Fairyland Lustre Ship and Tree Vase





Chinese hand painted porcelain vessels

Chinese hand painted porcelain vessels


Zhou Guozhen Ceramic Owl

Owl Figurine by Zhou Guozhen, China




French Limoges Enamel Vase with a realistic landscape scene


French Limoges Enamel Vase with a realistic landscape scene





Glass vase decorated with a landscape in ochre, green and black, etched and cut French, Lunéville, by Muller Frère

Glass vase decorated with a landscape in ochre, green and black, etched and cut French, Lunéville, by Muller Frère



Bonsai Bear





Moriyoshi Saekia

Moriyoshi Saekia





Janet De Boos bottle

Janet De Boos bottle





Jiangxi-Wu PorcelainBottle

Jiangxi Wu –  Porcelain Bottle






 Dennis O’Connor Vase and Tumblers

( Shapiro Auctions )




Michael Bauermeister---Green Offering -linden with paint and stain

Michael Bauermeister — Green Offering -linden wood with paint and stain





Modern shelves with a tree theme

Modern shelves with a tree theme

 Maria Yasko





Tree Hugger

Newtone Pottery glazed vase with a hand painted decoration of a koala in a gum tree, stamped on base and signed ‘Hand Painted’, attributed to Daisy Merton


Daisy Merton (1889-1972), Newtone Pottery glazed ovoid vase, circa 1935, painted with gumtrees by a river, signed DV Merton, 21 cm high





Pair of Legras Parrot vases


Pair of Legras Parrot vases





Pink Kiss Pottery mug on Etsy

Pink Kiss Pottery mug on Etsy





Rika Herbst ceramic dish

Rika Herbst ceramic dish





Rika Herbst Ou Lettere

Rika Herbst  – Ou Lettere




Roelna Louw sculpture


Roelna Louw Africa series sculpture






Tim Bassett’s hand blown glass vase


Tim Bassett –  hand blown glass vase





Graceful-American-Bronze and Geode Tree Sculpture by Belva Ball (1933-2009)


Bronze and Geode Tree Sculpture by Belva Ball (1933-2009)





George Lafayette sculpture

George Lafayette sculpture




Roseville Pottery -- Della Robbia Wisconsin Art Pottery Association


Roseville Pottery — Della Robbia Wisconsin Art Pottery Association





Royal Winton - Grimwades -Byzanta-Lidded-Bowl


Royal Winton – Grimwades -Byzanta Lidded Bowl





Sheila Richards Tree Of Life


Sheila Richards –  Tree Of Life





Stephanie Young vase

Stephanie Young vase





Sticks and Stones Studio teapot

Jan Kolenda – Sticks and Stones Studio teapot, Florida





Patrick-Dragon-(Marquette,-MI)---clay arts

Patrick Dragon — Dragon Clay Studio





Patrick Dragon — Dragon Clay Studio






Ceramic Sparrow Sculpture from Andersen Studio




Wedgwood lustre tall vase V&A

Wedgwood Fairyland lustreware tall vase designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones , 1923




Potters show pots at British Potfest


The annual Potfest In The Park exhibition is held  in the grounds of Hutton-in-the-Forest at Penrith, Cumbria on the edge of the Lake Districts National Park. Over 100 exhibitors from around the globe participate bringing together an eclectic mix of pottery and statues. The medieval castle setting seems appropriate for pottery artists plying their wares, this ancient art form has graced the outdoor marketplace since time immemorial.

Potfest provides the opportunity of meeting ceramic artists of international repute selling their pottery in the midst of a community rather than through a gallery exhibition. Initially organised by Christine and Geoff Cox, 2016 will the 23rd  Potfest festival. The marvelous photos here were taken by Christine Cox.


Hutton In The Forest Potfest,UK

Hutton In The Forest Potfest, UK


Potfest in the Park 2016

July 19th-31st

Venue – Hutton in the Forest lies 5 miles northwest of Penrith, Cumbria (M6 junction 41) – on the edge of the stunningly beautiful Lake District National Park…  (Postcode CA11 9TH for sat navs).




Sue Crossfield - Potfest 2010

Sue Crossfield  – Potfest 2010




Britain Potfest

Britain Potfest In The Park – International outdoor ceramics festival





Alan Ball

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Alison Dash

Alison Dash

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Alistair Danhieux

Alistair Danhieux





Alvin F Irving transfixed by his teapot

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Andrew Richards potfest

Andrew Richards at Potfest

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr





Ben Nichols

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Chiu-i-Wu sculpture artist

Chiu-i-Wu sculpture artist

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis UK pottery

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Christine Hester Smith

Christine Hester Smith

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Vilija with Lithuanian pots

Vilija with Lithuanian pottery





David & Margaret Frith

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




David Pantling

David Pantling

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Dylan Bowen pottery

Dylan Bowen pottery

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Emili Biarnes

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Footsteps of time by Lina Bekeriene

Footsteps of Time –  Lina Bekeriene

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Hannah Belfield

Hannah Belfield with her Potfest display

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




David Beard at potfest

David Beard at Potfest in the park




Isabelle Daucourt

Isabelle Daucourt

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Jean Paul Landreau

Jean Paul Landreau

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Jon Barrett Danes

Jon Barrett Danes

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Lis Holt at potfest

Lis Holt at Potfest 2010

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Lost 45AD by Phil Jolley

Lost 45 AD by Phil Jolley




Maggie Thomson

Maggie Thomson

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Marie Prett

Marie Prett




Marin- by Jean Paul Landreau

Marin by Jean Paul Landreau




Markers by Geoff Cox

Markers by Geoff Cox


Guy Routledge-ceramic sculptures

Guy Routledge with his ceramic sculptures

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Peter Wareing-- Standing Stones

Peter Wareing – Standing Stones




Pim & Niek-Hoogland

Pim & Niek-Hoogland

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Ralph Jandrell

Ralph Jandrell



Nature takes its time by Jess Newton

Nature takes its time by Jess Newton




Rob Hand

Rob Hand

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Roger Cockram

Roger Cockram




Sally MacDonell -- Family Snapshot

Sally MacDonell — Family Snapshot

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Sigi Bohmer

Sigi Bohmer




Sue Sharp

Sue Sharp

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr




Time flies--Carla-Pownall

Time flies–Carla-Pownall




Toff Milway

Toff Milway




Tony Laverick

Tony Laverick




Tony White

Tony White

via- Christine Cox@ potfest on Flickr





Christy Keeney’s figurative work


Other Potfest Festivals :


See more Potfest photos by Christine Cox HERE



Dreamstones Contemplation



Tanzanite from Merelani Hills

Tanzanite from Merelani Hills

Lelatema Mountains., Arusha Region, Tanzania


On a trip to Taiwan I saw a large dreamstone on display in an antique shop in Taichung, which apparently came from a region in the Yunnan mountains which is famous for them. It was around 3 feet in diameter and was mounted on a carved wooden frame. It had an ethereal like visage and seemed to have hidden depths to it. These dreamstones have been revered since the Tan Dynasty ( 618 – 907 AD ) for their unique appearance and were highly valued by ancient emperors, scholars, religious figures, and the aristocracy. Some Chinese scholars believed that dreamstones conveyed the essence of nature more powerfully then a painting. The Chinese word for marble is Dali, which is the name of the main region in Yunnan where the dreamstones were quarried. There are only a few established master revealers living today who have the ability to intuit where to find the marble stone and how to cut it to reveal the hidden art inside.

The shopkeeper suggested that dreamstones reflect the possibility of windows or portals into other realms of consciousness. They are a reminder of deeper mystical worlds that are there to explore and contemplate. Usually the dreamstones are characterized by an ethereal, abstract appearance and an alluring mystique that invites closer scrutiny. They are sometimes chosen if their appearance encapsulates nature forms like mountains, forests and clouds or if they display a fluid dimensionality and mystery. It is only recently that the ancient aesthetic of the dreamstone has been revived in China with the collecting of marble forms in the region of Dali in the Yunnan Province.

Just like the Eastern mandala is designed to invite prolonged concentration, leading to a meditative state, dreamstones have a similar absorbing appeal. Ceramic art and sculpture  also capture this principal, when they have the power to draw you in with their creative design and hold your attention. Raku, which is essentially a random process almost invariably produces ethereal looking results that convey mystique. Other ceramic glazing techniques can also conjure up intriguing surface patterns and features. The appeal of this art is subjective and even a simple shape has the ability to be transcendental. I chose the following pieces based on these dreamstone concepts.




Wedgewood Fairyland Lustre Vase

Wedgewood Fairyland Lustre Vase

The Art Nouveau fantasy ware of Wedgwood always moved through mysterious worlds.





Dreamstone panel from Dali

Dreamstone panel from Dali, China

( Christies – sold  $77,277 )




Rookwood vase

Rookwood vase, unusual folded form covered in a Vista Blue glaze, 1959

( Treadway Toomey Galleries )





Pricella Mouritzen

Priscilla Mouritzen, Denmark







On the Outskirts – ” vessel of galaxies and nebulae twirling through an iridescent cosmos. Stars and saffron and bright white,fire red and gold “

Luster pottery by Paul J Katrich, USA




Awakening, Lingam Ann Mallory

Awakening Lingam  – Ann Mallory





Opal---Australia blue

Australian opal





Davis Edwards The Monte Sano Art Festival

Davis Edwards

( Monte Sano Art Festival )





Mark Goudy vessel

Mark Goudy –  water soluble metal salts glaze vessel

Mark states that his pieces are designed to manipulate your perception. ” They make you want to keep looking at them, but you can’t understand what you’re seeing. It’s almost meditative. The Mandala is an example of meditative art: complex patterns that seem to fold into themselves. There’s a whole science in Buddhism about creating these images you can stare at and meditate.”



Framed Chinese Dreamstone

Framed Chinese Dreamstone

Potomac Viewing Stone Group )





Michael Wein Raku bottle

Michael Wein Raku bottle







 A Japanese “Ume” pattern stone

Potomac Viewing Stone Group )





Hand built  wood fired ceramic bell shaped pot salt glazed by Janet Mansfield, Australia







 Cosmic Form 

Saggar and horse hair stoneware

( Steven Allen – Flickr )



Green Dangao Shi Qing Figure plaque





Golden Constellation s- Paul Katrich

Golden Constellations – Paul J Katrich

Paul Katich likes to explore his ceramic fantasies using  luster, lava, and volcanic glazes.







A  marble ovoid form quarried from the towering Cangshan Mountain Range which surrounds the ancient city of Dali in the province of  Yunnan





Earthsong Pottery Rachel Coward

Raku – Earthsong Pottery Rachel Coward



Antique Japanese porcelain

Antique Japanese porcelain vase






 Greg Daly – footed bowl with rich lustre glaze in cobalt blue, copper, red and gilt,  1988

( Bemboka Gallery )




Chinese Dreamstone

Chinese Dreamstone




Deb Stabley earthenware hand painted ceramic art

Deb Stabley eathernware hand painted ceramic art




David Crane Raku Jar

David Crane Raku Jar





 Huang yu-ying





Paul Katrich-lustre glaze vase

‘Just Before Dawn’ – Paul J Katrich




Chinese Meditation Stone

Chinese Meditation Stone

( Red Pagoda, Chicago )




Cesar Navarrete Green and Red Beauty

Cesar Navarrete –  Green and Red Beauty

( )




Chinese Meditation Stone

A Chinese Meditation Stone





Ceramic Dreamcatcher Gourd by Empress Lilandra

Ceramic Dreamcatcher Gourd by Empress Lilandra

( deviantart )





Car Peverall raku ovoid sculpture

” Park Guell “  – Carl Peverall raku ovoid sculpture

12″ x9″ x 7″




Sylvia Tell Trumbull

Sylvia Tell Trumbull




Bihn Pho –  thin walled wooden sculptural vessel






 Dawn Whitehand, Australia

The ceramic sculpture has been pit fired: a process where the unglazed ceramics are placed in a pit in the ground with organic materials that fume the surface of the sculpture to create dramatic yet soft organic tonal hues.





Puisaye Forterre abstract contemporary sculpture in lavender and gold hues

Cloud, misty, intangible and unattainable while constantly in motion; and its movement has the distinction of becoming another. “….

Puisaye Forterre




Carl Peverall mystical Shiva stone - mandala like ovoid vessel

 Shiva – Carl Peverall

” l use  clay, fired in the raku technique, as a medium to express a very personal language that draws upon eclectic influences like quantum physics, the architecture of Antoni Gaudi and the sublime, elemental sculpture of Isamu Noguchi.”

Pierres-de-Rêve by Isabelle Debruyere carved dreamstones

Pierres de Rêve  – Stones Of Dreams

Dreamstones by Isabelle Debruyere, France





 ‘Anemoon Blue’ by Sandrina Kreek

Peter Voulkos

Peter Voulkos

AMOCA – American Museum Of Ceramic Art

Clementina van der Walt contemporary vase

Clementina van der Walt

Acinipo Juan Ramon Gimeno

Acinipo –  Juan Ramon Gimeno

( )


French Art Nouveau vase by Massier


Reclining slumber Chinese figurine



Nu Ryu  – Siesta




Clayton-Thiel---Truthsayer---abstract ceramic-sculpture carved features

Clayton Thiel – Truthsayer

Jade Mountain Spirit Stones

Jade Mountain-  Spirit Stones

Charming Chinese Lazul Lapis

Chinese Lazul Lapis






Les Namingha




Miguel Maldonado cosmic monkey sculpture

Hand-built sculpture by Miguel Maldonado featuring two decorative faces of the cosmic monkey design with fine etched detail and infusion of color.






LINARITE.Sunshine No.-1 Hansonburg-District, Socorro



Wood fire bottle from Todd Pletcher Pottery

Wood fire bottle from Todd Pletcher



Philippe-Buraud raku vessel

Philippe Buraud, France





Chinese flambé glazed vase

Qianlong Period.- 1736-–-1795




Alie Claessens-degalerie red contemporary vase

Alie Claessens




Stars-and-Clouds Paul J Katrich abstract lustre vase in dark blue, gold, turquoise

‘Stars and Clouds’  – Paul J Katrich







Burnt Orange olla – Goyin Sliveria





Ron Mello Raku pot ovoid shape in red, black and browns

 Rone Mello




Parisian museum Petit Palais

Petit-Palais-entarance-477x347   Above is the  impressive entrance to a museum titled  “ small palace ”, which only becomes small when compared to the monumental Grand Palais, which it stands opposite to. The Petit Palais is located close to the Champs Elysees and houses the Museum of Fine Arts of the City of Paris, and was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900. The  architect Charles Girault based its design on the forms of a trapezoid and it has an internal garden, with ponds edged with sweeping mosaics and columns.

Aside from the remarkable collections on view inside , the building itself is worthy of a visit The Petit Palais holds a significant collection of nineteenth century French art and one of the largest collection of icons from France. Ancient Greece, Rome and the Renaissance. It has on display a unique collection of art from the Eastern Christian church donated by Roger Cabal. Troubadour, Romantic and Symbolist art along with contemporary works are also present. I put together a collection of mainly decorative pieces from both the permanent collection on display and the archives.

Walter Almeric Helianthus

Walter Almeric – Helianthus

Petit Palais, Paris

Paris Petit Palais

Paris Petit Palais



Capucines  Art Nouveau vase  – Eugene Michel, 1895

Poems De Cristal Exhibition, 2012

 Petit Palais, Paris

1904 Decoeur,-Emile pitcher

Emile Decoeur, pitcher – France

1904 – Petit Palais, Paris

1911 The Resigned

The Resigned  – Joseph Mougin, Nancy and Ernest Wittmann

1911 © Magali Porcel Petit Palais

 Adalebrt Szabo fire screen

 Adalebrt Szabo – Art Nouveau fireplace screen


The Woman with Monkey – Camille Alaphilippe

Sandstone and bronze

1914- height 184 cm

Amazon Henry Cros

Amazon – Henry Cros

Petit Palais, Paris


Paris Petit Palais- interior

Cratere Dionysus Heracles 360BC

Greek cratere -Dionysus Heracles in the Garden of Hesperides.


Bearded mask - Petit Palais Musee

Bearded mask – Petit Palais Musee

Birthwort vase- Circa-1909

Birthwort vase- Circa 1909

Petit Palais, Paris

Emile Galle Vase Petit Palais

Decor De Orchide   Emile Galle


Petit Palais, Paris


Carafe –François Decorchemont,


Celadon Vase-37cm height

Celadon Vase-37cm height

Petit Palais, Paris

Georges Despret,

Georges Despret – Jeumont. Bust of a faun, c. 1900.

Petit Palais, Paris

Di Merlino - Dianne and nympths

Di Merlino – Dianne and the nympths

Petit Palais, Paris

Emile Diffloth1918

Emile Diffloth


Felix Bracquemond Rousseau

Compotier – Felix Bracquemond  1866

Francois Dercorchemont Ginkgo

Ginkgo vase – Francois Dercorchemont, 1913

Petit Palais, Paris

Jean Carriès,-1892Drip glaze vase – Jean Carriès,- 1892

Petit Palais, Paris


Deruta Assiette creuse – 1537


Adrien Dalpayrat (1844-1910)

Ceramic spherical art nouveau twin handled vessel. This piece is from the Musée de l île de France


Musee Petit Palias

Henry Cros ceramic vessel

Vase “Les Métaux” -Henry Cros

Photo Roger Viollet


Lidded Japanese Imari  bowl 1902

Petit Palais, Paris

Jardiniere Carrier Auguste Rodin

The Planter of the Titans 

The vase has been attributed to Albert Carrier-Belleuse and the base of four  Atlanteans and their Michelangelesque poses attributed to  Auguste Rodin

Petit Palais, Paris


Le Festin de Didon et d’Enée – 1530

© Phillipe Ladet Petit Palais  Photo – RogerViollet

 Madame Blanchard-G-Desvallières


 Madame Pascal Blanchard at a party (1903) – George Desvallières

Petit Palais, Paris

Muller Frères - pitcher

Muller Frères – pitcher

Petit Palais, Paris

Dalpayrat vase-437x774

A Pierre Adrien Dalpayrat vase which was presented at the Universal Exhibition of 1900.

( )

Penelope - Antoine Bourdelle

Penelope – Antoine Bourdelle

Petit Palais

Perfume bottle and cap

Perfume bottle and cap – Maurice Marinot


Petit Palais Art Nouveau staircase

Petit Palais Art Nouveau staircase

Ugolin statue by Jean Baptiste Carpeaux


Petit Palais mosaic courtyard – Paris, France


Judgment of Paris – Pierre Adrien Dalpayrat

Glazed stoneware design for Limoges

Petit Palais


Pine Cone goblet – Rene Lalique

Petit Palais

Portrait of Sarah Bernhard

 Portrait of Miss Sarah Bernhardt ( looking nonchalant ) – Georges Henri Clarin

1876 – Petit Palais

Reliquary of the True Cross

Reliquary of the True Cross – Circa 1170-1180

Petit Palais


Fame  – River Theodore Louis Auguste, Toulouse

Petit Palais

Silence-or-Immortality Georges Henri Lemaire

Immortality  – Georges Henri Lemaire

Lapis lazuli, agate, jasper, opal and gold – Paris 1900 Collection

1905 – Petit Palais

The Hurdy Gurdy

The Hurdy Gurdy – ceramic figurine

Tiffany Louis Comfort

Louis Comfort Tiffany ceramic bowl

Vallombrosa, Henri

Henri Vallombrosa ceramic bottle with white craquelure glaze.

Petit Palais

Dalou Triumph of the Revolution

Jules Dalou  – Triumph of the Revolution

Petit Palais

Jean forain_2011

Musee Petit Palais advertising banner for Jean Louis Forain exhibition 2011

Jacob Petit Mamenluck

Jacob Petit  – Mameluke Mantel clock

The porcelain figure of the Mameluke horseman was inspired by a work by Debucourt,The Retreating Mameluke.

Petit Palais

Albert Louis Dammouse 1927

Albert Louis Dammouse 1927

The son of porcelain painter at the Sèvres factory, Albert Dammouse trained at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs and the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts.

Musee Petite Paris

Musee Petite, Paris

George Andreoli dish - Italy

Gubbio, the workshop of master George Andreoli, Plate with ‘silvia beautiful’, 1531


Emile Gallé, Petit Palais—Vase with lilies and daisies


Pendant-Cascade  – Georges Fouquet & Alphonse Mucha & Charles Desrosiers

Petit Palais – C.1900


Large Hispano Moresque bowl two women in profile on either side of a tree of life

(First half of the 16th century)


Oinochoe with a trefoil shaped mouth-(Circa-500-475-BC)


Plate– Philippe Ladet — Petit Palais archive


Italian Venice pitcher – 1500


Giovanni Baronzio, detail of an angel Rimini school, before 1363. Avignon, Petit Palais




Saint_martin of Tours painting

Saint Martin of Tours




l’Ascension-Gustave-Dore-1879 oil painting of Jesus with angels

‘L’Ascension’ – Gustave Dore



The following art was featured in the recent exhibition – Paris 1900: the city of entertainment


Parisian woman in the Place de la Concorde by Jean Beraud 1890

‘Parisian woman in the Place de la Concorde’ by Jean Beraud  1890




Nature---Alphonse Mucha,-1899-1900

‘Nature’  — Alphonse Mucha






Crystalline glaze Art Nouveau vessel with lid – Sevres, Paris



Red and black sevres vase

Sevres vase




Sevres floral decorated ceramic vase

Sevres vase with red and yellow tulips

Or  Max Laeuger  (see comments below)






André Fernand Thesmar – Mistletoe Cup




All archive photos by Roger Violett

©  Petit Palais’

See the  Petit Palais website here