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Ceramics – subdued palette, matt surface



Ken Eastmen



Sculptures Of Abstraction



Alexander Archipenko,  ‘Architectural Figure’



Portuguese Azulejos Art Grandeur






Mural street art


Pixel-Pancho street mural

Pixel Pancho




Contemporary art plates and platters



‘Black and White Charger #1’  – David Nelson



Fun sculptures of the playground






Inspired Decor Dynamics




Art Deco Dandy



‘L’Aviation’  – Frederic Focht



Aficionado coffee sets design





Awesome Horses In The Arts






Contemplating Zen floral design


Infinite ikebana -

Infinite Ikebana



Eternal Spring



Edouard Cazaux



Modern Italian Mosaics Design – SICIS


sicis-lif-essence-2013-Private House Doha Qatar




Mystical gardens and sculptures tour



Australia Contemporary Garden



Aboriginal clay sculpture - Ricketts Sanctuary - photo by Chris-Wang

William Ricketts Sanctuary


Ceramic Narratives



Gerardo Monterrubio – 2014


Sally Hook – bush ceramics



Highness – Sally Hook



Mosaic Sculptural Art



Ship-of-Fools-by-Deborah-Halpern---mosaic sculpture Sydney Sculpture by the Sea

‘Ship of Fools’ by Deborah Halpern



Eggsistentialism at Baltimore---American-Visionary-Art-MuseumGeorgeReader-flickr

‘Eggsistentialism’ – AVAM



The Doctor visits Vincent






Balombini and Bollini – mixed media arts



Woman in Window – Juliana Bollini



A teapot charm offensive



Natasha-Dikareva – ‘Between East and West’



 Dhokra Tribal Art

Dhokra tribal Art



Roelna Louw sculptures



Roelna Louw sculptures



Modernist marvels from the Mid-Century


André-Aleth-Masson Mid Century modernist abstract sculpture

André Aleth Masson, France


Born To Whim :


Sharon Stelter--Ram ceramic sculpture

‘Ram’ – Sharon Stelter



Venice Art Edge, USA


"Inner Universe" by Skount - Part-of-“Identity-disorder”-series-exhibed-at-C.A V E gallery

“Inner Universe”  – Skount (Spain)

C.A.V.E Gallery  Venice, CA



 Exotic Egyptian Art Deco




Art Deco dancers figurine – Marc Guillard, Paris



Art – contemporary OZ


ibis-in-flight--Kate Elsey contemporary painting of flying Ibis birds


‘Ibis In Flight’ — Kate Elsey



Relief Art Egypt






Lalique – French sublime design


Entering the elegant world of Rene Lalique can be spellbinding and it’s easy to be off with the fairies, sirens and nymphs in a forest of serpents, dragonflies, ravens, swans, bats, gazelles, butterflies and other exotic creatures from the Nouveau repertoire.






Pottery resurrection Mata Ortiz



Goyin Silveira — ‘Tarantula Olla’




Roberto Olivas Sgraffito Olla


Gardens with sculpture


Henry-Moore'The-Goslar-Warrior'-(1975)-Abstract Sculpture-Goslar---Germany

‘The Goslar Warrior’ – Henry Moore



Futurist Fervor


Unleashing the futurist dynamic:




‘Perspectives in Flight´– Futurist Fedele Azari



Slender-vase-with-handles-Series-F-1937 Nicolaj-Diulgheroff-for-Tullio-Mazzotti--of-Albisola

Mazzotti vase




French Designer Jean Dunand



Jean-Dunand---lacquered-panel-from-'La-Chasse' of a bare chested man shooting an arrow

Jean Dunand—lacquered panel from ‘La Chasse’


Contemporary sculptures from Greece


The contemporary art of three Greek  sculptors – Theodore Papayannis, Yiannis Nanouris and Yannis Koutsouradis.


Theodore-Papagianni modernist sculpture of a couple together

Theodore Papagianni



Hideaki Miyamura


Creating a new glaze has been a lifelong passion for Hideaki Miyamura, his newest glaze being a ‘crystalescent’ yohen.


Hideaki-Miyamura--reddish brown glaze bottle


 Sculptural Couture




‘Convo’ Rescue  interior decorating





 Circus Performance in the Arts


Tiffany and Co-NY-Silver and enamel acrobat figures


Contemporary Clay In Santa Fe


Native American Sculpture - Kokopelli-Tammy Garcia


‘Kokopelli’ – Tammy Garcia


Street Sculpture


Andy-Scott,-Lifeline -photo- fjstuart.blogspot

‘Lifeline’  by Andy Scott




Ceramic Wine Pots


Georgian Kvevri wine pots

Qvevri wine pots from Georgia


Dragons In The Arts





Josephine Baker Captivates the Jazz Age





AMOCA – American Museum of Ceramic Art – 10th Anniversary





Public Sculptures – Canberra Australia
Czech, Bohemia Clayarts


Czechoslavakia is blessed with a fascinating history of ceramic design which developed rapidly after the introduction of porcelain in the 1790’s.


Pottery Raku Rapture


The originator of raku in Japan was Sasaki Chojiro, who first produced raku pieces for the Japanese tea ceremony in the 16th century. He learnt the technique from his father Ameya, who was trained in the Ming Dynasty Sencai pottery tradition and was brought to Kyoto, Japan from China.



Unique Clayart





Daily Pottery Art Feed



Parisian museum Petit Palais

Immortality – Georges Henri Lemaire


Sea Sculptures

Transfiguration Screw IX

Transfiguration Screw IX   by Mitsuo Takeuchi


Milano Art In The Mid Century

Art featured in the Milan Triennial during the 50’s & 60’s

1957 Milano Triennale-325x450


Egyptian Revival Art 

Egyptian Revival mantle clock


The Roman rule of Egypt from 30 BC to 395 AD led to Roman decorations incorporating Egyptian motifs and an increased interest in Egyptian culture. During the Italian Renaissance “Egyptomania” resurfaced.. read more


Pottery Arts – The Masters

Celebrating the potters and pottery companies that have been recognized for their contribution to the ceramic arts with their unique designs, innovations and classic creations and their influence in introducing new styles and movements in the field of ceramics.




Ceramics Moderno – Marcello Fantoni


Many Mid-Century collectors covet a Marcello Fantoni piece for their flair and originality. Fantoni’s ceramic designs came to embody the timeless appeal of classic and traditional Italian pottery merged with challenging modernist and progressive movements.  Read More

Stream of white

Reptile vas -by Stig Lindberg



Clayart bliss at Vallauris

 Located in a region in south-eastern France, Vallauris is nestled among low coastal hills and with its rich supply of clay, has been a pottery-making centre since Roman times.



Futuristic and virtual pottery



It’s a potters world


 7 Koans, 30 unknown artists


Koan :  Once a division of the Japanese army was engaged in a sham battle, and some of the officers found it necessary to make their headquarters in Gasan’s temple. Gasan told his cook: “Let the officers have only the same simple fare we eat.” This made the army men angry, as they were used to very deferential treatment. One came to Gasan and said: “Who do you think we are? We are soldiers, sacrificing our lives for our country. Why don’t you treat us accordingly?” Gasan answered sternly: “Who do you think we are? We are soldiers of humanity, aiming to save all sentient beings.”

Tripod Bowl with Parrot Feet-457x357


Figurines Of Intrigue

click here


The Okinawan Clayart Bio Chi



The Okinawan’s believe they are teenagers up to the age of 50, which is probably the most distinctive quality in their mindset compared to the West.








 Art Deco Delight :


French Art Pottery



Ukrainian painted porcelain sculptures  :
Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontiev


 Egyptian pottery :


Lourve Egyptian Pots




The ancient Egyptians were gifted artisans and pottery was an art where they excelled. Egypt in the pre dynastic period produced pottery of very high quality From 3000BC on their pottery was decorated with   depictions of animals, humans, boats and various  other patterns and symbols. Two main veins of  pottery existed during this period,  pottery from Nile clay ( red/brown after firing ) and pottery from marl clay ( usually polished to give a lustrous look ).




The bowl in the top right corner of this page was created and photographed by ceramicist/photographer Philippe Buraud  at la porte du soleil