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Owl-Lindy-Rontji - aboriginal pottery art

Handpainted Owl pot – Lindy Rontji


The culture of the Australian indigenous peoples is deeply entwined with their landscape, plants and animals. The rugged, ancient land has a vastness that conveys a sense of the pervasive power of the elements and time.
You could venture to say that the ancient landscapes of Australia have aged gracefully. Despite the ravages of time, there remains a vitality and defiance in the features of the land, highlighted by the ubiquitous bold ochre colours and slashes of vivid hues from the wildflowers and also reflected in the expansive smooth surfaces of the eroded rocks. The eternally elegant gumtrees are locked in synch with the timelessness of the land, reflecting a spirit of survival which is also expressed with smooth, strong trunks that are juxtaposed against the raw, rocky terrains. The distinctive landscapes are a vision of endurance and seem to stretch into infinity and have more hues and subtle tones in their palette then the green European landscapes. The enchanting vistas are simultaneously unfathomable and alienating while remaining inclusive and embracing. Birds have survived in these inhospitable environments along with many unique Australian animals through formidable adaptation and by virtue of the massive underground water table ( 1/3 of the continent) which feed the creeks, billabongs and springs.


Hans-Hayson Flinders Ranges Australian Landscpae

Flinders Ranges, SA – Hans Heyson

This natural and wild environment has acted as a source of inspiration for many Australian and overseas artists. The pottery art of the indigenous artists based in Hermansburg, in the remote Anada region of the Northern Territory, Central Australia, vividly expresses their connection to their environment. I once witnessed a 7 ft tall red kangaroo on a remote beach in Western Australia in its natural environment and from a distance of a few metres it was an impressive animal that left an indelible impression. Along with the koala, it was a popular inclusion in the decoration of the Mid Century Australian pottery. Below I’ve included ceramics and sculptures and photos showing the diversity of the Australian landscapes and animals along with images of some of the lesser known Australian animals such as the Quokka and the Numbat.



ENTATA,-Mrs;-HERMANNSBURG-POTTERS handpainted pot with landscape vista

Handpainted outback vista pot – Irene Entata

Hermannsburg Potters, NT




Irene-Entata---Bilbi aussie animal pottery jar

‘Bilbi’ – Irene Entata

Hermannsburg Potters, NT





Titjarritjarra (Willy Wagtail Dreaming)’ — Anita Ratara

22cm height




“This work depicts my traditional Country, Palm Valley, west of Hermannsburg”. -Hayley Coulthard Panangka, 2016

Western Aranda artists of Ntaria

Photography by Tobias Titz Photography.



Three ceramic globular pots - New-Marks-by-The-Hermannsburg-Potters

‘New Marks’ by The Hermannsburg Potters



Hermannsburg-Potters pottery jar with red parrots

Lidded parrot vessel – Hermannsburg Potters



Hermannsburg-Potters-indigenous-art pottery with handpainted owl and owl figure lidterracotta-po

Terracotta Jar with owl lid and motif – Hermannsburg Potters





Lidded vessel with an Echidna – Judith Pungkarta Inkamala




Judith-Pungkarta-Inkamala wedge tailed eagle

Wedgetail eagle – Judith Pungkarta Inkamala




UNGWANAKA,-Rahel;-HERMANNSBURG-POTTERS Frilled neck lizard ottery jar

Frilled neck lizard jar – Rahel Ungwanaka

Hermannsburg Potters, NT




Red Dress Girl by Judy Prosser

‘Red Dress Girl’ by Judy Prosser




Goanna vase – Aboriginal artist Tammy Kealy Kiralaa




128-Rinconada-Koala - hand carved and painted ceramic figurine

Hand carved Koala’s ornament – Artesania Rinconada






‘Banksia Grevillea Bell Vase’ – Janet De Boos.

Thrown porcellaneous stoneware, black underglaze, terra sigillata, sgraffito, clear glaze,






Barrier Reef jug




Aboriginal arts platypus vase

Tatiana Lou – ebay




Raku jar, bunny figure lid – Jane Sabey

South Australia




Black-Galah-sculpture in a park in Melbourne

Black Galah wood sculpture – Valley Reserve, Melbourne

7.3 ft tall






Two convex laser cut metal sculpture ‘Pendant’ disks

The Flower Garden



Chris-Stubbs resting wombat sculpture with incised ceramic surface

Reclining wombat sculpture – Chris Stubbs




Cockatoo metal sculptures – Kooper Tasmania

Height 1 metre

Kooper Tasmania is a creative partnership between Folko Kooper and Maureen Craig.




Blue Budgies glass birdbath – Kooper Tasmania




Emu-sculpture-corten-steel,-Cooper Tasmania

Emu sculpture – Kooper Tasmania




erica evans-Land-of-the-Budgies

‘Land of the Budgies’ – Erica Evans




Feeding-cocky-sculpture-corten-steel,-Kooper Tasmania

‘Feeding Cocky’ sculpture – Folko Kooper and Maureen Craig (Kooper Tasmania)




Pelican-sculptures-corten-steel,-8m-wing spans,

Pelican sculptures – Kooper Tasmania

Corten-steel, 8m wing spans,




3 bird vase- Anita-Reay Gum leaves with Galah and cockatoo

Galah and Cocky vase – Anita Reay




‘Arrernte welcoming dance, entrance of the strangers’, Alice Springs, Central Australia

Photographers – Walter Baldwin, Spencer and Francis J Gillen – 1901





Kangaroo and joey  – Lisa Larson




Peter-Ferguson hand painted mudka pot

Peter Ferguson





Stoneware handpainted parrot plate





‘Laughing Kookaburra’ mug – Ian Bell




Ian-Bell-Sculpture-wombat black finish with concentric circles motifs in white

‘Wombat’ – Ian Bell




‘Lyrebird’  ( mimic extraordinaire)  – William T. Cooper





Kookaburra figurine – Hebb




Tassie Devil ceramic ornament

‘Tassie Devil’ – Anita Ray





Salt and Pepper Owl Shakers – Kanga





‘Wombat’ – Silvio Apponyi

Maroochy Botanic Gardens, QLD





Koala in a ghost gumtree





Quokka feeding at Rottnest Island, WA




AUS-kangarroo-island natural rock formations

Natural rocks – Kangaroo Island





Striped ‘Numbat’, Australia



Jenny-Orchard-Mishief-2009 brenda may

‘Mischief’ zookini sculpture – Jenny Orchard





Large Lucas Daisy Ware vase





‘Conference of the Birds’ charger – Barbara Swarbrick



Lovely-Vintage-Retro-1950s-Australian-Pottery-Banksia-Decorated-the antique store west pymble

Retro Australian Banksia Decorated dish – ‘the antique store West Pymble’




Conference-of-the-Birds vase by Barbara Swarbrick

‘Conference of the Birds’ vase by Barbara Swarbrick






Owl sculpture, corten steel, on stone plinth – Kooper Tasmania





‘Spheroid’ sculpture Kooper Tasmania

1.8 metres tall





Adriana Christianson ceramic bowl




yuparli_Eunice-Napangardi Australian indigenous art

Yuparli – Eunice Napangardi




Ricketts-Sanctuary tree sculpture

Clay statue merged with a tree – William Ricketts Sanctuary



underwater animal-selfie-seal and Alan Dixon

Irishman Alan Dizon in Australia – underwater seal selfie



animal-selfies-allan-dixon-milinf kangaroo

 Alan Dixon with smiling wallaby.





Quokka selfie @ Alan Dixon





A seagull sharing a chip with a cockatoo – Alan Dixon selfie



Alan Dixon meeting a white kangaroo

Irishman downunder Alan Dixon meets with a white kangaroo




Possom-Pots-plate---potters-Bev-Puckridge-and-Ian-Winter - Possum in a flowering gum tree

Vintage Possum Pots plate – Bev Puckridge and Ian Winter

Sold @ Bemboka Pottery




South Lagoons vessel with teabowl

Jeff Mincham




‘Arrkingarra (barn owl)’ – Lindy Rontji Panangka

Terracotta and Underglazes

Photography © Tobias Titz Photography.




A rather regal looking koala paperweight – Royal Crown Derby




”The legend of Albatross Bay’ – Thanakupi

The big legends of my country are often about the birds: Emu, Brolga, and many others. In this sphere you can see the foods as well, yams, yam seeds, small fruits, and others. – Thanakupi




‘Wacombe the bushman and Ndhwalan the dingo’ – Thanakupi




‘Emu Corroboree Man’ – Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri

Early 1970’s

see more Australian aboriginal art here





A Ponga Ponga woman carries a pet possum, Northern Territory, 1922




Opussum-Jug---Melrose-Art-Pottery---Bundoora-Homestead-art-Gallery-1932-42 Greg Hill Collection

Possum Jug – Melrose Art Pottery




Rainbow-serpent-rock-art on cave ceiling - Australia

A huge Rainbow Serpent painted on the roof of a cavern, extending down into the sandstone overhang, Mount Borradaile, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia





Large Goanna lizard sunbaking – Ben Pearse

Blue Mountains, NSW





‘Bunabiri’ Australian aboriginal art plate -Westminster Fine China





Echidna ceramic sculpture Aleida-(Liddy)-Wright

Echidna ceramic sculpture Aleida (Liddy) Wright



endangered-tiger-quoll in the bush

Endangered Spotted Tiger Quoll





George Nissen-•-Inventor of the Trampoline jumping with his Kangaroo





Noongar artist Laurel Nannup’s sculpture ‘First Contact’

Elizabeth Quay–Perth



Young Tasmanian devil joey intrigued by falling snow






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