Adorable clay mutations – Jenny Orchard


Amy----Jenny-Orchard----Grafton-Regional-Gallery-Collection-2008-One eyed creature sculplture

‘Amy’    Jenny Orchard third eye minus two

2008,  Grafton Regional Gallery Collection


To look at Jenny Orchards clay art is to traverse a world of unbridled imagination, populated with adorably mutated sculpture figures which are a zany fusion of animal, botanical and human configurations. They are all imbued with such individuality and spirit that they transcend their abstract hybrid forms to appear almost normal and tangible. Jenny has resided in many countries and her sculptures reflect her fascination and acceptance of diversified cultures. Jenny claims that her creatures are all multispecies that embody a multiplicity of forms without implication of hierarchy.

Her multi chromatic glazed sculptures are vividly infused with an exotic presence that reinforces her influences from living in Zimbabwe during her early years. She likes to call them Zookini’s and her description of her sublime and bizarre creatures is fitting – “My Plant Animals, Plant People and Soul Flowers are an irreligious, non prophet disorganization of recently departed extinct species and genetic laboratory misfits who now reside in a place called Metempsychosia. From this place they now pursue their cause of Multispecies Empathy and Universal Compassion.”
Further influences of African tribal art can be discerned in the form of her ceramic totems that Orchard creates with her intermixing of elements.
Turkish born Jenny Orchard spent her childhood and youth in Zimbabwe, then six years in the UK, before settling in Australia in 1976. Australian aboriginal mythologies and the landscape have made an impression on her creations with the presence of exotic plants and animals such as banksias, choko plants, coral reefs, Tasmanian devils, kangaroos, koalas, sea anemones and other native species. They are merged in an exuberant metamorphosis of all manner of combinations that results in a cohesive co-existence of a multitude of forms.
Jenny Orchard draws on the experiences of her past to mould her own delightful universe, while expressing her joy and awe at the diversity and beauty of all creation and its universal soul.


Jenny Orchard website


Jenny Orchard Hybrid sculpture 'Elephantoil'

Hybrid sculpture ‘Elephantoil’ from the Zookini series – Jenny Orchard


“The creatures I make are rearranged souls and transgenic organisms who exist now in the gaps between time, space and the material”



Jenny-Orchard--A rude beara and Exile on Edith Street

A Rude Bear and Exile on Edith Street’ – Jenny Orchard – (sold)

Despard Gallery




‘Kurt’ –  Zookini sculpture – Jenny Orchard

Beaver Galleries




Beaver-Galleries---Jenny-Orchard Kangadodo

 ‘Kangadodo’ — Jenny Orchard

Beaver Galleries





‘where the bee sucks, there suck I’  – Jenny Orchard – (sold)

Frances Keevil Gallery




be-still-beating-heart--Jenny Orchard---2015

‘Be Still Beating Heart’  – Jenny Orchard





‘Square Egg Mountain Imp’ – Jenny orchard



Jenny Orchard

 ‘Colonized Multicreature’  – Jenny Orchard

Frances Keevil Gallery




Empathy-Pot-2015---frances keevil gallery

‘Empathy Pot’ – Jenny Orchard



Every-creature---plate,-earthenware-with-glazes-and-enamels,-Jenny Orchard

‘Every creature—plate’ – Jenny Orchard



Faithful-Mother--2015 Jenny Orchard ceramics hand painted sculpture

‘Faithful Mother’ –  Jenny Orchard


Frances Keevil Gallery



Black-and-Gold-Jenny Orchard-2015

‘Black and Gold’ -Jenny Orchard-2015

Frances Keevil Gallery




Fire-spirit---plate,-earthenware-with-glazes-and-enamels, by Jenny Orchard-27-x-27cm

‘Fire Spirit’ —plate, earthenware with glazes and enamels –  Jenny Orchard





‘Gentle Rain Pot’ – Jenny Orchard





Ghost-Child---60cm by Jenny Orchard

‘Ghost Child’ – Jenny Orchard




Human-intervention-1 ceramic sculpture by Jenny ORchard

‘Human intervention 1’ – Jenny Orchard

Jenny Orchard website



Human-intervention-4 by Jenny Orchard

‘Human intervention 4’  by  Jenny Orchard




Jenny Orchard Zookini creatures





Jenny Orchard



Angry Cat-ceramic-cup-2013 by Jenny Orchard

‘Angry Cat’ – Jenny Orchard

Despard Gallery



Jenny Orchid sculptured totems

Jenny Orchard totems



Jenny Orchard - lost-vase--http.maunsell.wickes vase with abstract face motif

Jenny Orchard – ‘Lost Vase’

Maunsell Wickes Gallery



Lost-weeping-camel---ceramic-&-resin,-Jenny Orchid

‘Lost Weeping Camel’ – Jenny Orchard



Jenny Orchard - Love-changes-everything-vase---earthenware-with-glazes-and-enamels,-47-x-34-x-38cm

‘Love Changes Everything’ – Jenny Orchard




‘Nasturtium’ – Jenny Orchard



Red-Vase-by Jenny Orchard 2012

‘Red Vase’ – Jenny Orchard




Rhino-Girl by Jenny Orchard - hybrid nature and animal sculpture

‘Rhino Girl’ – Jenny Orchard (sold)

Frances Keevil Gallery




See-with-the-heart---plate,-earthenware-with-glazes-and-enamels - Jenny Orchard

‘See with the heart’ –plate by Jenny Orchard




Sky-creatures-vase---earthenware-with-glazes-and-enamels, made by Jenny Orchard

‘Sky creatures vase’ by Jenny Orchard




Strange-trees-from-a-new-forest---Jenny Orchard - ceramic totem art

‘Strange trees from a new forest’ — Jenny Orchard





‘Swimming With Tuna (anonymous)’ – Jenny Orchid




Jenny Orchid Taking-Care-of-the-Nest-fk--2015-----40x25cm

‘Taking Care of the Nest’ – Jenny Orchid

Frances Keevil Gallery




Jenny Orchard Talking-vase---maunsellwickes

‘Talking Vase’ – Jenny Orchard





‘Tassie Devil vase’ – Jenny Orchard





‘Tree’ – Jenny Orchard

Frances Keevil Gallery



Vase-with-Talking-Heads-2012 by Jenny Orchard

‘Vase with Talking Heads’ by Jenny Orchard





‘Waiting in the Forest’ – Jenny Orchard (sold)

Frances Keevil Gallery



Cyclops-zookini-sculpture by Jenny Orchard -

Jenny Orchard





‘Wommy’ – Jenny Orchard


Frances Keevil Gallery


Vegetable Matters by Jenny Orchid


Herbe Fusarium Oxysporum


Vegetable matters clay figurine by Jenny Orchard

Herbes Fusarian Oxysporon


began life as a fungus, Living
beneath a stylish compost heap
in Paddington, Sydney
despite her salubrious address
she suffered low self esteem
and fretted
over her potato waistline
until one day
her annelid neighbors
showed her
Reality in a Mirror
The beauty of the appendage attached
to her snub nose and sight of sticky red tandrills
swimming on her shoulders
changed her personality forever





  1. sue barstow
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    I really enjoy your wonderful wide and varied selection of art work that is always so creative , high quality and well presented. the world would be a better place if we spent more time on the creative souls on our planet rather then the disturbed beings that create so much havoc and fear.

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  3. Sienna
    Posted October 15, 2020 at 4:12 pm | Permalink

    This is such a helpful website. I am doing an art project on one of Jenny orchards pieces and it is so interesting learning about her background.

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