Dish, Charger, Plate


Modern plate trends


Plates have been around ever since our distant ancestors conceived the idea of a dinner party for the tribe and felt a need to create a few clay plates to enhance the presentation.
As far as practical innovations go, the current trend of large, voluminous plates in restaurants for extra presentation possibilities has to be questioned. I’m sure the chefs get themselves into an artistic fervour when they are confronted with that large white ceramic canvas, begging to be adorned with some Zen streaks of the sauce and a dash of garnish.

Almost simultaneously, as nouveau cuisine became minimalist in quantity, the plate doubled in size. A knee jerk reaction to the age old standard of piling food on a small plate. At least the elegant white expanses invite contemplation while waiting for the second course or the artistic presentation can offer a deflection if one gets stuck in an awkward dinner conversation. As table space is a premium in most restaurants, the waitresses must be cursing this challenge for arranging the plates on the table. Not to mention the acrobatic skills involved in carrying several plates at the same time.


Strawberry cometa nuovo presentazione

I do have to concede though, these monumental dinner pieces have added an appealing aesthetic to the the dining experience. But be beware of attending a Greek wedding, the larger flying shards at the plate bust finale can be life threatening.

Ceramic plates, dishes and chargers have been a fantastic vehicle for ceramicists that have a flair with the brush and a desire for that extra space to strut their strokes.




Steven Hill

Steven Hill




Mexican maiden carrying a fruit basket hand painted on an orange octagonal plate

A Mexican vintage  octagonal pottery plate featuring a  Mexican maiden carrying fruit in a basket, Tonala or Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, c. 1920-30’s

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Tony Morris Poole Pottery

Tony Morris, Poole Pottery – Mid Century

Virtual Museum Of Poole Pottery


Cibaldi Silvia charger with peace dove in an abstract setting

Cibaldi Silvia charger



Tony Morris Poole Pottery

Tony Morris Poole Pottery

Virtual Museum Of Poole Pottery


Marsha Rafter platter with handles

Marsha Rafter platter with handles



Warren Mckenzie abstract plate in black and white

Warren Mckenzie plate




Waylande Gregory twin horse charger

Waylande Gregory charger, USA  pre-1939

 An early example of Gregory’s ceramics and glass fusion technique with melted glass in the background area around the horses.” Dia.  21.75  inches

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Chinese Famille rose dish

Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain  Plate



Persian Dish

Safavid Persian dish  (1501-1732)




Kashan Minai pottery plate from Persia

Kashan Minai pottery dish, Persia, 12th-13th century




Ai Hanazuka

Ai Hanazuka




Safavid Blue and White plate

Persian Safavid Blue and White plate




André METHEY ceramic plate

André Methey plate





Antique Japanese Kutani Akimari dish





BUTHAUD-René-plate black female haed on turquoise floral background

Rene Buthaud plate – 1930, France

Circular dish in stoneware – beige sandstone with craquelure enamelled motifs.




Cibaldi Silvia -1939 white peace dove on red and black background

Cibaldi Silvia -1939




David MacDonald

David MacDonald incised geometric design dish inspired from a Nigerian tradition.





Afghanistan plate with bird motif

 Earthenware dish – incised and painted with polychrome glazes – Afghanistan  12th-13th century





Josh Deweese large platter

Josh Deweese large platter





Ellamarie Woolley

Ellamarie Woolley





Jackie Lynd,- Rörstrand

Jackie Lynd,-  Rörstrand




John Glick

John Glick

Schaller Gallery




Martina Lantin contemporary dish

Martina Lantin





Marc Bellaire Mardi Gras

Marc Bellaire – Mardi Gras 3 dancers





Ulisse Pagliari charger

Ulisse Pagliari charger




Moorcroft 'Trout' Plate

Moorcroft ‘Trout’  Plate




Sanam Emami serving dish

Sanam Emami – green serving dish




Nuotatore Saltarelli

Swimmer – Vanni Saltarelli

17 inch abtsract ceramic charger characterized at the top by a human figure with outstretched arms and legs drawn up in the act of swimming




La Belle Jardiniere charger with the goddess of nature

La Belle Jardiniere – polychrome faience yellow, blue, brown embossed

Sèvres, Musée national de Céramique.  Photo :  Paul Starosta





Schaller Gallery Victoria Christen

Victoria Christen – large oval dish

Schaller Gallery




Persian plate with king hunting

Plate with king hunting rams, late 5th–early 6th century; Sasanian period




Pozzi Giancarlo charger

Pozzi Giancarlo charger, Italy





SCHEIER Adam and Eve Charger

Edwin and Mary Scheier, Glazed & Incised Earthenware Charger





Steve Fullmer

Steve Fullmer




Shoji Hamada dish

Shoji Hamada dish




platter Jaquailne Thompson

Stepanova platter –  Jaquailne Thompson





Japanese Kutani Polychrome dish

Japanese Kutani polychrome porcelain dish – 1900





Jenny Mendes hand painted dish of girl with cat on her shoulder

Jenny Mendes hand painted dish





Randy Johnson plate

Randy Johnson plate

Randy Johnston has been working in ceramics in his Wisconsin studio for more than forty years.

Pucker Gallery, Boston





Mexican Folk Art plate with bird motif

Mexican Folk Art plate with turquoise inlay




Sandra Bowkett. square dish

Sandra Bowkett. square scraffito dish




Japanese Satsuma porcelain plate

Japanese Satsuma porcelain plate





Alexandra Tollet sgraffito dish

Alexandra Tollet sgraffito dish – long haired women





Carl Cooper, oval dish

Carl Cooper, oval dish



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