Sculptural Dance Figures


The movement and balance of the body during dancing offers a myriad of fascinating shapes and forms for the artist. With added elegance and passion there is no shortage of inspiration to be captured. Even the most abstract artistic interpretation of dance can express the free spirit of a body in creative motion.

I’d venture to say that dance was the original performing art, evolving from the spontaneous expression of spiritual forces during tribal gatherings and also developed as a vehicle for storytelling and deity worship. This is evident in ancient rock paintings, which depicted the dancing of ceremonial performances and tribal celebrations vividly. Whether it be the spirit invocation of a shaman and their unpredictable body reactions during ecstatic trance states in healing rituals or the choreography of a group of dancers, all the entrancing dance movements have been recorded. Detailed dance performance were created by the ancient tribes as a means to pass down their history through the generations.
Dance is where chaos and harmony can merge and a dancer can transcend his individuality during a performance. The flexing muscles, the extended limbs, the exquisite balance and depth of rhythmic expression, during the sequence of his own sculpted movements, provides the perfect medium to be frozen in form by an artist, especially with sculpture. The cohesion of movement, mind and spirit providing an irresistible source of subject matter



 Bronze figurine of Tierra by Priess

 Art Deco Bronze figurine of Tierra by Priess





Erte Oriental Mystery Objets darte Bronze Vase 1990

 Erte Oriental Mystery Bronze Vase 1990




Esther Wertheimer_dance_with_shawl--artparks Dancer sculpture figure

‘Dance with Shawl’  –  Esther Wertheimer







 1930’s Art-Deco Russian Ballet porcelain figurine – -William Goebel






  Flamenco Dancers sculpture installation by Russian artist Ilia Idelchik at Spanish Village, Balboa Park, San Diego




Bronze dance couple figurines sculpture

 Bronze dance couple figurines sculpture





 "Abstract Dancer" Raku Vessel. Michael Gustavson

  “Abstract Dancer” Raku Vessel. Michael Gustavson

( Latitude Gallery )




Art Deco ceramic figure by Rudolf Podany for Keramos, Austria 1920s

 Art Deco ceramic figure by Rudolf Podany for Keramos, Austria 1920s – height 33.5 cm



Christien-Dutoit-three-ladies dancing closely sculpture

Christien Dutoit three dancers



White and orange dress worn by a dancer - Rosenthal

Rosenthal dancing figurine



Art and Fashion - Judith Meulenbe - art figurine

 ‘Art and Fashion’ – Judith Meulenbe





Art Deco pottery figure by Katzhutte

 Art Deco pottery figure by Katzhutte





French Art Deco Dancers by Pierre Laurel

 ‘Spring Dance’, French Art Deco Dancers by Pierre Laurel, circa 1925

( James Infante )




Bronze Dancing Lady Sculpture

 Bronze Dancing Lady Sculpture




C. Rossi- art deco sculpture

 C. Rossi- art deco sculpture




Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers - pottery dance

 Dancers Xyla Johnson, Tanicia Nastacio, and Alexandra Nastacio perform the Pottery Dance.

Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers celebrating the Summer Solstice at Chaco Canyon National Historical Park





 Ceramic Argentinian Tango dancers





Art Deco Dancing Lady Clock

 Art Deco Dancing Lady Clock

sheryl’ )



camugallery-com Art Deco dancer in crackleware

 Crackleware Art Deco dancer





 Dancing couple sculpture – Daum





Faience Dancer by D'Argyl -- Sheryls Art Deco

 Faience Dancer by D’Argyl

Sheryls Art Deco




Goldscheider pottery figurine-'Sailor's Dance' by Dakon, Austria-circa-1928

 Goldscheider pottery figurine –‘Sailor’s Dance’  by Dakon,

Austria circa-1928




The Walz Camille Claudel

 La Valse [The Waltz], 1889-1905 – Camille Claudel




Jacques Lipchitz - Dancer sculpture

 Jacques Lipchitz – Dancer

( Lipchitz was an ardent collector of  African art. )





Pieces Of Puzzle – Rajendra Pradhan, India




Larche Raoul Francois-1860-191-lampe-de-table-modele-la-danse-

 Modele La Danse – Larche Raoul Francois table lamp






 Kees Verkade sculpture at Biot




 Eve -1928-Cleveland Museum Of Art





 Marie Paule Deville Chabrolle sculpture




Maurice Bouval Nouveau Gilt Bronze Flamenco Dancer

 Maurice Bouval Nouveau Gilt Bronze Flamenco Dancer



Sherri K. McEuen - Butterfly Princess sculpture

Sherri K. McEuen – Butterfly Princess –bronze sculpture




Goldscheider Wein Art Deco Dancer Laurenzl 1930s Figurine

 Laurenzl Art Deco Dancer  1930s – Figurine – Goldscheider Wein




Robert Holmes dancing couple

 Robert Holmes Dancers IV





Pair of porcelain dancing figurines – Robi




David Perret outdoor sculpture

 David Perret outdoor sculpture



sculpture artwork andrew benyei_perfect_marriage__dancer_sculptures

 Andrew Benyei Perfect Marriage – dancer sculptures




The Circle of Love sculpture by Kim Lawerence,

 The Circle of Love sculpture by Kim Lawerence,

Duncan McClellan Glass Dancing Vase

Duncan McClellan – Art Glass Dancing Vase




C.MIRVAL,bronze art deco dancing girl sculpture

 Bronze art deco dancing girl sculpture signed C.MIRVAL




Rieke-van-der-Stoep-dancers sculpture

Rieke van der Stoep




 Russian Ballet dancers clock Molnija  –1960’s-





Art deco metal sculpture “Liesse” (Jubilation) signed Fayral (Pierre Lefaguays pseudonym).

Height 11.4 inches





 Roman relief with a dancing maenad

ca.-27 BC–14 AD

( Met Museum )




bronze Fayral statue art deco

 Fayral statue art deco




Edouard Cazaux dancers cup

 Edouard Cazaux dancers cup





 Statue of Anna Pavlova on the dome of the Victoria Palace Theatre , London




Steven McGovney-IDLE RICHE-Dancer Teapots

 Steven McGovney-Idle Riche -Dancer Teapots






 Swirling Sprites vase by Judith Taylor

Judith-Taylor –  former soloist with the American Ballet Theater now using  movement to bring clay to life






 Vintage Ceramic Samba Dancer Salt-& Pepper Shaker Set –  Galagray-




Women dancing on Boiotian pot,-circa-640-BCE

 Female dancers on Boiotian pot,-circa-640-BCE




Brian Chessmar Bequest

 Brian Chessmar  – Bequest


Rare Goldscheider Art Deco Danicing figurine -SIGNED-LORENZL-MADE-AUSTRIA

Rare Goldscheider Art Deco Danicing figurine -by Lorenzl, Austria

Dancers - Sheryl Zacharia abstract sculpture

Dancers – Sheryl Zacharia abstract sculpture

unnamedDancers – Sheryl Zacharia abstract sculpture – reverse side

Rene Buthaud flat collar Siamese dancer vase

Rene Buthaud flat collar Siamese dancer vase

Cowan Art Deco White Swirl Dancer figurine

Cowan Art Deco White Swirl Dancer figurine




‘Prima Ballerina’ – Barry Jackson




Ciboure-pottery-Décorateur-Richard-Le-Corrone - Saone Antiqities

Ciboure pottery Décorateur Richard Le Corrone

Saone Antiqities





Vintage Barsony figurines





Anna Polloy dancing in London – C 1922




German-art-deco dancing -figurine - Hertwig

Porcelain Art Deco figurine dancer




Rene Lalique-Figurine-Dora-Nude-Dancer-Sculpture-Folded-Sail-Swirling-Breeze

Rene Lalique nude glass sculpture





Crystal Ballerina sculpture




Dance sculptural art and funky house, ‘Love What You Feel’ – House Bros & Britalics – vocals by Joy Malcolm




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