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Loosen up, leave it behind and indulge in a  diversion, because it’s time to take a dive and plunge into some whimsy of the clay. This primordial craft and its busy creators manage to keep coming up with entertaining objects, that remain in contrast to the ever expanding complexities that confront us. The consistency and adherence to similar production techniques through the ages has given the clay products a grounded, steadfast appeal in these times of transience. Plumb the depths of some remarkable creativity infused with a smattering of  fascinating figurines, cringeworthy and clever kitsch, mind boggling sculptures and magnificent manipulations of the almighty mud, all graced with a touch of whim. This latest installment of Pottery Whimsical will have ongoing updates.



Red Bull Cliff Diving - 2013

 Red Bull Cliff Diving – 2013

      Big Splash Divers Pool Statue by Candice Pennington

 Big Splash Divers Pool Statue by Candice Pennington

Gemma Orkin vases

 Pottery bySouth African artist Gemma Orkin.

Ava Gardiner

 Publicity photo for the 1948 movie  One Touch of Venus with  Ava Gardner. The studio asked the sculptor Joseph Nicolosi to sculpt a robe on the sculpture , after he initially did a nude one.


Amphora Werke Riessner & Kessel, Turn Teplitz

 Amphora vase – Werke Riessner & Kessel, Turn Teplitz

      Bjorn Wiinblad Rosenthal Studio Linie Vase

  Bjorn Wiinblad Rosenthal Studio Linie Vase

Ralph Bacerra teapot whimsy

Ralph Bacerra teapot

        Cathy Meincer ceramic rabbit

Cathy Meincer –  Ceramic rabbit sculpture, Rascal

        maigon DagaCeramic natural glazed stoneware porcelain fawn on marble

Maigon Daga porcelain fawn

( Modcats )

        Chuck Joseph ceramic figurne

Chuck Joseph
“Pukeko Storage Jar”

Auckland Studio Potters Society 

        DeBuse teapot and sugar bowl

DeBuse teapot and sugar bowl

        Ceramic wall Art Fiesole,-Tuscanny

Ceramic wall Art  Fiesole,-Tuscanny

        Freedom by Zenos Frudakis

 “Freedom”  by Zenos Frudakis

        Gregs Photos Tiki pics Titian-Studio Pottery New Zealand

 Ceramic Tiki  –  Titian Studio Pottery, New Zealand

Gregs Photos

        jean derval spectaculaire sculpture

  Jean Derval modernist sculpture

      Karen Atherley handpainted vase

Karen Atherley handpainted vase

        Kensuke Yamada stoneware statue

 Delightfulness, 2011

Kensuke Yamada stoneware statue, height 36″

        Lisa-Clague ceramic sculpture

Lisa Clague ceramic sculpture

Margaret-Keelan ceramic sculpture -- girl and hare

Margaret Keelan – “Girl with Brown Hare”, 2010

        Marleen Vansteenvoort

 Marleen Vansteenvoort

        Michael Kay abstract vesssel

 Michael Kay abstract circus vessel

      Erin Furimsky - Accordanc

Erin Furimsky – ‘Accordance’

        museum-de-la-mer - Biarritz -Facade --- Flickr --- Pierre

Museum de la mer – Biarritz

Flickr — Pierre

       Peter Pincus ceramic sculpture

Peter Pincus ceramic sculpture

        Salty sea dog by Joanne Cooke - Potfest

“Salty sea dog”  by Joanne Cooke

        SARA pottery jug

Ceramic Jug – Sara, Essons Valley, NZ

        Susan Nemeth vases

Susan Nemeth vases

          Titanica, a sculpture by Rowan Gillespie depicting a diving female figure

Titanica, a bronze sculpture by Rowan Gillespie depicting a diving female figure

 Titanic Belfast building Titanic Bel


A Vintage (60s) high relief ceramic sun face by Paul Bellardo—Boston based Sculptor ceramicist


Charles Catteau vase


Wall Hanging Tile- D.Ruth

( Modcats )

        Show Girl Vase - Katherine Morling

Show Girl Vase  – Katherine Morling

      Alexander Archipenko Woman with a Fan

Alexander Archipenko  – ‘Woman with a Fan’

Polychromed bronze – 1958

Vilcek Foundation American Modernism Collection

Mary Ann Prack modernist sculpture

Mary Ann Prack modernist sculpture

Meteorology_Mural Guan Wei

Feng Shui  wall mural –  Guan Wei

( Bureau Of Meteorology foyer, Melbourne – 18 meters x 5 meters )

The magnificence of nature is illustrated by the birds on small islands and the sea creatures floating among coral reefs..There are also ten lucky clouds that signify peace and prosperity. Four heads represent the forces of nature that blow wind…( Taoist wisdom ) It is my hope that the features of the painting will both challenge and amuse viewers, yet also underline the importance of balancing our enviroment.Guan Wei 2010

( http://blog.podsweb.com/ )

Feng Shui mural - Guan Wei Melbourne

Feng Shui –  Guan Wei

 ( Docklands Urban Art )


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