Contemporary Ceramic Art


Gordon Baldwin Unique stoneware sculpture

Gordon Baldwin – Unique stoneware two-piece sculpture with semi-matte blue glaze.

Bruno Gambone

Incised tall vessels, Bruno Gambone

Galleria dell’Artigianato, Italy

Camille Campignion - Hadj Ali

Camille Campignion – Hadj Ali

Companion Pair - Judith Roberts

Companion Pair –  Judith Roberts

As I work, I have in mind the contribution the Raku firing processes will make to the piece, especially the complex smoky blacks on the unglazed clay contrasting with any of the glaze possibilities.

Claire Ireland

Claire Ireland

Ceramic bowl stack - Vipoo-Srivilasa

Ceramic bowl stack – Vipoo-Srivilasa

Suet Yi Yip

Wall Plate – Suet Yi Yip Tapio Wirkkala

Tapio Wirkkala

Thomas Spake -- Native vessel

Thomas Spake — Native vessel

Conteporary ceramic - Tikvesa Lana

Conteporary ceramic – Lana Tikvesa

Rick Dillingham - Flat Top Vessel

Rick Dillingham – Flat Top Vessel

Steven Heinemann Canada

Steven Heinemann – Canada

Takuro Kuwata contemporary cup

Takuro Kuwata contemporary cup

Cheryl Ann Thomas - Relics

Cheryl Ann Thomas – Relics

PowerCurl - surf wave sculpture

“Power Curl”- Denise Romecki Ceramic Sculpture

James Whiting

James Whiting

Monika Debus

Monika Debus

Paul Randall modern vase

Paul Randall

Bente Hansen Granada

Bente Hansen ‘Granada’

Bottle with pink and blue spirals

Bottle with pink and blue spirals, Stoneware, c. 1987 – Lucie Rie


Ceramic Bowl by Modern Reason Studio

Carol O'Hara Sherwood raku vessel

Carol O’Hara Sherwood raku vessel

Ceramic-pod Kay Stratford

Ceramic-pod   Kay Stratford

Pauline Barnden

Pauline Barnden

Russu Romania ceramics

Cristina Popescu Russu –  Bucharest Romania

Nancy Bauch

Nancy Bauch

Ron Mello Raku Vessel

Ron Mello Raku Vessel

Rope Vase by Douglas Law

Rope Vase – Douglas Law

Modern Reason Studio

Having been a graphic designer for many years, I found many of the same skills are needed in pottery. I didn’t get a degree in ceramics. I learned all about balance, proportion, and color in my graphics education and practice. The knowledge transfers well between paper and clay and  I see shapes, profiles and compositions in a decidedly graphic way. – Douglas Law

Harris Deller contemporaru ceramic

Harris Deller

Del Webber

Stones wrapped in weaving – Del Webber



Ohne Titel – Michael Cleff


Cleff’s language is spartan, yet never cold. The forms he uses are strict, yet never dogmatic. What interests him is the reduction of phenomena to enable satisfying perception, of one’s own voice, one’s own reactions, and ultimately of one’s own self. What he creates is the discovery, the plan and the accessibility of our own inner rooms. In the midst of a raging torrent of information and events, he constructs and opens up rooms for us, where we can withdraw into our imagination; refuges for our thoughts, oasis of quietness, and places where we can encounter our own quest and experience. – Gabi Dewald ( kunstforum )


About Gardens – MIchael Cleff

Kathe Starke gourd art

Kathe Starke gourd art

Michael Powolny --(Austrian1906 )

Michael Powolny –(Austrian1906 )

Andreas Steinemann

Andreas Steinemann – fine bone china

David Ross ovoid vaseOvoid Vase – Davis Ross
Janen Hollidge

Jane Hollidge

( Cambridge contemporary art )

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    Wonderful ceramics. Where can you buy these pieces?

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    They are fantastic I’ll like to be mailed with some of these artworks .

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    They are fantastic pieces

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    I like to post some of my works

  5. Carole Wong Chesek
    Posted January 19, 2016 at 10:11 am | Permalink

    As a working potter and instructor this kind of selection reflects a very diverse approach to the medium and is both instructive and inspiring.
    thank you!

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    excellent site

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    beutifull,modern pieces of ceramic art.

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    C’est un régal de voir toutes ces merveilles, je regarderai ça pendant des heures !!!!

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    Thank you for sharing such an amazing collection of Ceramic Art. As a Ceramic Artist myself I feel deeply inspired and connected with them.

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