Contemporary Ceramic Art


Ancient Chinese black pottery tripod jar

Ancient Chinese black pottery tripod jar

Laurent Small

Laurent Small – France

Taleisin Mare - Bowl

Taleisin Mare – Bowl

Rene Buthaud - Bordeaux, 1928–30.

Rene Buthaud  – Bordeaux, 1928–30.

Anders Bruno- Liljefors -vase Gustavsberg

Anders Bruno  Liljefors -vase for Gustavsberg


Jane Hollidge

Wendy Shirran-Islamic styled plate

Wendy Shirran-Islamic styled plate

Carol Gouthro

Carol Gouthro – Ripe series

12”’ x 12” x 24”

Ane katrine von Bulow

Ane katrine von Bulow

Wood fired native stoneware

Wood fired native stoneware – Eric Knoche

Newton Bishop The Continuous Swirl

Newton Bishop – The Continuous Swirl

Izumita Yukiya San's vase

Izumita Yukiya San’s vase

Emily Myers

Emily Myers

Cristina Popescu Russu

Cristina Popescu Russu

DB Glassworks

DB Glassworks

Hans Coper ceramic vessel

Hans Coper ceramic vessel

Takuro Kuwata

Takuro Kuwata – lemon icing glazing

Barbro Åberg Hul igennem

Barbro Åberg &  Hul Igennem

Anne Linemann Gallery


Karina Skibby-Skæver Antonia Salmon

Pearl Riffle 

A stoneware sculpture by Antonia Salmon with layers of terrasigillatta

Aqua Tuile by Imahiko Kawamura - The Jeffrye

Aqua Tuile by Imahiko Kawamura

The Jeffrye

Paul Soldner

Paul Soldner – 1979

Low-fire, wheel thrown and altered, with slips and stains or oxides.

Artistes et Créateurs

Artistes et Créateurs –  Judi Tavill


Buoy Boy – pair of kiln formed glass vessels – Amanda Simmons

Carol O'Hara Sherwood

Carol O’Hara Sherwood

Emily Myers

Three faceted porcelain bottles  – Emily Myers

Halima Cassell

Halima Cassell

Betty Blandino

Betty Blandino


Hitomi Hosono –  A large Shirakawa Bowl, porcelain

Ani Kasten,-USA

Ani Kasten,-USA

Annabel Faraday

Annabel Faraday

Daniel Scogna Art Glass

Daniel Scogna Art Glass vessel

Doug Peltzman,- USA

Doug Peltzman,- USA

Eddie Curtis

Large Bowl by Eddie Curtis – UK

Copper glaze height 9.84 inches

 ( Online Ceramics )

‘ I don’t actively go looking for new directions in my work. I guess I am at my most receptive to new ideas or themes when I am approaching a resolution or I have resolved the issues that my previous project presented. I can become inspired by some external experience quite out of the blue.  If that inspiration helps with the current project then I will perhaps take it on board and make subtle adaptations to the way I work or I can begin on a complete new body of work if the experience is so profound that I almost want to drop everything and start afresh ‘

updated 21/10/2013 ↓

Alice's Teapot 3

Alice’s Teapot 3  – Rachel Boxnboin

( anthropologie )

Alice's Cup Saucer 7

Alice’s Cup   Saucer 7 – Rachel Boxnboin

Israeli artist and designer Rachel Boxnboim creates intriguing, process-oriented sculptures out of clay. In her Alice series, Boxnboim begins by sewing a soft mold, the first of which was inspired by her mother¿s old teapot. She then fills it with liquid porcelain, allowing it to stick to the walls of the mold, and pours out the excess. During the kiln-firing process, the fabric burns away, leaving a thin cloth-like layer of clay, imprinted with the texture of the original mold, like the one-of-a-kind teapot above.

Valetina Carretta

Valetina Carretta – Italy

This object has been commissioned by Granville Gallery (Paris) for the “L’Amphore” exhibition.

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    As a working potter and instructor this kind of selection reflects a very diverse approach to the medium and is both instructive and inspiring.
    thank you!

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    C’est un régal de voir toutes ces merveilles, je regarderai ça pendant des heures !!!!

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    Thank you for sharing such an amazing collection of Ceramic Art. As a Ceramic Artist myself I feel deeply inspired and connected with them.

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