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Contemporary Ceramic Art


Contemporary ceramics, innovative pottery and ceramics, céramique nouveau, avant garde and cutting edge ceramic design and techniques are featured in this post. Add in modernist, postmodern, abstract, la cerámica contemporánea and zeitgenössische keramik and that will cover most of the spectrum of styles on display. Its always refreshing to see artists take risks and successfully create new innovations or invent new interpretations of particular styles. A cornucopia of contemporary ceramics on display.


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Jonathan Middlemiss blue angular abstract vase

‘Cognition 0’  – Jonathan Middlemiss   2011

” Between the moment of seeing something and the sense we then make of it lies a place of questioning. For me it is the most alive place in our consciousness, bringing the unconscious to life through processes of emotional recognition and rationalizing our references. My work takes the energy of polarities, formal contradictions, impacts and merging as the beginning of a journey to this place.”  – Jonathan Middlemiss

Kamares-jug Minoan hand painted white and brown on black

Minoan pottery vessel  – 1800 – 1700 BC

A jug with a contemporary,  modernist appearance and in its time would probably have been regarded as contemporary. Sea life imagery was popular with the Minoan’s for pottery decoration which most likely explains the flowing, fluid style.

Egypt New-Kingdom (Dynasty-18) glassware pitcher

Egyptian  New-Kingdom (Dynasty-18) glassware

The abstract decorative styles of the Epyptian glass were a departure from the more symmetrical panels and geometric patterns that were favoured for the pottery. For the decoration, one or more thin colored rods were wound spirally over the glass while it was still soft. Before these rods hardened they were moved up and down with metal pins to produce waves, garlands, arches and leaf or feather patterns.

Read more: http://www.touregypt.net/historicalessays/lifeinEgypt12.htm#ixzz2UY4uQgJK






Amanda Simmons contemporary glass platter with abstract form

Amanda Simmons – Noth Lands Decoded – large free-form slumped platter with glass powders, engraved and sandblasted.

(Image by Shannon Tofts)

Memoire-sculpture Yves Dana

Memoire   Yves Dana – Switzerland





Jonathan Middlemiss contemporary ceramic cup

Jonathan Middlemiss


Tania Rollond elegant vase

 Tania Rollond




Kay Lynn Sattler carved ceramic vessel

‘Impasse’  – Kay Lynn Sattler – Hawaii USA





Keramiek- Agatha van Dijk family of roosters

Keramiek- Agatha van Dijk





Ceramicist Lorna Meaden whisky flask

Lorna Meaden – whisky flask – USA





Owen Lostetter blue abstract ceramic sculpture

Blue Quintessence  – Owen Lostetter

( fired clay and urethane – 16 x 13 x 7 inches )

Owen is a native of New Mexico, born in 1983 to artist parents, on a small and rural farm in Abiquiu.





Russu Popescu Cristina handbuilt ceramic vessel

Cristina Popescu Russu – Ceramics Artist – Bucharest





Swiss Sibylle Meier contemporary ceramic sculptures

Sibylle Meier

( Switzerland )



Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson three ceramic sculptures

3 pieces  – Sophie Elizabeth Thompson

Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson is a British sculptor living and working in Barcelona.



The large white disc counter - ceramic sculpture Rising Circles by Judith Roberts

Rising Circles  – Judith Roberts



Tomoko Sakumoto Japanese ceramic artist

Tomoko Sakumoto – Lives and works in Okayama, Japan

Ginny Marsh spherical ceramic vessel with drip glaze

Bottle with Moonlight Glaze   Ginny Marsh  



Ursula Morley Price ceramic sculptural vessel with wavy surface

Ursula Morley Price




Wally Asselberghs tripod form contemporary sculpture

Naked Raku Sculpture – Wally Asselberghs




Yves Mohy ceramic vase

 Contemporary ceramic vase –Yves Mohy  French, 1929-2004





Modernist Abstract art work - Path of Life by Chidi Okoye

Abstract art work – Path of Life  by Chidi  Okoye





Andrew Ludick three whimsical vases

Andrew Ludick




Benjamin Storch - Through the Centre - hand-hammered patinated copper, stone slab

‘Through the Centre’ – Benjamin Storch





Ceramic bowl with Flowing Glaze Beatrice Wood

Ceramic bowl with flowing glaze – BeatriceWood    1962





Christine Jones blue pastel ceramic sculpture

Christine Jones ceramic sculpture



Connie Norman ceramics

Connie Norman

“All my life I have struggled with writing, now my work is completely covered in text. This paradigm shift has allowed me to experiment in different art forms, and face fears through the medium of art. An interesting adventure in self-discovery! The text in my pieces acts on several levels. For instance, it has texture, pattern, mystery and a path to look inward to decipher a glimpse into my private thoughts.
I am fascinated by the rhythmic qualities created by color, texture, and patterns. Decoration and the act of decorating are essential because it celebrates and enhances form and speaks purely of aesthetics. I use pottery as a vehicle to explore decoration and other formal questions. It allows me to investigate form, space and image. My greatest satisfaction comes from thoroughly filling surfaces with color and finely detailed decoration in a spirit that I feel is playful and whimsical. My attempt is to make the environment an expressive participant and to address the importance of aesthetics in our daily lives.” Connie Norman

Japanese Shozo Michikawa Shino-square-abstract vessel

Shozo Michikawa Shino Square Pot, 2012

(  Erskine Hall & Coe )




Elizabeth Shriver swan gourd

Swan Gourd, 2007 –  Elizabeth Shriver

 “I work with clay to create an array of graceful, sensuous, organic forms. These pieces are made through a variety of hand-building methods such as slab-building, coiling, pinching, and forming with molds. Rarely relying on glaze, I use textures, stains, and colored clay to add visual and tactile interest. I am drawn toward neutral earth tones that complement rather than distract from my intricate sculptural vessels. The curving lines and interplay of light and shadow in my work generate an illusion of movement, giving each piece an almost lifelike quality. A successful piece is one that begs to be touched as well as explored visually.”  – Elizabeth Shriver



Frederick Garcia footed vessel abstract design

Frederick Garcia



Ilona Romule tea pot

Ilona Romule tea pot

Eric -Knoche Vessel Wood fired ceramic

Eric Knoche   Wood fired indigenous stoneware vessel with slip   2011

( Photo by Tim Barnwell )

” Honestly the first thing that really attracted me to wood kilns was the sound.  Depending on the burner design, gas kilns can sometimes sound like a jet engine.  Once while firing a very loud gas kiln in college I walked over to where some others were firing the wood kiln.  The only sound was a soft but powerful drawing sound from the entry and exit flues, though their kiln was just as hot as mine.  Since then I have come to find the effects from certain styles of wood kilns to be uniquely appropriate for my current work.  The process is also interesting and rewarding. ”  – Eric Knoche

JITKA PALMER dish - Czech ceramic artist

Song Of The Wandering Aegnus – Jitka Palmer

Bodil Manz contemorary ceramics cylindrical vessel with geometric design

Bodil Manz

Cornelia-Trösch tall footed vessels with translucent marks on the surface

 Porcelain vessels with translucent marks and tall feet. – Cornelia Trösch

Capriccio Oval Vase - Elke Sada coloured green, yellow, black and white

Capriccio Oval Vase –  Elke Sada Anna Van Hoey contemporary ceramics orange rust ceramic vessel

Anna Van Hoey – Mechelen, Belgium

Vessel, 14 in. (36 cm) in length, slab-built and press-molded red earthenware, fired in an electric kiln to 2012°F (1100°C), 2012. Photo: Dries Van den Brande.

( CeramicArtsDaily )

Cristina Popescu Russu Bucharest cubist vase

Cristina Popescu Russu – Bucharest, Romania


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