Contemporary Ceramic Art

Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson




Aline Favre – Raku  – 2006

( galerie Marianne Brand )

Blue Cone

Blue Cone – unsigned

Ceramics, George Bowes

Ceramic carafe with cups , George Bowes

Jacqueline Leighton Boyce

Jacqueline Leighton Boyce

Dora Pezic Mijatovic

Dora Pezic Mijatovic



Yukiya Izumita – Built a kiln in Noda-Mura, Iwate Prefecture

Iris Kadishman - raku cup

Iris Kadishman – raku cup

Ceramic shell-2 - Kay Stratfor

Ceramic shell 2 – Kay Stratfor

David Brown ceramic cup

David Brown hand made, high fired ceramic cup.

Don Ellis - Raku Vase

Don Ellis – Raku Vase

Floating Flower blue Vase

Floating Flower Blue Vase

Sibylle Meier VASE

Sibylle Meier VASE



 Small Angular Carved Vessel – Ashraf Hanna

Ceramica Creativa Gabriele

Ceramica Creativa Gabriele, Italy


Ceramica Creativa Gabriele, Italy

Chris Gustin, USA

Chris Gustin, USA

Elegant Convergence Vase Tatiana Hunter

Elegant Convergence Vase – Tatiana Hunter

Guido Gambone vase

Guido Gambone squat vase

Ceramica Creativa Gabriele, Italy

Ceramica Creativa Gabriele, Italy


Doug Peltzman,-USA

Doug Peltzman,-USA

Terry Hagiwara abstract vase

Terry Hagiwara abstract vase

Hallstattpieces by Elke Sad

Hallstattpieces by Elke Sad

Delores Fortuna

Delores Fortuna lidded jar

Jitka Palmer

Jitka Palmer

Kora vases by Studiopepe

 Kora vases by Studiopepe for Spotti Edizione

Ingrid Van Munster

Ingrid Van Munster contemporary ceramic vase

Gertrud Vasegaard

Gertrude Vasegaard

Harvey-Sadow spherical vase

Harvey Sadow spherical vase

Jennifer FitzgeraldSmall NEs

Jennifer Fitzgerald  – Small Nest Vase

Woven Stoneware with Iron Oxide

Drew Hine

Gold Leaf Vessel   – Drew Hine

Elisabeth Joulia

Elisabeth Joulia

Francesc Burgos French contemporary ceramic sculpture

Francesc Burgos French contemporary ceramic sculpture

Carolyn Genders contemporary vase

Carolyn Genders contemporary vase – UK

Johanna De Maine

Johanna De Maine

Update 24/3/2014

vessel--Petra Bittl

Contemporary vessel–Petra Bittl

Maria Bosch beautiful ceramics

Ovoid vase – Maria Bosch

Helen Rondell

Helen Rondell


Mary McGill

Robin Welch ceramic bottle

Robin Welch ceramic bottle

Georgia Harvey

Georgia Harvey

Yasha Butler Lithic

Yasha Butler Lithic

Lithic is my new line of sculptural vessels.  It all began when I discovered this beautiful chocolaty clay.  Unlike my previous pieces I decided to work purely with handbuilding techniques.  I realized that off the wheel I could create more dramatic angles and severe curves.  Lithic is the result of an experiment with new clay and new techniques.

Update  6/4/2014

Kang Hyo Lee

 Kang Hyo Lee – Korean

Jelena Valka

Jelena Valka



Jason Bige Burnett

“Circus Stars & Stripes”  Container – Jason Bige Burnett

( cartoon animation whimsy )


Jane Wheeler bottle

Jane Wheeler bottle

Ishizukag pitcher and cup

Gordie Ishizuka pitcher and cup

Lesley McInally

Lesley McInally

John Bedding

John Bedding , UK

Stoneware tile with illustration of a kissing couple by Stig Lindberg

Stoneware tile with illustration of a kissing couple by Stig Lindberg

Fetish Ghost lidded jar

Fetish Ghost lidded jar

Doris Fischer-Colbrie ceramic basket

Doris Fischer-Colbrie  —  ceramic basket

” My interest in mathematics draws me toward geometric considerations and my interest in nature draws me toward textural considerations, both of which I combine to create objects that are functional. which are a combination of thrown and hand-built giving a slight twist on traditional forms. “

 ( The Main Gallery )

Footed vessel by Liam Flynn

Footed vessel by Liam Flynn

Françoise Blain ceramic vessel

Françoise Blain ceramic

Manuka Pottery CharlesShaw

Manuka Pottery – CharlesShaw

Halvorsen Ribbed viking bowl

Halvorsen Ribbed viking bowl

Henry Pim,-ceramic studio, Ireland Unique handbuilt monumental stoneware vase, glazed-in matte and glossy glazes-in pale brown, white and pale green,-1985

Henry Pim ceramic studio, Ireland

Unique handbuilt monumental stoneware  vase, glazed in matte and glossy glazes in pale brown, white and pale green, 1985

17 june 2014

French Accolay Mid-Century 1964

French Accolay Mid-Century Planter 1964

Anatolian Pottery vessel - Hacilar Region,- Chalcolithic Period, Circa-5th MillenniumB.C

Anatolian Pottery vessel – Hacilar Region, Chalcolithic Period, Circa-5th MillenniumB.C

Carolyn Carroll Piedmont Craftsmen

Carolyn Carroll ceramics

Piedmont Craftsmen

Cheo-Art-José Sierra

Cheo Art – José Sierra vessel

Clyde Burt mid century jar with lid

Clyde Burt mid century jar with lid

David Piper---Ribbed Vase

David Piper—Ribbed Vase

Hallstattpieces by Elke Sada

Hallstattpieces by Elke Sada

“Hallstattpieces” was assembled by Elke Sada with large shards of raw ceramic, held together by suture points. Elke was 35 when she finally decided to abandon her career as a chemical researcher to dedicate herself to the dream she had long pursued: becoming a ceramist. 

John Tilton crystalline ovoid vessel

John Tilton crystalline glaze ovoid vessel

Jonathan Cross abstract form vessel

Jonathan Cross abstract form vessel –  2011. Stoneware, salt-fired, wood-fired. 4″x 5″x 4.5″

Peter-Pincus folded vase 1997

Peter Pincus folded vase 1997

Art Glass---'Water Element' by Rybák Jaromír

Art Glass—‘ Water Element’ by Rybák Jaromír

Ashraf Hanna at Studiopottery,---2011

Ashraf  Hanna contemporary vase


Barry Stedman cup

Barry Stedman pottery cup

Campbell Hegan, New Zealand

Campbell Hegan faceted vase, New Zealand

Ceramics by Stephen Bird

Stephen Bird – Albert and Rex out painting, 2013
clay, pigment, glaze, 41 x 22 x 22 cm

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    Wonderful ceramics. Where can you buy these pieces?

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    They are fantastic I’ll like to be mailed with some of these artworks .

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    They are fantastic pieces

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    I like to post some of my works

  5. Carole Wong Chesek
    Posted January 19, 2016 at 10:11 am | Permalink

    As a working potter and instructor this kind of selection reflects a very diverse approach to the medium and is both instructive and inspiring.
    thank you!

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    excellent site

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    beutifull,modern pieces of ceramic art.

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    C’est un régal de voir toutes ces merveilles, je regarderai ça pendant des heures !!!!

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    Thank you for sharing such an amazing collection of Ceramic Art. As a Ceramic Artist myself I feel deeply inspired and connected with them.

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