Contemporary Ceramic Art

Chu Teh Chun vase

Chu Teh Chun vase

Courcoux & Courcoux---John Ward

Courcoux & Courcoux—John Ward


Nancy Pene lidded raku jar

Close up Roundal

Close up Roundal –


Reaction cups  – Nervous System

Contemporary sculpture Sibyl.-Dan-Molyneux

Sibyl -Dan Molyneux

Terry Ha raku vase

Raku vessel – Terry Ha

Ceramic Bottle-in Dusky Blues and by Big BearPottery,

Stoneware Ceramic Bottle — Big Bear Pottery,

Stuer Maarten - stoneware abstract sculptures

Maarten Stuer abstract ceramic sculptures

Tim Andrews ceramic bottle

Tim Andrews -red glazed bottle

Shinya Tanoue- Three Shell pieces

Shinya Tanoue- Three ceramic shell sculptures

Susan Filley Contemporary Porcelain vessel

Susan Filley Contemporary Porcelain

Japanese pottery -Shinya-Tanoue-Shell-07

Shinya Tanoue- Shell 07

Daniel-Widrig Grid (2012)

Daniel Widrig -‘ Grid ‘

–  microlight object in polyamide, shaped like crystal reticulums, growing in organic structures.


Martin McWilliam-BlueJAr contemorary-ceramics

Blue Jar – Martin McWilliam



Elspeth Owen – 2010


Tall ceramic sculpture – Emili Biarnes


Enno-Jäkel ovoid sculptures

Enno Jäkel


Vase – Derek Thompson

Ernabella Ceramics

Ewen-Henderson bottle

Ewen Henderson bottle


Glass sculpture – ‘First Movement’ –  William Le Quier


Black bottle with crawling shino glaze – Francesc Burgos

Fran Tristram abstract sculpture

Fran Tristam


‘Moment in White’ –  Fujino Sachiko

Stoneware with grayish white matte glaze

Salvador Negre Gallen at Museu de Ceràmica-de-l'Alcora

Salvador Negre Gallen at Museu de Ceràmica de Alcora

Pillow pitcher by Betty Woodman

‘Pillow Pitcher’ by Betty Woodman

Harlan Mid Century- Modern Ceramic Vase

Harlan Mid Century- Modern Ceramic Vase


Judi Tavill


Genevieve Gay

Tony-Lattimer- ceramic

Tony Lattimer

Ted-Secombe ceramic bottles

Ted Secombe


Barbara Hepworth – Two Figures ( Menhirs )

1954 – 55


Jonathan Middlemiss, UK

Françoise-Blain contemporary vessel

Françoise Blain




Loetz vase





Lara Scobie-small jug and tea bowl

Jug and tea bowl – Lara Scobie




Mind games-12x9cm-Maria Ten-Kortenaar

‘Mind Games’ –  Maria Ten Kortenaar




Red Lanterns-23x11cm Maria ten Kortenaar

‘Red Lanterns’  Maria ten Kortenaar



Porcelain hanging pods-Wendy Jung

Small hanging porcelain pods – Wendy Jung – etsy




Dumler Breiden mid-century vase




Peter-Pincus folded vase

Peter Pincus vase





Shida-Kuo asymmetrical vase

Shida Kuo






Swedish vase – Stig Lindberg




Ceramic vase Bitossii-TWENTIETH CENTURY MODERN DESIGN-E.Sottsass-for-Bitossi-in-the-50-'--60'

E.Sottsass designed vase for Bitossii, Italy





Clay sculpture and mirrors with wood accents by Jan Jacque

Contemporary sculpture – Jan Jacques

Clay and mirrors with wood accents





Raku vessel Eugene Lion






Hideaki Miyamura – Porcelain lidded jar, turquoise yellow crystalline glaze




Joan Miró vase

Joan Miro




Tripod base sculpture - Leza McVey

“Ceramic Form No. 33” – Leza McVey

1951 — height – 10 3/8″

Everson Museum of Art





‘Other Moon’ –  Nina Else



Warren MacKenzie Yellow Drop Rim Bowl_with_Barbed_Wir

 Yellow Drop Rim Bow – Warren MacKenzie




Steven Branfman Keramik 2

 Incised ceramic lidded jar – Steven Branfman




Studio art pottery,-Nancy Meeker,-Strip built earthenware vase with burnished collar

 Strip built earthenware vase with burnished collar – Nancy Meeker





Jude-Jelfs ceramic torso

Abstract torso – Jude Jelfs



Maria Bosch raku vessel

Maria Bosch




De-Crousaz-Hugues raku cup

Cup – sandstone, wood oven, 1280 ° C, reduction – Hugues de Crousaz, Geneva

keramik kunst schweiz – schweizer kuenstler – galerien keramik

Keramik Kunst Schweiz – Schweizer KeramikerInnen – Keramik KuenstlerInnen – Toepferwaren – Keramik Porzellan Kunst Glasuren Vasen Objekte Galerien




Elisa Confortini Italian contemporary ceramic

Elisa Confortini, Italy




Emanuelle Pecatte red surface incised jar

Red, surface incised, lidded jar – Emanuelle Pecatte




Fred-Garcia-abstract ceramic - Ceramique14

Fred Garcia – abstract ceramic





Hans-Coper-(1920-1981) ceramic footed goblet

Ceramic footed goblet – Hans Coper





Danish mid-century Pitcher

Lovemose – etsy




laurent-petit matt surface sculpture

 Laurent Petit




Channel (lowres) Thomas-Schmidt-white porcelain sculptural form

‘Channel (lowres)’ –  Thomas-Schmidt




Charmian-Johnson.-Bowl,-2003. Porcelain, crackled azure glaze

Bowl  – Porcelain, crackled azure glaze – Charmian Johnson.





Fausto Melotti vase -1950-55

Fausto Melotti vase

Italy 1950-55



Chinnery-Rachelle two cups and a pourer - green ceramic ripple surface

Rachelle Chinnery, Canada

photo Jennifer Armstrong



Christina-Guwang cup

Christina Guwang, France




Clare-Conrad-Stoneware contmeporary vases

Clare Conrad




Cling Tyler-Lotz textured surface red ceramic sculpture

‘Cling’ – Tyler Lotz




Delfos-Annica sculpture vessel

Delfos Annica




Elisabeth-de-Rovinelli-black and white sculptural bowl-18x10cm

Elisabeth de Rovinelli




contemporary ceramic-speckled-vessel Kay Stratford

Speckled ceramic vase – Kay Stratford




Set of Pourers small-Lara Scobie

Set of Small Pourers – Lara Scobie




Lara Scobie-tea bowl and jug with black and white stripes

Lara Scobie- tea bowl and jug with black and white stripes

Gallery Nine





Sake Set by David Piper-by-portlandcraft on Flickr

‘Sake Set’ by David Piper

portlandcraft on Flickr




Robert-Briscoe contemporary multi faceted vase

Robert Briscoe vase




Shoji Hamada Mizusashi ca. 1970, kaki glaze with wax resist brushwork, stoneware

Shoji Hamada, Mizusashi ca. 1970, kaki glaze with wax resist brushwork, stoneware





Bruno-Gambone ceramic ewer - white ceramic with black rim


Bruno Gambone



Natalie-Blake-purple and turquoise vessel

Natalie Blake



Ernest-Gentry ceramic bowl

Large Fluted Bowl – Ernest Gentry

Schaller Gallery




Young-Mi-Kim-ceramic bulbous vessel

‘Ceramic Vessel #1’   Young Mi Kim

Ceramics Now



Petra-Bittl abstract vase

Petra Bittl


Mountain Brook Ceramic Sculpture-Created-by-Nelfa-Tompkins

Mountain Brook Ceramic Sculpture by Nelfa Tompkins



Hans Munck Andersen Denmark ceramic sculptural vessel

Hans Munck Andersen, Denmark

Ann Linnemann studio gallery



Henriette Duckert-hvid-oval-skå-Ml

Keramiker Henriette Duckert, Denmark




Jane Reumert-Ann-Linnemann-studio-gallery

Jane Reumert

Ann Linnemann studio gallery




Karin Michelsen-Hemmelighed-ceramic lidded box

‘Hemmelighed’ – Karin Michelsen




Kim Holm-Isskruning-H12-x-Ø15-2013-Ann-Linnemann-studio-gallery

Kim Holm-Isskruning – 2013


Ann Linnemann studio gallery






Pipaluk Lake – sculptured magma






Abstract swirl clay whistle



Bente Hansen-Nuuk - geometric contemporary ceramic vessel

Bente Hansen – ‘Nuuk’ 




Kim Holm-ceramic cuph9-ø10

Kim Holmes





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    As a working potter and instructor this kind of selection reflects a very diverse approach to the medium and is both instructive and inspiring.
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