Ceramic Animal Art




‘Elephants’ bowl – Nan Hamilton




Classic Gorilla__reneetaylorgallery_Black Granite Loet Vanderveen

Classic Gorilla Black Granite –  Loet Vanderveen

Renee Taylor Gallery



Ceramic fantasy figurine - Ukrainian-artists-Anna-Stasenko-and-Slava-Leontiev-14

Anna Stasenko and Slava Leontiev




Baby Octopus_LACMA

Netsuke ‘Baby Octopus’  – Ōhara Mitsuhiro (Japan, 1810-1875)






Baby beluga whale





Bulldog-sitting at Vanves flea market, Paris

Bulldog sitting on antique chair at Vanves flea market, Paris



lexie the sharpei sunbaking

Lexie the Sharpei sunbaking




Messenger Turtle - Becky Dennis

‘Messenger Turtle’ – Becky Dennis




Mid Century Modern, Stoneware Figurine, Bird, Pelican by Artesania Rinconada- foxbride-etsy

Mid Century Modern, Stoneware Figurine,Pelican by Artesania Rinconada





Penguin-Emporer_1395 Loet Vanderveen was born in Rotterdam, Holland reneetaylor gallery

Penguin Emperor – Loet Vanderveen





 Bronze pelican sculpture  – Phyllis M Bone




Sexy Beast-by Govinder Nazran

‘Sexy Beast’ by Govinder Nazran




Tall-Murano-Art-Masterpiece-Glass-Owl The Owl-Has-Always-Been-Emblem-of-Wisdom-and-Good-Luck

Tall Murano Art  Glass Owl. In the East, the Owl Has Always Been Emblem of Wisdom and Good Luck





Staying in synch





‘No thanks, just gum leaves please’

To celebrate Singapore’s 50th independence anniversary, Australia has sent over four koalas on Qantas Airlines to be ambassadors to the city for six months.



Cerâmica---Museu-Afro-Brasil green bird riding a green beast

Animal figurines – Museu Afro Brazil




Lisa Larsen poodle

Poodle Lisa Larson





Richard Sturrock 19th century pottery figure in the shape of a mythological winged beast with acanthus foliate scrolling to the shoulder




terracotta bird Nittsjo Pottery

Nittsjo Pottery – SwitchbladeandCookie-etsy



ccolourful glaze

Nirmitee Pottery




Jaguar Gourd - Denise Meyers

‘Jaguar Gourd’ – Denise Meyers




HH-Design ceramic dog

HH Design




Franklin-Calero -incised polychrome vessel

Franklin Calero




Mata Ortiz Armadillo Effigy, signed Tomas Quintana

 Tomas Quintana – Matiz Ortez Armadillo




Chinese Terracotta horse statue

Chinese Terracotta horse statue – Han Dynasty?




Czech-Parrot-Pitcher - Royal Dux yellow and pink ceramic

Czech Parrot Pitcher – Royal Dux




Lesley Martin ceramic dog

Lesley Martin, UK





Elephant Calf Loet-Vanderveen-was-born-in-Rotterdam,-Holland

‘Elephant Calf’  – Loet Vanderveen, Holland





‘Dancer’ – Francesco Nonni

Italy, 1925





Italian tiger and cub figurine



Bulldog ceramic dog sculpture by Cathy Meincer

Ceramic ‘Bulldog’ sculpture  –  by Cathy Meincer




Majestic Male Cheetah_renee taylor gallery Loet Vanderveen

Majestic Cheetah –  Loet Vanderveen

Renee Taylor Gallery




Patinated Vienna Bronze Cobra Signed 'Nam Greb' by Franz Bergman, 1900

 ‘Nam Greb’ Patinated  Bronze Cobra by Franz Bergman, 1900





Sue Masters-Lying Hare

‘Lying Hare’ – Sue Masters




Turquoise flying dolphin figurine on wooden base -Marty-Oppenheimer

‘Flying Dolphin’ – Marty Oppenheimer





Ancient Hamlets – Yang Fuhua, China





Tonala Mexican Folk Art lion/cat




Valerie Willy---Pink Galahs pink,white yellow birds

‘Pink Galahs’ – Valerie Willy




Silvered-Bronze-Sealion-balancing a ball on nose clock

Art Deco sea lion clock




Sculpture-by-Tricia-Cline durga riding a white deer

‘Durga in Montana’ – Tricia Cline






Owl – Catherine Chaillou





Art Nouveau swan bookends





A baby koala holds on to its mother as she undergoes surgery at Australia zoo wildlife hospital in Queensland. The koalas were brought into the hospital after the mother was hit by a car. They were reunited after the life-saving surgery
Photograph: Ben Beaden/AFP/Getty Images




rebecca-hillman Ceramic frog wall art - Gas bisqued and painted with assorted terra sigillatas .. Mason stains .. Ochre and oxides.

Wall Art Frog – Rebecca Hillman

Gas bisqued and painted with assorted terra sigillatas .. Mason stains .. Ochre and oxides.




Livia-Gorka Galeria Savaria sweet looking cat

Livia Gorka – Sweet cat

Galeria Savaria




Running dog raku - christine_cummings-craftmaker.co.uk

Running dog raku – Christine Cummings





lexie---the cosmic canine - sofa chillin'

Lexie – the cosmic canine Sharpei – sofa chillin’



Shark-Bank ceramic shark saver

Move over piggy – Shark Bank




Stig-Lindberg ceramic horse

Stig Lindberg



Try this Bear Grylls



The Koala now known in the koala world as “Bear Grills” for his survival instinct after colliding with a  car moving at a 100 km/hr

The driver of the car, Loren Davis, said she hit the koala while travelling on the South Eastern freeway, about 10km from her home in Mount Barker, South Australia. She had been banked in by other cars and was unable to avoid the animal. “I drove home, feeling upset that I’d killed a koala,” she said. Once she got home and pulled into the garage she turned on the light to see the damage and was startled to see the koala in the front grill of her car. After being checked by the vet it was given the all clear and released back into the wild.





Valerie-Willy---Cats two ceramic cats with black and amber stripes

Pair of ceramic cats – Valerie-Willy




Vintage-californian-pottery - red ceramic bird on a log

Vintage Californian Pottery figurine



Yellow Tang Fish figurine - Raku Ceramic From Copper Crow Designs

Yellow Tang Fish – Raku Ceramic From Copper Crow Designs



zebracolt purse by Denise-Meyers

Zebra colt purse by Denise-Meyers





Crane – Viennese Enamel and Rock Crystal Ornamental Fragment

Skinner Auctions



GUENON-ET-PETIT-(bas-relief) Hana Orlova

Hana Orlova, France




Art-Deco-Cacciapuoti-Lady-Figure-Borzoi-Dog - lady figurine in orange gown

Art Deco  Lady with Borzoi Dog figurine – Guido Cacciapuoti





Eosin glaze snake – Zsolnay





Large Barn Owl – Geoffrey Dashwood





Rooster made from gourds  – Lonnie and Twyla Money






Ceramic dog sculpture – Nick-Mackman





Terracotta ‘bull-nine’ – Juan Landreu




Michael-Grafton-Pottery cheshire cat

Blue cheshire cat – Michael Grafton





‘Lion Before Storm II’ -–- Sitting Profile – Nick Brandt

Maasai Mara






Polar Bear and Baby – Loet Vanderveen

Rotterdam, Holland




Posing-elephant-with-dog - animal buddies

Animal buddies



Dagobert Peche jewel box with antelope figure lid

Dagobert Peche antelope jewel box – Wiener Werkstätte. Date: 1920.

Met, NY





Stoneware giraffe sculptures – Jen Robinson, France




actu-hippopotapile - Jen Robinson hippopotamus family sculpture

‘Actu Hippopotapile’ – Jen Robinson




actu-masai_mara_hippo Ceramic hippo on swing by Jen Roninson

Jen Robinson hippo on swing overlooking his natural habitat

photo – Tony Crocetta





‘Paradise Flycatcher’ – Annette Corcoran

Winfield Gallery




Ken Edwards  Hand Painted Folk Art Ram Sculpture

El Palomar, Mexico





‘Tao of Kitty’ sculptural mosaic  – Julie Lucus




Animal Sculpture Designs By Matt Buckley. -Edge Sculpture Cat figure

‘Edge Sculpture Cat ‘ – Matt Buckley, UK





‘Hooded Gibbon’ – Betty Davenport Ford

Height – 29 inches,  1952



Kennel Afghan – Lisa Larson





Pair of Chinese Famille Verte Porcelain Parrots





‘Chuckwalla & camellia’ — lizard sculpture by Chris Bing

Sauromalus Jan—Flickr





Solange Piffer framed mosaic dog




Raku-fish mid century style

Ceramic fish sculpture




Pair of Chinese porcelain storks

Early 20th Century




Amphora-Werke-Riessner,-Stellmacher-&-Kessel, Sulphur crested cockatoo

Sulphur crested cockatoo – Amphora Werke Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel






‘Bronze Whale#7 with Rich Patina’ by Joseph McDonnell-usa






Brown Bear Figurine –  Lisa Larson

Scandinavia, Sweden—Beautalicious – etsy



Lesley_Martin_raku horse bust

Raku horse sculpture – Lesley Martin



Ardmore bird bowl earth colours

Ardmore bird bowl



Charles Catteau gazelle vases in blue and turquoise on white

Charles Catteau vases




Entwined-Lives,-by-Tim-Lama orangutan climbing a tree

‘Entwined Lives’, by Tim Lama  — orangutan climbing a tree




Crikey! ” Strike me down with a gumleaf  ” !    — Koala’s aren’t known for their swimming…..


Curious and brave Koala swims in river to say hello to a group of Aussie canoeists on Brisbane river





koala having a drink with cyclists in Australia

Friendly koala approaching cyclists in Adelaide for a drink of water

Photo Nick Lothian




Hand Painted Koala Bear Dish by The Little Sydney Pottery Australia



See more fascinating Australian animals on the VeniceClayArtists post Australian clayarts – wildlife fauna, flora, landscapes

Also see the Veniceclayartists post on Cats and Dogs, figurines, art and photos





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    Everything you have made is BEAUTIFUL…. Actually I also want to learn this art. I am having many ideas in my mind but don’t know how to apply those ideas in clay. Can you please give me the guideance.

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    What a wonderful collection of ceramic animal art, thanks so much for including some of my pieces ?

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