Ceramic Animal Art


Dominique Pouchain – zoomorphic sculpture


Duck transport in Hanoi

Emile Galle porcelain parrot wall plaque

Emile Galle porcelain parrot wall art

Tonala Mexican bird Signed KEN EDWARDS

Tonala Mexican bird by Ken Edwards


Royal Copenhagen Two Geese by Ingeborg Nielsen


19th C. French Terracotta Toad

19th Century French Terracotta Toad



Koala goes on joyridekoala stowawayQueensland furry daredevil

This koala was found clinging to the grille of a car when the driver stopped at a service station in Gympie ,Queensland. It had been seen crossing the road in front of the car 88km back . This tenacious furry thrill seeker would have hung on to the grill while the car was cruising at the 100km/hour limit. After a checkup at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, he was declared to be ok. He was named Timberwolf after the local football team.50's-60's-Italian Spaghetti Art Pottery Sitting Cat

50’s-60’s  – Italian Spaghetti ceramic cat

Terracotta Love Birds Sculpture SignedAMM - Maison Gerard

Terracotta Love Birds Sculpture

Signed  AMM – Maison Gerard Antiques

GREEK EYES FISH - ClaudioBarake

Greek Eye Fish   – ClaudioBarake

Martine Franck Magnum Photos

Photo taken by Martine Franck

Magnum Photos

Morris Pottery bunny

Bunny Rabbit

 Morris Pottery


Is that you Sir Chompalot ?  Dramatic koala rescue in Melbourne


After being hit by a car near Langwarrin in Melbourne, a Koala bear scampered up a gumtree, then passed out clinging to the tree. Volunteers from the Animalia wildlife shelter located the unconcious animal and dropped it to the ground, time being the essence. Michelle Thomas actually performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the koala and one of the other rescue squad members was  pumping the koala’s chest to get some movement in the heart and  get some air into the lungs at the same time. After a close encounter with Koala Nirvana, the little furry champ uttered a growl, and was ready to roam the bush another day, after a brief recuperation at the shelter. He was thought to be one of the local gumtree inhabitants named Sir Chompalot, because he is always eating gum leaves.






 Emille Galle ceramic owl

 Tiny Esveld Galerie

Magdalena Mézlová rabbit statue

Outdoor rabbit sculpture – Magdalena Mézlová


Ice Souls, an exhibition of ceramic sculptures by Tanya Brett- n support of Hauser Bears

Ceramic bear sculptures by Tanya Brett-

From the Ice Souls  exhibition in support of Hauser Bears


jabuti Claudio Barake

 Jabuti  – Claudio Barake – red footed tortoise

San Paulo, Brazil


LesleyMartin dogs 2006

Lesley Martin, UK

Studio Pottery: Passionate About Contemporary Ceramics

Over 400 profiles of Potters, Ceramic Artists with images; Work for Sale; Up to date Courses & Events; Gallery information, News, Blog & More!



 Mixed media –Robert Bradford – Wir’ed Terrier

100 x 84 x 35 cms  – 2014

 Rebecca Hossack Gallery


Sarah Whitmire-Forest Totem6-etsy

 Forest Totem #6 – Sarah Whitmire

Elephant in paper clay and acrylics


Jackie Lallemand catalogue April 2014 Big Foot Chicken

 Jackie Lallemand – 2014 Big Foot Chicken


Giant Galapagos Tortoise Tortoise – Galapagos Islands


Glass Blue Yellow Octopus Paperweight

Octopus Paperweight

Boch Freres Wooly Mammoth-flat-sided-vase,-design..Humler-&-Nolan

Wooly Mammoth vase – Boch Freres

design and landscape Urban Gardens Inc dog friendly yard include a pee post

Terracotta pee post – Urban Gardens Inc


Hand painted elephant bowl – Nan Hamilton, Boston, MA

Manchester-Terrier figurine by Helen Frik

Manchester Terrier ” Coco ” – Helen Frik

Marty Oppenheimer'-Eggsitting bronze Pelican

Eggsitting Pelican – Marty Oppenheimer




Earthenware Equestrian-Soldier Han Dynasty

Equestrian Soldier on horse – Han Dynasty

2nd century B.C.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts




Pig.-Christine Cummings

Raku pig – Christine Cummings




Valerie Willy---Penguins

Two Penguins – Valerie Willy




Susan Halls-Winter Rabbit. Soft slabbed paperclay

Winter Rabbit – Susan Halls- Soft slabbed paperclay





French Haviland Limoges vase signed – Couturier-

darcysantiquetreasures on Ruby Lane




Mexican Folk Art Pottery-Talavera Majolica Blue Dove Bird Planter

Mexican Folk Art Pottery – Talavera Majolica Blue Dove Bird Planter




Nan-Hamilton leopard vase

Nan Hamilton twin leopard vase




Lisa Larsen-owl

Gustavsberg Owl – Lisa Larsen





mid Century style cat

Orange and black glaze ceramic cat





Japanese Studio Porcelain Hirado style Koro---Okimono

Japanese Studio Porcelain Hirado style Koro (Incense Burner)





Morris Pottery Lizard Mug

Lizard motif mug – Morris Pottery





Potter Nancy Jacobsohn---Sgraffito Zebra

Nancy Jacobsohn—Sgraffito Zebra





Justin Hofman_Elephant Seal

Elephant Seal

Photo Justin Hofman






Macaw bird – Ardmore Australia





Tricia-Cline tribes woman with mare

The Exile Looking for the Joyful Horse

Tricia Cline






Day of the dead cat sculpture

SpiritOfAine – etsy




koalatooth Anita Reay

 Koala – Anita Reay





Mary Janice Ortiz (Cochiti-Pueblo)--Wright's Indian Art-Sunface Turtle

‘Sunface Turtle’  – Mary Janice Ortiz (Cochiti-Pueblo)

Wright’s Indian Art



Victoria Sexton - Girl riding a tiger

Girl riding a tiger – Victoria Sexton





Nan-Hamilton---Jar of dogs

Nan Hamilton handpainted jar




Ceramic figurine Red Kangaroo--Peter Cooley

‘Red Kangaroo’ –Peter Cooley




HH design-Ceramic English Bull Terrier Dog Sculpture

HH design – English Bull Terrier Dog Sculpture





Large Garden Statue – Great Dane Dog Head Sculpture



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    I’m an ex employee of Josiah Wedgwoods as a freehand ornamentor of their jasper ware,Royal Doultons doing kiln work,placing ect.,and Beswicks freehand assembly of their betrice potter range and animals over a 21 year period.As my surname suggests it can be a great asset in promoting quality ceramics ie.Rare Individual Ceramics Handmade,Rich in quality, Rich in meaning, and no mass production.Therefore i’m looking for individual design wares for limited edition productions to promote on my own website and when set up namely Rich Ceramics if successful open up my own shops accordinly.If you know of any such persons interested in such a venture please contact me at [email protected]

  2. Poonam
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    Everything you have made is BEAUTIFUL…. Actually I also want to learn this art. I am having many ideas in my mind but don’t know how to apply those ideas in clay. Can you please give me the guideance.

  3. Posted June 12, 2016 at 7:27 am | Permalink

    What a wonderful collection of ceramic animal art, thanks so much for including some of my pieces ?

  4. Carla benefield
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    Sharon Skelton. I do love the your geese with necklaces. How much would it be to make a set for me? Thank you Carla

  5. Anonymous
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    that is the best art with clay

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    It looks very pretty. would like to learn a little how work witch clay

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