International Contemporary Furniture Fair



Caracole-armchair-and-side board

Caracole furniture



Fractal-Rose-LED-lighting wallpaper-from-Meystyle

Fractal Rose LED wallpaper from Meystyle




ICFF global design showcase


All aficionados of interior design will be attracted to the ICFF global design showcase. Over four days more than 33.000 interior designers, architects, and professionals of interior fitting will meet the 750 exhibitors displaying the most updated innovations in the sector. ICFF provides the opportunity for anyone who is looking for the latest, most creative and fascinating trends in the world of decoration and interior design. On display will be interior furniture, seating, flooring, carpet and rugs, lighting, outdoor furniture, materials, wall coverings, accessories, textiles, kitchen & bathroom designs and fabricators. ICFF features what’s best and what’s next in contemporary design, luxury interiors and high end furniture.


ICFF website




Innovative array of designs on offer



VITA Copenhagen ‘Silvia Create’ light tree

VITA Silvia Create is made of individual “leaves” that are assembled into a beautiful glare-free light. The VITA Silvia Create’s special watercolor paper leaves let anyone express their artistic side and paint, draw, or print their favorite pattern on each leaf.


Lunada BayTile_Contourz_Zen Break_White

Lunada Bay Tile – ‘Contourz’ Zen Break White



Atelier-Vierkant-robbed planters

Atelier Vierkant ribbed planters



Atelier Vierkant deep textural brutalist planter.





Atelier Vierkant  “CK” (smooth texture) and the “CKB” (rough texture) in white and black




Caroline-Peltier-ceramics-three-free form porcelain plates

Three porcelain plates – Caroline Peltier, France

“I have always been captivated by light through matter (as with stained-glass windows or lithophany). This is why I choose to work with porcelain, a translucent form of clay that enables my illuminated creations to reveal the décor around.”




Caroline Peltier




Abstract Fractal-LED-wallpaper-by-Meystyle

Fractal LED wallpaper by Meystyle




Golden-Resistance-from-Meystyle-Led-lighting wallpaper-and-fabric

Meystyle ‘Golden Resistance’ Led wallpaper and fabric

The Golden Resistance is a conceptual design visually translating the inexplicable phenomenon of flowing electricity into an astonishing cascade of light particles. The use of LEDs echoes the interaction of electrons at subatomic level, taking advantage of the way electricity varies in intensity to create the  illusion of energy moving, when in fact it is always still.



Psychedelic Ohm-LED-wallpaper-by-Meystyle

‘Ohm’ LED psychedelica wallpaper by Meystyle



Plasma-LED-wallpaper-from-Meystyle abstract wall art

Plasma LED wallpaper from Meystyle

The Plasma design is a brave rhapsody of contrasting hues. The careful combination of warm and cool tones creates a rhythmical movement recalling the mysterious night glow of neon city lights.





Casamood by Florim porcelain floor tiles




Casamood Vetro Decoro Stripes wall tiles and lemon yellow bed

Casamood ‘Vetro Decoro Stripes’ wall tiles –  black and white




Casa-Mood-geometric-wall-tiles in black

Casamood ‘Materia Project 4’ wall tiles



Casa-mood--slate-blue-wall-panels and wicker chair

Casamood Neutra 6.0 porcelain wall panels



CasaMood-Decor-Vintage wall panels in grey, white and black

Casa Ceramica Casamood Wall Texture Vintage


Casamood Neutra 6.0 Shades Decor wall tiles bold geometric pattern

Casamood Neutra 6.0 Shades Decor wall tiles



Casa-mood-porcelain-panels in a bathroom setting

Casamood Neutra Avio and Vetro Lux




Casamood--textured-floor-tiles and black modern biomorphic chair

Casamood textured floor tiles




Pascale-Girardin ceramic stools in dark blue and white

Pascale Girardin ceramic stools



Contemporary form Pascale Girardin ceramic vase

Pascale Girardin ceramic vase



'Muchas Lilla' - Recycled Lilac roses chair

‘Muchas Lilla’ – Since 2007, 13 Ricrea has been reclaiming materials from industrial production



Contemporary coupe-portoro-marble-bowl-michael-verheyden

‘Coupe Portoro’ marble bowl – Michael Verheyden



Credenza-sideboard-contemporary - bold art deco style front

Credenza contemporary sideboard




Custom Lighting Canvas with the ‘Nanoleaf Aurora’

Nanoleaf, creators of the first ever-modular smart light for personal design, is now announcing two new accessories for an even more customized smart home. A fixtureless, intelligent, color changing light that fits each unique minute of the day, the Aurora can now paint mesmerizing sound visualizations and can be controlled with a wireless remote. Combined with the The Aurora Rhythm it syncs your lights with audio and using 16 million brilliant colors, the Aurora Rhythm beautifully brings together your audio and visual senses for a whole new immersive experience




Studio-Nottene-Colony-Wallpaper-Collection -- Clouds

Clouds by Studio Nottene –  hand drawn and screen printed wallpaper.




Cynthia-Rowley-Collection-from-Tempaper - oriental style with bamboo and blossom

Cynthia Rowley Collection from Tempaper wallpaper



Cynthia-Rowley-Collection-from-Tempaper large colorful flowers on black

Cynthia Rowley Collection from Tempaper





DCW Éditions contemporary and innovative lighting



DCW Éditions contemporary and innovative lighting



DCW Éditions contemporary and innovative lighting



gyrofocus_contemporary-suspended heating

‘Gyrofocus’ by Focus – contemporary suspended heating



FilioFocus by Focus – Japanese style free-standing fireplace

‘FilioFocus’ by Focus – Japanese style free-standing fireplace




GyroFocus by Focus – Japanese style free-standing fireplace

‘GyroFocus’ by Focus




Hastings Tile & Bath Introduces Collections From Ceramica Bardelli




Kenneth-Torrance,-founder-of-Barter wood working

Barter wood by Kenneth Torrance




‘Les Couleurs Le Corbusier’ by Leicht




Lunada Bay Tile Contourz Concrete Fanfare Hex_Grey, Latte, Pearl

Lunada Bay Tile – ‘Contourz’ Concrete Fanfare Hex — Grey, Latte, Pearl



LVX-chest of drawers-Ming Moissonier--130-Years-of-Creation

LVX chest of drawers – Ming Moissonnier — 130 Years of Creation




Materia-Project-Casamood large glass tile mural

Casamood Materia Project is a coordinated porcelain and glass tile project




Matthew John Bacher won the 2017 competition with his design A Piece of Tlaltecuhtli.

Matthew John Bacher won the 2017 chair design competition with his ‘A Piece of Tlaltecuhtli’






Liquid Metal Resin Surfaces, ‘Branches 1′ – Georges Muquet



Naive Slimtech

Naive is inspired by avant-garde technology. It is the meeting point between design and technology, between craftsmanship and industry, between porcelain stoneware and glaze. The patterns, reminiscent of carefully drawn pencil lines, create an interweaving floating graphic effect. The lightness and the sizes of the slabs accentuate the delicacy of these lines, which intersect unpredictably. A playful interaction between marks and rhythm that creates vibrant and mysterious surfaces available in various colors. Naive is created with modules of ultra-thin laminated porcelain, 5.5mm thick.



nerosicilia-is-natural-lava-stone-wall panels

Nerosicilia is natural lava stone quarried from the slopes of Mt. Etna and kiln fired using a new concept of superior technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Nerosicilia creates tile sheets as large as 80x300x2cm especially for professional designers and architects to give them the utmost in design freedom. The ceramic sheets are unglazed and are free of chemicals applied at any point in the production process. The transformation process – designed and perfected by nerosicilia – subjects the untreated tile to the same heat conditions as natural lava. The surfaces feature different tones and patterns, achieved using varied temperatures and firing times. The colours and patterns by nerosicilia are obtained by recycling glass reclaimed from old cathode ray tube screens from discarded televisions and computer monitors. Using an exclusive process of crushing and milling the glass into a fine powder, nerosicilia introduces the raw material in every piece, including full-body colour tiles.



Nerosicilia tile sheet



NorthernLighting_ Say My Name lamp by Morten & Jonas

Northern Lighting presents the ‘Say My Name’ lamp by Morten & Jonas designed by Patrick Norguet

The expressive shape of Say My Name voices a lively dialogue between the material and the act of making. Both come together in a multi-functional design that can be hung from the ceiling as a pendant light or placed in an upright position like a table lamp. Each light is mouth-blown in Italy and made entirely from Venetian glass. Although the skill required to transform such a large mass of molten glass into a hollow sphere could only be found among the master glassblowers of Venice, the design is distinctively Nordic. Say My Name is a  streamlined shape with an unembellished surface; the hallmarks of contemporary Scandinavian style. The subtle colours in the glass reflect the hues of the Nordic night sky, the light of the fjords and the smooth surface of calm water.





‘Ooumm’, Lyra marble candle holders and fragrance

Ooumm is a French brand at the crossroads of design pieces and fragrance. Ooumm aspires to reinvent the art of perfumes by uniting the most excellent artisans and artists. For its first collection, shows bespoke perfumes by Barnabé Fillion and photophores as well as accessories designed by Dan Yeffet. Barnabé Fillion, the French nose, “Talent of the year” at the Maison & Objet trade show in 2013 has invented for Ooumm four unexpected scents. By combining innovation and tradition he has created rare and unique scents of the highest quality. The designer Dan Yeffet collaborated with « Collection Particulière » by Jérôme Aumont, to create exclusively for Ooumm, candle holders in smoked glass and stunning marble variations.




Ooumm, black marble candle holders and fragrance

Ooumm, marble candle holders and fragrance – Marquina, Orion, Octans and Lyra




Stone Forest — Papillon Tub – ‘Cumulo Granite’

The Papillon tub is a statement-making piece whose unique shape enables the bather to slip into a calming inner sanctum. Inspired by classic Italian design, the striking, tapered barrel-shaped vessel is carved from a single block of Cumulo Granite; a beautiful smoky gray stone rich with intricate natural veining.




‘Ciclotte’ exercise bike



Sabine Marcelis_VoieLights contemporary lighting

Sabine Marcelis – contemporary ‘Voie Lights’



Samurai Potter-red bathroom basin

Samurai Potter ceramic bathroom basin

Samurai Potter is located at Yamazato, Koga city, Shiga Prefecture, one of six old kilns in Japan.



Samurai Potter ceramic bathroom basin




Sifas ‘Kalife’ outdoor seating



Sifas seating Oskar---laquered aluminium

Sifas ‘Oskar’ – lacquered aluminium seating




The Cabin Pendant takes its name from the cabin of a space shuttle, offers two different qualities of light.

The ‘Cabin Pendant’ lamp takes its name from the cabin of a space shuttle and offers two different qualities of light.



Sun-valley bronze Otto floor lamp

Sun Valley bronze ‘Otto’ floor lamp




Arid Umbrella Stand

The Arid Umbrella Stand takes advantage of the inherent properties of terracotta clay. The material is naturally absorbent, wicking moisture away from umbrellas inside the container.



Caramood-Vetro-decoro-brocades wall tiles

Caramood ‘Vetro Decoro Brocades’ wall tiles




Caramood ‘Vetro Decoro Brocades’ wall tiles



Caramood Vetro-decoro-pattern-05

Caramood Vetro Decoro Pattern-05




Caramood-Vetro-decoro-pattern wall tiles

Caramood Vetro decoro pattern bathroom tiles




Lovi Tree by Anne Paso




Odyssey Collection decorative rug by Woven Concepts

The Odyssey Collection by Woven Concepts

A breakthrough, three dimensional and multi textural rug collection, inspired by NASA imagery. Distressed wool and natural silk are hand knotted to create three levels of visual and tactile finery. A unique vintage texture is created to compliment the contemporary sensibility of Odyssey’s designs and colors. The Odyssey Collection displays an industrial modern aesthetic with an accent of cutting edge splendor. Through innovative design, Woven Concepts honors the pioneers of space aviation.




Woven-Concepts--Odyssey-Collection floor rug

The Odyssey Collection –  Woven Concepts




Terreform ONE unveils biodegradable furniture to the world of interior design

Terreform ONE, the visionary architecture and design group, showcased for the first time its design for the “Mushroom Chaise”, a futuristic lounge chair made from biodegradable mushrooms at the ICFF in 2016. The statement piece displayed that biodesign can offer a beautiful alternative to mass furniture production that does not deplete natural resources, but can actually contribute to the environment.

WHY GROW A CHAIR? Terreform ONE has created a waste-free, pollution-free mushroom chair, the first of its kind. The chair was grown in seven days from strains of fungi into the multi-curved chaise piece. At the end of its useful product life cycle, the chair can be composted and safely reintroduced back into the environment, where it can be naturally biodegraded.




Edition Bougainville ‘Haute Couture’ Carpets – ‘Horizon Midnight’



moorea-grey-amb1Edition-Bougainville 'Haute Couture' Carpets

Edition Bougainville ‘Haute Couture’ Carpets – ‘Moorea Grey’



Edition Bougainville 'Haute Couture' Carpets - Pompadour Circle Shadow Lime

Edition Bougainville ‘Haute Couture’ Carpets – ‘Pompadour Circle Shadow Lime’







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