Functional Ceramic Wares


The trusty pot has done a sterling job at serving humanity for a long time. An enduring symbol of sustenance and one of the earliest forms of art in the home, especially in the poorer households. Whether it was just a simple functional form or had decorative designs and colourful glazes, it reflected artistry. Both the Chinese and the Japanese believed the digestive system was ruled by the Earth element, so it was a natural symbiosis to use ceramic wares for serving and consuming foods and beverages. Also for cooking it was the most favoured. They still believe that for preparing medicinal herbs, a plain unglazed pot is the most ideal.

This post features a collection of functional pieces, centred around  domestic food preparation, storage  and presentation.




Vallauris Lava Bowl





Basket~stoneware Brenda Holzke

Stoneware Basket~ Brenda Holzke




Royal Worcester Porcelain Basket

Royal Worcester Porcelain Basket





Berry Bowl Rena Hamilton

Berry Bowl – Rena Hamilton





Bowls birds-  Laura Zindel

Bowls with decorative birds-  Laura Zindel





Casino Ware Art Deco Covered Dish

Casino Ware Art Deco Covered Bowl





Crystal Nolfo Brown Jar

Crystal Nolfo Brown Jar






Deep platter

Deep Platter





Fezile Ntshofu

Fezile Ntshofu





Frankoma fruit bowl

Frankoma fruit bowl





475px-420px-Functional and sculptural Pottery  Porcelain and Stoneware  by John Preus

Box1 – John Preus – Thrown, altered, and assembled porcelain.

High fire reduction glaze and ceramic stain.






 Mid Century Modern Coffee Pot and Creamer Set East Germany 1950s

( GoGoBerlinette – Etsy )

Sarah Dudgeon mugs

Sarah Dudgeon mugs

Sylph Baier at Studiopottery,UK

Sylph Baier – Ceramic Collander

Carlos Versluys, 2005

Carlos Versluys – 2005

Green Jar Number 7 by nancyandburt

Lidded Green Jar Number 7 by Nancy and Burt






Vintage Danish Pottery  Stoneware Handled Bowl

Marianne Starck,  Bornholm




Jessica Lamoy

Jessica Lamoy






John Leach eldest grandson of Bernard Leach

Pitcher by John Leach, eldest grandson of Bernard Leach





Kevin Warren ceramics

Kevin Warren ceramics – Blue Bird Medium Stewpot

( Bircham Gallery )






Korea. Goryeo Dynasty, 13th century

Korean Vessel  – Goryeo Dynasty, 13th century


Jennifer Allen Tumbler

( Schaller Gallery NY )

Elmer Taylor- Medium Bowl

Elmer Taylor- Medium Bowl

( Schaller Gallery NY )

Emma Taylor Oval Bottle

Emma Taylor  – Oval Bottle

Stoneware with multiple glazes





leaf and berry scraffito jar

Leaf & Berry Jar © 2011 Karen Newgard






Leslie Thompson

Large Tall Jar – Leslie Thompson






Earthenware Coil Vessel
Titled, “Home is where the heart is”

TaraCotta Pottery Studio, Tara Qua





Nakano Taku,

Nakano Taku







Potluck casserole – Susan Thompson





Mid-Century Modernist Salt And Pepper Shakers

Mid-Century Modernist Salt And Pepper Shakers

( Ruby Lane )






sake bottle with turquoise interior

Sake bottle with turquoise glaze interior – James Whiting


Silvie  Granatelli – Cream Pitcher with swan handle.





Sauce boat, from ''Fleur et Rubans'' service

Sauce boat, from ”Fleur et Rubans” service






Shane Norrie wheel thrown Raku

Shane Norrie wheel thrown Raku lidded vessel

Joanna Howells at-Studiopottery

Pitcher – Joanna Howells





Ship Sinkers Ice Bucket

Ship Sinkers Ice Bucket –  Mariko McCrae






Square Plate-•-Daphne-Hatch





Vesna Vidrih

Vesna Vidrih





Ewer  - George Logan ; Wedgwood

Ewer  – George Logan ; Wedgwood – 1905

Minneapolis Institute of Arts





Ian Dowling bowl

Ian Dowling bowl






ROYAL-DOULTON Bunnykins bowl

Vintage Royal Dalton Bunnykins Cereal Bowl

This is identical to the first piece of ceramics I ever owned. It turned up for my 3yo birthday. Is this where my interest in ceramics began?





Vallauris Pitcher





Bottle and tumblers

Bottle and tumblers





"Bunny Rabbits Cereal Bowl" by abbyberkson

“Handmade Ceramic Bowl- Bunny Rabbits Cereal Bowl” by abby berkson







( )




Serving Dish Karen Burk

porcelain with underglaze decoration

( Gallery78 – sold )




Teapot with birdprints by Susie Jemkins

Teapot-with-birdprints   SUSIE JENKINS




Victor Greenaway - Bowl

Victor Greenaway – Bowl





Pottery Painting Designs Katrina Moye

Highly decorative domestic ceramic bowls – Katrina Moye





Tall bird jars Karen Newgard

Tall sgraffito bird jars  – Karen Newgard

West German Ruscha Jug

West German Ruscha Jug

( beetle2001cybergreen  Flickr )




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