Garden Pots

Decorative fern pot

Decorative fern pot – photo Victoria Pearson

( Getty Images )


Decorative garden pots

Mata Ortiz pottery vessel

Mata Ortiz pottery vessel

(  Painted in a elaborate process that artists today refer to as La Lucha, or “the Struggle.”  )


Statue at the Mayan ruins in Copan, Honduras


Succulent Plant Balls

Michael Trapp-garden-Cornwall

Michael Trapp garden – Cornwall, Connecticut

Tyra Lundgren for Gustavsberg

Wall Panel Tyra Lundgren for Gustavsberg


yellow flowers in pots

Yellow flowers in pots with garden sculpture – Mallorca, Spain

Ceramic Sculptures from Vietnam

Ceramic Sculptures from Vietnam in the garden of  the Golden Tulip Hotel.

( Philly International Home And Garden Art )

Angel-Warsaw Poland

Angel –  Warsaw, Poland

Early European Majolica vessel

Early European Majolica vessel – height 15 inches.

( liveauctioneers )

Updated 14/7/2013

Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculpture

Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculpture


Stone Circle Sculpture – Little Kyrkogatan


Purple Wisteria and Bird Bath

( Photo – Dayle McEwen )

Japanese Maple Tree and Moss

Japanese Maple Tree and Moss

Photo via HG


Purple Hydrangea Path

Jamie D Design

Vertical Succulent Garden

Jamie D Design

Mosaic garden pots

Mosaic garden pots

( Gal and Lotem    flickr )

Robert Tatin’s Home in Normandy France

Robert Tatin’s Home in Normandy France

Michael Trapps garden

Michael Trapp’s garden – Connecticut

Photo – Karl Gercens.

Anastasaki Ceramic garden statue

Anastasaki Ceramic garden statue

Water nymph statues in York House Gardens Twickenham along side the River Thames

 Water Nymph statues in York House Gardens, Twickenham,  alongside the River Thames.

Jade green glaze large pot

Jade green glaze large pot


Curve Studios Garden Pottery   – Kyle Carpenter  2010

Updated – 24 Nov. 2013

William Ricketts Sanctuary sculptures

William Ricketts Sanctuary sculptures

Dandenong Mountains, Victoria, Australia


Angel statue and ‘Nikko Blue’ French hydrangeas

( )

Angel Statues -- Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel statue in the garden

Naked lady planters with succulant heads

Naked lady planters with succulants

Modern bonsai by Kenji Koba

Modern bonsai by Kenji Koba

Mermaid, Mother and Child garden sculptures

Mermaid, Mother and Child garden sculptures – David England

Jordan and Israel James

Jordan and Israel James cubist garden sculpture

 garden safari red 2010

Garden safari red 2010

Large terracotta pots

Large terracotta pots, Dubai

Youchao sculpture, China

Youchao sculpture, China

Bees on their knees

Just a few days back Europe banned the use of bee harming pesticides. The diminishing bee populations have provoked this decisive action .  Bees from Tasmania, Australia are being exported by the container load to places like California where they are used to pollinate the fruit and nut plantations, due to the local bee colonies being lost to the parasitic mite Varroa destructor. Apart from Australia, this has become a global phenomena. There is also the little-understood phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (or CCD)  where worker bees from a beehive or honey bee colony abruptly disappear. The imported bees don’t hang around the orchards for long after pollinating. In beespeak this can be translated to “lets get the hell out of here “

Remedial programmes are being initiated to modify the use of pesticides and herbicides to try and regain some balance. Lets hope it not too little too late. Apparently some feral bee populations are now recovering—it appears they have been naturally selected for Varroa resistance. During the recent summer in Australia, which had record breaking heat , honey production fell dramatically because the native flowers withered. Bees were having such a lousy time on the pollen trail that the bee keepers stopped taking honey from the hives. It was only the gardens in and near the cities that helped the honey production. Lets hope that popular expression ” the birds and the bees ” will not have to be modified to something like, ” ok son, I want to tell about the birds and the beetles “.


French Vintage Vallauris hand painted  Art Pottery Vase

( Monsieur Brocanteur at Etsy )

Bees fitted with tiny sensors to help scientists study their decline :

A CSIRO-led team will use data they collect to investigate the role of pesticides in the collapse of 10 million beehives worldwide –

Einstein in his infinite wisdom claimed – “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” No frankencrops in our backyard ! –  Just a few days ago the Tasmanian government stated it will indefinitely extend a ban on genetically modified crops and animals in the state, in keeping with its commitment to maintaining an organic profile. Fortunately the local bee populations are still healthy.

Dancing Lady Hares - Sophie Ryder

Dancing Lady Hares – Sophie Ryder


Japanese Friendship Garden – San Jose , California

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