Garden Pots


Pottery, planters, garden décor and sculptures for the garden.


Spring is a time to frolic in the garden, smell the roses, savour the rejuvenation and listen to the bees humming. If they can still be heard. { see bees on their knees below }

Art Deco Danish Bronze Sculpture

Danish Art Deco Bronze Sculpture


Ceramic totem poles

( tssyr7art.blogspot )

Smith Garrett garden, San Francisco

Garden Shrine   Blue Jay on fountain, Smith Garrett garden, San Francisco

( jeffreygardens.blogspot )

Alhambra Vase Theodore Deck

Alhambra Vase – Theodore Deck

( V & A Museum )


( Wonderlane )

Tall bluegreen urn by Philip Simmonds

Tall bluegreen urn by Philip Simmonds

Sculptor Josep Viladoma

 La noia de la trena (Girl with the Plait ), 1928  — Barcelona’s Montjuïc Mountain

Sculptor – Josep Viladoma

flowrer vendor Hanoi

 A flower vendor sells flowers in small ceramic pots from the back of his motorcycle in Hanoi.

( ABC news )


Pond Statue – Robert Tatin’s Home in Normandy France


A Rare Pair of French Fiance Caspo Glazed Terracotta Sculptures

( Talisman London )

Alexandre Bigot France

Alexandre Bigot – France

An Egyptian Torchere on Stand

An Egyptian Torchere on Stand

Annie Peaker

Annie Peaker garden hare sculptures.

artpark sculpture colin caffell

A water nympth sculpture titled ‘Naiad (bronze)’ by artist Colin Caffell

( ArtParks )


Figurative Abstract Sculptures Florentine Twists – Neal Barab ( ArtParks )

[ …you come here often ? ]

Audrey with french pots

Audrey with French pots

( Eye of the Day Garden Design Center )


Honey sellers:  Tosepan Titataniske (United, We Conquer) cooperative – Mexico

[  the bee photographer ]

Michelle McGregor

Figurative sculpture – Michelle McGregor


Tika Ceramics

Tika Ceramics – Etsy


Chosin Pottery Cranes – Japanese Garden

Colosso dell'Appennino

Colosso dell’Appennino by Giambologna – outside of Florence

Zarcero Topiary Gardens, Costa Rica.

Zarcero Topiary Gardens, Costa Rica.


Ancient Landscaping

Ciudad Perdida, Colombia.- Accidentally discovered in 1975 by looters, Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City) is home to the indigenous Kogi, descendants of the Tayrona civilization who inhabited the region from 200-1650AD, predating Machu Picchu by 650 years. Among the 250 Tayrona towns, Ciudad Perdida is the largest and most impressive, suggesting that it may have been the social, political and economic centre. More than 200 structures were uncovered across 30 hectares, including a hand-made beaded terrace.   Copyright ©

Alicia Penalba

Alicia Penalba Sculpture


Gerbino – Vallauris

Rhoda Lopez wall art

Rhoda Lopez wall art

( Esoteric Survey- flickr )

Flowering heads Ceramic Studio

Flowering heads – Ceramic Studio

Gnome Home Paintingpixie

Gnome Home

( Paintingpixie – Etsy )

Neiman Marcus fountain

Neiman Marcus – Twisted Copper Garden Fountain

Julian Stair pottery

Julian Stair pottery


Greek pitharia

( Eye of the Day Garden Design Center )

Lollie Patchouli

Lollie Patchouli Garden Figurine Statue

( Etsy )


medusa hair succulent cactus

Female planter head

( )

outdoor decor ideas

Garden Sculpture – Outdoor Garden Ideas

Peacock statue

Peacock Statue


Grecian urn water feature

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