Figurines of intrigue


Dancers – Buonaiuto Pottery


Martine  Bossuyt

Elya Yalonetski

(  Lovin’ the bokeh in this photo )

Birdy for tea – Cathy Broski

This hand crafted tea pot is made from stoneware clay, by a combination of wheel thrown and hand building techniques. The head is removable.

 Shiwan Ceramic Figure. Artist: Lin Naihe

(  It was a pure coincidence that the first 3 images I used happened to have birds in them  )

Sonja Stoeckli -Piedmont Craftsmen


Deborah G Rogers


Female figurines – Cycladic period

National Archaeological Museum of Athens


Pelicano – Meissen


Elizabeth Anne Kendall – Piedmont Craftsmen

” I explore these different directions through my ceramic work. On the one hand I make vessels that are a response to memories of time spent in my grandmother’s sewing studio. My fabric, clay, allows me to translate the behavior and techniques of the sewing room into new forms. I can also create forms that are both bricks and windows. They can obscure or reveal. The forms can meander along the wall and my eye can explore space both within and around. These components frame a story or are a story in their own right.”


 Schmider Tigris cat vase

designed by Anneliese Beckh 50’s – 60’s

( via Potshots )

Costa Rican warrior figure

Walters Art Museum


” Sweety ” – Irinia Zakharova

Fausto Salvi  – Italy  2012


Hand painted plaster ceramic boxer dog

( found in a charity shop )



Elya Yalonetskaya



Woman on Horse – Marie Prett


Mitchell Grafton – Octopus Jug Ceramic Sculpture – grotesque ware



This beautiful bronze sea horse, originally a door-knocker, suggests the sophistication that the Italian aristocracy featured in the decorative details of  their palaces.



Art Nouveau figural porcelain vase – Amphora Porcelain Works

Czech Republic



Annie Peaker


Carved Stone Kwan Yin


Russian Ceramicist Elya Yalonetski


Large street sculpture – Nice, France

( Is it finished or did the sculptor quit halfway ? )

Ok, I found that it is the Central Library, also known as ‘The Square Head Building’



The composition of this photo is worthy of a figurine.

Xiao Wen Ju photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue, September 2012.



Lisa Larson ceramic tile – Gustavsberg Sweden


Lisa Larson Buffalo Buffel Jura Jyra Series – Gustavsberg Sweden


 Doctor Zachary Smith


Sand Sculpture – ” husband and wife “

Shawnee Salt n Pepper Shakers

Italian Clay Sculpture

Elephant sculpture with lotus candle holder

Elephant with lotus candle holder

Women of struggle – Patricia Boyd

Figurative gourd sculpture

North African Woman figurine


Clay Horse – Minneapolis Institute of Art

Court official Kuan-Chung.jpg

Chinese figurine – Court Official Kuan Chung



Kekeno, Ben Foster  2011 Aluminium, epoxy

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    Are these pieces available for purchase? Specifically Art deco diving girl

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    Thanks for finally talking about >Figurines off intrigue <Loved it!

  3. Jo
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    Is Art Deco diving girl for sale?

  4. Robbie I. Hood
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    This piece has been sold

  5. Beryl Killen
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    Is the Art Deco pottery soap dish with the lady, wearing a red swimsuit, diving into it for sale and if so how much is it please?

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