Pottery and Clay Sculpture video

A diverse collection of pottery and sculpture videos featuring traditional and contemporary styles.


Toni Medella

Barcelona ceramicist Toni Medella performing his intricate pottery carving, using techniques employed since ancient times and  used as part of his work for over 37 years.

3.51 minutes



Carved ceramic pot with lid -toni-medalla

 Lidded ceramic vessel with intricate carving – Toni Medella




 Toni Medella , Barcelona



Martin Eichinger

Romantic, mythical, narrative sculptor Martin Eichinger shares his philosophies and techniques on sculpting award-winning figurative art.

7.53 minutes

website – http://eichingersculpture.com/





Dancing by Heart by Martin Eichinger at Quent Cordair Fine Art The Finest in Romantic Realism

 ‘Dancing by Heart’ by Martin Eichinger

Quent Cordair Fine Art





Large figure sculpture  ‘Rapture’ – Martin Eichinger





‘Gaia’s Breath’ – Martin Eichinger





 Martin Eichinger sculpting in studio



One With the Universe by Martin Eichinger at Quent Cordair Fine Art Standing female figure sculpture

 ‘One With the Universe’  by Martin Eichinger

Quent Cordair Fine Art




Through the Eyes of a Turtle by Martin Eichinger at Quent Cordair Fine Art Boy diving with a turtle

 ‘Through the Eyes of a Turtle’ by Martin Eichinger

Quent Cordair Fine Art



Fine sculpture Security Blanket by Martin Eichinger at Quent Cordair Fine Art

 ‘Security Blanket’ by Martin Eichinger

Quent Cordair Fine Art




Sky Lark by Martin Eichinger at Quent Cordair Fine Art The Finest in Romantic Realism

 ‘Sky Lark’  by Martin Eichinger at Quent Cordair Fine Art




Symphony-in-S-minor sculpture fountain

 ‘Symphony in S minor’ sculpture fountain – Martin Eichinger




Jacqueline Hoerter & Patrick Houdebine

A week spent witnessing the village pottery making at Kalabougou, Mali

Music – “Saramaya” by Habib Koité (Google Play •  eMusic)

39.37 minutes

website – http://www.lagorce.org/kalabougou/



preparing pots for firing - Kalabougou, Mali

 Preparation for pottery firing – Kalabougou, Mali

Photo Hoerter &  Houdebine




Outdoor pottery firing – Kalabougou, Mali

 Photo Hoerter &  Houdebine





Pot removal after baking – Mali, Africa

Photo – Hoerter &  Houdebine



Kalabougou village pot, Mali

 Kalabougou village fired pot, Mali

 Photo – Hoerter &  Houdebine




Lady stacking Kalabougou pots

 Kalabougou pots

Photo – Hoerter &  Houdebine




african blackware-pottery

  Kalabougou black ware pots

 Photo – Hoerter &  Houdebine



Kalabougou pottery market

  Kalabougou pottery market

 Photo – Hoerter &  Houdebine



Handmade african pottery - Mali

Handmade pottery  Kalabougou village

 Photo – Hoerter &  Houdebine



 Kalabougou-villager throwing pottery

 Wheel thrown pottery,  Kalabougou

 Photo – Hoerter &  Houdebine



Jean-Nicolas Gérard

This documentary follows French slipware potter Jean-Nicolas Gérard as he prepares for his 2013 exhibition at the Goldmark Gallery

Jean-Nicolas Gérard was born in Brazzaville (Congo) in 1954 and returned to France in 1961. Jean-Nicolas describes himself as an artisan craftsman who, above all, wants his pottery to be used and enjoyed. His work ranges from small mugs, bowls, plates and dishes to large jars and press moulded platters. All are decorated with slip and many with sgraffito and finger marks. He takes the tradition of European slipware and infuses it with elements from modern painting, medieval earthenware and Japanese pottery. In the film we watch him throwing, glazing and decorating and explore the influences that nature and his surrounding landscape have on his pottery.

View Gérard’s work for sale at the Goldmark Gallery here: http://www.goldmarkart.com/ceramics/p…

20.7 minutes



Jean-Nicolas-Gérard ceramic ovoid platter

Ovoid platter –  Jean Nicolas Gérard




 Slipware dish with sgraffito – Jean Nicolas Gérard





Asymmetrical beaker – Jean Nicolas Gérard





 Small bowl — Jean Nicolas Gérard





 Small slab dish – Jean Nicolas Gérard




Jean Nicolas Gérard at his French studio

 Jean Nicolas Gérard




TALL-BEAKER-2015-14cm jean-nicolas-gérard-pottery

 Tall Beaker – Jean Nicolas Gérard

14cm height



Matsui Kosei

Matsui making his “marbled ware” pottery, created by the technique of combining and molding different colored clays to create a pattern.

Music – Asian Wind-1 (Piano Version)” by Missa Johnouchi, the Li-Hua Ensemble

The end song’s title  is “Ollin Arageed” by musician Hamza Eldin.

15.49 minutes




Matsui Kosei marbled pot

 Matsui Kosei marbled pot




 Living National Treasure Matsui Kosei A Retrospective –  ‘Intense Sunlight’

1995, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum

The Japan Times



Matsui Kosei blue marbled pottery vessel

 Blue marbled pot – Matsui Kosei



Matsui Kosei,-Large-Jar,-Saiyuki-,-1981

Large marbled pottery jar – Matsui Kosei



Masakazu Kusakabe

Firing pots with Masakazu Kusakabe in his Super Smokeless Kiln – Fukushima, Japan.

Kusakabe likes to imbue his ceramic vessels and tea ceremonial wares with his love of nature and the cosmos.

“For me, the kiln is the universe in miniature. Inside is the big bang where bright firelight, galaxies, and stars (my pieces) are born. On a wood-fired teabowl, the drips of the glaze resemble a nebula in the dark sky or shooting stars across the dark void of space while spots of glaze create the stars of a far away constellation that sparkle with the energy and spirituality of the maker”

Filmed and Edited by Michael McAteer

8.47 minutes

website – http://www.miharuarts.com/




Masakazu_Kusakabe woodfired ceramic bowl

  Woodfired ceramic bowl by Masakazu Kusakabe



Masakazu-Kusakabe woodfired yunomi cup

 Masakazu Kusakabe woodfired cup



Masakazu-Kusakabe-five wood fired yunomi cups

Five wood fired yunomi cups –  Masakazu Kusakabe



Masakazu-Kusakabe on a pottery wheel

 Masakazu Kusakabe


oribe tea bowl Masakazu Kusakabe

Oribe tea bowl –  Masakazu Kusakabe

Oribe is a visual style named after the late 16th century tea master Furuta Oribe (1544-1615), protégée and successor of Sen no Rikyu. It was the first use of the colored stoneware glaze by Japanese potters. Green copper glazes and geometric patterns were quite often featured. For creating the brilliant green color, wares are fired using oxidation at 1220 degrees Celsius. If these conditions are not met, the glaze may become brown or red.






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