Figurines of intrigue

Chinese Dancing Figurines

Chinese Dancing Figurines

Emilio Casarotto

Emilio Casarotto, Italy

Ceramic figurine - Etta Winigrad - Split

Etta Winigrad – Split


Peter Mitchev

Peter Mitchev

PIERREFONDS Figurine France

PIERREFONDS Renaisance Figurine. France

Paul Klee --Hand Puppets

Paul Klee- -Hand Puppet made for his son Felix

Art Deco Soap Dish

Diving Girl Art Deco Soap Dish

Гуля Алексеева

Гуля Алексеева

la_vague - Camille Claudel

The Wave or The Bathers – Camille Claudel     1897-1903

Rodin Museum, Paris


Brownfield Majolica Cockato

Brownfield Majolica Cockatoo Jug Pitcher

( Madelena Antiques )

Art Deco Bookends JRFlorian

Art  Deco Bookends JR Florian

Jenny Southam

Jenny Southam

( )

Sara Swink sculpture

Sara Swink sculpture

Mongolian Miniature Vajrapani figurine

Mongolian Miniature Vajrapani figurine

Marion Dallois Severijnen

Marion Dallois-Severijnen

Ewer Cantagalli, Florence

Ewer Italian (Florence), 19th century Made at-Cantagalli, Florence, Italy.

Goebel porcelain figure

Art Deco Porcelain Figure of a Dancer – Goebel

( Shapiro Auctions )

African Maternity Figure

Maternity Figure Luluwa Democratic Republic of Congo Mid-Late 19th century

CE Wood


Female bust, made in Austria, c.1470-1500

Alexander Blazys

Alexander Blazys- man playing accordian

Mid-Century ITALIAN planter

Italian Mid-Century donkey planter

Pair of Oriental Figures

Pair of Figures in Oriental Dress Art glass Italy – mid-20th century

( Skinner Auctions )


Reclining bronze lady – Gunnel E. Frieberg

Han Dynasty ceramic lady

Han Dynasty ceramic lady.

Gold Higlight Art Deco figure

Gold highlight Art Deco figure by Toscano


Tairona figurative pendant – the original batman

The Tairona goldsmiths of North East Colombia ( 1000AD )  used the lost-wax process to cast small works of the highest quality. The Tairona pendant, a bilaterally symmetrical design, shows a bat-faced man wearing an immense headdress. The artist mastered harmonious curvilinear motifs, rhythmic contours, and minute detail. Ancient Art Nouveau .Gold and silver pendants were worn as amulets that gave the wearer protection and status.

Michael Lucero - Nice Nester

Michael Lucero – Nice Nester

Ukraine handpainted Figurine-477x311

Anya Stasenko And Slava Leontyev, Ukraine


laughing Kookaburra – Grace Seccombe

(  )

Ellen Blasi van de Weg

Ellen Blasi van de Weg

Yoshimasa Tsuchiya -- Sylvan Whispers figurine

Yoshimasa Tsuchiya — Sylvan Whispers

Tanya Tyree of 2 Art Studio

Tanya Tyree of 2 Art Studio

Okimono Miniature Sculpture Yaponii

Okimono Miniature Sculpture Yaponii

SUSI-SINGER-(1891-1965 )

Susi Singer

Rye Pottery - True Love

Rye Pottery – True Love

Meissen Tucan

Meissen Tucan early 20th Century


Madeline Kekzmerchik-415x677

Madeline Kekzmerchik of Mechigana.

Chinese-polychrome tile - man riding a foo dog

Chinese polychrome glazed ceramic roof tile. Depicts a man riding a foo dog.


Japanese National Treasure, Statue of Taishakuten Kizo

Angel - Destiny Allison

Angel – Destiny Allison

Bathing Beauty lamp

WWII Bathing Beauty lamp

Emilio Casarotto

Emilio Casarotto chubby models – 293 km to Florence

Wu-Weishan--Heaven-Chinese art

Heaven   Chinese sculptor Wu Weishan

Taoist Priest Figure

Taoist Priest Figurine – Bronze and enamel


Seated Man In Yellow Robe – Akio Takamori

John Maltby - England 1983

John Maltby –  England 1983

Sitting-goddess.-Terracotta, Bulgaria

Sitting Goddess. Terracotta. From Pazardzik, Bulgaria. Karanovo Culture, Neolithic (5th-4th mill. BCE)

Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria


Shin Yeon Jeon

Shin Yeon Jeon

Krishna and Radha

Krishna and Radha

Guruvayurappan temple at Nanganallur, India

Michael Flynn ceramic rooster

Crowing Rooster – Michael Flynn

Elya Yalonetski ceramic figurine-Etsy

Elya Yalonetski, Etsy

Pair Perfume Bottles Bonhams

Pair of Paris porcelain Perfume Bottles in the form of a Sultan and Sultana,  France –19th Century

Bonhams Auctions

Fanfare - Huub van Meerwijk

Fanfare – Huub van Meerwijk

Pre Columbian Ceramic Figure

Pre Columbian Ceramic Figure


Cizhou Ware Porcelain God of Literature Statue

Cizhou Ware Porcelain God of Literature Statue

Wenchang Dijun (God of Literature) is worshiped by many Chinese. It was in about 6th century that he was accepted by Taoism. It says that he was the son of the emperor, and kept on reincarnating to benefit people.

Antique Russian Doll

Antique Russian Doll


Clarice Cliff---Age of Jazz figures Liverpool Museum UK

Clarice Cliff—Age of Jazz figures

Liverpool Museum UK

Willy Verginer Boy on a donkey sculpture

Willy Verginer Boy on a donkey sculpture

Nok terracotta sculpture Louvre

Nok terracotta sculpture – Louvre, France

Colima seated shaman - 200BC---200AD

Colima seated shaman – 200BC—200AD


Chinese coral sculpture of three women on wooden stand with a string of tiled coins

Nadeas Auction

Tracy McMan mixed media figurine

Tracy McMan mixed media figurine


Sculpture animal by Sara Swink – Rabbit Tea

Doris-Althaus ceramic sculpture

Doris Althaus ceramic sculpture figurine

Sumiko Miyagi Japanese figurine

Sumiko Miyagi Japanese figurine, Okinawa

Justine Ferreri pottery figure

Justine Ferreri pottery figure

Leo van den Bos: 2004 roofridder

Leo van den Bos: 2004  Roofrider

Tony Foard figurine

Tony Foard figurine

 Qing dynasty dragon

 Qing dynasty dragon

Waylande Gregory, “Clowns on Unicycles,” circa 1932, painted terracotta

Waylande Gregory, “Clowns on Unicycles,” circa 1932, painted terracotta

Rebecca Hillman ceramic figurine sculpture

Rebecca Hillman ceramic figurine

Jessica de Stefano sculpture Summer Fun GalleryQ

Jessica de Stefano sculpture – Summer Fun Gallery

Autumn-Diva liza myers 31" x 31" x 14"

Autumn Diva  –  Liza Myers

31″ x 31″ x 14″

Hans Silvester, the Surma and Mursi people of the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia.

Hans Silvester – Surma and Mursi tribal art, Omo Valley

Art Deco Set of Salt Pepper Shakers Lusterware Nippon

 Nippon Lusterware Art Deco Set of Salt Pepper Shakers

Carol Brown Goldberg sculpture

Carol Brown Goldberg sculpture

Peru,-Shipibo-ceramic figurines

Shipibo-ceramic figurines, Peru

Glazed earthenware of Martine Nonnenmacher

Glazed earthenware figurine – Martine Nonnenmacher

Ibibio-peoples Nigeria

Ibibio-peoples figure – Nigeria,Africa

Jean-Luc-Desanti figurine

Jean Luc Desanti figurine

Carol W + EducAR Intercâmbios CarolW 0n flickr

Carol W + EducAR Intercâmbios


etsy - terrediluna Alice in wonderland, ceramic box sculpture

Alice in wonderland, ceramic box sculpture

terrediluna – etsy

Fransesco-Nonni italian art figure

Fransesco Nonni

three matching cat figurines

Cat figurines

Michele-Fabbricatore woman riding horse figurine

Michele Fabbricatore

ednapio-etsy A miniature ceramic house on a brown clay hill with a ceramic bird, a tree and a tiny flower.

Miniature ceramic house on a brown clay hill with a ceramic bird, a tree and a tiny flower.


Jacky-Coville France

Jacky Coville

Lorraine-Guddemi ceramic sculptura figurals

Lorraine Guddemi



Two Girlfriends--Ivet Thunnissen Netherlands sculptor

‘Two Girlfriends’ –Ivet Thunnissen, Nl





‘Ego’ – Joe Kowalczyk




Michael-Flynn ceramic art sculpture

Michael Flynn




Todd-Redmond mixed media sculpture

‘Ringmaster of Bishkek’Todd Redmond





‘The Four Continents’ (one of the set)- Meissen




Cyprus Terracotta female figurine, ca. 1450-1200 B.C.E. Late Bronze Age, schematic folk art

Terracotta female figurine, Cyprus, ca. 1450-1200 B.C.E. Late Bronze Age



Watch stand, Delft, c.1765–1775. Rijks museum, Public Domain

Porcelain watch stand, Delft

Rijks museum




Wood carving, Bali

Dewi Ratih statue -Balinese mythology, Kala Rau is the bodiless head of a demon. He chases the moon-goddess Ratih, occasionally catching her.




E.Nevinnaya--ceramic figurine - lady on sofa with pet dog






Harry Kivijärvi (Finnish-sculptor,-1931-2010)—Aurinkohattu (Sun-Hat)



ZAPLECIONY with a cat Dorota Urbaniak-Pelka

ZAPLECIONY with a cat  Dorota Urbaniak-Pelka


Valentina-Kuznetsova garden sculpture

Valentina Kuznetsova


Round-Face-Vanessa-Pooley - reclining-woman-sculpture

‘Round Face’ – Vanessa Pooley




Pratima-Kramer ceramic bust

Pratima Kramer





Jean Marc Fontaine– ‘Obelix’





Brenna-Busse wall sculpture of man with a bird on his shoulder

Brenna Busse





Two Males in bathers figurines

Italian Bespoke Art—etsy




Buzy- Tango dancer sculpture

Tango Dancer – Buzy




Pair of Chinese-Porcelain Small Boy and Girl Pillows—BringTheNoise—etsy




Rare Vintage 8.5inch Figure Cmielow Made in Poland Man in Cape Jumping

Leaping Man in Cape porcelain figurine

Cmielow – Made in Poland





Asian musician figurine





Bull fighting Matador figurine





Bourbon Street Horn Players


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