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Berlin has a reputation for contrasts, both culturally and politically, and the Cold War wall that divided the city exemplified this. The 1920‘s was an era in Berlin that saw a lot of writers and artists drawn to the city for its freer culture, bohemian activities and it being one of the centres of German Expressionism, which was displayed in painting, cinema, architecture, dance and sculpture.
Three contrasting ceramic artists with a background in Berlin are considered in this article; Elvira Bach and Hinrich Kroeger, who create unique, fanciful, edgy art and ceramics that encapsulates shades of Berlin’s risque past and Andreas Rauch, who has pottery of elegant design and simplicity.


Elvira Bach


Elvira Bach was a member of the 70‘s ‘Junge Wilde’ art movement, prominent for their expressive paintings in bright, intense colors with quick, broad brushstrokes and their desire to establish an innovative figurative, emotional and subjective form of art. Her postmodernist art features bold, colourful images that leans towards being a diaristic self portraiture. Bach expresses subjective themes in vigorous, even aggressive pictorial images, expressed in a sensually bright palette and clearly defined angular forms. Her self representational pieces also feature re-occurring symbolism such as serpents, strawberries and even pottery. She interweaves a melange of her everyday persona from the artist to the domestic and the erotic into her imagery, blurring art, subject and object. Her confrontational works hark back to the era of Berlin’s provocative cabaret scene where freedom of expression was prolific.



Elvira-Bach-glass-figurative sculpture

Elvira Bach glass sculpture





Elvira Bach in studio



Reclining woman sculpture - Berliner---2008 by Elvira Bach

Reclining female sculpture – ‘Berliner’ – Elvira Bach






Elvira-Bach charger with 5 female heads motif

Elvira Bach charger




Elvira-Bach-wooden female bust with a strawberry and heart headpiece

Elvira Bach wood bust sculpture



Elvira-Bach- glass head with large strawberry

Elvira Bach – glass female head




Elvira-Bach-female-figural-sculpture - dark skin woman with turquoise face holding a turquoise snake

Female and serpent sculpture from the ‘Other Eve’ series – Elvira Bach




Elvira-Bach-plate with blue flowers and crimson face motif

Elvira charger



elvira-bach-rosen-rot sculpture in gold with red roses

Elvira Bach



Elvira-Bach-teapot with nude lady and serpent motif

Elvira Bach teapot





‘Radish Red’ – Elvira Bach

‘The Other Eve’ series





‘Floral Dreams’ – Elvira Bach

Giclee on heavy, handmade cotton paper




Berlin artist Elvira Bach_die-andere-eva_2001 Large female figure sculptures

Elvira Bach and her sculptures




Elvira-Bach-face-self portrait vase

Elvira Bach



Green glass bust -Elvira-Bach

Elvira Bach




Keramik skulptur-Elvira Bach female sculpture bust

Elvira Bach




‘China Girl’ – Elvira Bach



kuechen diva_de_luxe---Elvira-Bach

‘Kitchen Diva DeLuxe’ – Elvira Bach




Yellow vase with standing female motif by Elvira Bach

Elvira Bach vase




Teapot-2002 Crawling female with a teapot on her back - Elvira Bach

‘Teapot’ – Elvira Bach



THREE-VASES---2001 - painting by Elvira Bach

‘Three Vases’ – Elvira Bach



Black and white horizontally striped vase with yellow face portrait motifs by Elvira Bach

Striped baluster vase – Elvira Bach





Andreas Rauch


The potters wheel for Andeas is continually a source of stimulus that demands and provides both mental and physical balance. He believes the creative process of clay is a challenge of earthly gravity and the consideration of abstract and linear constructs in space, on both the outside and the inside of a vessel. He began his occupational training to become a ceramist in Berlin in 1985, which was followed by freelance work in artisanal pottery factories and artistic workshops for ceramics and sculpture. In 1991 he commenced working as an art teacher in a youth school project in Berlin which wa followed by a study tour in the USA in 1992.  He opened his own workshop in Berlin in 1993, which included regular artistic collaborations with painters, sculptors and artist projects. From 1997 he became the artistic and technical director of the ceramics workshop of the Professional Association of Visual Artists, Berlin. Since 2007 he has resided in Munich where he continues to produce ceramic art.



Andreas-Rauch - carved and incised vase with glazed top and terracotta base

Andreas Rauch




andreas-rauch-baluster vessel with abstract strokes decor

Andreas Rauch




andreas-rauch-large jar with horizontally incised stripes

Andreas Rauch striped pottery vessel



andreas-rauch-orange and dark grey vessel with holes

Andreas Rauch contemporary vessel



andreas-rauch-contemporary floor bottle vessel

Large ceramic floor vessel – Andreas Rauch




andreas-rauch-textured ceramic planter

Large ceramic planter – Andreas Rauch




andreas-rauch-Large outdoor planter with textured surface

Andreas Rauch planter




Andreas Rauch



andreas-rauch-large ceramic shpere sculpture

Ceramic sphere sculpture – Andreas Rauch



andreas-rauch-rectangle panel sculpture

Andrea Rauch outdoor sculpture



andreas-rauch-white slip sculpture

Andreas Rauch ceramic sculpture




andreas-rauch_small bowl

Andreas Rauch bowl




andreas-rauch-36_small bowl with glazed inerior and matt exterior

Blue bowl — Andreas Rauch




andreas-rauch-two black bottles with matt finishes

Two black vases by Andreas Rauch



andreas-rauch-with his pottery

Andreas Rauch




Hinrich Kroeger

Berlin and  NY

Hinrich Kroeger skillfully combines decorative themes of beauty with the eccentric, erotic and enigmatic along with folk art in his ceramic narratives, including playful images of pugs, greyhounds and poodles. His work as a ceramist is a synthesis of visual art and form, where he skillfully and whimsically combines elements of painting with the shapes of pottery.  Hinrich Kröger has been producing and exhibiting his art since 1995, paintings on ceramics, sculptures made from clay, drawings and more, all expressing his vivid imagination infused with originality. Hinrich Kröger opened his showroom on Gipsstrasse, Berlin, back in 1996, long before the area became known as the city’s gallery district


Hinrich-kroeger Pugs with umbrellas vase

 Pugs vessel – Hinrich Kroeger




Hinrich-Kroeger tea bowl

Hinrich Kroeger porcelain tea bowl



tugboat nautical vase - Hinrich Kroeger

Nautical vase – Hinrich Kroeger



Hinrich-Kroeger--Poodle tea set

Poodle tea set – Hinrich Kroeger



Hinrich-Kroeger-porcelain tea bowl female inner motif

Hinrich Kroeger tea bowl





Bird vase Hinrich Kroeger




kroeger-ceramic-art-bird and lace plate

Hinrich Kroeger




Hinrich-Kroeger-love vase

Baluster ‘Love’ vase Hinrich Kroeger





Hinrich Kroeger



hinrich kroeger porcelain vase with greyhounds motif

‘Sighthounds’ Fayence & Gold ,Vase – Hinrich Kroeger

height 67cm


hinrich-kroeger photo portrait

Hinrich Kroeger (left) at his Berlin atelier/shop


hinrich kroeger-hare tea cup

Hare tea bowl – Hinrich Kroeger



Hinrich Kroeger-baluster flamingo vase

Flamingo vase – Hinrich Kroeger






Hinrich Kroeger Atelier/Shop, Berlin




hinrich kroeger-moulin-rouge-tea-service

‘Moulin Rouge Tea Service’ – Hinrich Kroeger





Hinrich Kroeger – baluster vase





Pair of “Golden Pug” vases – Hinrich Kroeger





‘Teeschale’ – Hinrich Kroeger




www.hinrichkroeger vase with bird motifs and branches with leaves

Hinrich Kroeger bird vase



kroeger-ceramic-art-sculpture with gold highlights

Hinrich Kroeger ceramic sculpture


www.hinrichkroeger----the golden pug tea set

The golden pug tea service




berlin artist Hinrich-Kroeger---golden-pug-cup

Golden Pug tea cup



Hinrich Kroeger-Berlin ceramics

Hinrich Kroeger

Photograph © Hinrich Kroeger




Hinrich Kroeger



Berlin Art Week 2017 extended hours





Workshop Hinrich Kröger
Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday from 14 to 18.30 and Saturday from 2 to 4 pm and by appointment!
Wednesday – Friday 2:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Saturday 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
S-Bahn Hackescher Markt, subway Weinmeisterstraße, tram M1 M2



Hinrich Kroeger studio/shop window

In his gallery studio “Atelier Hinrich Kröger” at Gipsstraße in Mitte, also known as “Volkskunst Berlin”, the artist shows detailed and imaginative faiences and statuettes by the artist.



More art from Berlin –


kuehn_keramik ceramic octopus sculpture

Large octopus – Kuehn Keramik



 German painter - Ernst-Ludwig-Kirchner--Posttdamer-Platz

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner– ‘Potsdamer Platz’




Jeanne-Mammen-Berlin painting

‘Waiting at the Bridge’ , 1931 by Albert Birkle





German Expressionist set by César Klein, for the movie ‘Genuine – A Tale of a Vampire’





Berlin street art – YAAM  (Youth African Arts Market)






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