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Figurines of intrigue

figurines of intrigue

Ceramic Figurines  :

Imaginative and captivating figurines and the occasional sculpture, posted at irregular intervals .


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Altes Museum---Berlin,Germany egyptian bust

Egyptiam bust _ Altes Museum—Berlin,Germany

Three Kings figurines

Three Kings figurines

( forrestinavintage-etsy )

Art Deco Royal Dux Figurine nude female

Art Deco Royal Dux Figurine

Emilio Cassarotto figurine of an ebony skin lady bathing in a bathtub

Lady In A Tub – Emilio Cassarotto figurine, Italy

nazca pottery figurine

Nazca Pottery Figure


Nick Mackman

Nick  Mackman


Bruce Lafountain - Native Indian Woman carved from white marble

Bruce Lafountain – Native Woman

Paige-Bradley dancing couple sculpture

Paige Bradley bronze sculpture

Garden Mother by mudmonkey

Garden Mother by mudmonkey

( deviantart )

Alex Johanson abstract sculptures

Alex Johanson – France


Natalia at Happydolls - blue angel figurine

Natalia at Happydolls, Flickr

Elizabeth Rollins Scott Guardian Angel

Elizabeth Rollins Scott  – ‘Guardian Angel I’


L'Eté et l'Automne two putti sculpture

L’Eté et l’Automne

Flapper bust sculpture

Art Deco bust figurine

Katherine Gullo Ceramic figurine

Janus-figure with Rabbit (back), Mosaic, 15″

Katherine Gullo Ceramics

Bronze Muscle Man lifting a weight

Bronze-Sculpture of an Asian muscle man signed Wu Yao Kui.

( Objex.com )

MADDUX OF CALIFORNIA ceramic Siamese cat lamp

MADDUX OF CALIFORNIA ceramic Siamese cat lamp – 1950’s


La Valse [The Waltz], 1889-1905, bronze

La Valse [The Waltz], 1889-1905, bronze – Camille Claudel

Rodin Museum

Ceramic Garden Monks, Te Aria Nui

Ceramic Garden Monks, Te Aria Nui

Alphabet People - Akio Takamori female sculpture

Alphabet People – Akio Takamori

Godiva and unicorn figurine by Paul Smith

Godiva and unicorn by Paul Smith

Margaret Wozniak ceramic bear holding a green bowl sculpture

Bear with Bowl – Margaret Wozniak



Bunjil gets the bounce ! Bunjil the Eagle has been towering over the Melbourne Docklands precinct for over as decade. The news that Bunjil will need to move came as a surprise to its creator, Melbourne sculptor Bruce Armstrong. He learnt of the eviction after a call from Fairfax Media. The eagle sculpture, a Docklands landmark since 2002, was inspired by Bunjil, the eaglehawk regarded as the spirit creator of the Kulin nations, which include the Wurundjeri people. The 25 metre high sculpture weighs 25 tonne and the base weighs 60 tonne. Maybe it was prophetic that Benjil has a slightly bewildered look.

473px-286px-No-room-for-Bunjil-in-Docklands -

Bunjil the eagle

( photo: Fairfax Media )

Carry Bakker Rinkens Allure ceramic sculpture

Carry Bakker Rinkens – Allure

Rebecka Ryberg Skött.

‘Do You Remember’ – Rebecka Ryberg Skött.

Auguste Rodin, Piédestal des Titans - France

Auguste Rodin –  ‘Piédestal des Titans’ 

Rodin Museum, Paris

Pair Chinese Tang red, green and whiteporcelain horses

Pair Chinese Tang porcelain horses

Chinese porcelain wise man figurine

Chinese porcelain wise man figurine – 3 feet tall

( Canonbury Antiques )

Shin Yeon Jeon sculpture bust

Shin Yeon Jeon

Anne Meyer Mama Moon - sculpture of a woman

Anne Meyer-  ‘Mama Moon’

Tracy Gallup Balance - child on a sphere

‘Balance’  – Tracy Gallup

Zsolnay Art Nouveau vase lustre glaze

Zsolnay Art Nouveau figurine vase

Michelle MacKenzie green horse and birds figurine

Michelle MacKenzie  – Horse Dusty Miller

Ceramic horse sculpture with birds and copper mane and tail

Underneath the old apple tree ceramic sculpture by Helen Martino

Underneath the old apple tree  – Helen Martino

Marina Skidan ceramic angel figure

Marina Skidan

Bronze Guardians by Shona Nunan

‘Guardians’ by Shona Nunan

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Chinese Ceramic Figurines, Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai was once known as the “Paris of the East “ due to it being the first  cosmopolitan city in China. The city  is now home to a Museum recognized as one of the best in China. It has over 120,000 items on display and I’m impressed with its collection of ceramic figurines so  I’d like to feature some of them here.
Tang-PolychromeGlazedFigurineThe Qin (221-206B.C.) and Han (206B.C.-220A.D.) dynasties are noted for the high quality and large numbers of pottery figurines they produced. In 1974 the famous terracotta warriors and horses of Qin Shi Huang (the First Emperor of the Qin) were discovered just east of his mausoleum. The excavation is still going on, and Vault No.1 alone is expected to yield 6,000 of them. The life sized figures of men and horses are in neat battle formation, with the men holding real bronze weapons of the time and reflecting the formidable might of the legions of the First Emperor.
It was a common practice to place figurines in tombs, especially with the Emperors. This actually replaced the practice of burying living people ( servants , court attendants ect. }with the Emeoror. Vast numbers of figurines, dating from the Warring States Period(475-221 B.C.) down to the Ming(1368-1644), have been discovered..
They are of various designs but most are made of pottery and porcelain, next came wood and lacquer, and occasionally jade. They represented  people of different status and walk—court officials, generals, cavaliers, attendants, musicians, dancers and acrobats. As a rule, they were nicely modeled in different postures, constituting a valuable part of China’s ancient art.
With the flourishing of ceramics during the Tang, Song and Ming dynasties (10th-17th century), the tomb figurines of this long period, among which the “tricoloured glazed pottery of the Tang” are world-famous. Out of the ancient tombs of Xi’an and Luoyang has  unearthed many colour-glazed females, horses and camels. Noteworthy especially are the pottery camel drivers with their deep-set eyes, protruding noses and hairy faces, evidently Central Asians who plied the Silk Road with their caravans. The “tricoloured Tangs” represent in effect a special handcrafted art catering solely to the funerary needs of the aristocracy at the heyday of China’s feudalism.
GlazedFigurineOfWomanWithParrot painted_figure_of_an_infantryman



Statue of Heavenly Guardian

Kuan Yin Statue

Kuan YinFigurine man on horse Shanghai Museum


Eastern Han-Green Glazed Pottery Duck

Silk -road-trader

Silk Rd Trader on a camel

Tang Woman

Man with cucumber

Man with cucumber

Tang Dynasty

Tang Dynasty Horse

Green Glazed Pottery Dog