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Sequoia-Miller ceramic vase

Tall Altered Lidded Box – Sequoia Miller

Olympia WA




Koi Pond Sink Eric Olson Common Ground Pottery

Round Koi Pond Sink – Eric Olson

Common Ground Pottery




Sprucey Bean Pod by Kate Malone

Bowl with handle – ‘Sprucey Bean Pod’ by Kate Malone




Steen-Kepp raku vessel

 Steen Kepp raku




Yasuko Ozeki---Bowl Japan

Yasuko Ozeki – bowl



Paolo-Staccioli Italy

‘Mondo’ – Paolo Staccioli





Leland Robert Vallo – Acoma Pueblo pot





Hegland-Glass-Arrows-Aqua David-and-Patti-Hegland

Hegland Glass Arrows Aqua – David and Patti Hegland




Luck vessel Kasumi Ueba - Horai Container

Kasumi Ueba – Horai Container luck vessel

Horai Island – is an island of old Chinese legend, it was surrounded by the sea in far east and a hermit lived there.




REVERNAY---Large-ovoid-earthenware-vase Atelier Revernay was located near Sarreguemines, France, and operated primarily between 1896 - 1930.

Large ovoid earthenware Art Deco vase – Atelier Revernay



Bowl with bird and flower design in black paint by Kazu Yoneda

 Bird and flower design bowl in black paint by Kazu Yoneda





 Polia Pillin




Karin Bjorquist black and white ceramic bottle vase

 Karin Bjorquist





Spanish modernist vase with abstract face

Mid century vase Spain

Initialled JM – Joan Miro?






Theodore Deck




Boue - Dalloun - La Borne

Dalloun – Borne, France




Braque,-Georges black and white birds marble sculpture

THALIA Sculpture in white and black marble  –  1962

Georges Braque (1882-1963)




Flora-Gouda-Holland-vase--Tokio red spherical vase

Flora Gouda Holland vase–Tokyo series




Jana Roberts Benzon,-via-Flickr'punk-derivitive'

Jana Roberts Benzon  – ‘punk derivitive’

via Flickr




CLAIRE-BASLER hand decorated bowl floral art

Handpainted bowl – Claire Basler





 Satsuma vase, Japan





Stalling-forward---16x7 Danny Rosales ceramic raku wall panel

‘Stalling Forward’ – ceramic raku wall art – Danny Rosales

see more Danny Rosales art here




Giovanni Gariboldi for San Cristoforo





versatoio-a-tre-anse Designed by Tullio Mazzotti for the Centenary of Movement Futurista 1909 - 2009

Versatoio a tre anse

Designed by Tullio Mazzotti for the Centenary of Movement Futurista 1909 – 2009




Rainy Day Landscape Pot Carol Metcalfe UK large handbuilt pot

‘Rainy Day Landscape Pot’ –  Carol Metcalfe, UK

Carol’s art practice incorporates her home-grown ash glazes together with plants, weed seeds and other locally-found materials, collected on the farm where she lives. Inspired by natural forms, Nature’s effects on man-made objects – erosion, corrosion and colonisation – and landscapes, her pieces have a particular emphasis on texture. Her website




Elizabeth Raeburn,-own-studio,-Somerset-UK

Elizabeth Raeburn, UK




Goyin Silveira_ Geometric Wonder _ Sandia Folk Gallery

Goyin Silveira geometric olla

Mata Ortiz, Mexico




Royal Bonn ‘Old Dutch’ Art Pottery Vase (by Franz Anton – Mehlem factory, Germany)

2othCenturyPottery etsy




Monika-Jeannette-Schödel-Müller ceramic vessel

Monika Jeannette Schödel Müller, Germany




Rachel Woods, UK

Rachel Wood Handbuilt and thrown ceramics

No Description



Michael Wein - tri footed ceramic vessel pink and blue

Michael Wein




tentacular - Lidded octopus vessel by Tim Christensen

‘Tentacular’ – Tim Christensen




Porcelain Snail – Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev




Robert-Briscoe Thrown, Altered, Faceted vase 2003

Stoneware vase with wood ash glaze wash – Robert Briscoe





Kishi Eiko




Thrown-Cupola-box.-1990-Beate-Anderson-photo-Ole-Haupt. Ceramic box with black and white stripes

Thrown Cupola box – Beate Anderson

1990- photo Ole Haupt.




Ethiopian-string-jar First half of 20th century.

Ethiopian string jar

First half of 20th century

From veniceclayartists post on African art Odyssey here




Lesley-Baker-Fly-On-Wall abstract ceramic sculpture with floral patterns

‘Fly On Wall’ – Lesley Baker




Louise-Gelderblom patchwork surface glaze

Louise Gelderblom




Metamorphoses Of Clay - great shape. Alien Mug Limited edition Stoneware

Metamorphoses Of Clay – speckled ‘Alien Mug’ Limited edition Stoneware




Michelle-Summers vase

Michelle Summers




Art Nouveau bowl – Andre Metthey, France



Ella-Becker - tri legged vase

Ella Becker






‘Desert Night’  –  Sandra Blain

River Gallery





Etruscan terracotta barrel-shaped oinochoe (jug) – Geometric Period

ca.725–700 B.C.




Earthenware-pitcher with-transfer-printed-enamel-1881 by Christopher Dresser risdmuseum

Earthenware pitcher with transfer printed enamel  by Christopher Dresser


risd museum



Halima-Cassell,-Pa-Kua,-gallery - sculptural ceramic

‘Pa Kua’ – Halima Cassell, UK

To achieve these effects she uses heavily grogged clay that allows her to work on a large scale and utilise relatively thick surfaces to carve to the desired depth.





Bertoncello — Mid-Century Italian vase




Kate-Malone green vase with large wavy rim

Kate Malone




Candles Calla-lily & Koi Fish Orchids vase – metalware by Sharles






Large platter – Jean Lurcat

Framont, CT




Bitossi ‘Seta  ‘ mid-century vase and compote designed by Aldo Londi

In production 1957 to 1965

End OF History




Pierre-Marie-Giraud,-Brussels ceramic sculptures

Pierre Marie Giraud, Brussels




cube10 - Daniela-Schlagenha France Ceramic cube with white abstract geometric ecoration

Cube10 – Daniela Schlagenha





Blue geometric-Vase-by-Turi-Heisselberg-Pedersen

Light blue, faceted geometric vase – Turi Heisselberg Pedersen



John Balistreri 'Wing'. Soda-fired stoneware with slip and glaze

 ‘Wing’ – John Balistreri – Soda-fired stoneware with slip and glaze




Barbara Billoud black and white raku crackle glaze vessel

Barbara Billoud black and white raku vessel




Meissen-Porcelain-Manufactory-German,-1710- to present

Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, Germany




Tom-Coleman ceramic plate

Tom Colman



Roger Herman, installation view, 2012, Richard Telles Gallery

Roger Herman, installation view, 2012,

Richard Telles Gallery




Jean-Marc-Fontaine lidded jar

Jean Marc Fontaine



‘Tonto’  — Gerardo Monterrubio



NY Onishi Gallery exhibition  –  October 20 – November 14, 2015

Contemporary Japanese Kōgei


or contact Onishi Gallery:  212.695.8035 / [email protected].


Mizuno-Mineo-Teardrop-Multi-Color,-2011,-h.-67 NY Onishi Gallery exhibition

Mineo Mizuno — Teardrop



Ohi-Toshio lidded contemporary vessel - Onishi Gallery exhibition - October 20 - November 14, 2015

Ohi Toshio





 Chris-Gustin ceramic vase

Chris Gustin, USA




Kim Holm-Danish pottery - height14cm

Kim Holm – DK




Carlos Versluys 2005 ceramic raku vessel

Carlos Versluys, Lincolnshire, UK


“I use a grogged clay, rich in fireclay and apply all my glazes with large flat brushes. Any decoration, using variations of the same glazes, is done at the same time.I work with mainly matt glazes, including matt ash glazes.”




Meltdown 2006 by Sonia King, glass, ceramic, slate, chalcedony, pearls, shell, copper, bone, gold, smalti

‘Meltdown’ 2006 by Sonia King, glass, ceramic, slate, chalcedony, pearls, shell, copper, bone, gold, smalti.

“My design process is completely intuitive, integrating technique and vision. I am driven by the desire to work with a huge variety of tesserae”

Creative Fuse



Rorstrand-'Linda' Mid Century pitcher

Rorstrand – ‘Linda’  Mid Century pitcher





Michael Kline


My-Beautiful-Turmoil---Kimmy-Cantrell - abstract mask

‘My Beautiful Turmoil’ — Kimmy Cantrell




Woman With Raised Leg-2008-Carol Murphy-Brenda May Gallery - white contemporary female sculpture

‘Woman With Raised Leg’ – Carol Murphy

2008 – Brenda May Gallery




Kåre Berven Fjeldsaa-1955 vessel by Norwegian ceramic designer

Norwegian ceramic designer Kåre Berven Fjeldsaa






Peacock-terracotta Vase-dated-Tang-dynasty

Peacock vase – Tang dynasty




Lasa 300-280 BC, Etruscan, bronze with silver inlays - Cleveland Museum

Etruscan, bronze – 300-280 BC



Christine-Ladeveze Erebus 1 ceramic capote

‘Erebus 1’ – Christine Ladeveze





Gouda Art Nouveau ‘jardinière’ or flower pot

Plazuid factory, 1930




Patrick-Leach sgraffito ceramic pot

Sgraffito geometric vessel – Patrick Leach

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada





Fez tureen – Morocco




Stomeware vessel –  Susan-Eisen-(USA)

1979 – Height 12 inches





Square Form Stoneware Vase  –  Henry Varnum Poor

1932   – 37 cm height

Alan Moss – 1stDibs




igavel-Auctions-Rene-Buthaud africanist incised vase

Rene Buthaud africanist incised vase

igavel Auctions



Camilla Ward slab built contemporary vase

Camilla Ward

The forms are slab-built in red earthenware clay.  The surface is derived from undereglazes, slips, engobes and glazes and is scratched or embossed before and after forming.  I fire in an electric kiln  to 1100 and then down for lustres and low-fire glazes.




Camilla-Ward UK pottery vase

Camilla Ward, Gloucestershire, UK






 ‘Story Circle Bowl’  by Melissa Greene

1998; white earthenware, burnishing, colored terra sigillata, 1850 F, bisque then smoked; Gift of James W. and Jackie Voell

AMOCA – American Museum of Ceramic Art, Flickr




Rebecca-Hillman-Fall-Series cylindrical and elliptical vases vases

‘Fall series’ vases  –  Rebecca Hillman , Maine





New Guinea ceremonial pot




Pair of miniature vessels – Mary Rich

England – 1979





Moroccan Safi vessel




JEFF-OESTREICH-6-sided-bowl-Schaller-Gallery thrown-and-altered-soda-fired-stoneware-with-multiple-glazes

Six sided bowl – Jeff Oestreich-  thrown and altered soda-fired stoneware with multiple glazes

Schaller Gallery





Clarice Cliff Art Deco jug

Bamfords Auctions




French Art Deco face motif vase - Rene-Buthaud-igavel-auctions-

Rene Buthaud Art Deco vase

Igavel Auctions




Guillermo-Cuellar ceramic plate

Guillermo Cuellar




Two Raul-da-Bernarda-cruets

Two cruets – Raul da Bernarda




Reign-of-Amenhotep IV Akhenaten (ca.-1353–1336-B.C.) - Met Egyptian pottery

Amenhotep IV Akhenaten (ca.-1353–1336-B.C.)

continued on Daily Pottery Art Feed extended



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