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Pueblo-Native-American-women displaying their pottery

Pueblo Native American Indian pottery wares

New Mexico



Loading the kiln with large garden pots on a trolly - Cretan-Terracotta Pottery

A busy morning on the wheel – Cretan Terracotta Pottery



Pottery simplicity realised


The basic pottery form, created on a spinning wheel, is a statement of simplicity. The imminent curved lines, that take shape by the manipulation of a clay mass in motion, reacting to a centrifugal force, creates a graceful and balanced dynamic. The union of a malleable substance with a primary force of nature, being transmuted to a solid form with fire, is one of the purest primordial combinations, manifesting a subtle reassurance of the elements. Maybe that’s why simple pottery objects hold such an eternal appeal. Variations of the wheel thrown forms serve as a constant reminder of the survival and sustenance of mankind and the endurance and consistency of this ancient art.
Leonardo da Vinci claimed that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Christian Dior also recognized its value through the refinement of his designs and realizing that simplicity is from where true elegance must come. Computer science pioneer Edsger Wybe Dijkstra claimed ‘“Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better.” The challenge is to maximize the style while keeping superfluous detail to a minimum. The Mingei potters of Japan were mindful of mastering an aesthetic of simplicity, utility and timeless beauty. This refined ideal is still evident today and has had a pervasive influence globally on many contemporary ceramics.
A potter generally begins with a form of simple elegance, which I believe contributes to the unfolding of its design, then adds more detail if needed, whether it be further glazing, hand painting, carving or incision. Furthermore, instinct, restraint and choice of materials all contribute to the captivating permutations that are possible.. The pottery pieces here all highlight the depth and breadth of design and innovative simplicity in the ongoing evolution of the clay arts.



tonala-mexican-folk-art legged bowl

Tonala Mexican folk art tri-legged bowl




Martin-Puryear simple abstract sculpture

‘Verge’ – Martin Puryear




Jacques  Innocenti ceramic pichet, Vallauris

Gallerie Riveria



Accolay ceramic planter with mid century face motif

Accolay tri legged ceramic planter, France



adero--willard_jar orange and brown-yellow floral

Adero Willard lidded jar



Jess Carter ceramic cups

Jess Carter



Akira-Satake footed sake cup

Akira Satake sake cup




pottery speckled vase Bob Deane

Bob Deane – spiral ribbed vase




Andre-Metthey ceramic vase with foliate bands

Andre Metthey




Alan-Foxley abstract sculptural vase

Alan Foxley




Boleslaw-Danikowski,-red Ceramic-Table-Lamp

Boleslaw Danikowski,  Red ceramic table lamp




Kay Stratford green ceramic shell vase

Ceramic Shell 1 vase – Kay Stratford



stone pool textured vase 1 by Anne Goldman

‘Stone Pool’  by Anne Goldman




Brenda-Holzke-porcelian flared cup

Flared porcelain  cup — Brenda Holzke



Caroline-Chevalier orange lidded jar

Caroline Chevalier



Penelope-Withers ribbed asymmetrical bottles

Penelope Withers ribbed asymmetrical ceramic bottles



Chantal-Césure--blue on white lidded jar

Chantal Césure – blue on white lidded jar



Baluster jar with flared rim by Chris Luther

Baluster vase – Chris Luther

Seagrove Potters of Historic Busbee Rd




Claude Conover-Tall-ceramic-bottle vessel,

”Toltec”  –  Claude Conover tall Mid Century ceramic vessel



Latex resist design bowl by Clyde Burt

Clyde Burt ceramic bowl with latex resist design




Morino-Taimei-rust-red glaze vase oval shape with flat sides

Morino Taimei, Japan



David Frith tall vase

Large bottle vase – David Frith, UK

13 inches height



Diny Timmers ceramic sculptural portal vessel

Diny Timmers ceramic sculptural vessel



Classic still life presented with ceramics by George Segal

‘Classic Still Life’ – George Segal


Museum of Arts and Design, NY



Eileen-Goldenberg Ceramic-Sgraffito vase with white figure on black

Eileen Goldenberg Ceramic Sgraffito vase, tumbler

San Francisco



Emile Jacques Ruhlmann elegant art deco vase with pink floral design

Emile Jacques Ruhlmann Art Deco  vase



Eric Astoul -ceramic sculptural form

Eric Astoul



Ernst-Wahliss,-Wien-&-Turn-Teplitz ceramic dancer

Ernst Wahliss, Wien & Turn Teplitz ceramic dancer figurine





‘Exposition 3’ sculpture by Nicholas Lees



Navajo pottery vase with figure motif

Navajo Hand Coiled Pottery Vase  Ken and Irene White



FISCHER-Michèle carved pottery vase

Michèle Fischer footed sgraffito vase




Jasmina-Ajzenkol ceramic sculptural vessel - turquoise and ochre glaze

Jasmina Ajzenkol




black and white sgraffito platter by stoneware-GravesCo---etsy

‘Ladies Toasting’  – Large Serving Platter—Handmade sgraffito carved ceramic



Henri-Laurens,-Tete-de-Femme sculpture female bust

Henri Laurens, – ‘Tete de Femme’Z sculpture




Isles-of-Scilly-Studio crab plate

Isles of Scilly Studio Pottery Crab Bowl Glazed Earthenware



jaque_barely set of wall plates with matching lamp base

 Barely Bowl Set – Jan Jacque -ceramic wall art



Jean-Mayadon-baluster-vase with green figures

Art Nouveau vase – Jean Mayodon




Remi Bonhert ceramic bottle vessel

Remi Bonhert





Glpb-vessel with white horses decoraion-Psolo-Stacciou

Globular luster glaze vessel with white horse motifs -Psolo Stacciou



Massive-Rhoda-Hepner-female torso Ceramic-Vessel

Massive female torso ceramic vessel – Rhoda Hepner



Stoppered ceramic bottle by Fantoni

Mid Century ceramic decanter with stopper – Marcello Fantoni




Koroit opal from queensland

Koroit Opal – Queensland




Paul Louis Mergier ovoid vase – copper, silver and brass




Homer Brown Wassi Art African Lady vase

 African Lady vase – Homer Brown Wassi Art




Pre-Columbian-Colima-Seated-Terracotta Figure

Pre Columbian Colima seated terracotta figure




Gareth-Mason-porcelain-abstract vase

‘Pressure Ridge’ – Gareth Mason



Richard-Zane-Smith---‘Edge-and-Flow’ vessel with dynamic line decorations

‘Edge and Flow’  – Richard Zane Smith




Spherical-vase with abstract geometric pattern with frosted and clear glass

Boris Lacroix,  Spherical Art Deco vase with frosted and clear glass in an abstract cubist pattern



Richard Zane Smith—Blue Rain Gallery—Santa Fe




Ceramic Seaman’s Bank for Savings

1940s McCoy




Sander Wassink and Olivier Van Herpt adaptive manufacture vessel

Sander Wassink and Olivier Van Herpt – textured vessel created with adaptive manufacturing




William-Marshall ceramics

William Marshall -glazed  ceramic bottle



The-Guitar-Henri-Laurens cubist sculpture- blue, white and brown

‘The Guitar’ – Henri Laurens




Sharon Stelter abstract ceramic Zebra sculpture

Sharon Stelter  ‘Zebra’ 



Joan Miro ceramic vase

Joan Miro

Kirsten-Holm charcoal ceramic vessel

Kirsten Holm



melanie-ferguson ceramic sculpture vessel

Melanie Ferguson


Shamai Sam Gibsh Sttoneware Terra Sigillata

Shamai Sam Gibsh  – ‘Bodyblaze #22’

Stoneware Terra Sigillata and lustres



Designed-Tripod-Vase----Charles-Smith - sgraffito decoration

Tripod, sgraffito vase – Charles Smith




ceramic vessel Gail Nichols

Gail Nichols





Pedestal bowl – Harrison McIntosh, California




Roger-Guerin tall elegant fotted baluster polychrome vase

‘Grand vase amphore’ – Roger Guerin



Hiroyuki Wakimoto Toubako



Jim-Malone-Pottery bottle vessel with white slip and red botanical decoration

Bottle Vase Hakeme – Jim Malone

Hakeme slip glaze with iron oxide brushed botanical pattern



Leora-Brecher white ceramic asymmetrical spiral sculpture

Leora Brecher asymmetrical spiral sculpture


Thomas Hoadley used the Japanese technique of nerikomi to create the delicate lines of color in this vessel.





Lustre glaze pedestal vases – Jean Mayodon





Huge Cantagalli Italian Faience Majolica Winged Figure handles vase



Emanuel Maldonado

 The Museum of International Ceramic Art – Grimmerhus in Middelfart, Denmark





Eric Knoche




Red front preggy vase - Amy Sanders

Red front preggy vase – Amy Sanders





Joan-Carrillo-lustre-flat bottle vessel

Joan Carrillo lustre flat bottle vessel

Carrillo uses a 9th Century Persian technique of applying extremely thin layers of metal oxides in three firing processes to create a metallic lustre finish.




Yuan Dynasty painted stucco female head

Yuan Dynasty painted stucco female head




Wood Fired series by Robert LaWarre

Wood Fired series by Robert LaWarre




Stephanie-Young---Art Nouveau style Forest-Series vase

Stephanie Young—Nouveau Art Nouveau style Forest Series vase




vase-art-deco-Bernardaud & Cie -limoges-

Art Deco vase – Bernardaud & Cie  for Limoges




Zenith by Willem Stuurman ox blood vase

‘Zenith’ by Willem Stuurman, Belgium


Terrain-Vallonne-vase-pair asymmetrical forms

Terrain Vallonne vase pair




Tony Laverick—contemporary vase



Ziegler-Tall-Floor-Vase VINTAGE-ORIGINAL-60's

Vintage Ziegler Floor Vase



Morten-Lobner-Espersen ovoid red vase

Morten-Lobner – ‘Espersen’




Al-Qoyawayma---Blue-Rain-Gallery lidded vessel with relief decoration

Al Qoyawayma

Blue Rain Gallery–Santa Fe New Mexico




Bernado-Hogan-contemporary-vase - blue gradient glaze to black speckles

Bernado Hogan contemporary vase





Caroline Chevalier — ceramic lidded vessel




60's vase by Marcello Fantoni with female bust motif

60’s vase by Marcello Fantoni



Lidded ceramic_vessel_Green-Box-by-Hannie-Goldgewicht

‘Green Box’ by Hannie Goldgewicht



Barry-Stedman--ceramic vases

Barry Stedman



Nicholas-Bernard-Schaller-Gallery tear drop vessel

Nicholas Bernard

Schaller Gallery

Kosei-Matsui-Japanese ceramic art

Kosei Matsui



Jeff-Mincham ceramic artists South Australia

Jeff Mincham, South Australia



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