Chinese Contemporary Artists

Chinese contemporary art began to began to open up to the world art arena in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and while comparatively in its infancy, it is now making a vibrant impact. A selection of the Chinese ceramicists and sculptors in the modern contemporary art field are represented below.

Xiao Wei / Zhengyin Art & Design

Chinese ceramicist  Xiao Wei, began in the field of ceramics then branched out into broader design projects involving interior decoration and consultancy with Zhenyin Art which was established in Beijing in 1997.
Zhengyin Art & Design collaborate with a team of local and international artists and architectural firms to create original art installations, ceramics, murals, sculptures and wall art specifically designed for a particular space.  A synthesis between contemporary concepts and traditional themes dominate the designs.
Link for  Zhengyin Art 

Xiao Wei / Zhengyin Art & Design-contemporary bottles

Two contemporary bottles – Xiao Wei

Zhengyin Art & Design




Chinese artist  Xiao Wei contemporrary vase

Xiao Wei contemporary vase

Zhengyin Art & Design




Xiao Wei--Zhengyin Art & Design modern contemporary vases

Chinese designer Xiao Wei contemporary vase





Wall mural using vertical panels in the style of the traditional Chinese hanging scroll paintings of mountains

Zhengyin Art & Design






Xiao Wei modern ceramic vessel


Squat ceramic bottle – Xiao Wei

Zhengyin Art & Design





Xiao Wei abstract sculptural ceramic

Abstract sculptural ceramic forms – Xiao Wei





Zhengyin-Art-and-Design - blue and white porcelain

Blue and white porcelain decorative piece

Zhengyin Art and Design





Xiao Wei contemporary vase

Xiao Wei contemporary vase with glossy and textured glazing.






Xiao Wei lidded jar

Covered vessel – Xiao Wei

Zhengyin Art and Design





Xiao Wei- green textured vases

Green textured vases – Xiao Wei





Tianjin-Baoli-International-Plaza art installation

Zhengyin art installation inspired by the brushstrokes of Chinese calliagraphy – Tianjin Baoli International Plaza

25 feet in height




Zhengyin-Artl mural installation

Large contemporary mural with a dragon dynamic – Zhengyin Art and Design





Xiao Wei ceramic ovoid bottle

Forest green ovoid vessel – Xiao Wei




Porcelain blue and white vases - Xiao Wei

Porcelain vases – Xiao Wei

Zhengyin Art and Design





Chinese ceramics Xiao Wei large vase


 Xiao Wei – large glazed vase


Zhan Wang

Many of Zhan Wang’s works concentrate on abstract forms, that go by many names such as floating stones, artificial rocks, or the famous, Scholar Rocks. These are large, highly textured rock-like pieces coated in chrome. In the Chinese culture, rocks are held in high esteem; rocks have been thought to possess the purest qi, or vital energy, and  traditionally were collected as objects of art and tools for meditation. In 2004, Zhan scaled Mount Everest and placed one of his own sculptures at the summit.

In 1966 Zhan Wang made the statement – “Placed in a traditional courtyard, a rockery satisfied people’s desire to return to Nature by offering them stone fragments from Nature. But huge changes in the world have made this traditional ideal increasingly out of date. I have thus used stainless steel to duplicate and transform the natural rockery into manufactured forms. The material’s glittering surface, ostentatious glamour, and illusory appearance make it an ideal medium to convey new dreams”

Sue Wang from CAFA Art Info describes Zhan Wang’s Rockery sculptures :  If ‘tradition’ and ‘contemporary’ are seen as poles apart, then Zhan Wang just used ‘stainless steel rockery stone’ to describe the intermediate zone by “Rockery Stone”. ‘Stone’ represents ‘tradition’, “it’s the basic element that formed the universe, representing aesthetic belief of a farming community”; ‘Stainless steel’ is a concentrated reflection of an industrialized reality. Zhan Wang thought it’s “the most representative material of this time, a metallic material that claims to never stain and can be mirror polished”. ‘Playing with’ the two materials, Zhan Wang touched the lifeline of the time.



Chinese sculpture by Zhen Wang -Rockery Stone42# exhibited at Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University

Rockery Stone 42# exhibited at Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University




Zhan Wang lake sculpture

Zhan Wang lake sculpture -‘ Floating Island of Immortals ‘, 2006 – Gibbs Farm, New Zealand.






 ‘Chambres a part V’ – Zhan Wang

Rockery Stone De Young Museum San Francisco-Collection

‘Rockery Stone ‘ – Zhan Wang

De Young Museum, San Francisco

Zhan Wang Rockery Stone- at British Museum in 2008

Rockery Stone at British Museum by Zhan Wang





Franz Ceramics

Founded by Francis Chen, Franz Porcelain has its design and research center in Taipei, Taiwan, while its production is managed and  supervised in Mainland China using Chinese artisans.



Franz-Ceramics 2 panda vase

Two Panda figural vase Franz Ceramics





Franz Ceramics Collection -Zhejiang art museum

Franz Ceramics Collection -Dragon vase

Zhejiang art museum





Franz ceramic oriental nouveau vase

Oriental Art Nouveau vase – Franz Ceramics






Franz vase –  Zhejiang art museum






 Franz Ceramics-modernist sculptural vessel

Xu Bing



Chinese artist Xu Bing’s  ‘Phoenix -installation--inside the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York


Xu Bing’s grand ‘Phoenix’  installation, suspended fron the nave at the Cathederal of St John the Divine in New York

On display till March 2015


Travelling to Wonderland, at the V&A’s John Madejski garden.


Xu Bing carted slices of nine different rocks from five different places in China

and arranged them here to create a magical miniature mountainscape, drawing

elements from Chinese landscape scrolls and inspired by ” The Land of the Peach Blossoms “, also know by the Tibetans as ‘Shambala’




Ceramic Museum-Jinzhou, China. 2011-13

Abstract mosaic architecture – Ceramic Museum

Jinzhou, China



Chu Teh Chun –  ( 1920 -2014 )

Chinese-French abstract painter acclaimed for his pioneering style integrating traditional Chinese painting techniques with Western abstract art. Inspired by Nicolas de Staël’s abstract landscape paintings, Chu abandoned figurative painting and adopted a unique style using bold strokes of colour which evoked Chinese calligraphy. Below is a series of  ceramics he painted for Sevres, France.


Chu Teh Chun - Brown-round-vase-2005 raymond-dreyfus

Chu Teh Chun – Brown earth tone round  vase 2005

Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie




Handpainted contemporary vase,- Chu Teh Chun for Sevres, Paris

Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie




Chu-Teh-Chun-Pink-round-vase-F31 Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie

Chu Teh Chun–round abstract handpainted vase

Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie





Chinese artist - chu_teh-chun__vase

Oriental abstract vase by Chu Teh Chun for Sevres

Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie




Chu-Teh-Chun -Sevres vase Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie

Contemporary handpainted vase – Chu Teh Chun for Sevres






Chu Teh Chun for Sevres

Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie



Rosanna Li Wei Han


Chinese figurine - Rosanna-Li-Wei-han-Mandarin


‘Mandarin’ – Chinese figurine by Rosanna Li Wei Han




Art figurineMandalaRosanna-Li-Wei-han


‘Mandala’  – Rosanna Li Wei han



Dehua, Jingdezhen



Dehua-Kiln white porcelain figurne

 In the heyday of Jingdezhen, there were several hundred kilns in operation. 






  Ceramic porcelain sculpture -Dehua



Dehua yin yang sculpture



Chinese ceramic sculpture, in the shape of an abstract Fu symbol, base stamped-Fu Jian Hui Guan

  Abstract sculpture, in the shape of the Fu symbol -Fu Jian Hui Guan

( Liveauctioneers )





Monxi Wu  –  ‘Contrasting Rhythm’





Parthenon 2  Jing-Wei-Qiu-Art Glass Sculpture

Art Glass Sculpture – ‘Parthenon 2′

Jing Wei Qiu





Porcelain slippers – ‘Prosaic Glow’ – Fiona Wong Lai Ching






‘Angel without Wings’  (The Blue Succubus (positive)’ – Feng Weina



 Traditional Chinese Art




Bronze Snuff  Bottle – Cast with motif of Auspicious Chinese Fu Boy





Chinese Cloisonne Incense Burner

Antique Chinese Cloisonne incense burner with flying geese






Emerald Green Jadeite Phoenix Pendant






 Famille Rose Vase – Qianlong, China






Gilt Bronze Dragon with blue splashes





Chines Peking Glass Perfume Bottle-White-base-with-top-overlaid-in-Red

Chinese Peking Glass Perfume Bottle






Shanghai Museum Ceramics Gallery-Famille Rose-Vase with Peaches and-Bats-Design-Bill Taroli

Famille Rose Vase with Peaches and Bats designed by Bill Taroli

Shanghai Museum Ceramics Gallery





Carved ceramic Chinese teapot

Chinese teapot with carved ceramic surface






Tang Dynasty Manadarin Duck found in a tomb at Gong Yi City

Henan Museum




Shoushan Stone Boulder Carved Village

Chinese Village caved into Shoushan Stone Boulder


Traditional Chinese-painting-decoration Bai Min-at-work

Bai Min performing traditional ceramic decoration




Ginge jar blue and white porcelain

Chinese ovoid  jar in blue and white porcelain – China, Kangxi Period (1662-1722)






The Surge OF The Four SeasGuo Shilin


 The artist made use of natural color and engraving to evoke clouds, nine leaping dragons and surging waters below.

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