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Japan potter Kazuhiro-Shimo Saki cup

Sake Cup by Kazuhiro Shimo


Storage jar with blue and black decoration-including-schematic-calligraphy,-Egypt-or-Syria,-14th-century

14th century Storage jar with blue and black decoration including schematic calligraphy, Egypt or Syria.

Thomas Polacca Nampeyo Hopi Seed Jar-kilgoreamericanindianart.net

Hopi Seed Jar – Thomas Polacca Nampeyo


Ishiyama-Tetsuya contemporey Japanese ppottery

Ishiyama Tetsuya

Brenda Deanorganic inspired wrapped slab built in white earthstone

Brenda Deanorganic inspired wrapped slab built in white earthstone



Roger Capron Big Ceramic Pitcher,-1955-GALERIE SANDY TOUPENET

Large Ceramic Pitcher – Roger Capron


Galerie Sandy Toupenet

Suzuki Miki squat bottle

Squat bottle – Suzuki Miki

Ceramic Jar - The-Shadow-Dancers,-2013 by Debra Steidel

‘The Shadow Dancers’ – Debra Steidel


A large vessel with a colbalt and zinc oxide crystalline glaze crowned with a double crane lid

Tom-Coleman spherical vessel

Tom Coleman slipped piece


Mount Washington Burmese glass pepperette


African pot from Chad – 20th century

LIFE-Goes-to-the-Louvre,-1953 school excursion

Life magazine at the Louvre


Ardmore vessel with sculptured head lid.



Lindy Lawler – Symbol Stone


Red Ripple coffee cup and saucer – Gyorenbro Gama, Japan


White speckled vase – Hans Coper


Dorothy Hafner Rosenthal Tea Set with 'Flash' Pattern 1980s

‘Flash” pattern  Rosenthal Tea Set designed by Dorothy Hafner in a Jazz Age Deco style


Gretchen Wachs Santa Fe

Gretchen Wachs –  Santa Fe, USA


Ron Nagle


Ron Nagle – ‘Finchinlada’


Through till the 17th Feburary  2015 at the The San Diego Museum of Art. Ron Nagle: Peripheral Cognition

Inspired by fearless pioneers such as Peter Voulkos at Berkeley, Nagle has honed his approach to color and form. With an architect’s attention to detail and a graffiti writer’s irreverence, he has crafted his quintessentially Californian aesthetic.


John Gill Ewer-1988 Signed, stoneware,-ht.-14.5,-lg.-11,-wd

Stoneware Ewer – John Gill






Barry Stedman contemporary vase

Barry Stedman






Italian charger – 1975




Dagobert Peche,-Vase,-c 1912

Dagobert Peche, Wiener Werkstätte





Toshiko Takaezu - White-Closed-Form

Toshiko Takaezu

Cowans Auctions




Very large polychrome vases Ingrid Saag

Ingrid Saag





Georges Jouve charger Patrick Parrish 1949

Abstract bull charger- George Jouve


Patrick Parrish -!st Dibs





Stoneware Venice Beach Vase Magdalena and Michael Frimkess (1929, Venezuela and 1937, USA)

Venice Beach Vase – Magdalena and Michael Frimkess

height 18 inches

Cowans Auctions






Gio Ponti tall vase




Troika-pottery-mask Bonhams

Troika Pottery  mid-century lamp base and mask sculpture






Seascape Pot – Dennis Farrell

Worcester – Bevere Gallery





Hideaki-MIYAMURA,-Japan pottery

 Hideaki Myamura, Japan





Hane Harthoorn sgraffito cup





Art Liestmann

This series of sculptural pieces are “Manifestations of the Terpsichorean Muse”.

That phrase originates with Monty Python’s Cheese Shop Sketch. Terpsichore is the Greek muse of the dance.












Clement-Giorgi modernist ceramics USA

Clement Giorgi  – tri footed gourd shaped bottle

Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery

Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery exhibits Modernist historical artwork, and represents the finest contemporary artists locally, nationally and internationally.





‘Dream Team’ spherical vase – Longwy, France




Heidi-Soos ceramic bottles

Heidi Soos





Hemingway-Ceramics baluster vase

Baluster vase with cranes – Steve Hemingway, Minnesota





Wood Fired stoneware jar – Scott Parady – 2013

Lacoste Gallery




Fulper Pottery - Blue flambe glaze on swelling cylindrical form shading to soft pink at base,

Fulper Pottery – Inverted rim on swollen cylindrical form with ring handles, blue flambe’ glaze to peach




Eric James Mellon, UK-Living with Angels1996

‘Living with Angels’ – Eric James Mellon, UK





Art Nouveau bowl - Andre Metthey, France

Gold highlighted Art Nouveau bowl – Andre Metthey, France




China, antique Sancai vase, with bulbous body, tapering to the flared-rim, and detailed motifs across the surface,-Ming-Jiajing-mark

Antique Chinese Sancai vase, with bulbous body, tapering to a flared rim, with Ming Jiajing mark






‘Meditation 2’  – Joann Carrera, Miami

Wall mounted raku sculpture – SkiesReveal – etsy




Kerry Hastings bowl

Kerry Hastings



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