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Continuation of Pottery Art Of The Day displaying sublime works in clay everyday or thereabouts.


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John Pollex

Tea Bowl –  John Pollex – Plymouth, UK

 John uses his functional forms as a canvas for his explanation of strong new vibrant slips, an art clearly influenced by his love of painters like Howard Hodgkin, Robert Natkin and Patrick Heron, as well as his appreciation of Aboriginal, Tibetan, Buddhist and Zen art.

( onlineceramics.com )


Nick Howson Mudka vessel

Pan Gallery



Dutch Vase, 1888, Rozenburg Plateelfabriek – The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Baldwin plate

  Partially glazed earthenware plate, with incisions and embossed.

Signed Baldwin 1986

( orangeceramique.com )

Jean Derval,-jug

Jean Derval – jug

Macha Tea Bowl

‘Heavy Snow’  Sake cup – Nakagawa Tomoharu, Japan

( saideigama.com )

Ralph Bacerra

Cubist earthenware teapot by Ralph Bacerra with  geometric lines and abstract textures in inlaid clays and colours, predominantly yellows and browns.

( V & A )

Hein Severijns large vase

Hein Severijns large vase

Shigeo Shiga bottle

Shigeo Shiga bottle

Large Conical Bowl Rachel Wood

Large Conical Bowl :  Rachel Wood

 Leonardo Da Vinci finally gets his Viola Organista built after 500 years !

I always thought the harpsicord sounded a bit thin…not anymore. I think Leonardo would be pleased.

The viola organista has finally been created, thanks to a Polish concert pianist with a flair for instrument-making and the patience and passion to interpret Leonardo’s plans. The effect is a sound that da Vinci dreamt of, but never heard; there are no historical records suggesting he or anyone else of his time built the instrument he designed. A sketch and notes is found in da Vinci’s  Codex Atlanticus, a 12-volume collection of his manuscripts and designs for everything from weaponry to flight. ‘‘I have no idea what Leonardo da Vinci might think of the instrument I’ve made, but I’d hope he’d be pleased,’’ said Zubrzycki, who spend three years and 5000 hours bringing da Vinci’s creation to life.  It combines the harpsichord, the organ and the viola da gamba and is full of strings and spinning wheels.


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Ray Taylor large ceramic pot.

Ray Taylor large ceramic pot.

Robert Fornell, Tengu Sake Cup

Robert Fornell, Tengu Sake Cup

( Teabowls and Sake Cups: A kindred spirit 2012 )

Lactose Gallery

Peter Saenger

Peter Saenger

‘I am a puzzler; puzzles have a power over me. I am intrigued to discover the solutions. It is like meeting someone new and getting to know them piece by piece. Designing objects and creating innovative processes is solving intricate puzzles.’- Peter Saenger

70's Scheurich Sculpture

70’s Scheurich sculpture, Germany

Ceramics,-Ching ting Hsu

Ceramics,- Ching ting Hsu

Maison + Objet trade fair – 2010

Joëlle Bellenot

Joëlle Bellenot

Eileen Braun Vase

Eileen Braun Vase

( Mudfire Gallery )

Jais Nielsen lidded vessel Denmark

Jais Nielsen  – Lidded stoneware jar with figures in relief, Sung glaze for Royal Copenhagen, Denmark

1920s Chinese Dragon vase

 Chinese Monochrome Glaze Dragon Jar – 1920’s

Sandra Davolio

Sandra Davolio


“Large Yellow Urchin Vessel” – Porcelain vessel with lid. Thrown, carved and glazed by hand.

Natalie Blake

Tim-Rowan,-Tall Oval Vessel organicTim Rowan – organic vase form

Chawan Yuichi Ikai Japan

Chawan – Yuichi Ikai

Peruvian Figural Vase

Peruvian Figural Vase

 ( liveauctioneers.com )

Peter Beard

Peter Beard

( westdean.org.uk )


Stammbaum der Stadt Cochem This ceramic wall art mural by artist Carlfritz Nicolay portrays the history of the city of Cochem, Germany.

George Roby Stoneware Sculpture

George Roby Stoneware Sculpture


Rugpjutis – LinaL Flickr

Yasuhisa Kohyama

Yasuhisa Kohyama

Pippin Drysdale

Pippin Drysdale


 1930 Vase – – Madelaine Hallade

( Zezschwitz  Art and Design Auctions )

Elizabeth Fritsch-475x530

Elizabeth Fritsch – stoneware vase with matte glaze in brown and cream.


( freeformsusa.com )

Archaic White Ground Alabaston

 White Ground Alabastron. 6th- 5th C. BCE. Archaic Greek,

David Brown,-Great Britain

David Brown

Don Bradman - Toby jug

Don Bradman – Toby jug – Bendigo Pottery

Melanie Ferguson vase

Melanie Ferguson –  hand built, low fire underglaze and beeswax. Height 18 inch


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