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‘Cityscapes’Cheryl Williams , Oregon

From the ‘Prosperity Bowls’ series – They are fired twice in the kiln. First the bisque firing makes them hard, and then a glaze is applied to the inside of the bowl. The second firing melts the glaze. This is why the interior of the bowls are smoother than the exterior. They are finished with a fine airbrush acrylic applique. The materials in the rich interiors are designed to reflect lights essence.




Lucien-Gaillard,-ca1903 art nouveau vase


Art Nouveau vase – Lucien Gaillard




Magdalene-Odundo red ceramic vessel

Magdalene Odundo





Robin’s egg glaze vase – Qing Dynasty, Qianlong period





Raku vase – Charlie Riggs





Sarah Perkins ‘Double Lines’ lidded vessel




spanish-20th-vintage-ceramic-black and white lifesize-dog-sculpture-signed-by-hispania

Life size ceramic dog sculpture – Hispania




Henri Laurens – head of a girl





ute-grossman raku vase

Ute Grossman raku vessel






Clyde Burt  Mid Century vessel with abstract latex resist glaze design




tall-vessel-2004-linda-styles-ceramics with geometric motif

Tall vessel – Linda Styles




Antique Japanese Satsuma vase




es-keramik-fat-lava-vase-west-german-pottery contemporary mid century vase

ES Keramik Fat Lava Vase West German Pottery




joan-carrillo contemporary ceramic vessel

Joan Carrillo





Metal abstract sculpture – Naum Gabo- ‘Linear Construction in Space No.4′





rookwood-pottery-cincinatti-glaze-decorated-vase-by-edward-timothy-hurley-1928 twin parrots motif vase

Parrot Pair – Rookwood Pottery, Cincinatti, Glaze decorated vase by Edward Timothy Hurley






‘Shaman Effigy Vessel’   by Guanacaste Nicoya

circa AD 1000 – 1350



tile-goddess-ceramic-sculptures dragon bowl - Joy Munshower

Turquoise Dragon Bowl  — Joy Munshower



Sophie Elizabeth Thompson




‘Sweeping it under the Table’ — Georgina Shearman





hilda-soyer raku drop vessel figurines

Hilda Soyer raku figurines


London Gallery – Erskine, Hall & Coe  exhibition
3 – 23 November 2016




‘Anvil’ – Gordon Baldwin




Vessel 1980’s – Ewen Henderson

57cm height



Funnel Vessel – Gordon Baldwin – c.1990

57 x 31 cm




Zig-zag Folding Form, 1990s  – Ewen Henderson





French bulbous geometric Art Deco vase

Height 13 inches – Aspire Auctions




Raku globular vessel – Steven Forbes Desoule




November 18, 19, 20  2016

Palais des congrès de Montréal.



terry-lazaroff sculpture

Terry Lazaroff





bichon-frise-sculpture-cassie by Suzanne Noll

‘Cassie’ – Bichon Frise sculpture by Suzanne Noll

See more cat and dog ceramics on veniceclayartists here






Chandra Debuse- ‘Amaretto Bottle’





‘Ancient Fish’ – Hanako Nankubo





Large ceramic basket form – Helen Fuller




marc-michel-gabali black anmd qhite ceramic cup

Marc Michel Gabali


Lidded Jar – Emily Free Wilson







Fine line detail wedding vase  Jay Vello




art nouveau figural vase by Charles Korschamm Gold glaze

Art Nouveau figural vase by Charles Korschann



horsehair vase by Cathie Cantara

Turquoise and black horsehair vase – Cathie Cantara




amber glaze pottery vessel Russell Ackerman

‘Amber Sunrise’ – Russell Ackerman




Jingdezhen-ceramics-hand-painted-landscape vase

Jingdezhen hand painted landscape vase




. Vase with bulging body and flared neck with two handles under glazed ceramic cracked with a decorative blue and white floral pattern on brown background beige toned and enhanced with gilding

Crackle glaze twin handled vase – Andre Metthey





Bruno-Sserunkuuma Uganadan pottery vase

Bruno Sserunkuuma, Uganda




Schmider-Tigris modernist black vase with yellow wavey lines

Tigris Schmider free form vase




floral decorated gourd vase by Zsolnay

Double gourd vase – Zsolnay





Pauline Wateau – raku female figurine



Kevin Gordon glass vase




Erskine, Hall and Coe new exhibition


Seven Japanese Artists – running till 18th Feb – more info here


Jihei-Murase Line carved tea caddy, Negoro style, 2011

Jihei Murase

Line carved tea caddy, Negoro style, 2011




Tatsuzo Shimaoka

Stoneware Lidded Box, 1991



Three sculptural ceramic pieces by Yasuhisa Kohyama

Yasuhisa Kohyama




Gillian Broinowski



Elaine-Hind incised vase with curved lines

Elaine Hind  – ‘Sunflower Vase’




Ramp-Ceramics-jar sky blue with bird motif

Lidded cylindrical jar – Ramp Ceramics


Andile-Dyalvane-ceramic vaee from SA

Andile Dyalvane, Capetown


Donna-Kallner-&-Joan-Molloy-Slack vase

Donna Kallner & Joan Molloy Slack




Ken-Luckhurst ceramic vase with boat and seagull illustration

Ken Luckhurst




‘Bodyblaze’ – Shamai Gibsh solo exhibition in Periscope Gallery in Tel Aviv April 6th 2017

Ben Yehuda St 174, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


Shamai-Sam-Gibsh Tel Aviv ceramics - ochre glaze ceramic split spehrical sculpture

‘Bird on a Steep Slope#3’ – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Shamai-Sam-Gibsh Israli ceramics

Shamai Sam Gibsh- ‘Bodyblaze #7′



See more exhibition pieces here Shamai Sam Gibsh







Ladi Kwali, Uche Okeke: The Road To Kpaaza —  March 23 – April 29, 2017



  529 West 20th Street, 5th FL

New York, NY 10011
Gallery Hours
Tuesday to Saturday
11 AM – 6 PM


Ladi Kwali - Zoomorphic Pot, Kenya
Lady Kwali – Zoomorphic Pot, ca 1960s, glazed stoneware, h414xd14 inches.




Lady Kwali teapot





Shoji Hamada square ceramic bottle





NEXT POST  — Russell Ackerman – Lancaster potter



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    The work was very inspiring. When I get my ceramics program going again, I want to use this site as a resource. I’m grateful to get these images. Kate Reynolds

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    Hi there, I’m an ex employee of Josiah Wedgwood (freehand decorating) their blue/white jasper ware and intend to start my own website namely RICH QUALITY CERAMICS. Do you know of anyone who would like to advertise their wares on such a site i.e. rich in quality, rich in meaning, and no mass production. If you do please contact me by e/mail at
    [email protected]
    Yours Faithfully

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