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Daily Pottery Art Feed – extended




Pottery art pieces from ancient to contemporary, antiquity to futuristic, unusual to utilitarian, quirky to conservative. There’s always something to say with the 3D forms fashioned from that pliable clay. The versatile bounty of the earth keeps experiencing new ways to be interpreted and appreciated while its deep past provides fascinating revelations. The earth’s grounded passivity gets awakened and emboldened  by the kinetic application of the potter and projects a new balance through interaction with the restless fire dynamic and defined spaces.

While a daily update is aspired to, it is usually otherwise with new entries appearing weekly at the least.


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Caroline-Chevalier----ceramic jug with abstract botanical decoration

Caroline Chevalier, France



60s-Rumtopf-Keramik cat planter LisaLarsenesque

Vintage Swedish cat planter – 60’s



1100-deg,-clear-glaze vase by Christine Thacker

Christine Thacker



Twin raku pears 2009---by-Paula-Cooley---photo-by-Grant-Kernan

Twin raku pears 2009—by Paula Cooley

photo by Grant Kernan



Adero-Willard-ceramic lidded box

Adero Willard



Allamakee-Wood-Fired-Pottery conical lidded ceramic jar

Allamakee Wood-Fired Pottery





Art Nouveau vase by Paul Dachsel for Ernst Wahliss



Athena-Jahantigh stylised ceramic horse

Athena Jahantigh




Speckled vase by Bob Deane



Chinese-sculpture-emperor figure---Hess-Fine-Auctions

Large Chinese emperor figure sculpture

Austin Products 1981




Chris-Barnes horizontal striped ceramic vessel

Chris Barnes



Cyndi-Casemier slab built vase with twin lugs

Slab built  vase – Cyndi Casemier



Hans Vangso_vertical ribbed essel

Hans Vangso speckled ceramic jar

Anne Linnemann Gallery




Large vintage sgraffito vase  – Armando de Mexico

Height 11 inches



Akio Nukaga, Japan



Joan_Serra-ceramics contemporary sculpture

Joan Serra


Joan-Serra ceramic sculpture

Joan Serra contemporary ceramic sculpture



Liz-Quackenbush-2012 ceramic sculpture with snake and botanical motifs

Liz Quackenbush



mia-llauder cerramic sculpture

Mia Llauder





Mexican vintage sgraffito art pottery





Abstract ‘Bursting Ripe Fruit Pod ‘sculpture – Liliya Pobornikova





‘Sculpture Triangle’ – MOHY YVES

galerie capazza




Tang-sculpture of a woman-playing-polo on a horse

Polo player on horse sculpture – Tang Dynasty




Lorna Bailey



Bennett Bean - Untitled-(Drunken-Lily-Series),-1996 Earthenware,-pit-fired,-acrylic,-gold-leaf-interior-15x9

Bennett Bean




Vi.Bi Torino (Italy) mid century modern vase




JUNTOS-Y-FELICES,-marble sculpture abstract form

‘Junto Y Felices’ – marble sculpture by Peruvian artist Iván Rojas Tovar




Patricia Griffin-Large Vase-FlowerPower-view2 Woodcut series

Patricia Griffin- ‘FlowerPower’ vase

Cambria, California



Philippe-Dubuc-- ceramic lidded vessel

Philippe Dubuc




Italian Mid Century 50’s vase




Roseville Art Deco Futura vase




Charlie-Riggs-raku-baluster vase

Charlie Riggs raku vase





Art Deco Jazz Age vase – Velsen, Nl




René-Buthaud-crackle glaze vase

René Buthaud crackle glaze vase




royal-copenhagen-ceramic seal figurine

Seal figurine – Royal Copenhagen




Beauty-of-UncertaintySmall - Tanya-Tyree-35-long-Hand-built-with-slabs,-incised-with-abstract-drawings,-brush-glazed-with-copper-and-colored-glazes

Tanya Tyree

 Hand built with slabs, incised with abstract drawings, brush glazed with copper and colored glazes – Tanya Tyree

Height 35 inches




Black-and-white-striped-raku-pots Bubani artee raku

Set of black and white raku vessels





Black line diamond shaped ceramic footed pillow box – Vaughan Nelson

Sold by Artful Home




‘Blue Sail’ – Ricky Maldonado



Christine-Fabre french ceramicist - lidded vessel

Christine Fabre, France





Japonism vase – Jarl Otto  (1856-1915)   –  Meissen, early 20th Century




Eileen-Singleton ceramic orb

Eileen Singleton




ray-silverman-ceramic cup

Ray Silverman





Stephen Hatcher woodturned jar





Suzuki Tomio

To further enhance shino’s tactile appeal, Suzuki Tomio approaches every unglazed pot as a landscape architect would an undeveloped plot of earth. It first requires slow, thoughtful sculpting before anything is lain upon it. As a result, his clay creations are renowned for their terraced surfaces, ridges, and winding vistas. This resplendent yōhen-kin (golden) vase is a proud example of Suzuki’s unique approach to shino. Deeply cut furrows and facets naturally guide the eyes across a rugged, glistening terrain swept across with crackled feldspar and flowing brushed details.






Snow Drop Vase – Bill Campbell





‘Kachina Vase’ – Contemporary KOPA Southwestern Design




Satsuma-Pottery-cylindrical Bottle-Vase

Satsuma fan motif bottle




Humler-and-Nolan-Weller-Faience-vase,-Rhead-like-trees, in orange and green

 Weller Faience vase

Humler and Nolan




Sarah-Ann-Raku Ceramics-Port-Warwick-Art-&-Sculpture-Festival

Sarah Ann raku lidded jar



5th International Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics of Sevres
 12 to 29 May 2016




Contemporary sculpture – Christine Ladevèze




Nancy Selvin exhibition at Spun Smoke Gallery

May 5 to June 26, 2016



Green-back_29-x-23-x-23-inches-Nancy-Selvin pottery jug

Nancy Selvin




pink-back_Nancy-Selvin-32-x-22-x-22-inches Large pottery vase

Nancy Selvin







Bukran-bowl-Hungry with wavy edge

Bowl by Bukran, Hungry





Large iron yellow glazed porcelain vase – Brother Thomas





polymer-clay-ovoid vase--by-beefball-papa

Polymer clay vase – Beefball Papa




Adelle-Nampeyo Hopi-pottery seed pot

Adelle Nampeyo Hopi pottery





Handpainted wall plate – A. Oviedo



Marcello-Fantoni- Italian artist - Ceramic bottle with four facted sides

Marcello Fantoni contemporary Mid Century bottle/vase





Moorcroft – Orchid vase



-Ben-Barker ceramic box Toovey Auctions

Ceramic box – Ben Barker




Ajiki-Hiro abstract ceramic box with lid

Ajiki Hiro lidded vessel




Dameon-Lynn contemporary ceramic vessel

Dameon Lynn



E.C.T lidded ceramic vessel with engobes Buenos Aires, Argentina

E’T’C – Buenos Aires, Argentina




Duo Toshiko-Takaezu double spout vase

‘Duo’  – Toshiko Takaezu





Damasco vase designed by Albino Celato for De Castelli




Jennifer-Brazelton-abstract ceramic-sculpture in red and white

Raised relief abstract sculpture – Jennifer Brazelton

Bay Area, California




Jarras---Aleluia-pitcher mid century made in Portugal

Jarras—Aleluia pitcher

Mid Century, Portugal



Georges Pelletier ceramic lamp sculpture

Sold on Artocarpus – Galerie Riviera



Jack Doherty soda fired porcelain bowl in turquoise and brown

Jack Doherty – soda fired porcelain bowl





Wilhelm Kage, Gustavsberg, Sweden





Incised porcelain ovoid vessel – Elaine Coleman




Matthew-Metz--Pitcher.-Brown striped Porcelain with a white tree and bird motif with a gold handle

Striped Porcelain Pitcher with bird and tree motifs – Matthew Metz




Rare-Turquoise Van-Briggle-Figural-Vase art nouveau woman

  Figural Vase Van Briggle




David-Hay-'Passage-of-time' elegant glass vase

Glass vase ‘Passage of time’ – David Hay, AUS





Uwharrie Crystalline Pottery vase





Tea jar fired in the wood and waste oil kiln at the Pleasant Hill Pottery in 2016. – Hank Murrow




Mougin-Brothers-vase - French art deco with pidgeon relief

Art Deco pidgeon vase – Mougin Brothers




About-Addition Michael Cleff ceramic sculpture

Michael Cleff




Bowl - Bone-china-soluble-salts2-John Shirley

Bowl with bone china & soluble salt surface treatment  – John Shirley, South Africa





Michael-LaLone 'Little Fatty' crawl glaze pot 2008

Michael LaLone ‘Little Fatty’ crawl glaze pot




Matthew-Hylek lidded footed ceramic vessel

Matthew Hyleck




Bol-de-Tony-Laverick large ceramic bowl

Tony Laverick




Alfred-Roullet-Renoleau pink, gold and black jazz age vase

French Art Deco Jazz Age ovoid vase – Alfred Roullet Renoleau





 Italian Art Pottery Jug by Otello Rosa for San Polo

Otello Rosa was a  sculptor & painter, who from 1951-1959  took over as artistic director of the Venetian ceramic workshop of San Polo (who were making tourist pieces at the time) and re-directed it to his vision- many pieces being unique, and all hand-painted in tin-glazed earthenware with bright glazes with Italian imagery & characters.

See more Venetian pottery here  




YOICHI-OHIRA ceramic gourd vessel

Yoichi Ohira ceramic gourd




Anne Darr, Florida




Akiyama-Yo huge ceramic sculpture

Akiyama Yo – ceramic sculpture



Terrain-Vallonne French ceramic Mid Century style vase

Terrain Vallonne, France




‘Pleated Bells’  – Helen Fuller, 2013

Hand built terracotta coil pots, oxides, white slip



Hans Vangso_ceramic vessel

Hans Vangso





Chinese Fahua Porcelain Figure



Emmanuel-Manu-Peccatte lidded ovoid vessel

Incised ovoid vessel with lid – Emmanuel Manu Peccatte





Swirling Ceramic Art by Fenella Elms


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