Jean-Marc Fontaine – Michigan pottery

Jean-Marc Fontaine is a molecular biologist at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, who also likes to manipulate clay molecules into art forms in his spare time at night and on weekends. He spent his childhood and youth in Normandy, France, and his dream of becoming a scientist grew together with his imagination and passion for oil painting, drawing and ceramics. After moving to the US in 1998, Fontaine became fascinated with sculpting. This self-taught artist explores funny and familiar subjects in his figurine objects, see the demonstration videos below. Along with his caricatures in clay he also likes to create rustic, utilitarian pottery and sgraffito decorative pieces.


Jean Marc Fontaine website



Ancient White Bottle---Jean Marc Fontaine

‘Ancient White Bottle’ — Jean-Marc Fontaine




Lidded Candy-Jar---Jean-Marc-Fontaine

‘Candy Jar’ —Jean-Marc Fontaine




Pot-160 - sgraffito pottery decoration of an embracing couple by the sea by Jean-Marc Fontaine

Pot 160 — Jean-Marc Fontaine



Arabic style Tea-Pot-Tall-Blue---Jean-Marc-Fontaine

Long neck blue teapot – Jean-Marc Fontaine



Rustic Ceramic Lidded Cannister----Jean-Marc-Fontaine - matt rust glaze

‘Cannister’ —-Jean-Marc Fontaine





‘Rooster 1’ – Jean-Marc Fontaine





‘Cup Japan’ —- Jean-Marc Fontaine




pot152-Jean-Marc-Fontaine lidded sgraffito jar

Lidded sgraffito jar – ‘Pot 152′ – Jean-Marc Fontaine



Lidded-Jar---Jean-Marc-Fontaine with geometric patterns - brown with a green rim on the lid

Jar —Jean-Marc Fontaine




Jean-Marc Fontaine – Cannister with rounded edge lid





‘Sgraffito Bird’ – Jean-Marc Fontaine




Jean-Marc-Fontaine---Ancient-lidded Vase

Jean-Marc Fontaine —lidded ‘Ancient Vase’




Pot151 - Jean-Marc Fontaine A fox looking at a bird on a branch sgraffito jar decoration

Lidded Jar – Jean-Marc Fontaine





Jean-Marc Fontaine — ‘Cannister 2′





Jean-Marc Fontaine—‘Blue Vase 2′




JMF3D---Ceramics-- (2)JMF3D---Ceramics--sgraffito baluster vessel - Jean-Marc-Fontaine

Jean-Marc Fontaine sgraffito bottle




JMF3D---Ceramics--- Jean-Marc-Fontaine sgraffito bowl

 Jean-Marc Fontaine




Ceramic Milk-Jar-2-Jean-Marc-Fontaine

‘Milk Jar 2’ – Jean-Marc Fontaine




Handle Milk-Jar---Jean-Marc-Fontaine

‘Milk Jar’ – Jean-Marc Fontaine





Jean-Marc Fontaine Pichet



Cup Raku-Black-and-White Jean-Marc-Fontaine

Black and White raku cup – Jean-Marc Fontaine





Pot152b - lidded vessel with sgraffito decoration - snow peaked mountain - by Jean-Marc Fontaine

Jean-Marc Fontaine




Raku- bud-vase-flat Jean-Marc-Fontaine

Raku bud vase –  Jean-Marc Fontaine




Pot-166b Jean-Marc Fontaine - lidded ceramic jar

Lidded Jar  by Jean-Marc Fontaine




Pot164b --  Jean-Marc Fontaine baluster shaped planter



Raku vessel –  Jean-Marc Fontaine




Salt-and-Pepper Jean-Marc-Fontaine

‘Salt & Pepper Shakers’ –  Jean-Marc Fontaine





 ‘Brown Tajine’ – Jean-Marc Fontaine





Tall-white-carafe-Jean-Marc-Fontaine with striped vertical incisions

‘Tall  carafe’ – Jean-Marc Fontaine




Teapot-blue with flat lid - Jean Marc Fontaine

Teapot –  Jean-Marc Fontaine




Vase-bird-sgraffito with twin handles Jean-Marc-Fontaine

 Jean-Marc Fontaine lidded sgraffito vessel




Long necked Vase-blue Jean-Marc-Fontaine

 Vase blue  Jean-Marc Fontaine




Mottled Vase- Jean-Marc-Fontaine-with rustic colours

Jean-Marc Fontaine



Baluster Vase-Yellow Jean-Marc-Fontaine-

 Jean-Marc Fontaine



Jean-Marc-Fontaine---Polymer-Clay Woody Allen bust

Woody Allen bust – Jean Marc Fontaine



Jean-Marc-Fontaine---Obelix figurine

‘Obelix’   Jean-Marc Fontaine





‘9’ – Jean Marc fontaine




‘Asterix’ –  Jean Marc Fontaine


Jean Marc Fontaine sculpting in his studio – 







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