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Ludicrous, thought provoking, bland, audacious, wacky, improbable, superficially deep, outrageous, irreverent, vague yet definitive, simply sublime…. anything really that piques my attention will qualify for this post. Yes it’s the return of  “pottery whimsical ” due to unprecedented demand. Actually I had one request, but it’s still unprecedented. There’s always some quirky and intriguing events lurking in the claysphere waiting to be exposed.

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Ethan Stern -  Contemporary art glass sculpture

Ethan Stern –  Contemporary art glass sculpture

Elliott Newton- wheel thrown vase

Elliott Newton- wheel thrown vase with crystalline galze

Art of Alexandria by Mondmann Flickr

Art of Alexandria by Mondmann Flickr

Sir Stamford Raffles statue in Singapore

Sir Stamford Raffles statue in Singapore

Modernist Danish family of teak figurine birds

Modernist Danish family of teak birds

Lovers by János Török for Zslonay,Hungry

Lovers sculpture by János Török for Zsolnay

Le sculpteur Savary Robert Doisneau French Photographer

Le sculpteur Savary

Robert Doisneau 

Savvas Pottery Cyprus

Savvas Pottery – Cyprus


Burning Man 2009  – Part II by Hector Santizo

Handpainted-pots-lining-the streets

Handpainted modernist pots lining the steps in Taormina, Sicily



Green Dragon – Barcelona

Pompei fountain

Pompei fountain  –  Photo by Peggy Mekemson

( wandering-through-time-and-place.me )

Large Martin Brothers Bird

Very large Martin Brothers Wally bird jar sold for 67,000 quid by Woolley and Wallis

Martin brothers in studio at Southall

Martin Bros in the studio at Southall creating grotesque ware and vases.

The Martin Brothers – Walter on the wheel, Robert Wallace creating a Wally Bird and Edwin decorating a vase.


Met Museum NY

Jim Gottuso

Large bowl  – Jim Gottuso

475px-709px-Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini designed the Quattro Punti per una Torre sculpture

Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini designed the Quattro Punti per una Torre sculpture, located in the University of Milan.



Eardropper – George Scheele


( simonleblanc.com )


John Lotton blue studio glass

John Lotton blue studio glass – 1988


Jean Balmer collection

( Esoteric Survey – Flickr )



ballet South Africa

Per-Anders Pettersson, aspiring ballet dancer outside her home in Khayelitsha, Cape Town – South Africa.



Art Nouveau Door in Budapest

Art Nouveau Door in Budapest





Tamara De Lapicka

Erosion by Tamsin van Essen

Erosion by Tamsin van Essen

.kohei hahn

Kohei Hahn – Germany



Maria Kutrzeba

Maria Kutrzeba



Birdnest – Cory Lum

Double walled vessel thrown as one piece then carved by Diane KW.



Paul Schreckengost pitcher

Paul Schreckengost ceramic pitcher – 30’s Art Deco



In 1938, Matthew Stirling, chief of the Smithsonian Bureau of American Ethnology, led eight National Geographic-sponsored expeditions to Tabasco and Veracruz in Mexico. He uncovered 11 colossal stone heads, evidence of the ancient Olmec civilization that had lain buried for 15 centuries

( An uncanny resemblance to Don Rickles )




Ceramic table tops for sale

Ceramic table tops for sale – Fez, Morocco


Philippe Faraut



Teapot dome gas station – built 1922

Zillah, Washington USA

Pompeii-House of the Vetti

Pompeii – House of the Vetti garden





McCoy teapot


Lenfer boulevard de-clichy Paris – Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau was known for his modest, playful, and ironic images of amusing juxtapositions, mingling social classes, and eccentrics in contemporary Paris streets and cafes.

see veniceclayartist’s post HERE 


Polymer Clay Clock – aMused Creations


Near to Antofagasta in the Atacama desert a giant hand scuplture of fiberglass is the work of Chilean artist Mario Irrizábal. It is known as La Mano del Desierto – The Hand of the Desert

( photo – Ian Brooks )

Jean Balmer ceramic and rawhide drum

Jean Balmer ceramic and rawhide drum

original-bathroomOpen stone bathroom – Arizona

French pottery market Provence

French pottery market Provence Public goldfish tank Japan

Public goldfish tank Japan

( converted phone booth )




Abstract black and white vase – Kurt Weiser


 ” I tried to create two levels, two blades, I imagined them as corals,  memory that re-emerge from the sea, or as the frescoes of Pompeii condensed from the plate.

Naples sculptural artist  Fermariello Sergio


Mobile fairytale


Bernar Venet

Bjorn Winblad – Denmark


Mid century meets contemporary

A work in progress  –  Mexico

Still Running – Antony Gormley 1993

Art Noveau Vase – Hillier design

 Medalta Potteries Site – Canada

Mary Stratton

Temple Statues Thailand – jump at the count of 3

Conch Shell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Ceramic Dome – Laurie Spencer

Rainbow Man shop  – Santa Fe

Three ceramic bottles  – Anne James – 2009

“Legacy Mantle” by Chinese artist Sui Jianguo in the Kiev Botanical Garden

( Three Maosketeers )

West German Pottery Roth Vase Fat Lava – what an eruption !

( Roth Keramic Group F;ickr )


Naked Raku ?  Photo by Kathrin Brunnhofer

Beermugs – Ed and Mary Shier

Ann-Louise Gustavsson – Stockholm

Stone Forest Granite Tub Custom Made One of a Kind

 Thiebaut Chague -Fractal series – Poland

Eggheads –  Robert Arneson

Portuguese ceramic tiles

( David Piper Tiles )

Ceramic stoneware sculpture – Mac McClain ( 1923 – 2012 )

 Philip Evans High Fired Ceramics

Roundhouse Gallery

 Rebecca Wilson

Shigaraki Ceramic Artist, Otani Shiro

Nemrut Diyarbakir – Turkey

” Why me ? ” Japanese ceramic jar

Fold II  – Antony Gromley

She asked for a big vase of roses

James Whiting – Set of 6 stacked bowls, lavender

( fantastic innovation !  )

Converting car to a chariot

A wombat

Cookie jar

Mantle clock ( working ) inspired by Salvador Dali’s surrealist painting The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory, 1952/54

Romanian Sculptor Constantin Brancusi

Australian Aboriginal rock carving of an Echidna ( spiny ant eater )

Legacy of Souls”  by Chidi Okoye


Sam3 – Spain

stairs school of art France

Sculptural Stairs at the School of Arts in Saint Herblain, France


Fuddling Cup


Yoshiro Ikeda



Cosmos- Firlds & Fields

Cosmos  – Firlds & Fields

Yoshimi Futamura.

Yoshimi  Futamura


 Installation artist Arne Quinze, ” The Sequence ”  Brussels, Belgium


Ray Bub Teapot


Bill Bailey’s Bunker – The World In Chaos



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